Chapter 1246 - Power of the Heavenly Law

Chapter 1246 - Power of the Heavenly Law

A Divine Master’s power was terrifying. It was enough to suppress Divine Kings and Divine Sovereigns to the point where their bodies and souls would collapse. Forget about struggling or resisting, even lifting a finger would be extremely difficult.

Yet Yun Che had actually made an instantaneous reaction, and that counterattack… seemed to have been made without any suppression at all.

But this was Luo Guxie’s power he was dealing with, so his counter seemed to be as pathetic and powerless as a leaf caught in a tornado.

The lightning dragon’s cry resounded through space as it met the tornado head on. The moment the two powers came into contact with each other, the space in that area exploded and fractured in an exaggerated fashion. Following that, an extremely shocking event was reflected in everybody’s eyes… The lightning dragon had torn apart the tornado as it ripped through it in a single pass.

“Wha… What!?” This scene caused the jaws of countless profound practitioners to fiercely hit the ground.

This was a windstorm generated by the power of a Divine Master. Furthermore, this was no ordinary Divine Master, it was a late stage Divine Master who stood at the very peak of the profound way. Moreover, in order to not hurt Luo Changsheng, the radius of this attack had been compressed to its very limit, but its penetration and killing power were definitely capable of piercing straight through a small star.

Yet this attack had actually been torn apart… by the lightning dragon Yun Che had flung out!?

What was even more dreadful than that was the fact that the tornado did not split into two seperate explosions and engulf the surrounding area. Instead, after it was ripped apart and passed through by that pale white lightning dragon, it had begun to dissipate and fall apart. Before the pale white lightning dragon could be torn apart, the tornado which came from Luo Guxie vanished without a trace, with not a single a shred of its power remaining.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Dragon Monarch who had been hurtling forward with all their might both came to a simultaneous halt as their faces colored with a hard to come by shock.

The pale white lightning dragon which tore apart that storm force astonishingly did not look like it had weakened at all. It was still as swift as lightning as it hurtled towards Luo Guxie… The latter had attacked in rage and she originally believed that Yun Che was already deader than dead. She could never have imagined that things would unfold the way they did and was thus caught completely unprepared by this turn of events. She simply stared at the onrushing attack with a dumbstruck look on her face, as she was struck in the chest by the white lightning dragon…


Pale lightning exploded as Luo Guxie’s chest and back exploded at the same time. A Divine Master’s protective profound energy was the pinnacle of defensive power in this world, but it instantly wilted away in the face of that attack. The pale white lightning dragon passed through her body and soared toward the heavens, disappearing from everyone’s view in the next instant.


In the distant sky above, an enormous lightning domain exploded, and under the white light, which filled the sky, an incomparably huge dimensional black hole appeared. The entire Eternal Heaven God Realm started to shake violently… It shook for many breaths before the white lightning and the dimensional black hole in the sky disappeared. 

This scene was just like when that heavenly might had descended into this world… and that pale white lightning had also been composed of that most dreadful heavenly might.

A hole around half an inch wide appeared in Luo Guxie’s chest. Her face stiffened into a mask, and her eyes were dark and gloomy as she lowered her gaze to stare fixedly at the enormous hole in her chest. It was as if her soul had left her body…

Everyone’s eyes were glued to that hole as well… The entire world was cloaked in a deathly, terrifying silence.


Blood suddenly spurted out wildly from that wound like a geyser, and in the blink of an eye, Luo Guxie’s upper body was dyed in blood. Luo Guxie’s eyes lost their color as she plummeted to the ground below.

“Gu… Guxie!!”

It was as if Luo Shangchen had suddenly roused himself from a nightmare as he soared towards her plummeting figure… The distinguished Holy Eaves Realm King nearly stumbling in his haste to go over.


“How… how... how can this be…”

“Fairy Guxie… actually… was actually…”

Luo Shangchen grabbed ahold of the falling Luo Guxie as he released all of the profound energy in his body and sent it surging into her body. At the same time, he also used his profound energy to cover up that incomparably dreadful wound in the most careful manner.

Luo Guxie’s eyes held a slackness that Luo Shangchen had never seen before. It seemed like she had descended into the most absurd and dreadful nightmare as her aura flowed around her entire body in a frenzied manner...

“Chang… sheng…” She muttered in a lost and dispirited voice before her body shuddered and she fainted dead away.

“Mas… Master!” Luo Changsheng let out a painful wail as he struggled to his knees on the barrier that made up the Profound God Stage.

A dreadful silence lingered around the Conferred God Stage. The impact of all the events that had just unfolded, in front of their eyes, was nearly as great as the impact of that world-shocking nine stage lightning tribulation.

Luo Guxie, who stood at the peak of the Eastern Divine Region, had suddenly made an attack against Yun Che—a junior who had just broken into the Divine Spirit Realm, who had not even reached the age of thirty. Yet the lightning dragon counterattack Yun Che launched had actually torn apart the tornado Luo Guxie threw at him and even dealt her a severe blow afterwards…

All of the most ridiculous and inexplicable things that they had seen in their entire lives added up together still would not equal that one instance in which all of these events unfolded.

“That was the power of the heavenly law… it was the heavenly might that assailed us just now!” Head of the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders, Mo Yu, said in a trembling voice. “He actually… gained mastery over the heavenly might which appeared previously!”

The power that Yun Che had used to severely wound Luo Guxie was definitely not his own. It was actually a small remnant of the tribulation lightning sent down by the heavenly law that Yun Che had forcefully retained before it dissipated like it was supposed to.

What Master Mo Yu said was true and his words were not the least bit exaggerated. Even though it had only been for a very short span of time, Yun Che did indeed control the power of heavenly law. Furthermore, that power belonged to the highest levels produced by the heavenly law.

Just what kind of notion was controlling the power of the heavenly law? The ones who did not understand would be bewildered, but those who did understand would be deeply shaken to the very core of their being.

The various great god emperors glanced at one another as they saw the deep shock violently quivering in each other’s eyes. After that, they all seemed to recall something as they simultaneously swiveled to look at Yun Che.

Yun Che’s face was unbelievably calm and unperturbed, as if what he had just done was a minor event that was surpassingly common. The pale white lightning that covered his body had completely disappeared and the aura which had caused a formless dread to grip the hearts of the gathered god emperors vanished along with it.

Without the pale white lightning covering him, Yun Che’s profound aura was finally completely revealed.

“Divine Spirit Realm… rank five?” Mu Bingyun muttered softly in a slightly dazed voice.

“Fifth level of the Divine Spirit Realm!? This…” The brows of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor dramatically jumped as he exclaimed those words.

The surprises that Yun Che kept giving others were simply far too great, there were so many that it left those onlookers numb. At this moment, everyone present was very clear on one fact, and that was the fact that Yun Che was a freak who could not be explained using common sense. But at this moment, the profound aura that he was displaying still caused everyone present to gasp in astonishment.

When a profound practitioner survived his lightning tribulation and broke out of the Divine Tribulation Realm, his cultivation would naturally progress to the first level of the Divine Spirit… the initial starting point of a whole new realm.

But Yun Che, who had just survived his lightning tribulation, was actually giving off a profound aura that put him at the fifth level of the Divine Spirit Realm!

With a single step, he had gone from the ninth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm to the middle stages of the Divine Spirit Realm!

This was something that completely went against all common sense and logic concerning the profound way, and it was something that had definitely never happened before!

“This kid… is far more than just a monster,” Shui Qianheng murmured to himself.

As the Glazed Light Realm King, he was definitely one of the top five personages in the entire Eastern Divine Region outside the king realms. But even he did not think he would be Luo Guxie’s opponent… Yet he had just personally seen that reputedly unrivalled Luo Guxie suffer a severe wound in just a single attack from Yun Che, and had witnessed her fall from the sky and lose consciousness from that attack.

He had attracted a nine stage tribulation lightning, but he wasn’t dead. On the contrary, he was completely healed, and his profound energy had risen all the way to the fifth level of the Divine Spirit Realm.

Shui Qianheng muttered again and again in his head: What the f*ck is this guy? A demon? A devil? A god? A ghost?

At any rate there’s no way this guy is human!!

“My god… just what is this monster Snow Song Realm came by…” Huo Rulie said with wide open eyes.

“To severely wound the strongest profound expert of the Eastern Divine Region in one strike… fifth level of the Divine Spirit Realm…” Yan Juehai shook his head powerfully, no longer able to form words.

Meanwhile, Qianye Ying’er’s chest heaved as she let out a long sigh of relief. A chilly voice slipped out between her lips, “That damn woman nearly destroyed my plans!” 

In the distant clouds above, color had returned to Jasmine’s face, but she did not look at Yun Che anymore. Instead, she simply closed her eyes.

When that world-shocking lightning tribulation had descended from the heavens, if there had been a single person who was not the least bit worried that Yun Che would be buried in that lightning tribulation, it was Jasmine

Because she was the person who was the most clear about the secrets that Yun Che’s body hid.

What was the power of the heavenly law? It was the most basic power of order and laws in the Primal Chaos Dimension. All things and living creatures which wanted to exist within this Primal Chaos Dimension had to be under the control of the power of the heavenly law.

This did not only include all the myriad creatures and spirits that existed today, but even the True Gods of the Primordial Era were also unable to go against the heavenly law.

However, there was a type of existence that sat above the heavenly law…

The Creation Gods!

Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor Mo E, the Creation God of Order Xi Ke, the Creation Goddess of Life Li Suo and the god formerly known was the Creation God of Elements—the Heretic God.

The reason why the heavenly law would shake with fear and would not hesitate to send the most extreme nine stage lightning tribulation to obliterate Yun Che was because his human body housed the power of a Creation God!

For mortal men to cultivate into gods, even touching the divine way in the most minor of ways would provoke the censure of the heavenly law, much less someone who held the true power of a Creation God!

If Yun Che’s body had held the power of the any of the other three Creation Gods, even if he held the power of the strongest Creation God, Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor Mo E, he would definitely have been buried within that lightning tribulation… But Yun Che just had to possess the power of the Heretic God.

The Heretic God was formerly known as the Creation God of Elements, so he had possessed the most extreme and primal elemental power.

The heavenly law was supreme and the higher levels of the lightning tribulation were things that humans should not be able to touch… But it definitely was not higher than the elemental power which belonged to the Heretic God!

Forget about a nine stage lightning tribulation, even if it was pure tribulation lightning, even if it was nine hundred or nine thousand stages, it would not be able to harm a single hair on Yun Che’s head.

On the contrary…

“The Great Way of the Buddha has evolved again…” Jasmine muttered, “He reached the fifth stage in less than twelve years… he has completely… surpassed you… big brother…”

She didn’t know whether she should be happy for him, or afraid.

His strength might have grown drastically like he had been reborn thanks to the nine stages of tribulation lightning, but he also shone much too brightly as a result… He was so bright that the world could never forget about him.

It meant that he could not return to calm any longer… He could not return to the Blue Pole Star anymore.

Yun Che’s Great Way of the Buddha had achieved a breakthrough thanks to the tribulation lightning.

Ever since the Great Way of the Buddha had entered the fourth stage back in the Primordial Profound Ark, it hadn’t undergone a drastic change even though it still improved his physical strength slowly. Back at the Blue Pole Star, he had thought that its growth had been restricted by the plane he was in, but he still wasn’t able to achieve a breakthrough after he came to the God Realm.

Yun Che had noticed the bottleneck that prevented him from ascending any further than the fourth stage of the Great Way of the Buddha a long time ago, but he was unable to achieve a breakthrough despite many years of hard work.

But when the heavenly tribulation lightning struck him for the first time, the bottleneck of the Great Way of the Buddha that had persisted for several years instantly cracked under pressure. It was all due to the high level heavenly laws and heavenly spirit energy.

When the seventh tribulation lightning had dropped on his head, the bottleneck was finally shattered as the Great Way of the Buddha officially entered its fifth stage.

The fifth stage of the Great Way of the Buddha didn’t just absorb normal world spiritual energy. It was now capable of absorbing the energy of the heavens themselves!

Normally, heavenly spirit energy exists very thinly in this world, but it was the opposite when a heavenly tribulation lightning was involved. The final stage of the tribulation lightning, especially, was the highest level of power the heaven possessed.

His new found Rage God power madly absorbed the heavenly power and pushed his profound energy all the way from the first level of the Divine Spirit Realm to the fifth.

If the power of the heavenly law persisted as it was, then it was only a matter of time before he reached the Divine King Realm!

Yun Che raised his hands and inhaled slightly, feeling out his own power. Every time it climbed to a whole new realm, every time the Great Way of the Buddha had risen to a new level, his perception of the world would change drastically. So one might say that both of them occurring at once was a world-scale eye opener for him.

Divine Spirit Realm. He had made it through all of the foundations of the divine way—Divine Origin, Divine Soul, Divine Tribulation—and had officially taken the first step into the divine way.

Everyone felt like they were dreaming, but Yun Che had to admit that it was the same for him.

But it wasn’t the time for emotions just yet. A blood drenched Luo Changsheng was slowly getting up to his feet, and the man was boiling with wrath and killing intent.

“Yun… Che…”

Luo Changsheng’s voice was so hoarse that he sounded like a beast whose throat had been ripped from its body. When the pale white lightning left Yun Che’s side, gone was the aura that frightened him from the bottom of his heart too. Now, all he could sense was a Divine Spirit aura.

He could no longer feel any pressure from Yun Che.

“I will make you wish you were dead!!”