Chapter 1231 - A Divine Master’s Killing Intent

Chapter 1231 - A Divine Master’s Killing Intent

Very soon, a weak, blue light appeared around Yun Che’s body. Mu Huanzhi and the others sighed in relief when they saw the blue light protecting Yun Che successfully, but their hearts couldn’t settle just yet.

“If only the sect master was here. She’d definitely ensure Yun Che’s safety,” Mu Huanzhi said while wiping the incessant cold sweat off his forehead.

“Don’t worry, Yun Che’s life force is extremely powerful. He’ll be fine.”

Mu Bingyun whispered before stretching out her hand. A blue flash later, a butterfly-shaped short blade flew through the air and entered her palm. It remained perfectly unblemished by blood as pure frozen light shone off the blade of the weapon.

“...Isn’t this the sect master’s Sound Butterfly Blade?” Mu Huanzhi asked doubtfully, “Why is it in Yun Che’s hands?”

“...The sect master probably granted him the weapon for protection.” Mu Bingyun gently tucked the Sound Butterfly Blade away.

“But the Sound Butterfly Blade was left behind by the previous sect master…”

“Let us bring Yun Che home first. His wounds cannot wait any longer.” Mu Bingyun’s voice was tinged with worry and a bit of urgency. Mu Huanzhi immediately turned his attention to Yun Che and carefully lifted him up to the air with profound energy.

It was at this moment that Honorable Qu Hui descended from the sky and stopped in front of them. He shot a glance at Yun Che before sending two Time Wheel Pearls floating toward Mu Huanzhi.

“Yun Che’s injuries are too severe, so the god emperors have decided to make an exception and grant him two additional Time Wheel Pearls to recover his wounds. For fairness’ sake, Luo Changsheng will be granted two additional Time Wheel Pearls as well.” After that, he added, “Tell him that there’s no need to push himself during the next fight.”

Mu Huanzhi accepted the two Time Wheel Pearls and thanked him sincerely, “Thank you for your and the god emperors’ concern.”

Honorable Qu Hui fell silent and turned around to leave. However, the eyebrows on his forehead didn’t crease.

Both Yun Che and Luo Changsheng’s injuries were severe beyond imagination. However, Luo Changsheng had the physique of a peak Divine Spirit Realm profound practitioner, and tempered by the Divine Water of Absolute Beginning. Moreover, he was supported by two powerful Divine Masters—Luo Shangchen and Luo Guxie—and Holy Eaves Realm’s tremendous wealth. Two months should be enough time for Luo Changsheng to recover fully.

But Yun Che...

Snow Song Realm’s foundation was incomparable to Holy Eaves Realm’s. The fact that he wasn’t dead yet was already a feat. Even if he somehow recovered enough to return to the Conferred God Stage, he would still be left with terrible damage. No one would be surprised if it turned out that Yun Che’s cultivation was destroyed in this battle.

Luo Changsheng was taken away by Luo Guxie, and Yun Che by Mu Bingyun and her people. However, the crowd didn’t disperse until a very long time later.

This severity of this battle could hardly be described with words. The mere memory of it terrified the spectators even now.

It was a fact that Luo Changsheng was the strongest the God Child of the Eastern Divine Region and the number one profound practitioner of the young generation. His true strength had far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Although he looked like he had gone all out against Jun Xilei and Shui Yangyue, in reality he hadn’t even used half of his full strength.

Yun Che was an even bigger shocker than Luo Changsheng was. He literally overturned common sense and made them disbelieve their own eyes.

His opponent was Luo Changsheng, an opponent whose true strength exceeded even the rumors surrounding him, but somehow Yun Che was able to overcome the odds and claim victory.

Yun Che had won his first battle against Luo Changsheng, and this victory meant that a second match would decide the grand finals. Three days later, the duo would fight each other a second time.

Yun Che had won, but had Luo Changsheng truly lost?

No, he didn’t, not in their eyes at least. Although the first battle between Yun Che and Luo Changsheng had ended in Yun Che’s victory, they didn’t believe that there was a true loser between the duo at all. Both combatants had fought down to their last trace of strength, willpower and even their last drop of blood. In the end, it was fate and luck that had decided the victor, not strength.

“No wonder Luo Changsheng and Yun Che managed to become the strongest profound practitioners in the Eastern Divine Region. Can you even imagine the depths of their obsession and willpower…? They both deserve their fame and achievements.”

“Since Yun Che has beaten Luo Changsheng, does this mean that he has become the new strongest God Child of the Eastern Divine Region?”

“I think they both deserve to win after this battle, so they both deserve to become the strongest God Child of the Eastern Divine Region.”

“Say, do you think Yun Che can recover in time for the next battle? Or will he be left with some irreversible damage? Considering the state he was in, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was left with a destroyed profound vein or something…”

“I… I don’t know…”

“I wonder how the next battle will turn out.”


Yun Che and Luo Changsheng’s battle was fated to confound the Eastern Divine Region for many days to come.

“Brother Eternal Heaven, it’d seem that the Eastern Divine Region is blessed with two extraordinary geniuses this year,” the Dragon Monarch praised.

“You’re right.” Eternal Heaven God Emperor nodded with a trace of happiness.

“Yun Che is especially noteworthy. I doubt you need me to tell you just how extraordinary he is.” Dragon Monarch looked at him and said meaningfully, “Even without an ‘inheritance’, a genius like this may very well develop into a future sun on his own. It’d be a terrible loss to the Eastern Divine Region if he lost his life due to greed and jealousy, don’t you think?”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor nodded slowly and solemnly, “The Eternal Heaven Divine Realm will ensure Yun Che’s safety for the next three thousand years at minimum. There should be no need for worry if he grows into the ‘sun’ you speak of by then.”

Naturally, the other god emperors had all heard their conversation.

“In terms of cultivation level, strength, and thickness of profound energy, Luo Changsheng far exceeded Yun Che and some more. However, Yun Che was able to keep him down for the majority of the battle with a healthy array of tricks.”

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor said quietly, “He used a Manifest God despite being in the Divine Tribulation Realm… he fused the divine flames of the Phoenix and the Golden Crow together… he possesses a dragon soul of incredible level… he has a body that’s as tough as Luo Changsheng’s… and that final burst of strength he displayed… none of these are comprehensible even for someone like me… Just who on earth is this Yun Che!?”

“If even father finds it difficult to comprehend, then it can only be ‘better’ for everyone else.” Qianye Ying’er muttered without a trace of emotion, “But this is the Eternal Heaven God Realm, and we must obey the laws of this place. Yun Che and Luo Changsheng will be fighting each other again in three days. You should wait until the end of the Profound God Convention to solve the puzzlement in your mind, father.”

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor turned around to shoot her a surprised glance. A moment of consideration later, he asked, “It seems that you’ve learned something. Was it Gu Zhu again?”

“No, I was informed by someone else,” Qianye Ying’er said quietly. “I’m sure that even you’ll be surprised if you learn Yun Che’s secrets, father.”


“But I won’t tell you about them.” Qianye Ying’er’s lips curled slightly, “A secret is something that gets better the fewer people who know about it. The bigger the secret, the more necessary it becomes.”

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor, “...”

Somewhere in the sky of the Conferred God Stage, a thin cloud parted to reveal the master and disciple Jun Wuming and Jun Xilei. They were here since the beginning of Yun Che and Luo Changsheng’s battle.

Naturally, the price Jun Xilei paid to use the Nameless Sword by force was nothing to be scoffed at. Even after spending two months in the Time Wheel Pearls and with Jun Wuming guarding by her side, Jun Xilei still looked sickly pale and incredibly weak.

But despite her condition, Jun Xilei still insisted on attending this battle.

“This should be enough for you, isn’t it?” Jun Wuming said, “Yun Che didn’t defeat you by a stroke of luck. In fact, he even saved you and preserved your dignity. Maybe it’s time to put away your grudge.”

“I… cannot.” Jun Xilei turned around as her delicate shoulders trembled, “How… can I possibly allow it to end here!? One day, I will defeat him fair and square! I will make him pay back everything he owes me tens and hundreds of times over!”

“In that case, you should concentrate on cultivating even harder and use his name as a spur, not a nightmare.” Jun Wuming said calmly, “When one day you’re truly able to wield the Nameless Sword, you may seek him out once more.”

Jun Xilei didn’t answer him. She turned around and flew into the distance.

At the grounds assigned to the people of the Holy Eaves Realm.

The place was unusually silent. A group of elders and disciples waited outside quietly and resolutely.

Inside an isolated room, Luo Changsheng could be seen lying quietly inside a large Time Wheel Barrier. He was enveloped inside a sheen of white light, and a faint purple profound formation rotated slowly beneath him.

Although the blood stains on his body had been cleansed, his wounds hadn’t yet recovered completely. They were ugly and shocking, and Luo Changsheng’s face was especially swollen and missing pieces of flesh. No one would’ve recognized this Young Master Changsheng if he was brought back to the Holy Eaves Realm right now.

Luo Guxie and Luo Shangchen sat on Luo Changsheng’s left and right sides, personally overseeing the treatment and manipulating the profound energy of the profound formation and the medicinal aura around him. When they sensed that the crisis had passed, and Luo Changsheng was slowly regaining his vitality, their hearts finally came back down to earth.

“The amount of wounds Changsheng has taken today is double everything he has taken since birth.” Luo Shangchen sighed in relief, “Still, this battle has made me see my own son in a new light. He’s definitely inherited my stubbornness alright.”

“Hmph!” Luo Guxie’s voice was icy and hateful, “It’s all that brute Yun Che’s fault… how dare he hurt my Changsheng to this extent! He deserves to be turned into mince meat.”

Luo Shangchen frowned, “Although that battle was pretty desperate, it was a fight where both fighters gave it their all, and it was Changsheng’s most brilliant fight to date. He may have lost regrettably, but his fame has only grown as a result, so we have nothing to blame Yun Che for. Plus, Yun Che isn’t faring better than Changsheng in the slightest. I doubt he’ll recover fully considering Snow Song Realm’s shallow foundations.”

“Changsheng is of the most respectable birth, he doesn’t deserve to be wounded by that lowly brute at all! If we were not in Eternal Heaven Realm right now, I would personally…”

Every word Luo Guxie said was mixed with fuming anger, and she was leaking killing intent before she knew it. It alarmed Luo Shangchen and made him look up at her in shock.

Luo Guxie was his younger sister. One might say that he was the one who knew her the best.

There was no one in the Eastern Divine Region who hadn’t heard of Fairy Guxie. She was an incredibly apathetic person, and she often traveled despite being born in the Holy Eaves Realm. She never even considered herself to be a denizen of the Holy Eaves Realm. Although she was known as the number one profound practitioner of the Eastern Divine Region, and she could easily make star realms bow to her might if she wanted to, she had always thought the act to be beneath her.

But after Luo Changsheng was born, she chose to stay in the Holy Eaves Realm. She poured her heart and soul into raising him, and the few times she did leave the Holy Eaves Realm, it was for Luo Changsheng’s sake.

But just now, the noble and apathetic Fairy Guxie had displayed killing intent toward a junior as young as Luo Changsheng after the latter was wounded… Despite being the person who understood his sister the most, Luo Shangchen couldn’t believe his own spiritual perception for a time.

This revelation also awakened him to a fact that he should’ve noticed a long time ago… Luo Guxie’s love for Luo Changsheng had almost reached a point where it should be considered an illness.

“Guxie, you… you can’t seriously be considering…”

“Hmph!” Luo Guxie closed her eyes and slowly reined in her evil emotions, “Considering what he has done to my Changsheng, I would very much like to cut him into a thousand pieces with my own hands. However, did you seriously think that someone as noble as I would attack a junior?”

“Changsheng will reclaim what’s his with his own hands, of course.”

Luo Shangchen relaxed slightly, but Luo Guxie’s words and tone awakened him to another possibility. He frowned, “Are you going to release Changsheng’s ‘seal’?”