Chapter 1227 - Burning the Phoenix Blood

Chapter 1227 - Burning the Phoenix Blood

“Heh, well said! Now, show me how long you can hold out against the Dragon Compassion Blade!”

The Heart Burning Lightning consumed his life, and the Dragon Compassion Blade consumed his vitality. Naturally, Luo Changsheng wasn’t going to waste either of them more than was necessary. A faint laugh later, he burst into movement and rapidly approached Yun Che.

The Dragon Compassion Blade was extraordinarily heavy, and its strength was at a higher level. Luo Changsheng was barely able to wield it even using both hands. When he swung the weapon downward, a tremendous power, accompanied by a despairing dragon roar which felt like it could shatter the world, instantly pressed down on Yun Che.

The might of the attack shocked everyone present. It was because it was an all out attack!

Luo Changsheng was already wielding the Heart Burning Lightning and the Dragon Compassion Blade, but he still went all out against a weakened Yun Che. If Yun Che was hit by the attack, he would definitely be grievously wounded or even killed outright.

Luo Changsheng had a gentlemanly appearance, and he had given off the impression of a mild-tempered and well-mannered young man in the Profound God Convention thus far. He never wounded an opponent on purpose, even when Jun Xilei had used everything to leave a couple of wounds on his body. In fact, he even went over and concerned himself with her state after the battle.

But this time, everyone could see the anger, hatred and ruthlessness that was behind the attack.

“Dodge it!” Huo Rulie lost control of himself and shouted loudly. Every hair on his head was standing on end, and sparks were flying everywhere.

At this point, the crimson flames surrounding Yun Che had weakened so much that they were borderline extinguished. But instead of running away from Luo Changsheng’s merciless attack, Yun Che circulated every bit of profound energy he had left and took a step forward. A series of loud pops came from every bone in his body, and the blue veins of his arms looked so swollen that it was as if they would burst open at any moment.

There was a dull bang as profound energy exploded from his body, and Yun Che charged straight at Luo Changsheng while holding the powerful Heaven Smiting Sword.

“W… what?” Every profound practitioner’s eyes widened in that instant.

Yun Che was planning to fight that Dragon Compassion Blade head on? Was he trying to throw his life away!?

Forget that his profound energy had become much weaker than before, there was almost no way he could defend himself against the Dragon Compassion Blade directly, even if he was at full strength.

But his goal here was to win, not to preserve his own life. He could never win if he kept running away.

I’m just one step away… and no one is going to stop me!!

The scarlet figure of a phoenix suddenly appeared in both of Yun Che’s pupils. A dull boom erupted from inside his body.


All ten drops of divine phoenix blood burned up in an instant, and the dying flames around his body suddenly grew lively once more. The divine might of a phoenix pressed down from above as the sky became dyed in red.


The blade and the sword clashed against one another, and the resulting impact caused every young profound practitioner in the spectator stands to cover their ears in pain. The Conferred God Stage beneath the two combatants abruptly crumbled into dust as a shockwave as powerful as a tsunami surged downwards, hit the barrier at the bottom of the stage, and bounced back up once more.

The light reflecting off the Phoenix flames that rose into the air dyed everyone’s faces red. Just as Luo Changsheng’s face and eyes were stiff with shock, everyone on the spectator stands were also filled with disbelief.

They were stunned because Yun Che had absorbed the Dragon Compassion Blade’s attack head on!

“He… burned the divine phoenix blood!” Yan Juehai exclaimed.

When a divine blood was burned, it would unleash all of its divine power before falling into slumber. It would take at least a month before it could return to normal. Yun Che had obviously committed himself to an all or nothing choice.

Noticing immediately where Yun Che’s sudden burst of strength had come from, Luo Changsheng’s eyes turned soft bit by bit, “Well done… unfortunately for you… you’ve already spent your last chance!”


Luo Changsheng let out a low roar, and the blue veins in his arms swelled visibly before everyone’s eyes. Great power exploded from the Dragon Compassion Blade once more, and he swung the weapon straight at Yun Che.

Yun Che shook violently as a mountain-toppling power hit him through the Heaven Smiting Sword. He was thrown back a couple thousand meters like a fiery meteor crashing down from the sky.

Together, the Heart Burning Lightning and the Dragon Compassion Blade were a terrifying power. Yun Che was unable to resist it even after burning his divine Phoenix blood in desperation. Although Yun Che was sent flying toward the ground, Luo Changsheng’s anger and hatred hadn’t been vented in the slightest. The profound practitioner raised his blade yet again, causing the eyes of the six dragon skulls to glow with a deathly pale light.


Six painful and resentful roars shook the air at the same time, and Luo Changsheng swung the blade in Yun Che’s direction. Six pale white dragons covered in deadly gale instantly lunged downwards like six tornados.


The six pale dragons struck Yun Che almost immediately after he hit the ground. There was a loud boom, and a hole several hundred meters wide appeared on the Conferred God Stage.

This was no ordinary stone! This stage was the Conferred God Stage, where the Conferred God Battles took place!

In the entire history of the Conferred God Battle, the Conferred God Stage had never been as damaged as it was today.

There was no doubt that the power of the strike had completely exceeded the generation it belonged to, and all other powers that ever appeared on the Conferred God Stage.

“Ah… This…”

“What terrifying power… is Yun Che… still alive?”

“Oh no!” Lu Lengchuan’s hands clenched into fists, his facial muscles taut and tense. That one attack was more than enough to make his soul tremble with fear. He was certain that he would have one foot in his grave if the attack had landed on him, even if the Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier was fully activated.

Yun Che was injured in many places to begin with, and since he was in a state of powerlessness after Luo Changsheng had sent him flying, he wasn’t able to defend himself at all… Luo Changsheng had absolutely just tried to murder Yun Che to vent the hatred and resentment in his heart.

“Yun… Che…” Mu Bingyun stared at the stage blankly with wane pupils.

“Hmm?” Luo Changsheng was staring at the site of impact when his eyebrows suddenly pressed together.

Profound light was fading swiftly from the cracked ground of the Conferred God Stage, revealing the scarlet flame of the Phoenix. Yun Che could be seen kneeling on one knee and holding himself straight with the Heaven Smiting Sword inside the hole. Although his entire body was drenched in his blood, his gaze remained as fierce as ever.

This scene shocked many realm kings.

“How in the world did he survive that?”

Luo Changsheng’s eyes darkened after the initial shock had passed. He abruptly flew down and swung the wailing Dragon Compassion Blade straight at Yun Che.

Yun Che lifted his head as quick as lightning, meeting the charge with a burning Heaven Smiting Sword.


The Dragon Compassion Blade and Heaven Smiting Sword clashed fiercely once more, and this time a jet of blood escaped Yun Che’s lips as both his legs and half his waist were slammed into the ground of the Conferred God Stage. Luo Changsheng’s strength was like a mountain that held up the very heavens, ruthlessly pressing down on him and forcing back the Heaven Smiting Sword inch by inch.

A bit of pleasure finally surged into Luo Changsheng’s heart after he saw how terrible Yun Che looked, but because he wasn’t willing to discard his elegance and bearing as Young Master Changsheng outright, he said in a very quiet voice, “There are six primordial evil dragon souls sealed inside the Dragon Compassion Blade… what do you possibly have that can stop it!?”

The power that fueled Yun Che after he had burned the divine phoenix blood was running out. The abyss would swallow him the instant it died out completely. But rather than despairing at his situation, Yun Che met Luo Changsheng’s taunt and savage eyes with a ridiculing smile of his own. He whispered, “Six evil dragon souls... aren’t all that impressive!!”

Growling, an azure light suddenly flashed through Yun Che’s pupils.

“Dragon… Soul… Domain!!”

An azure dragon appeared behind Yun Che, and further up into the air a pair of azure eyes that looked as deep as the sky suddenly opened like the stars. Then, a draconic roar louder than heavenly thunder and mightier than heavenly might resounded.


The draconic roar was like a hammer to the brain. Everyone’s minds turned blank as paper, and for some reason they felt like they could see a huge dragon of an indescribable presence descending from the sky above their heads. Its presence was such that they felt like a speck of dust in a very wide world, their bodies and souls shaking in terrible fear. All they wanted to do was to kneel on the ground and kowtow to prove their allegiance.

“A dragon’s soul!?” The surprised roar came from God Emperor Shitian.

“How did Yun Che come by a dragon soul?” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s face was etched with a frown of rare surprise too.

“It’s no ordinary dragon soul either, it must be from one of an incredibly high level,” Qianye Ying’er muttered. She turned her gaze slightly, and she abruptly noticed that the shock on the Dragon Monarch’s face actually exceeded even the God Emperors’.

A tiny frown appeared on her face… Strange. Considering how powerful the Dragon Monarch is, he should’ve noticed the dragon soul in Yun Che’s body from the beginning. So why does he look so shocked?

That absolutely unnatural shiver on his face… it was almost as if someone had just given him a huge fright.

The Dragon Compassion Blade let out a shivering wail, and the evil dragon’s power, that was suppressing Yun Che so dominantly earlier, suddenly scattered like frightened locusts. Even the spiritual pressure surrounding the blade had vanished in the blink of an eye.

The only thing that was left was a shivering reverberation.

Luo Changsheng’s eyes were bulging, and his face etched in fear. His profound energy was dissipated as quickly as tide water.


Yun Che gave the Heaven Smiting Sword a push, and he easily threw the Dragon Compassion Blade and Luo Changsheng into the air. He jumped out of the hole in the Conferred God Stage, growled, then concentrated all of the Phoenix’s divine power inside the Heaven Smiting Sword and swung fiercely at Luo Changsheng.


The sword struck Luo Changsheng’s body in a fiery explosion, causing his ribs to shatter and blood to spurt out of his waist. He was sent flying like a spinning top as he let out a terrible scream.

Yun Che chased after him rapidly while the Heaven Smiting Sword burned with the vestiges of the divine Phoenix flame. He whaled a storm of attacks onto the petrified Luo Changsheng.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! 

Every swing contained Yun Che’s full strength, and every hit sounded as loud as thunder. The sound of spurting blood and shattering bones resounded throughout the Conferred God Stage until Yun Che had swung a dozen or so times and turned him into a bleeding, burning figure.


Showing no mercy whatsoever, Yun Che struck Luo Changsheng one last time on the heart.

The fountain of blood reached nearly ten meters into the air, and Luo Changsheng crashed heavily against the ground like a fallen, broken star. He continued to skid across the ground and leave a blood trail at least several hundred meters long before he finally came to a stop.

Finally, the phoenix flames surrounding Yun Che died away, and the ten drops of divine Phoenix blood slowed to a complete standstill. His aura fell sharply, For the next month at the minimum, he wouldn’t be able to burn any Phoenix flames whatsoever.

“This should be the end… right.”

Yun Che’s breathing was heavy, and his entire body was numb. He was falling to the ground because he was almost incapable of lifting the Heaven Smiting Sword any longer.

“Gah… Ssss… Guh…”

An incredibly painful groan rang out from the front, and Yun Che’s pupils shrank as the bloodied Luo Changsheng slowly, but surely, climbed to his feet.

The lightning pattern on Luo Changsheng’s body was still flashing. More than half his profound energy was lost, and what remained was incredibly unstable. But it was still a terrifying profound aura.

The moment he looked up, the savage, ferocious glint of a despairing beast was reflected in Yun Che’s eyes.