Chapter 1219 - The Goddess Descends

Chapter 1219 - The Goddess Descends

In the Conferred God Battle thus far, only Yun Che and Luo Changsheng remained standing on the Conferred God Stage. Jun Xilei and Shui Yingyue’s ranking match had yet to happen but even though Shui Yingyue had gone through more matches and come from a defeat, she was most likely to place third and Jun Xilei fourth.

As for the position of first place, Luo Changsheng was the only one with straight wins, his overall strength was far apart from the other Four God Children. This added to the harsh conditions Yun Che would have to face in his aspiration for the top, first place was most likely going to be Luo Changsheng. The possibility of Yun Che getting first could even be said to be next to nothing.

Yun Che went into meditation right after returning to his residence. Frankly speaking, he really wanted to win against Luo Changsheng but his chances were uncertain. Until then, he had to make sure he stayed in his best condition.

The next couple of days within the Snow Song Realm residence were unprecedentedly quiet. From the elders to the disciples, everyone stayed in their rooms and curbed their profound energy. They would move cautiously and wouldn’t even dare breathe any louder than necessary, lest they disturb Yun Che.

Three days passed in an instant.

The grand final match had at last arrived.

There was a clear difference in the atmosphere of the entire Eastern Divine Region today. It seemed to foretell that this day would inevitably be listed in the annals of history. Every star tablet within the various regions of the Eastern Divine Region had long been surrounded by a boundless sea of people. The sky above them was packed so densely that more than half the light was blocked. In order to obtain better seats, some sects didn’t even hesitate to pick fights with one another.

The remote Darkya Realm also possessed a number of star tablets. The one at the core was also surrounded by uncountable sects and profound practitioners, with the center position taken by the Black Feather Merchant Guild.

“Father, do you think… a mark in history will happen?”

Ji Ruyan wore a robe of purple, incomparably elegant and attractive. She had long lost her former repressed and sullen expression and looked reborn. She would never forget that all this was bestowed by Yun Che. Her beautiful eyes gazed affectionately at the star tablet, waiting for that figure to appear.

“He has already left his mark.” At Ji Ruyan’s side, Mister Ji exclaimed with sincerity.

He firmly believed that the future of the man who showed them great kindness and allowed their Black Feather Merchant Guild to recover anew was destined to be extraordinary. In a short two years, he had actually stepped onto the highest stage in the Eastern Divine Region, shocking and receiving the respect of countless profound practitioners.

Their little merchant guild in Darkya Realm was indebted to him and had even interacted with such a personage for several months. What kind of luck was that… whenever he thought back to those days, he felt like it had all been a dream.

“Father, do you think… that he will still remember us?” Ji Ruyan asked yet another question, her voice tinged with a bit of disappointment. He was already a person high up in the sky and had already trampled upon the heaven chosen of numerous star realms. How could he possibly remember a mere merchant guild from a lower realm?

“Yes.” Mister Ji actually nodded, and chuckled. “For the wood spirit race, he didn’t hesitate to shake up the Black Soul Divine Sect. How could such a person be ungrateful to favors upon gaining an advantage.”

“...” Ji Ruyan smiled. His figure had not yet appeared on the star tablet but her eyes had already begun to mist over.

The spectator stands within the Eternal Heaven Realm’s Conferred God Stage had also long since been filled. Even the Dragon Monarch, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, and all the other god emperors had arrived an hour in advance, shocking the profound practitioners there.

As the hour approached, Luo Changsheng and Yun Che finally arrived one after another, attracting the gazes of everyone present. This was especially so when Yun Che arrived. A great uproar occurred throughout the entire Eastern Divine Region then, so great that it had almost capsized the clouds above.

Honorable Qu Hui floated above the Conferred God Stage. His eyes swept through the entire audience before he proudly stated. “After two months, the Profound God Convention has finally come down to its last battle. We will know who will obtain the title of champion in this session of the Profound God Convention today, or perhaps in three days.”

“Luo Changsheng, Yun Che, Shui Yingyue, and Jun Xilei are the Four God Children of this generation’s Eastern Divine Region. You four will receive the precious rewards from the four great king realms and the champion will obtain an additional never before seen reward.”

Honorable Qu Hui’s gaze focused as he raised his voice a notch, “He will have the option of selecting one profound art or profound skill from either the Brahma Monarch, Star God, Moon God, or Eternal Heaven Realm. As long as they are not taboo, it can be completely taught!”

Honorable Qu Hui’s voice was like a huge thunderbolt dropping down upon the skies of the Eastern Divine Region, it left everyone dumbstruck.

Aside from possessing special “inheritances” of the highest caliber, there was another important reason why the king realms were so strong. They possessed profound techniques that far surpassed any ordinary star realm.

Profound arts of sects were not allowed to be taught to outsiders. Forget about the God Realm, this was a fundamental law of the profound way even in the Profound Sky Continent and Illusory Demon Realm Yun Che came from, let alone the king realms standing at the summit of the Primal Chaos.

But now, the Conferred God Battle’s first place reward was actually a king realm’s profound art… that one could pick at will!

It was not just the Conferred God Battle, never in the history of the entire Eastern Divine Region had such a thing happened before!

All eyes latched onto the bodies of Yun Che and Luo Changsheng. Envy close to madness was especially prevalent in the gazes of the young practitioners who were similarly Conferred God Candidates.

The option of selecting one profound art or profound skill from any of the king realms… Yun Che’s heart fiercely lurched.

On the other side, Luo Changsheng’s frail looking smile stayed the same. There were no obvious undulations.

“The Conferred God Grand Final Match, Holy Eaves Realm’s Luo Changsheng versus Snow Song Realm’s Yun Che. Combatants, please enter the Conferred God Stage!”

Even the iron faced, expressionless Honorable Qu Hui had used the word “please”. This was how one treated the strong. Once his words left him, Yun Che and Luo Changsheng simultaneously flew up… Mu Bingyun originally wanted to say a few words to him but Yun Che had already landed upon the Conferred God Stage in the next instant, standing a close distance to the Luo Changsheng before him.

Luo Changsheng looked weak externally but beneath the gentleness laid a shockingly thick formless aura. Yun Che however, was outwardly imposing. He was as majestic as a volcano waiting to erupt.

Though the two had yet to move their profound energy, their individual auras had already capsized the entire Conferred God Stage, causing the air to completely solidify.

“Yun Che, every one of your matches have all been outstandingly brilliant. You have my respect. To be able to have you as my opponent, I have not come in vain!” Although the two were about to engage in a fierce battle, Luo Changsheng’s words were spoken with sincerity.

“Same, same.” Yun Che gave a simple reply.

“I won’t lose this this match.” Luo Changsheng’s gaze was clear and deep, like a bottomless pool of water. “Because I have never lost before, I naturally will not lose this time.”

Yun Che looked into his eyes, his brows somewhat lowered. “You will.”

Honorable Qu Hui had experienced countless Profound God Conventions but had never looked forward to any as much as he did now. He no longer bothered to speak in excess and raised his hand. Just as he was about to speak, his brows suddenly twitched as he looked to his front.

At this time, all the gazes of nervousness and anticipation that were locked onto the bodies of Yun Che and Luo Changsheng had also been attracted by an irresistible force, moving in the direction of Honorable Qu Hui’s gaze.

The sky seemed to have dulled as an extremely beautiful radiance instantly covered up all other forms of light. The figure of a woman descended beneath the gold colored light and the place where she landed was surprisingly within the seats of the Brahma Monarch God Realm.

She had an especially slender build and a head full of luminous long, gold colored hair. Half of it spilled over her shoulders and the rest hung all the way down to her buttocks. She seemed to be dressed in a special layer of soft, golden leather that tightly clung to her body. Every outline her clothes drew on her body was perfect to the point of being stifling. Her bottom and bosom were tall and swelled, her waist as delicate as a willow… No matter where one’s eyes touched, no matter which inch was seen, it was so alluring that it would cause one’s soul to go limp.

Regardless of who it was that saw this figure, even an instantaneous glance would leave them convinced that this was an exceptional beauty whose every smile and frown would cause great chaos within the world.

It was just that no one was fortunate enough to see the face of this calamitous beauty who had suddenly descended, as a mask of golden phoenix wings covered her cheeks and mysterious eyes.

Beneath the mask were tender pink jade lips that seemed to emit light. The slight curve of those lips was not the gentle kind of beautiful, but somewhat cold. Her exquisite chin resembled carved jade. It seemed to glimmer like gems and was so perfect that a single blemish could not be found.

The Conferred God Stage fell into absolute silence as the hearts of everyone present violently throbbed uncontrollably. All eyes landed on the body of the gold clothed woman, unable to move away, as though they had lost their souls.

Gold hair… gold clothes… a gold colored mask… a powerful yet ice cold aura… and the seating area she landed upon...

Could… she be...

The... Brahma Monarch... Goddess!?

“Qianye Ying’er greets the various seniors.”

After an involuntary courtesy, she sat beside the Brahma Heaven God Emperor. She looked toward the Conferred God Stage and no longer spared a single glance at anyone else… even though various god emperors were all around her.

However, no one in those king realms was angry. All the various god emperors also just slightly nodded, not minding at all. Only the Star God Emperor slightly tilted his head, brows somewhat sunken.

“G… Goddess?”

“S-s-she’s really the legendary… Brahma Monarch Goddess?”

“Good lord… I’m actually able to personally see the Brahma Monarch Goddess… She actually came to spectate!”

Qianye Ying’er’s arrival triggered a world-shaking commotion. This was especially true for the men at the scene; it gave them an indescribably intense impact. The atmosphere in the entire Conferred God Stage underwent a great change… yet no one felt that such a sensation was the least bit strange.

This was because she was Qianye Ying’er… The Goddess of the “Dragon Queen and Goddess” pair!

One of the most beautiful, most dazzling, most magnificent women in the God Realm.

“She’s… the Brahma Monarch Goddess?” Huo Poyun was dumbstruck as he spoke in a daze. He obviously could not see her face but the enchanting outer appearance she revealed was able to make him close to fanatically believe that this was definitely an exceptional beauty… That gold colored phoenix wing mask covered her face yet it ignited the intense desire of many who wished to see through it.

“Yun’er, don’t look at her!” Huo Rulie’s low shout suddenly sounded beside his ears.

Huo Poyun’s entire body jolted. He hurriedly retrieved his gaze and firmly restrained his desire, not daring to take a second glance at Qianye Ying’er. However, his heart was still unable to stop its wild thumping.

“The Brahma Monarch Goddess,” Yan Juehai softly exclaimed. “She has actually come.”

“This match will be projected on all the star tablets within the Eastern Divine Region’s various star realms. With the appearance of the Brahma Monarch Goddess, I’m afraid many will not be able to sleep peacefully tonight,” Huo Rulie said. “Even though she has covered her face.”

“Master, could… could it be that you have seen her… face?” Huo Poyun’s question was spoken with some difficulty, evident that he had yet to recover from the intense throbbing of his soul previously.

“Of course not.” Huo Rulie shook his head. “But I know that she is beautiful to the point of being terrifying.”

“Beautiful to the point of being terrifying?” Huo Poyun was stunned.

“It’s rumored that any man who has seen her face would be infatuated to the point of near madness. Moreover, how could those fortunate enough to see her be any ordinary men? They were all heaven favored elites from the king realms.”

Huo Poyun, “...”

“Out of all those men from the king realms, how many of them are not at the pinnacle? How many of them are accustomed to seeing beauties? Just to obtain a single smile from her, every one of them would not hesitate to risk their lives.” Huo Rulie shook his head. “Truly terrifying.”

“Even more terrifying is her…” 

“Sect Master Huo!” Yan Juehai’s voice suddenly sounded, interrupting him. “Matters at the level of the Brahma Monarch Goddess are not things we are able to reach. It’s best that we refrain from commenting about them.”

Huo Rulie also suddenly came to a realization and nodded, no longer speaking.