Chapter 1217 - Battling Shui Yingyue

Chapter 1217 - Battling Shui Yingyue

“He won! Brother Yun won!” Huo Poyun was the first to shout loudly as he stood up in excitement.

“This kid, this kid is really…” Huo Rulie was grinning from ear to ear, both his hands constantly scratching his scalp, subconsciously unable to control himself due to his excitement.

“Yun Che’s fame… is going to go up several levels again.” Yan Juehai sighed as he swept his eyes across the entire crowd from the Snow Song Realm, “The Snow Song Realm being able to bring forth a such a chosen one is truly their fortune.”

“Hahahahaha.” Mu Huanzhi stroked his beard as he laughed continuously.

All around the spectator stands, be it those from the lower star realms or the upper star realms, everyone was unable to sit still. Right after defeating Lu Lengchuan, another “God Child” had lost to Yun Che. Furthermore, Jun Xilei was considered to be leagues apart from Lu Lengchuan. Before the two had exchanged moves, no one would have ever imagined this outcome.

Shock was apparent on their faces and within their eyes, not subsiding for a long, long time.

“Big Brother Yun Che, you’re too strong! I knew it, you’re the the bestest best guy in this entire world!”

Shui Meiyin’s coquettish voice was happily yammering away, completely ignoring the strange glances people beside her were giving her. If not for Shui Qianheng fumbling to hold her back, she would have already dashed up to the Conferred God Stage.

“Royal father,” thinking back to Shui Meiyin’s every response to Yun Che, Shui Yingyue turned to Shui Qianheng saying, “from today henceforth, Yun Che’s accomplishments will supercede mine and Jun Xilei’s. His future holds limitless potential. Meiyin liking Yun Che doesn’t seem to be just a childish endeavour, perhaps you could reconsider…”

“You’re not to make any further mention of this matter!” Shui Qianheng waved his hand, his face full of discontent. “That brat Yun Che’s resilience is indeed shocking. If his growth doesn’t come to an abrupt end, he’ll most definitely become a Divine Master, but… his origins are too lowly… he’s merely from the lower realms! My daughter’s identity as the princess of the Glazed Light Realm is far above and beyond his. How could she marry someone from the lower realms!?”

“Hmph! Even if he was ten times stronger than now, even if I have to keep Meiyin by my side for an entire lifetime and never let her marry, I would never ever betroth her to such a brat!”

Shui Qianheng sounded absolutely resolute.

Shui Yingyue didn’t speak any further and could only sigh gently in her heart. Yun Che’s birth was indeed a problem… Even coming from a middle star realm was much better, but he had to actually come from the lower realms. That was a level that could be considered the lowest of the low in the Primal Chaos

“What a sight… What a sight…” these sudden sighs of approval came from the Dragon Monarch. “Brother Eternal Heaven, if you had prevented this boy from taking part in this Conferred God Battle at the beginning, I’m afraid this entire competition would have lost seven tenths of its color.”

The Dragon Monarch was being straightforward and the Eternal Heaven Emperor also nodded slowly, lamenting, “This old one has seen everything there is to see across the tens of thousands of stars and yet, I nearly missed out on this once-in-a-lifetime rare gem that has not been seen since time immemorial.”

“Dragon Monarch, based on your observations, are you able to tell why Yun Che is so exceptional?” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor asked.

The Dragon Monarch smiled and replied in a roundabout and mysterious manner, “The battle between Yun Che and Luo Changsheng, this dragon looks forward to it indeed.”

Since the Dragon Monarch didn’t give a straight answer, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor didn’t press the issue and laughed along, “Fantian is also looking forward to it.”

Yun Che himself knew the kind of shocking reactions that would result from him defeating Jun Xilei. It would definitely be much greater than when he had defeated Lu Lengchuan, so his response was mild. He heaved a large sigh of relief, not exhibiting any exaggerated emotions.

Yun Che held the unconscious Jun Xilei in his arms and flew through the air to where Jun Wuming was. He handed her over to him with a gentle push. “Senior Sword Sovereign… Junior has offended you.”

Jun Wuming held Jun Xilei up. He swept his spirit sense over her to check on her condition and his face immediately showed signs of relief.

He gave Yun Che a glance and wordlessly took Jun Xilei with him and left… However, once he reached the edges of the Conferred God Stage, he suddenly came to a stop.

“Yun Che, I, Jun Wuming, owe you one.”

His voice sounded very ordinary, but… this wasn’t a sound transmission. Everyone present heard it clearly, in front of the entire Eastern Diving Region, Jun Wuming gave Yun Che a personal promise.

He was very clear that if Yun Che hadn’t stopped Jun Xilei’s third strike, Jun Xilei would, without a doubt, have become crippled. If he hadn’t publicly apologized to Jun Xilei in front of everyone, she would have been trapped in an abyss of despair and hatred, one that she would never be able to climb out of...

When his voice traveled to Yun Che’s ear, Jun Wuming had already flown far away. Yun Che’s heart was in flux as he found it hard to believe that Jun Wuming had made such a promise to him, and he himself felt a certain sense of guilt… after all, it was he who forced Jun Xilei into such a position where she decided to trade her life for his.

The promise of the Sword Sovereign weighed heavily upon his heart.

“Changsheng, looks like you finally have an opponent.” Luo Guxie rested her palm on Luo Changsheng’s shoulder.

“Mn.” Luo Changsheng nodded his head, his gaze on that figure standing at the center of the Conferred God Stage. “Yun Che… has far exceeded my expectations in this Conferred God Battle, but it’s impossible for me to lose.” 

“Prior to today, I’m sure Jun Xilei felt the same way,” Holy Eaves Realm Realm King Luo Shangchen said matter of factly.

“Royal father, don’t worry. Master has taught me time and again that no matter who my opponent is, I must not underestimate them. Changsheng will never forget that.” Luo Changsheng’s eyes flashed. “In the final battle, Changsheng will be properly prepared.”

On the Conferred God Stage, Mu Bingyun had flown to Yun Che’s side. A frosty but gentle energy wrapped around him, “Yun Che, are you alright?”

Yun Che replied with a smile, “Of course I’m fine. These injuries aren’t much to me. It’s just that I’m quite spent. Be at ease Palace Master Bingyun, I still have one more Time Wheel Pearl. I’ll be completely back in form by the time the next battle is to start.”

“...Go back first and recover from your injuries.” Mu Bingyu already knew that Yu Che’s body was different from others, but right now the injuries on him were beyond shocking. She didn’t dare tarry and forcefully held on to Yun Che, quickly flying away.

As Yun Che left, news regarding the next battle was announced. 

Losers Group final battle:

Glazed Light Realm’s Shui Yingyue (Tenth level of the Divine Spirit Realm) versus Snow Song Realm’s Yun Che (Ninth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm.


This Conferred God Battle had given birth to a new God Child. He was now making massive waves all over the Eastern Divine Region and was the pride of every middle and lower star realm, never seen before throughout history. He had virtually become a legend.

His battle with Jun Xilei was initially supposed to add a halo around him, but overnight it had become a blinding sun. 

Born from the lower realms, the young profound practitioner under the tutelage of a middle star realm had now consecutively defeated two God Children on the Conferred God Stage. In the history of the Eastern Divine Region, with regards to the expectations of the lower and middle star realms, this was nothing short of a heaven bestowed miracle.

Countless middle star realm profound practitioners worshiped Yun Che with zeal and fiery passion… So all this while, it was possible for someone like us to defeat someone from the upper star realms. We too could also become God Children pulverizing legends!

Without a doubt, the name “Snow Song Realm” had its reputation reach its highest peak since the ancient past. Thanks to Yun Che unleashing the Golden Crow flames, the Flame God Realm’s name also sounded like thunder across the entire Eastern Divine Region.. 


As night started to fall, Yun Che sat within his courtyard. Around him was a Frozen End Barrier personally set down by Mu Bingyun.

He closed his eyes to rest, recovering his profound strength and healing his injuries. The Time Wheel Pearl was too precious, he couldn’t bear to use it. Although his injuries were heavy and his profound energy expenditure was huge, all he needed was three days worth of time to completely recover.

Yun Che’s reputation within the Eastern Divine Region was like the moon in the sky. Were he to appear anywhere, there would be extreme buzz and excitement. However, he was now in the Eternal Heaven Realm, in the midst of the Conferred God Battle. No one would disturb him.

Yun Che concentrated wholly on recovery, completely oblivious to everything around him. He didn’t know that high up above, among the stars, there was a pair of eyes watching him from afar. That pair of eyes seemed to have watched him for a very long time.

She stood still among the clouds, her entire person shrouded in darkness and completely silent. Even if there were a Realm King from an upper star realm beside her, unless they were within thirty meters, they might not ever realize she was there.

There was perhaps only one person who could ever mask their presence to this extent in the entire Eastern Divine Region.

The Heavenly Slaughter Star God!

As the night wind blew and brought along a chill, she looked intently at Yun Che for a while before finally turning around, flying off without a sound.

She told him that only when he obtained first place in the Conferred Battle would he have the qualifications to see her. Otherwise, he would have to scram back to the Blue Pole Star. She said that because she wanted him to give up all hope and leave, never again to come back to the God Realm. The entire God Realm would eventually completely forget his existence… but who would have thought that the opposite happened?

Not only did he not leave disheartened, he took a completely different approach and returned to the Conferred God Battle. His ability and prowess soared time and time again, shocking the entire Eastern Divine Region… while also completely revealing himself for all to see.

She knew why he had done this...

But this wasn’t what she wanted. This was the worst possible result that she feared.

However, things had reached this stage and she couldn’t change anything nor was she able to stop it.

The only thing she could do now was not see him... under no circumstance would she ever see him.

Or else… if he came to know about “that matter”...

Based on his character...

She closed her scarlet eyes, listening to her chaotically beating heart, and vanished far away into the sky.


Three days later, upon the Conferred God Stage.

Today was the final battle of the Losers Group—Yun Che versus Shui Yingyue.

The winner would be able to face the undefeated Luo Changsheng in the final battle to see who would clinch the championship!

The spectator stands were filled much earlier. Whenever it came to Yun Che’s battles, everyone’s attention was at its peak. However, both the Sword Sovereign and his disciple were noticeably missing from the stands. This was to be expected. Jun Xilei had lost too much vital energy and blood essence. Even with Jun Wuming’s abilities, recovering was no easy feat.

Atop the Conferred God Stage, Yun Che and Shui Yingyue stood face to face, their eyes facing one another. Yun Che’s battle intent was unleashed while conversely, Shui Yingyue was like still water, a picture of complete calm.

If it hadn’t been for Yun Che’s battle with Jun Xilei three days earlier, everyone would have thought that Shui Yingyue was bound to win, but right now all of their expectations had been completely overturned. Almost everyone believed that Yun Che would definitely win.

Jun Xilei and Shui Yingyue’s abilities were close to each other and furthermore, Jun Xilei had gone all out against Yun Che, even to the point of endangering her life but still couldn’t win. Even if Shui Yingyue’s ability was above Jun Xilei’s, she probably wouldn’t win by a large margin. To be able to defeat Yun Che… Unless she could be like Yun Che, being able to pull out card after card of miraculous surprises.


Under the orders of the Honorable Qu Hui, the combatants unleashed their profound energy at the same time. Shui Yingyue held the Jade Rivulet Sword. Be it her hands or her sword, they seemed to be made out of unrivaled beautiful Jade. As she waved her sword, the entire Conferred God Stage was covered in a brilliant gentle blue light. It seemed as if all laws within that space stood still.

Just as Yun Che was rushing towards Shui Yingyue, he suddenly felt the space around him turning thick and turbid, as if he had been submerged in water. His surroundings were covered with multiple rays of blue light that hovered all around him like ripples of water.

In the next instant however, the gentle ripples suddenly turned into angry waves from a violent sea. The blue waves of light started to violently submerge Yun Che within.

What looked like a blue sunflower made from water droplets appeared where Yun Che stood. Any drop of water in this profound formation was able to extinguish an erupting volcano.

“Oh… Oh no!” Huo Poyun shouted.

Huo Rulie frowned deeply as well. Water attribute profound arts were fundamentally not that strong but they were fluid and able to change into tens of thousands of forms to suit the situation. In terms of control, they were at the very top. Once one was sealed within the Sunflower Water Formation, unless one knew the methods to break the formation, trying to leave it was extremely difficult. Furthermore, Yun Che had never met this Sunflower Water Formation before, or else he wouldn’t have been so easily sealed within.

He subconsciously looked to the side only to discover that Mu Bingyun, who should be the one who was most nervous about Yun Che’s safety, was surprisingly a picture of calm and showed no hint of worry at all.