Chapter 1201 - Battle of Souls

Chapter 1201 - Battle of Souls

Apparently, Shui Meiyin had already expected Yun Che to charge. A blue profound image immediately emerged before her and formed a small-scale profound formation that was shining with aqua blue light.


Yun Che’s profound energy surged ahead like waves as he tried to suppress his opponent, and the sound produced by the blast of aura was quite heavy too. However, he was unable to suppress Shui Meiyin. He saw her figure slowly disappearing after a flash of the blue light from the profound formation.

Next, her aura came from quite a distant place high above in the sky.

“’Illusory Butterfly Dance’… Just as expected of a top level movement art that even Shui Yingyue failed to cultivate successfully. It is indeed extraordinary.”

Yun Che praised her skill in his heart. Judging from how Shui Meiyin was so easily able to escape from his suppression, and even instantly broke free from his aura that was locked onto her, her “Illusory Butterfly Dance” was absolutely not inferior to the Moon Splitting Cascade—Of course, it was only comparable to a Moon Splitting Cascade that had not reached the realm of great perfection.

Yun Che quickly locked his aura onto Shui Meiyin once again, but Shui Meiyin had begun her counterattack at this time. As she waved her little hand, “Illusory Mental Butterfly Language” radiated with blue light. A water curtain instantly spread all over the sky before turning over and falling down.

Ice attribute profound arts were derived from the water attribute, but they were overall better than pure water attribute profound arts with respect to offense, control, and defense. The only demerit of using such an art was the difficulty in executing it. Therefore, ninety percent of the profound practitioners who were proficient in water attribute arts used ice attribute profound arts, while only an extremely low number of people practiced pure water attribute arts.

The main profound art of the Glazed Light Realm, “Billowing Star Bestowal” was also a pure water attribute profound art. However, considering that such a profound art was the main art of one of the three strongest star realms below the king realms, it was easily understandable that it was absolutely impossible for it to be compared with ordinary water attribute profound arts.

But, no matter whether it was an ice attribute or a water attribute profound art, it posed no threat at all to Yun Che who had Water Spirit Evil Body!

Besides, although the water curtain might seem huge, it didn’t have the slightest bit of deterrent force. Yun Che leapt up as he casually swung his sword. Right after, a tearing sound was heard as the water curtain, that had covered the whole sky, was torn open as easily as a cotton or silk cloth, and revealed the azure sky that had been hidden by it for a short while… However, another water curtain suddenly descended upon him before he could even catch sight of Shui Meiyin’s figure and blocked his field of vision again.

It was also at this moment that Shui Meiyin’s aura disappeared all of a sudden.

Yun Che was taken aback. He was about to tear open the water curtain again when he suddenly raised his brows.

Something’s odd!!

Yun Che suddenly came to a stop as his figure stood still in midair, his profound energy drifting around his body. He then slowly closed both of his eyes and his consciousness swiftly submerged inside the sea of his mind.

It was actually quite dangerous to have one’s consciousness submerge during a fight on the Conferred God Stage. However, Yun Che not only submerged his consciousness, he even submerged as much as eighty percent of it within the sea of his mind, only leaving twenty percent to respond to the outside world. There was no doubt that he was full of openings at this moment.

There were stars twinkling in the space inside his soul. The whole place was quiet and nothing unusual could be noticed. But Yun Che didn’t show any signs of withdrawing his consciousness. Instead, he focused his mind as golden rays of light flashed all of a sudden. The Golden Crow Divine Soul transformed into a huge divine image of the Golden Crow, craned its neck, and let out a long cry, which immediately turned Yun Che’s soul world into a sea of fire.

In an instant, countless small, exquisite and agile black butterflies became visible amidst the firelight, and then, they got quickly burned and annihilated as they dispersed away in all directions.

These “black butterflies” had already entered his mind some time ago, and were completely undetectable until he unleashed the power of the Golden Crow Divine Soul!

“Oh my!”

A girl’s clear and melodious cry of surprise resounded inside the sea of fire.

“Big Brother, you’re so awesome! I didn’t expect you to discover them so soon!”

“No, actually, I didn’t really discover them,” Yun Che said slowly. “It’s just that you made a little careless mistake when you used your ‘enchantment.’ The color of the sky here in Eternal Heaven Realm is pale white, but the sky I saw just now looked a bit azure. It was then that I realized that I had fallen under your ‘enchantment’ at some point in time!”

“Eh? Is that so…?” the girl talked to herself in a low voice.

Yun Che had spoken in a very calm voice, but he was in fact feeling inwardly nervous. He raised his vigilance to the limit as a sense of crisis rushed through the depths of his consciousness..

He had personally witnessed Meng Duanxi suffering a crushing defeat under the influence of Shui Meiyin’s soul power. He had no idea that he had fallen into Shui Meiyin’s charm until the moment of his defeat. Although he was amazed upon seeing the extraordinary power of her soul, he had absolute confidence that he wouldn’t end up in as miserable state as Meng Duanxi given his strong mental power. At the least, he would not fall into her enchantment without even being aware of it.

But at this moment, he suddenly realized how terrifying Shui Meiyin’s soul power was.

When they were fighting, he had made sure to be as alert as possible, so that he could fully ward off her incoming soul attacks, and even launch a counterattack if possible.

But just now, if he hadn’t submerged his consciousness inside his mind, he would have been completely unable to sense that the world inside his mind had been invaded.

It was still fine if his mind was invaded when he was totally unprepared against the invasion, but the scary thing was that he was clearly prepared to deal with any and all mind invasions…

Could it be that her soul power could actually ignore the defense of the soul and enter the soul world without any kind of restriction!?

“Hee, Big Brother, you’ve guessed it!”

While Yun Che was bewildered, a light laugh suddenly resounded inside the world of his mind, “My soul has a strange name, ‘Divine Stainless Soul.’ Daddy said that it was born after being tainted by the primordial power. It is the purest soul inside the Primal Chaos and has a certain level of affinity with all non-evil souls. Therefore, it can very easily invade others’ soul worlds.”

“Big Brother’s soul is really, really strong, but was still invaded so easily by me. This shows that Big Brother actually possesses a very pure soul!”

Divine… Stainless Soul!?

Was it also born from the most primitive ‘primordial energy’ just like the “Divine Stainless Body” that Mu Xuanyin had mentioned before!?

“Pure? Heh… My soul doesn’t deserve this word.” Having finished his words, he was startled all of a sudden. Soon after, his soul voice lowered, “You… can ‘see’ my thoughts?”

“Hehehe!” the girl again laughed beautifully. “It’s because I’m right now inside your soul world!”

“…” How fearsome it was for someone to know what you were thinking at any time? If things went on like this, she would very likely be able to invade his memories too.

[Note: The ‘soul world’ is the world inside the soul, and the ‘mind world’ is the world inside the mind. Furthermore, apparently the soul resides inside the mind.]

Yun Che’s mind world grew tense once again, as he said in a heavy voice, “All right… In that case… I will first drive you out of my mind!!”


Flames exploded inside Yun Che’s mind world as a sky-shocking phoenix cry resounded. Every strand of Yun Che’s mental power transformed into exploding Golden Crow flames, which made his whole mind world turn completely into a sea of fire.

The Golden Crow Divine Soul seemed as fierce as Golden Crow divine flames as it burned and annihilated all foreign things within the mind world, without exception.

But there were countless black butterflies dancing gracefully in the midst of the sea of fire that extended throughout the area. As they burned, one by one, and were exterminated inside the sea of fire, more and more new butterflies entered to replace them. Not only did the black butterflies not get fully exterminated by the blazing golden flame, their numbers grew instead as they gradually flew towards the even deeper soul world.

Yun Che stirred his thoughts at once. In a split second, a change happened in the sea of fire. The flames burning everywhere suddenly transformed into countless swiftly flying butterflies, that were made of flames, and rushed in the direction of the black butterflies as they burned fiercely.

He had used Red Butterfly Domain, the strongest killing move of the Golden Crow’s soul power. Back then, Yun Che had solely relied on “Red Butterfly Domain” to annoy the hell out of the enormous Black Soul Divine Sect. It made each and every person of the sect anxious as they trembled with fear.

“Wow! Big Brother, your soul power can actually materialize into such beautiful butterflies. So awesome!”

Yun Che accumulated his entire soul power and his mind grew tense, but Shui Meiyin’s carefree, tender and clear sound came from within his soul world. Her voice sounded joyous as if she had seen something nice, without the slightest sign of nervousness or cautiousness that one would show during a battle between souls.

She was evidently quite relaxed!

The soul power of Red Butterfly Domain was extremely domineering. Once it was unleashed, it could easily burn and destroy the mind of a divine way profound practitioner in an instant. But the butterflies made of flames were unable to burn and annihilate the black butterflies immediately. They were in a tangle with their targets for a short time, and Yun Che’s soul world sometimes brightened and other times darkened as the groups of butterflies danced around disorderly.

It was bizarrely quiet on the Conferred God Stage. Yun Che was standing still in midair with his eyes closed, without budging an inch. Shui Meiyin was less than thirty steps away behind him. She had her starry eyes narrowed as she also stayed completely still.

“They are… fiercely competing using their mental powers?”

“Meiyin has the Divine Stainless Soul, so if someone forcibly fights against it with their mental power…” Shui Yingyue had an unconcerned look in her beautiful eyes, as if she already knew the outcome. “Even Luo Changsheng is absolutely not her opponent when it comes to a fight between souls, so there is no doubt that Yun Che will lose for sure!”

The Glazed Light Realm King also nodded his head slightly. Shui Meiyin was born with a variant soul and no one knew better than him, her father, about how terrifying her mental power was. Even if Yun Che discovered that his soul had been invaded, he should still try to win against her using his absolutely superior battle power. It was extremely unwise of him to dare to have a frontal confrontation with her using his soul power!

The mighty force of the Golden Crow was constantly emitting from Yun Che. It would sometimes grow strong, other times weak, making it apparent that he was utilizing the Golden Crow Divine Soul. Soon after, an ice-cold coercion suddenly added to the mighty force of the Golden Crow. Yun Che had actually unleashed the Ice Phoenix Divine Soul too.

Having to use two divine souls at the same time caused Yun Che’s body to tremble faintly.

On the other hand, Shui Meiyin’s eyes were slightly narrowed as the hem of her skirt fluttered in the wind. She looked calm and quiet as if she was dreaming, and it was totally impossible to tell whether she was really using her soul power.

Inside Yun Che’s soul world, red butterflies danced around as the Ice Phoenix let out a long cry. A blue light and flame butterflies blocked and exterminated the black butterflies that were invading from some unknown place. But as if there was no end to the black butterflies, their numbers didn’t decrease all this time, no matter how Yun Che resisted them.

I don’t believe that a little girl like you who has yet to wean, can have a tougher mental power than me—Yun Che let out a low roar in his heart as his mental power surged even more fiercely.

“Hmph! You are a little girl who has yet to wean! Let me show you how awesome I am!”

A dissatisfied snort of the girl resounded as soon as the thought crossed Yun Che’s mind, and she immediately launched her “revenge” attack too. The black butterflies dancing about began to shine with faint pitch-black light, as a far greater oppressive feeling than before suddenly emitted from them and darkened the glow of the Golden Crow Divine Soul and the Ice Phoenix Divine Soul at the same time.

“…!?” Yun Che was frightened in his heart again… Don’t tell me that she had still not used her full power!?

The black butterflies lightly flew across the place and destroyed the flame butterflies at a fast speed. They had invaded nearly thirty percent of the space inside Yun Che’s soul in less than ten odd breaths’ time. Furthermore, they were occupying more and more area, bit by bit. The soul world began to shake due to the unrest caused by them, and the shaking grew increasingly stronger with time.

It was at this time that all the black butterflies flew away in all directions all of a sudden, and disappeared without a trace in a blink of an eye. As the black butterflies dispersed, an unrealistically beautiful picture scroll speared before Yun Che’s eyes.

He saw high and towering mountains, faintly discernible clouds and mist, the vast firmament, stars and moons existing together on the picture scroll. In the midst of the boundless heaven and earth, the feeling of being a nobody rose of itself within him. Gradually, the high mountains as well as clouds and mist moved away into the distance, and there seemed to be no end to the firmament, which made him feel as if his existence was becoming more and more insignificant… even more insignificant… insignificant like a stone… insignificant like dust… so insignificant, as if he almost didn’t exist…

This is…

Yun Che was deeply shocked. His was rapidly losing the feeling of existence and he had no way to stop it. He was very clear that his soul would have been completely invaded when he completely lost the feeling of existence. At that time, he would be under Shui Meiyin’s control, and she could do whatever she wanted to him.

He immediately began to struggle, but it was all to no avail no matter how hard he tried. It was such a fearsome feeling, as if he was a boat that was vainly trying to prevent itself from capsizing in the ocean. With the passage of time, even the existence of the Golden Crow Divine Soul and the Ice Phoenix Divine Soul also grew weaker to such an extent that they were almost undetectable.

How… How is this possible!?

I have so many kinds of divine souls, and my mental power far exceeds an ordinary person, so how can I be so simply and thoroughly suppressed that I’m totally helpless against her…? She is clearly just a fifteen year old girl!

The more he struggled, the weaker his existence felt. His consciousness was becoming cloudy at an absolutely fearsome speed.

I can’t let this go on… It seems that I have to unleash the dragon soul! Otherwise…

“Eh? Dragon soul? You also have a dragon soul?”

Shui Meiyin’s light cry of surprise resounded in his mind.

Yun Che not only had a dragon soul, it was also extremely special. It was the sole dragon god soul in the Primal Chaos! This thing was one of his most powerful life-saving cards, so unless he was completely out of options, he would certainly not use the dragon soul while everyone was looking at the Conferred God Stage.

However, Shui Meiyin’s soul power was countless times more fearsome than his expectations. If he didn’t use the dragon soul now, he would definitely face a miserable defeat.

When Yun Che was about to unleash the dragon soul with all his might, a thought suddenly crossed his mind… Wait a minute! She can see my thoughts whenever she wants…




Yun Che completely gave up on resisting with his mental power all of a sudden, allowing Shui Meiyin’s soul power to invade his mind without any restraint. At this time, a gorgeous scene appeared inside his mind:

Illusory Demon Realm, Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

Inside the barrier set up by the Golden Crow’s soul, the beautiful clothes of the Little Demon Empress and Feng Xue’er were lying completely torn on the ground, and they didn’t have a single thing on their bodies as they tightly entwined themselves around Yun Che. Sometimes Little Demon Empress would ride him, other times Feng Xue’er would. Sometimes Yun Che would make them get on each other as he did them, other times they would bury their heads in his crotch at the same time… The two perfect jade-like bodies, that seemed to shine like stars or moons, were doing the most obscene things in this world with Yun Che.


Yun Che’s soul world violently shook, after which he heard the highest-pitched girl’s scream of his life.