Chapter 1381 - The Azure Cloud Calamity

Chapter 1381 - The Azure Cloud Calamity

Su Ling’er pushed the door to his room open. Xiao Lingxi pulled at the corner of a blanket as she sat on the wide bed. She had sunk into a deep despondency… Beside her lay the small clothes that Yun Che had torn off her and scattered around.

Upon seeing Su Ling’er, her body curled backwards slightly under the blanket… but she gave no other reaction. However, the light in her eyes became increasingly dull and gloomy.

“Big Sister Lingxi,” Su Ling’er sat down at the side of the bed. As she looked at Xiao Lingxi, whose jade body was half-exposed, a very deep look of astonishment and admiration flashed through her eyes. The curves that Xiao Lingxi exposed to the world were exceedingly perfect and her skin was as lustrous and flawless as jade porcelain, causing Su Ling’er to feel an intense urge to reach out and touch it.

She believed that if any man faced such a perfect jade body, he would become a wild and mindless beast.

Much less Yun Che...

Su Ling’er’s words still did not provoke much of a response from Xiao Lingxi. Her delicate head sank even deeper between her knees as she suddenly said in a very soft voice, “Ling’er, does he… only feel… familial love towards me?”

Su Ling’er did not ask her why she had asked such a question. Instead, she said without the slightest bit of hesitation, “This is a question that no one has the qualifications to answer. That is because you are the only one who can sense it in the most genuine and direct manner, so you should be more aware than anyone else whether his feelings for you are familial love or the love between a man and a woman.”

Xiao Lingxi, “...”

“The only thing that I know is that every time he looks at you, his gaze is filled with so much warmth and adoration… that it seems as if he wishes that he could give you all of the best things in this world.”

Su Ling’er’s words caused the gloomy dullness in Xiao Lingxi’s eyes to gradually be replaced by a misty haziness. She slowly lifted her head as she said, “But, he… why…” 

Xiao Lingxi was unable to finish her words, but Su Ling’er knew what she wanted to say. She simply gave a small smile and bent her lips to Xiao Lingxi’s ear and softly whispered some words.

“Ah?” Xiao Lingxi let out a soft cry as her mouth opened wide.

“That was the real reason,” Su Ling’er said as she lightly covered her lips. “It’s not that Big Brother Yun Che does not want you and it’s even less your fault. It’s actually something to do with him.”

“But… But…” Xiao Lingxi’s face was dyed red, making her look incomparably charming and beautiful.

“Do you know why such a thing would happen?” Su Ling’er explained with a small smile on her face, “Such a thing will only happen to a man’s body when he is too nervous. That is also to say, it’s not that he doesn’t want you, it’s simply that he loves and adores you far too much, or perhaps his desire for you is too great. As a result, he was too nervous when the time came… You don’t even know how upset he was when he ran out just now, he even said that he didn’t have the face to see you anymore, hee hee.”

Xiao Lingxi was a sheet of white paper when it came to the affairs between men and women, but Su Ling’er was an expert in the field of medicine so Xiao Lingxi would not doubt her words in the slightest. As a result, the gloom and despondency in her heart immediately faded as those feelings quickly transformed into shy embarrassment. She pulled up the blanket to cover her face, her voice was as squeaky as the chirping of birds, “Oooh… I let you see a joke yet again…”

Upon seeing Xiao Lingxi go back to her usual self, Su Ling’er let out a small sigh of relief. After that, she pulled open the blanket and dove inside, wildly groping Xiao Lingxi’s smooth and lovely jade body. “If you really want to be eaten up by Big Brother Yun Che that much, then you need to have a little bit more initiative… Do you want me to teach you how?”

Xiao Lingxi let out cries of alarm but she did not resist or object. Instead, she merely voiced the softest of assents.


On the second day, Yun Che got up early in the morning feeling refreshed and high-spirited.

He dragged Xiao Lingxi off to go boating in the Illusory Demon Realm’s most beautiful water fairy lake. He even ordered Feng Xian’er to not come within five kilometers of them. Today, the entire water fairy lake would belong to the two of them alone.

The surface of the lake lightly rippled as the small boat slowly meandered across it. Xiao Lingxi remained in Yun Che’s embrace, not leaving it for even a second… In fact, she did not want to leave his embrace for the rest of her life.

As the sunset glow filled the sky, the curtain of night swiftly fell. They returned to the Xiao Family as Xiao Lingxi was roughly crushed into Yun Che’s embrace. She closed her beautiful eyes, the pink clouds forming on her snowy face exceedingly more charming and beautiful than the sunset clouds in the sky.

Yun Che laid her on the soft and downy bed. She allowed him to freely undress her, letting his fingers run freely over her perfect jade body and even her...

Before too long, the tightly shut room door was pushed open and Yun Che walked out by himself. He sat on a boulder in the courtyard, his face so black that it looked like it had been smeared with soot.

These two days were not an accident or a conclusion, they were a beginning!

Initially, he had wondered if it was a problem with the location. After all, the Xiao Family was where the both of them had grown up, a place both of them held special feelings for. As a result, he brazenly brought Xiao Lingxi to many other places… the Yun Family, the top of a mountain, the shores of a lake, the bedchambers of a royal palace… In the end, they had even gone all the way to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace...

But no matter how hot and heavy things got, even if the flames of desire were burning so hot that it felt as if his blood vessels were about to rupture… once they got to the very last moment, he would immediately wilt.

It was like this every single time.

Furthermore, it was only like this with Xiao Lingxi, it definitely had not happened with any of the others.

In order to solve this problem, Su Ling’er had even come up with a very rotten idea… She sneakily drugged Yun Che with an aphrodisiac… and it was a very powerful one at that.

With that drug pumping through his veins, even if some sort of mental barrier truly existed, it could be easily ignored.

As the aphrodisiac raged through his system, Yun Che’s body burned as he immediately became a rabid wild beast… But even after Yun Che had spent half a day tormenting and playing with Xiao Lingxi’s body, he just could not react at the final moment! This scene caused Su Ling’er to become completely flabbergasted; she did not understand what was happening.

In the end, she ended up being dragged into it and her body was tormented and played with so much that she had to walk tenderly for several days.

After that, Su Ling’er came up with another idea that was even more rotten than the last… She and Xiao Lingxi sat on the same bed while facing Yun Che.

The result was that when he was with Su Ling’er, he was so normal that he couldn’t stand it, but the moment he turned his attentions to Xiao Lingxi, he instantly wilted.

Su Ling’er was completely out of ideas… This was no longer something that could be explained by medical science.

It was truly as if he had been cursed!

“Little Che, it’s alright.”

After the umpteenth failed attempt, Yun Che sat on the side of the bed with a depressed look on his face. Xiao Lingxi gently hugged him from behind as she comforted him once again, “As long as I am able to be with you every day, anything is fine.”

Yun Che nodded his head before turning around to hug her, but… how could it be no big deal!? It was a really big deal!

What the hell was going on!?

Is it really because I have some sort of mental barrier towards doing the deed with Xiao Lingxi that I’ve never noticed? But why did it feel more like I had been put under some strange hex by somebody!?


As time flowed along, it soon became more than ten months since Yun Che had died and returned to the Blue Pole Star.

In the vast God Realm, countless dazzling new stars would be born every year and even though the fall of a new star would cause people to sigh in regret, even more new stars would appear after that, causing people to swiftly forget.

However, the star that had been Yun Che, a star that had come out of nowhere, had been far too dazzling. Even though he had fallen, no one could forget him. After all, he had broken the historical monopoly the upper star realms had held over the Conferred God Battle, and he had even invoked a nine stage heavenly tribulation, a feat that was impressive enough to be recorded for all the ages. 

They were not aware that Yun Che still lived. However, the him that still existed in this world was no longer the star which had previously illuminated the entire world. Instead, he was living an easy and extravagant life every single day, accompanied by his parents and daughter, and surrounded by beauties.

If anyone from the God Realm saw him at this time, even if they knew that Yun Che was still alive, even if they knew that his name was Yun Che, they definitely would not think that he was the same person as the Yun Che who had climbed to the top of the Conferred God Battle. Not only did he not have profound strength anymore, he was also completely devoid of the bloodlust, desperate drive, and pride that allowed him to remain standing even when he was driven to the brink of death on top of that Conferred God Stage.

The profound beast rampages in Blue Wind Nation were growing more and more severe and even the profound beasts in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice were making some irregular movements. Outside of Blue Wind Nation, the other nations who were in the eastern part of the continent had also started to experience similar situations. This was also the same in the Illusory Demon Realm.

Yun Che would occasionally hear about this news, but he had never once asked about it. The Profound Sky Continent had Feng Xue’er, and the Illusory Demon Realm had the Little Demon Empress. Even though the profound beast disturbances were indeed bizarre, they could be easily suppressed… The current him was simply living the life of a licentious and dissipated young master, as such this was not something he had to worry about.

On the other continent on the Blue Pole Star.

The Azure Cloud Continent.

This had been Yun Che’s world in his previous lifetime. After he had found Su Ling’er and brought her, her parents, and his master Yun Gu back to the Illusory Demon Realm, he had never again set a foot in that place.

But if he visited this continent at this moment, he would definitely be extremely shocked.

Because this place had already become a world of calamity.



The wild roars and howls of beasts rang from every direction. Furthermore, the explosions of profound energy and the sound of the earth being destroyed were also ringing out in an incomparably crazed manner in every direction.

It was not in one place, neither was it in one region, this scene was something witnessed… on the entire continent!

Humans and beastkin were the two most prominent races on the Azure Cloud Continent. The humans had their own territories and it was only when profound practitioners needed practical experience that they would enter the territories of the profound beasts. Furthermore, compared to the humans, the profound beasts were even more aware of their territory and its boundaries. As such, they would very rarely venture out of their own territories, and they would always attack and expel the humans who entered their territories.

However, this rule which had existed since time immemorial in the Azure Cloud Continent had since completely collapsed.

In all of the regions, all of the nations, no matter whether they used to be mild and peaceful or fierce and violent, all of the profound beasts crazily rushed out of their territories and attacked any living being they set their eyes upon. What was even more terrifying than that was that the powerful profound beasts, which had made nests in the various big forbidden grounds, all previously hidden and powerful existences, had all come out of their nests as well, raining down peerlessly terrifying calamities on human lands.

Compared to the small-scale profound beast rampages occurring in the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm, the Azure Cloud Continent had long ago been completely engulfed in calamity. Every day, countless living beings perished beneath the frenzied claws of profound beasts. Every day, countless amounts of territory had been destroyed and turned into ruins.

It was just that no one was able to figure out why this calamity had erupted and no one was able to figure when it would end.

On this day, a strange profound ark appeared in the skies of the Azure Cloud Continent.

After the profound ark had come to a stop, four human figures appeared beneath the profound ark, their eyes simultaneously sweeping across this chaotic continent.

This party of four was made up of three men and one woman. The person who lead the group looked middle-aged, his expression was calm and cold and he radiated a profound aura that this world would never be able to fathom.

The other three people looked youthful. The man on the left was tall and brawny and his face looked fierce and cruel. The man of the right was the complete opposite, he looked thin and frail and his face was fair, his elegant and handsome features somewhat feminine. His calm eyes faintly pulsing with a terrifying cold light.

The girl in the middle had a lithe and graceful figure. Her face was as pretty as a peach blossom and she had a seductive appearance. It seemed as if she was extremely confident in her own body as she dressed in a very revealing manner. Her arms and collarbones were exposed, and her two long and slender pure white legs were nearly completely revealed. Her roving eyes flashed every now and then with a seductive light that seemed nearly inborn.

“Aiyah, this little planet looks like its in a lot of trouble,” the coquettish girl looked at the scene below her, her soft and cottony voice filled with pity.

“There seems to be something extremely wrong with the profound beasts in this place,” the brawny man said in a deep voice. He did not need to use his eyes. With his divine profound strength, he could easily release his divine senses to an extreme distance in this plane which could only be described as “lowly”, so the abnormally frenzied auras of these profound beasts were as plain as day to him. He lifted his head to look towards the middle-aged man who stood in front of him, “Master, could it be…”

“Hmph!” The brows of the middle-aged man who stood at the front tightly knitted together, his gaze growing dark and heavy, “What a heavy devilish aura. We truly weren’t mistaken. It looks like we have accomplished a great deed this time.”

His words caused the three young people behind him to faintly tremble as their eyes shone with a strange light.