Chapter 1373 - Without a Sound

Chapter 1373 - Without a Sound

Yun Wuxin’s arrival was undoubtedly the arrival of a bright moon that had descended from the heavens. All of the women were now crowding around her like stars ringing that bright moon.

Perhaps it was due to their all encompassing love for Yun Che or perhaps it was because Yun Wuxin had been born with a sort of bewitching ability to get people to like her, but all of the women gazed at Yun Wuxin like they were staring at the world’s most precious, luxurious treasure. They truly wanted to get closer to her, to take good care of her, and they continuously asked her all sorts of strange questions, gradually dispelling the nervousness and tension in her heart.

On the contrary, it was Yun Che who had now been left forgotten on the sidelines.

Su Ling’er grabbed Chu Yuechan’s arm, her long and slender fingers moving to her chest after that. After she finished her meticulous inspection, she let her hands fall and her expression had also become visibly relaxed.

“What’s the situation?” Cang Yue asked rather anxiously.

A faint smile appeared on Su Ling’er’s face as she said, “Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong. Even though Big Sister Yuechan lost her profound strength, her constitution is different from normal folk. This coupled with the fact that the heavens truly protected her means that we only need to get rid of the cold energy from her body. Once we accomplish that and she goes through a period of convalescence, she will be completely fine.”

“...” Yun Che really wanted to say that Chu Yuechan’s unique constitution had come from his Dragon God divine aura!

“Is that really true!?” Su Ling’er’s words made Yun Wuxin jump with joyous surprise, “Then… after Mom gets better, can she cultivate again?”

Su Ling’er looked at her and gave her a comforting gaze, “Your mother’s profound veins have only become extremely withered and exhausted, they were not completely destroyed. For a normal person, trying to restore these profound veins would be extremely difficult, but… as long as your Aunt Xue’er is around, restoring them will actually be an extremely simple matter.”

Among all the girls present, Su Ling’er was the youngest, but she was also the same as Yun Che, possessing the experience and memories of two lives. After taking Yun Gu as her master, she had thrown her heart and soul into studying medicine, causing her temperament to become much more mild and elegant. Her soft and gentle words were like a light shower of rain that washed over one’s heart, so when she spoke, one could not help but believe whatever she said.

This was especially true when she was together with Xiao Lingxi, it was as if she was the older sister.

Yun Wuxin’s body turned around and she accurately found Feng Xue’er’s figure. Her eyes glimmered as she spoke, “Aunt Xue’er, you definitely need to save my mother. After I grow up, I will definitely repay Aunt Xue’er.”

Feng Xue’er gave a faint smile as she gave a light shake of her head, “There’s no need to pay me back, this is what Aunt… Xue’er ought to do.”

“Cough,” Yun Che spoke up, “Xue’er, Xin’er has inherited the Phoenix bloodline from me, but she has not yet cultivated the World Ode of the Phoenix. I want Xin’er to take you as her teacher. What do you think?”

“Eh?” Surprise blossomed on Feng Xue’er’s face as she said, “If Big Brother Yun is willing, then it’s definitely not a problem. But why doesn’t Big Brother Yun want to teach her himself?”

“Uh… It’s not that I don’t want to teach her, it’s just that I’ve lost all of my profound strength now, so it’s not too convenient for me to teach her,” Yun Che said slowly. Even though he did not have his profound strength anymore, he naturally would not forget the World Ode of the Phoenix divine art. His knowledge of how to use it and his understanding of its principles far outstripped that of anyone else. 

While it was true that there would be no problems whatsoever if he was simply teaching it, there was one major problem with that choice. Given the current condition of his body, he needed to be at least several kilometers distant from Yun Wuxin when he taught her because if her power went even a little out of control, it was enough to kill him a few hundred times over.

“AH!?” Yun Che’s words caused the color to flee from Feng Xue’er’s jade face. The Little Demon Empress jerked her body around and Xiao Lingxi and Su Ling’er both cried out involuntarily at the same time.

Even though they had not sensed any profound energy emanating from Yun Che’s body, every single one of them had unanimously believed that this was definitely because Yun Che’s current level of cultivation was too high, that it had reached a realm that they would not be able to detect or understand—after all, he had been in the legendary God Realm for the last four years.

“There’s no need to be so tense,” Yun Che said nonchalantly, a cheery expression on his face. “I lost my profound strength and that is that. But with all of you around, it doesn’t matter whether I have profound strength or not.”

He was well aware that if he grew despondent, they would become as frustrated as he was. Thus, the more relaxed and nonchalant he was about this, the more they could truly calm down and feel at ease.

The Little Demon Empress’ golden figure blurred and after that, she had already arrived at Yun Che’s side. Her lustrous white finger alighted on his chest… In a flash, her beautiful eyes turned towards him and she asked in a soft voice, “Is there any chance of recovery?”

Yun Che smiled as he shook his head, “My profound veins are more unique than most, so I probably won’t be able to recover. However, it’s for the best. Without profound strength, I won’t need to waste any time and effort on cultivating, and I won’t need to bear any responsibility either. With all of you around, the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm will be safe and sound. Even if another Duke Ming or Xuanyuan Wentian appears, all of you will be able to easily deal with them.”

“But… But…” Even though Yun Che appeared exceptionally relaxed and unconcerned, all of them were acutely aware on just how cruel it was for a profound practitioner to become a cripple. Furthermore, Yun Che had such talent and had scaled such heights, and he even had such a great amount of pride...

“Lingxi,” Yun Che said with a laugh, “when we were young, I did not have any profound strength and no matter what happened, I would always be used to hiding behind your back. Right now, it seems as if we have returned to that time, so from now on, I’ll need you to protect me again.”

“Xue’er, even though I’ve become a cripple now, our engagement has already been set and everyone under heaven knows about it, so it’s too late to back out even if you want to, ha!”

“Ling’er, if I fall sick from now on, you’ll need to…”

“Enough already!” The Little Demon Empress gave him a hard look as she cut off his mushy words and coldly snorted, “Save this sort of talk for when you are alone with them, aren’t you afraid that Xin’er will find this sort of talk weird! However… not having profound strength really is a great thing when it comes to you! As such, we won’t need to worry that you’ll leave us behind without any further communication like you did four years ago. You can also forget about seeking death, making trouble, or sowing your wild oats anymore!”

“I wouldn’t be so sure that he’ll stop sowing his wild oats,” Cang Yue said with a small pout.

Yun Che, “Uhh…”

The Little Demon Empress starry eyes flickered and she exhaled softly. After that, her tone grew slightly softer, “Did you manage to fulfill your wish during these past four years?”

“...” The scenes of his parting with Jasmine flashed through his mind, causing an intense pain to stab at his heart. However, he still wore that relaxed smile on his face as he said, “Since I have already returned, it’s only natural that I managed to accomplish what I aimed for.”

At first, when he had accompanied Mu Bingyun to the God Realm, the excuse he had given himself was that he was going so that he would be able to see Jasmine again and be able give her a proper goodbye.

He had seen her again, and he had also said his goodbyes...

Even though...

But, it could also be said that he had accomplished what he had wanted to.

“Then it’s fine.” The Little Demon Empress continued to speak, “In the future, will you still return to that place?”

Would he go back to the God Realm?

During the two months he had been back in the Profound Sky Continent, he had never thought of this question… It was not that he had forgotten about it, it was that he had been subconsciously avoiding the question.

Two months ago, he would not have been able to return home even if he wanted to. But his death had allowed him to make a perfect return to this place. In the God Realm, he was considered to be deceased in the eyes of everyone. All of the attention, pressure, and danger that had surrounded him had naturally dissipated as well.

Jasmine is dead...

Caizhi is dead...

Qingyue has severed our ties as husband and wife, and has chosen to remain in the Moon God Realm...

Shen Xi… I no longer have the face to go and see her...

And I have even less face to go and see Master...

Also… even if he wanted to return, he would no longer be able to return.

“I won’t go there ever again,” Yun Che said with a laugh, his expression still relaxed. One could not see the slightest trace of attachment or longing on his face, nor was there any sign that he was stifling any of his emotions. Yun Che spread out of his hands after that, “Besides, given my current condition, I wouldn’t be able to return even if I wanted to.”

Chu Yuechan silently gazed at him, but she did not say anything.

“Anyways, all of these things aren’t important anymore.” Yun Che held Yun Wuxin’s small hand, “Xin’er, your Aunt Xue’er is the most powerful person in this world. How about you let her be your master? This way you will be able to protect me and your mom even better once you’ve grown up.”

“The most powerful person?” Yun Wuxin blinked a few times.

“Xue’er, show Xin’er just how powerful her future master is,” Yun Che said cheerily.

A beautiful and sweet smile appeared on Feng Xue’er’s face and she lifted up a snowy hand and tapped a finger in the air above her head.


An incomparably loud and resonant Phoenix cry suddenly rang out in the boundless skies above them. In a split second, the skies above the entire Blue Wind Imperial City, and even half of the skies that covered the Blue Wind Nation itself, had turned scarlet red, as if the skies had been covered in the light of the setting sun.

In the scarlet skies above them, an enormous Phoenix slowly spread out its wings, radiating a boundless amount of Phoenix spiritual pressure at the world beneath it.

In that moment, the entire Blue Wind Nation seemed to have gone completely quiet. Besides the cry of the Phoenix, one could not hear any other sound. Countless profound practitioners sank to their knees as their bodies trembled, it was as if they had seen a deity.

The Divine Profound Realm… Even though she was only in the Divine Origin Realm, that was enough to be counted as a true divinity on this plane!

“UWAAAAAH——” Yun Wuxin’s little mouth formed a big “O” shape. This was undoubtedly the most gorgeous, mystical and inconceivable thing she had seen in her entire life, and it created an impact that was far too intense for her young heart and soul.

Upon seeing her reaction, Feng Xue’er retracted her jade hand. Immediately, the figure of the Phoenix and the red clouds that filled the sky vanished at the same time. It was as if she had withdrawn an enchanting and illusory dreamscape.

Yun Wuxin skipped over to Feng Xue’er, her diamond-like starry eyes still glittering and shining, “Aunt Xue’er, can I, I, I also do that in the future?”

Feng Xue’er gave a small laugh, “Of course you will. You are only eleven this year, but you’ve already reached the Emperor Profound Realm. You’re even more outstanding than your daddy was in the past. As long as you work hard at it, you will definitely be able to do this as well before long.”

“I want to learn, I want to learn!” Yun Wuxin skipped around excitedly, “Aunt Xue’er, please teach me. I will definitely work hard and after that I’ll show it to Mother.”

The Heretic God’s divine aura, the Phoenix bloodline, the Dragon God bloodline… Even though Yun Wuxin was still a little girl who had not matured or developed yet, an innate desire for profound strength was buried in her blood. Furthermore, this innate desire would grow more and more intense as she grew up.

She did not have resources, opportunities, or a profound art that suited her. Even her profound veins had not fully been formed yet. Furthermore, Chu Yuechan could only give her the most basic guidance and instruction, yet at eleven years of age, she had already reached the ninth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, not too far away from becoming an Overlord.

But from today onwards, she would have the best resources in the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm, she would have the best environment. Even more than that, she would have Feng Xue’er as her teacher and she would be able to cultivate the World Ode of the Phoenix, an art that was most suitable for her. So her future growth… even Yun Che himself did not dare to estimate it.

“Br… Brother-in-law! BROTHER-IN-LAAAAAAW!!”

The teleportation profound formation flashed and before that person’s figure had even appeared, an anxious voice had already rung out from within it.

Yun Che turned around only to see Xia Yuanba’s mountainous body rush straight at him. Because he was far too excited, his profound energy had faintly gone out of control and half of the imperial palace faintly shook with each thunderous step he took.

Yun Che was greatly alarmed by this and he started to backpedal in a great panic, “Yuan… Stopstopstopstopstopstopstop… Stop!!”

Feng Xue’er swiftly raised her hand and a profound energy barrier instantly appeared in front of Xia Yuanba.

Xia Yuanba’s head collided with the barrier with a loud “bang” and he was sent flying far back. After that, he leapt to his feet with a “whoosh” sound, his expression dazed.

Yun Che’s forehead was matted with sweat and he pointed toward Xia Yuanba and gave a great roar, “Yuanba! You’ve already been the Saint Emperor of the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary for so many years, can’t you be a bit more dignified!”

Given Yun Che’s current small physique, if Xia Yuanba suddenly smacked into him, he would definitely be smashed to pieces on the spot.

Xia Yuanba was stunned by that roar, and as he looked at the girls surrounding Yun Che, girls whose status alone would be enough to scare anyone to death, he seemed to have more or less figured it out, “Oh, am I interrupting Brother-in-law’s… reunion right now?”

“That’s not the important point!” Yun Che strode toward him, “First and foremost, I no longer possess any profound strength, so if you just used a little bit of force, it’d be enough to kill me. Second… you’re gonna scare my daughter easily if you’re like this!”

As he finished, he let out a great laugh and leapt forward to tightly hug the completely dazed Xia Yuanba.


Above the peaks of the clouds, Mu Xuanyin quietly looked at Yun Che, her gaze never shifting away from him for even a single moment.

In the end, she, who should have been in “seclusion”, had ended up asking Mu Bingyun for the coordinates of the Blue Pole Star. She wanted to find Yun Che’s family and inform them of his death. After that, she wanted to leave them enough Heavenly Lake Jade Pellets to prosper them for the rest of their lives.

But before she could even find his family, she had found him instead...

Yun Che, who should have already been dead, had appeared alive and well in her vision.

He did not have any profound strength anymore and his looks had declined greatly. But that was definitely Yun Che, she had been convinced from the very first glance.

She wanted to rush down and appear before him… But upon seeing the women crowding around him, upon seeing him laughing uproariously as he tightly hugged his friends, upon sensing their auras and their hearts which were firmly locked onto him...

In the end, she chose to retreat.

She had never seen Yun Che so relaxed and happy before.

In the Snow Song Realm, he had desperately trained and cultivated in order to be able to participate in the Profound God Convention. Outside the Snow Song Realm, he was forever accompanied by danger and pressure… and in the end, he had even been targeted by the most terrifying person in the entire Eastern Divine Region, and he was forced to flee to the Western Divine Region...

In the Western Divine Region, within the territory of the Dragon Queen Shen Xi, Mu Xuanyin knew even less about how he was doing.

It could be said that every single day he had spent in the God Realm had been spent in an extremely suffocating environment.

However, this place was his home, it was the place where he was born. Even though he had lost all of his profound strength, all of the danger and pressure had also completely disappeared. He did not need to be nervous or apprehensive, risk life and limb, flee all over the place, nor did he need to survive by the skin of his teeth. 

The strongest auras in this world belonged to the people who stood at his side. No one could ever threaten him or harm him again.

The women by his side, every single one of them possessed a beauty that could topple a world… To a man, this was undoubtedly the perfect life.

“This is fine as well…” she muttered softly to herself. Her figure froze in midair and the desire to meet him again vanished in her heart, as if it had been brought away by soft clouds.

It was just that for some odd reason, her vision was growing more and more blurry, as though something was pressing down on her chest, making it impossible for her to breathe for a very long time.