Chapter 1350 - Severing the Life of a God Emperor

Chapter 1350 - Severing the Life of a God Emperor

What kind of existence was the Eternal Heaven God Emperor? In this world, there was nothing that could ever shock him so much that it would completely dumbfound him.

Until today.

The head of the four god emperors, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor, had also gone entirely stiff, it was as if he had seen a ghost god… No, the young girl in front of him was clearly millions of times more terrifying than any ghost god!

Black energy once again blocked out the sun and covered the skies, and the sobbing laughter of the Evil Infant once more resounded in the ears of everyone present, even more enraged and shrill than it had been before. Jasmine raised her arm up, and a vortex of darkness started to swirl around the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations before the shocked gazes of the four god emperors. A black tear ripped space apart as it tore towards the Eternal Heaven God Emperor.

“...” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor actually remained motionless.

Shock flashed in the Moon God Emperor’s eyes and the Purple Pylon Divine Sword in his hand radiated purple light as a purple-colored moon domain erupted from it. From a distance, it looked as if a purple moon was hurtling down from the vault of heaven towards the dark demonic wheel with a furious roar that shook the skies.


The purple-colored moon domain was instantly cleaved in half by the dark demonic wheel. The Purple Pylon Divine Sword flew out of the Moon God Emperor’s hand and he was also sent flying far away, the ripples of energy causing the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the Star God Emperor to feel as if ten thousand mountains had crashed against their bodies as they were blasted backwards several hundred kilometers.

In the middle of the domain of black light, Jasmine did not pursue immediately. Her figure blurred and she sharply descended from the sky. She plunged for more than three hundred meters before she came to a halt. The black light radiated by the devil wheel also appeared to be distorted and in flux.

She had first been injured by the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and after that she had been seriously wounded by the Wilderness Suppressing Divine Cauldron. She had finally destroyed the Wilderness Suppressing Divine Cauldron, but she had also exhausted a large amount of energy and her body was riddled with injuries… Only her rage, hatred, and resentment had not dampened or lessened in the slightest.

She raised her head and her eyes came into contact with the Moon God Emperor… In an instant, the black flames in her eyes become incomparably fierce and intense.

The Moon God Emperor… He had forced her mother to her death, he had nearly caused the death of her brother as well. He had been the person who had been the target of all her hatred and killing intent. It was also this person who had birthed the boundless killing intent, hatred, and resentment that had pushed her into becoming the Heavenly Slaughter Star God!

It was a person that she absolutely had to kill in this life!!

The already incomparably intense hatred and resentment burned even more fiercely as Jasmine rushed toward the Moon God Emperor. The long distance between them was instantly closed as a beam of black light flashed through the air and the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations exploded towards the startled Moon God Emperor with a cruel destructive power.

Devilish pressure engulfed his body and the evil energy drove a spike of dread into his heart. The Moon God Emperor felt as if he had been sealed by the devilish eyes of some devil and that there was no escape available to him. The four of them had surrounded Jasmine but they barely held on for only a short amount of time. Since he was now facing her by himself, he practically did not have any strength to resist her.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! BAAANG… BOOOOOOM!!

The moon world he unleashed with all of his might only barely managed to block four of Jasmine’s attacks but on the fifth attack, the moon world collapsed and the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations smashed directly into his solar plexus, causing an abyssal devilish light to explode from his chest.


Pain crossed the Moon God Emperor’s face and he was sent hurtling down. But Jasmine pressed the attack the very next instant, the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations smashing downward once more.

The Moon God Emperor’s eyes widened dramatically and a purple light flashed in his hand. He once more summoned the Purple Pylon Divine Sword to him and chopped down with all his might.


The purple-colored moonlight collapsed like a shattered lightning bolt as the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations smashed aside the Purple Pylon Divine Sword and once again smashed into the Moon God Emperor’s solar plexus. The Moon God Emperor’s eyes bulged but he did not try to forcefully flee. Instead his arm abruptly thrust out and a beam of purple light burst out of the tip of his sword, causing a deep purple moon domain to explode against Jasmine’s chest.


Blood sprayed out of the Moon God Emperor’s body as he fell. Jasmine’s body also flipped in midair, her face suddenly going ghastly white for an instant. But after that, she dove down at a peerlessly terrifying speed, the pitch-black flames in her eyes causing the pupils of the Moon God Emperor’s own eyes to swiftly dilate.


The Purple Pylon Divine Sword was once again smashed flying as the blades of the devil wheel, with black light swirling around them, ripped apart the last protective profound energy on his body, ripped open his god emperor body, and sank into him, causing a huge shower of blood to explode from his chest… Every drop of blood was a startling and ghastly-looking sickly black color.

The Moon God Emperor’s features twisted up and his arm turned to purple crystal as he used a power that bordered on the edge of despair to blast aside Jasmine and that demonic wheel… However, before he even had a chance to catch his breath, the nightmarish black light exploded forth once more.




The rotating pitch-black wheel blades crazily carved into the Moon God Emperor’s body, ripping open one pitch-black bloody groove after another on his body. They ravaged and destroyed his flesh, blood, tendons, veins, bones, and internal organs… amid a ripping sound that would cause anyone’s heart to convulse and spasm. Flying black blood fell like torrential rain as a god emperor was being cruelly dragged towards the abyss of death.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor forcefully suppressed his wounds and swiftly rushed forward. An invisible giant palm pierced through the void and heavily smacked into Jasmine’s body.

Jasmine let out a soft cry as she was sent plummeting toward the ground like a meteor, but… the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations in her hand abruptly shot out, drawing a pitch-black arc in the air as it spun towards the Moon God Emperor and directly smashed into his already bloody and mangled front. The wheel blades pierced through him and caused black light to erupt out his back, once again generating a shower of blood that had been corroded by the darkness.

“Arg… ghhhh…” The light in the Moon God Emperor’s eyes dissipated. His mouth fell open, but the only thing that came out was an incomparably weak and hoarse wheezing. He sensed his consciousness swiftly going blurry and in the corner of his eyes, he seemed to spy a few familiar clusters of moonlight while his ears seemed to be hearing loud roars that seemed to be coming from such a far distance that they were hard to make out.

“Lord God Emperor!!”

In the western skies, nine clusters of different but still incomparably dense moonlight swiftly drew near, and every one of these clusters of moonlight were the symbols of a Moon God. After they had arrived in the Star God Realm, they had desperately chased after their god emperor with all their might even as shock shook their hearts and souls. But when they arrived, what they saw was the scene of the demonic wheel piercing through the Moon God Emperor’s body as showers of blood sprayed in the air.

The shock and alarm that assaulted them in that instant was no less than the shock they would have experienced if the heavens and earth had collapsed. 

The Golden Moon God, the Moon God who possessed the greatest speed, Yue Wuji hurtled explosively through the air, catching the Moon God Emperor in his arms. The moment he laid his eyes on the Moon God Emperor, he was so shocked that his heart nearly stopped.

The Moon God Emperor’s chest… had already been completely pierced through and blown apart. The supreme divine body of a god emperor had actually been reduced to a pile of pitch-black rotten flesh, and the blood that flowed onto his hand was also a dreadful scarlet-black color.

“God… God Emperor…” Yue Wuji’s hands shook as he barely managed to produce an extremely rough-sounding sound.

“Don’t… bother with me…” the Moon God Emperor said in a weak voice. With the dreadful wounds that he had sustained and the devilish energy that had invaded his body… If he was not the Moon God Emperor, he would have long ago died ten thousand times over, “Swiftly kill… the Evil… Infant…”

As he said those words, the devilish energy assaulted his heart and he fainted dead away… No, his heart had already been smashed to bits, and it was only the Purple Pylon divine power that had followed him for tens of thousands of years that stubbornly supported and clung onto his last bit of lifeforce and consciousness.

Yue Wuji’s palm swept down and a cluster of golden moonlight engulfed the Moon God Emperor. Half of the reason was to ensure that he did not die, the other half of was because he did not dare let the other Moon Gods see the Moon God Emperor in his current miserable state. He turned his head and roared loudly, “Leave this side to me! The God Emperor has issued his order, swiftly kill the Evil Infant at all costs!”

The attention of the other eight Moon Gods was instantly diverted. Over at the other side, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Brahma Heaven God Emperor had already restarted the battle with Jasmine, heavenly might shocking the world at every instant.

Multiple auras swiftly drew near from the northern and southern skies, every single aura was incomparably strong. Furthermore, every single one of these auras was an aura that the Moon Gods were incomparably familiar with!

“It’s the Eternal Heaven’s Guardians… Eleven of them have come!” the lead Moon God said in a deep voice, but just as his voice fell, his expression faintly changed again. “Over on the other side, the Brahma Monarch God Realm’s Brahma Gods and Brahma Kings have come… and all three of the Brahma Gods have come!”

“Do not be distracted… Advance!”

The miserable state of the Star God Realm was a horrible and shocking sight, but right now, there was no room for them to ask even a single question. Eight Moon Gods radiated moonlight and they looked like eight bright moons that were streaking through the sky as they attacked Jasmine together.

The eight Moon Gods attacked at the same time, the might that issued from their hands was vast and boundless. Countless moon domains and moon formations smashed toward Jasmine from different directions, and it was as if a violent stormy hurricane had explosively landed on Jasmine’s body. When the Eternal Heaven God Emperor could finally catch a breath, both of his hands joined together, his expression solemn and grave. A soft and clear whistle issued from his lips and a green light radiated from his hands. After that, he pierced through the void in an instant and smashed directly into Jasmine.


A globe of black light exploded in midair, tearing apart all of the moon domains and the moon formations. This scene was so shocking that it caused the expressions of all eight Moon Gods to abruptly change, and they were scarcely able to believe their own eyes. But it was also in that instant that the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s hand, a hand which radiated green light, directly smashed into Jasmine’s back.


Jasmine’s entire body shook intensely as she fiercely spat out a mouthful of black blood, but for some bizarre reason, she had not been pushed back a single step. Instead, she slowly turned around, her eyes burning with a black light, nearly causing the distinguished Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s guts and soul to be burned to ashes.


The Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations viciously smashed into the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s chest… Devilish energy burst forth like water from a breached dam as it crazily surged into the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s body. His eyes went wide as his face and his entire body swiftly gained a grayish-black sheen. After that, he directly plummeted towards the ground like a wooden doll with no will of its own.

“My… My lord!?”

“MY LORD!!!!”

Just like the Moon Gods, when the Eternal Heaven’s Guardians had finally arrived, they witnessed a scene that very nearly shocked them to death.


Space was being pierced through with far too much intensity as several Guardians crazily rushed toward the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, leaving spatial explosions that sounded like claps of thunder in their wake. They caught the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, but when they came into contact with him, he felt so cold that it felt like they were touching a corpse that had been buried in an icy hell for a thousand years.

“Don’t… bother about me…” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s complexion was so gray and dark that it was frightening, but he struggled to continue speaking, “That is the Evil Infant… She is already heavily wounded, and her power… is not as great as it was before… you need to eliminate her at all costs… If not… it will be a serious problem in the future…”

Before the Eternal Heaven God Emperor could finish speaking, a mouthful of nearly pitch-black fresh blood wildly spewed from his mouth.

“My lord please do not worry, we will definitely not shame you!” the Guardians said as they sobbed.

The Moon God Emperor had lost consciousness and one did not know whether he was dead or alive. The Star God Emperor had fallen to the ground, his entire body stained in blood, and he looked as if he no longer had the power to continue fighting. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor had sustained extremely serious injuries all over his body… One could not imagine just how great a price they had paid in order to reduce the Evil Infant to her current state.

The eleven Guardians all turned their heads. In the distant skies above, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the eight Moon Gods were combining their powers as they engaged in a vicious battle with the Evil infant. But even though the Eternal Heaven God Emperor had said that the Evil Infant had been heavily wounded and that her power was not as great as it was before, she was still so dreadful that they could scarcely believe their own eyes.

Every beam of moonlight released by the Moon Gods, who possessed power equivalent to theirs, contained enough power to engulf an entire vast star realm. But at this moment, the moon domains that a whole eight Moon Gods had opened together with all of their might had actually been suppressed by the explosively flashing black light so heavily that they had grown incomparably dim… so dim that it seemed as if they were about to go out.


With an explosive ring, the profound lights of three Moon Gods dissipated and they flew away, blood spraying through the air. It was also at this instant that ten of the Guardians split the air as they soared up to join the fight, leaving one Guardian to protect the Eternal Heaven God Emperor.


The sky that had already been riddled by countless tears once again split open. Everyone had already forgotten that this was the Star God Realm, or perhaps it was better to say that no one would believe that this place was actually the Star God Realm. One god emperor, eight Moon Gods, and ten Guardians… This was a dreadful line up but every single one of these people wore dark and heavy expressions on their faces. Wild hisses came from their mouths as they used all their power to crazily suppress, seal, and assault the Evil Infant. Not a single one of them dared to hold back in the slightest.

However, this bitter and desperate struggle did not continue for too long. As half of the sky started to sink, another world-shocking power surged up and directly covered the Evil Infant.

Seven Brahma Kings had arrived from the Brahma Monarch Realm… Even though only half of the fifteen Brahma Kings had arrived, what caused everyone to be greatly shocked was that… the aura of the Brahma Monarch Three Brahma Gods had, astonishingly enough, appeared right after the seven Brahma Kings!

Even though no one had publicly announced it before, every profound practitioner in the Eastern Divine Region knew this in their hearts: The Brahma Monarch Three Brahma Gods were just above the Brahma Kings, Star Gods, and Moon Gods in terms of status within the Eastern Divine Region.

The title of “god emperor” not only symbolized that one was a realm king of one of the king realms, it was also the symbol of another level of power—the power of a level ten Divine Master!

It was also the pinnacle that a Divine Master could reach! A supreme ruler among rulers.

Among the four king realms of the Eastern Divine Region, both the Star God Realm and the Moon God Realm only had one level ten Divine Master apiece, and that was Star God Emperor Xing Juekong and Moon God Emperor Yue Wuya respectively.

The Eternal Heaven God Realm had two such people: Eternal Heaven God Emperor Zhou Xuzi and the head of the Guardians, Honorable Tai Yu.

But the Brahma Monarch God Realm had a whole five people—Brahma Heaven God Emperor Qianye Fantian, Brahma Monarch Goddess Qianye Ying’er and… the Brahma Monarch Three Brahma Gods!

When it came to level ten Divine Masters, the power on the level of a “god emperor”, just one Brahma Monarch God Realm had more of these people than the other three king realms in the Eastern Divine Region put together. Just based on this point alone, it was already undoubtedly and deservedly the head of the four king realms in the Eastern Divine Region.