Chapter 1339 - Losing an Arm

Chapter 1339 - Losing an Arm

It was a huge mistake to be distracted in the middle of a vicious battle, even if it was just for an instant, and how could Xing Mingzi be unaware of this? It was just that the shock of seeing his Star Suppressing Chain be blasted aside was simply far too great, it was practically no different from seeing his convictions and beliefs collapse… During the period when he was distracted, he heard a weird roar ringing in his ears and Yun Che was already upon him. To Xing Mingzi at this particular moment, that pair of bloody eyes was no different from the eyes of a true demon.

But in the end, he was still a Divine Master; his reaction speed was peerlessly fast and decisive. The Star Suppressing Chain instantly lashed out again, generating a shocking spatial storm in its wake, forcefully distorting the crimson flames and sword might that Yun Che had sent crashing down on him.




The Heaven Smiting Sword and the Star Suppressing Chain collided crazily with one another. This was a clash on the level of Divine Masters and the sounds made when the weapons struck were enough to rend the heavens and the earth, rend the space around them, and rend the eardrums of all the Star Guards. It was even gradually starting to rend at their internal organs. Several of the Star Guards who were at the initial stages of the Divine Sovereign Realm had blood flowing down the corner of their mouth, their entire bodies limp and numb.

Flames and starlight dotted the sky and a peerlessly dreadful spatial storm was stirring over Star God City with every breath… Yun Che and Xing Mingzi had reached a deadlock. That was right, Yun Che was facing a true Divine Master but he could actually reach a stalemate in power with him.

This also meant that the power that was flowing through his body right now had truly stepped into the realm of the Divine Masters.

This was the power that he had originally desired so greatly and if he were to suddenly be able to possess such a power, he should have been filled with a wild joy. Yet his heart did not feel a single pulse of joy or excitement. There was only endless and boundless hatred, resentment, and killing intent.

This was not his profound power, it was the power that stemmed from his soul and his life, the despairing power of the Heretic God!

But Xing Mingzi was growing more and more shocked, until he was practically shocked witless.


With a furious explosion, an incomparably huge spatial rift opened up in the skies above them. Both parties spat out a mouthful of fresh blood at the same time before being sent flying backwards. But Yun Che managed to bodily stop his movement midway as the flames which had died for an instant once more flared to life on his body. After that, he shot out like a meteor that dropped from the heavens, hurtling towards Xing Mingzi.

All of the blood and energy in Xing Mingzi’s body was churning and surging and his eyes were so wide that they threatened to rupture at the seams. The malicious energy that was being continuously birthed in his heart was like a devil. He could not be bothered to first suppress his churning and surging blood and energy. With a roar, he risked making his injuries every worse by causing all the profound energy in his body to erupt unreservedly. The Star Suppressing Chain flashed with a starlight that could block out the heavens and hide the earth as it soared upwards.

As he faced the Star Suppressing Chain, which was filled with the full force of Xing Mingzi’s violent wrath, which possessed the might to break stars apart, Yun Che did not reduce his falling speed at all, nor did he change the trajectory of his attack in any way. The only thing he did was cause the firelight that was being emitted from the crimson flames that were burning on his sword to bodily suppress the starlight coming from the Star Suppressing Chain… But this sword might was not aimed at the Star Suppressing Chain, it was aimed at Xing Mingzi’s body!

“You!” Xing Mingzi was greatly shocked as Yun Che was clearly trying to trade Xing Mingzi’s life for his. But how could he withdraw the power that had exploded out of him at full force? The blood vessels in his eyes burst as he roared furiously, “You’re looking for death!!”


With a huge explosion, the right side of Yun Che’s chest was instantly pierced through by the Star Suppressing Chain, his dragon bones completely shattered and a bloody hole that was as big as a fist exploded open in his chest. Meanwhile, his Heaven Smiting Sword had also heavily smashed against Xing Mingzi’s chest.


Flowers of blood and shattered bones flew out from Xing Mingzi’s chest as an arrow of blood that flew more than ten meters into the air crazily spurted from his mouth while he sank to his knees.

Under the huge countershock, Yun Che flew high into the air, the blood spraying from the bloody hole in his pierced chest raining downwards. But before his body had even straightened, he started hurtling down once more in front of everybody’s shocked eyes, the wolf image’s furious howls mixed in with his own roars of rage, resentment, and hatred, shaking the souls of all who were present.

He basically no longer cared about his wounds nor his own life. Currently, he was even more frenzied than a lunatic, and he was even more ruthless and malicious than a demon.

Xing Mingzi had felt all of his internal organs shift under that blow from Yun Che’s sword and he felt as if his heart had nearly ruptured. Furthermore, Yun Che’s wounds were definitely no lighter than his own. The right side of his chest had been pierced through by the Star Suppressing Chain, and the star energy that was invading his body was perhaps enough to destroy his internal organs or at the very least take half of his life away… Yet he would never have imagined even in his dreams that Yun Che had reached the point where he actually no longer cared about his own life, and the mighty aura that was hurtling down from above was practically no less powerful than it had been before.

He was a madman… an absolute madman!!

That word screamed in his mind and he simply did not have time to suppress his own injuries. He risked making his injuries more severe as he had to once again cause his Divine Master profound energy to erupt before shooting out like a streaking beam of light.


Yun Che’s sword hit the air, a huge geyser of blood shooting out of his heavily wounded chest. Xing Mingzi, who had shot out to meet him with all his might, had also ignited all of his nefarious energy. He had not been given the opportunity to regulate his blood, energy or injuries. The Star Suppressing Chain whistled through the air in an instant, wrapping around the body of the Heaven Smiting Sword.

Just as Xing Mingzi was preparing to use the Star Suppressing Chain to rip the Heaven Smiting Sword away from Yun Che, Yun Che’s body flashed with a purple glow. As the firelight turned into purple heavenly law tribulation lightning, a power that could rip everything to shreds, it instantly rode along the Star Suppressing Chain to shoot into Xing Mingzi’s body.


Xing Mingzi let out a miserable cry as his right arm was flayed open, exposing the flesh underneath. The Heavenly Smiting Sword easily escaped the grasp of the Star Suppressing Chain. After that, a wolfish howl pierced the air alongside an outward exploding Heavenly Wolf Slash. The gigantic image of a bloody wolf that was wreathed in lightning then heavily smashed into Xing Mingzi.


The Star Suppressing Chain that Xing Mingzi had just managed to pull back in time was sent flying. He pushed out both of his arms, desperately trying to block the image of the Heavenly Wolf. The blood vessels on his arms exploded one after the other and it looked as if his body had been caught up in a storm as it slid backwards several kilometers, gouging out deep grooves that were several kilometers long in the incomparably tough durable floor of Star God City. Only then could he finally cancel out the power of the Heavenly Wolf Slash… but before he even had a chance to gasp for air, Yun Che’s bloody eyes were once more flashing right in front of him.


He did not have the Star Suppressing Chain and he was unable to dodge, so Xing Mingzi had no choice but to raise both his arms up to forcefully grab onto the Heaven Smiting Sword. A loud ringing sound echoed as the profound stones beneath Xing Mingzi’s feet split and ruptured while most of his body was forcefully shoved into the ground, with more than ten flowers of blood blossoming all over his body… Both of his arms fiercely gripped the Heaven Smiting Sword as his two explosively bulging blood-red eyes looked like they were about to burst.

That was terror...

He was afraid, he was terrified… A supreme Divine Master like him was actually terrified.

Madman… Madman… Madman… MADMAN!!

There were truly demons living in this world and this demon was a madman at that!!

Xing Mingzi felt as if he was having a nightmare. A junior who had just entered the Divine King Realm. A junior, who in their eyes, had barged in only to look for death. This junior had actually killed hundreds of their Star Guards and forced Xing Mingzi to lower his dignity to take action against him. He had not only not died under Xing Mingzi’s power, he had even managed to contend with him after that… and in the blink of an eye, Xing Mingzi himself was actually getting wounded and pressured to this extent!

A nightmare… one could only use the word nightmare to explain everything that was happening.

“EEEEEEYYYAAAAAHHHH!!” Yun Che’s entire body was drenched in blood but his despairing strength refused to weaken by even a fraction. With a “cracking” sound, the profound stone beneath him split and collapsed yet again. Xing Mingzi’s body sank even deeper, nearly to the point where only his extended arms and his head were still above the ground.

It was at this moment that the sound of space being rent apart shook the air as two extremely strong beams of profound light shot in from behind to directly strike Yun Che’s back.

Yun Che’s entire body shook intensely as he was blasted far away, two more bloody holes appearing in his body. Furthermore, the two figures who had released the profound light also let our great roars as they both rushed after Yun Che, one thrusting a Star God Spear and the other thrusting a Star God Sword toward his vitals.

The only ones who could make a move now were the Star Guards.

Moreover, these two men were definitely no ordinary Star Guards, they were Star Guard commanders.

The Star Guard commander who belonged to the Star God Emperor who was the Heavenly Chief Star God and the Heavenly Origin Star God’s Star Guard commander!

Two level ten Divine Sovereigns! They were also the two strongest people amongst the Star Guards, two people who were bound to attain the position of elder in the future.

For Xing Mingzi to personally deal with Yun Che was already an extremely great loss of dignity, which was why none of the Star Guards by his side had dared to help at all. Otherwise, they would definitely incite Xing Mingzi’s wrath. But the recent developments had once again shattered everyone’s expectations and they no longer cared about what the consequences would be, they just had to take action. 

Level ten Divine Sovereigns were only one final step away from reaching the Divine Master Realm. With their combined powers, the two strongest Star Guards in the Star God Realm could display a might that even a Divine Master would have no choice but to face properly.

Yun Che received even more heavy injuries despite his heavily injured state, and he should have been weakened for at least a short period of time. Even if it was a long period of time, it would have come at no surprise, but just as the power of the two Star Guards was about to reach him, he fiercely turned back and the evil energy and hatred which suddenly assaulted the two great Star Guard commanders pierced into their souls like a sharp knife. Their hearts tightened and their surging energy receded by several degrees. At this moment, a blood-colored sword beam swept towards them, stirring the stench of blood in the air...


This terrifying power nearly tore the courage and guts of these two great Star Guard commanders to shreds. The power they had combined and focused could only hold out for a mere half a breath before completely extinguishing. Flesh and blood flew off of four arms and the Star God Spear and Star God Sword they were holding were nearly jolted out of their hands… Before they could even recover from their panicked state, however, the second energy wave had already directly covered them.


With a miserable shout, the two great Star Guard commanders were flung out like two broken bags of blood, their blood spraying everywhere as they were sent flying by an energy storm. Yun Che took to the skies, intending to give them a finishing blow, but at this moment, his body fiercely swayed and he fiercely vomited out a huge mouth of fresh blood and tumbled down from the air.


It was at this moment that the Star Suppressing Chain shot through the air. Wreathed in eye-burning starlight, it rushed toward the falling Yun Che and fiercely wrapped around his right arm.

At the other end of the Star Suppressing Chain, Xing Mingzi was gasping roughly and his entire face was stained with blood, one could no longer see even a smidgen of the image of a supreme Divine Master in him anymore, nor could anyone see even a speck of the majestic presence he normally projected as a Star God elder. His entire face was so warped and contorted it was even more sinister than an evil spirit’s… He had condescended to deal with Yun Che personally, yet he had suffered such grievous wounds at the hands of Yun Che, and he even had to rely on a sneak attack made by the Star Guards to obtain a moment of respite.

He felt as if all the face and dignity he had accumulated in this life had been completely smashed and used up. The only thing left was a boundless shame which tore at his heart and cut at his bones.

The Star Suppressing Chain was firmly latched onto Yun Che’s right arm. This sneak attack that had been done when Yun Che’s injuries were flaring up was even more despicable than the sneak attack the two Star Guards had carried out just now. Given Xing Mingzi’s dignity as a Divine Master, even when he had faced opponents of the same caliber as himself in the past, he had absolute disdain for such actions. But at this moment, there was only a twisted elation on his face and even his voice had grown hoarse and deranged.

“Yun Che… Die for me… Die… DIEEEE!!”

Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack...

The Star Suppressing Chain fiercely tightened, deeply sunk into the flesh of Yun Che’s arm amid the blood fog that had exploded out of it, and tightly locked itself onto the bones of Yun Che’s arm, twisting around it. Yun Che let out a painful howl. His right arm shone with rays of lightning as he attempted to struggle out of its grasp. Despite his efforts, the Star Suppressing Chain tightened with each attempt, as if it had the touch of a devil. 

“Arr… Argggghhhh…” Yun Che’s body contorted along with his arm as lightning wildly crackled all over his body. Low roars of pain continuously came from his mouth, each sounding more painful than the last. Xing Mingzi fiercely fed his power into the Star Suppressing Chain and smiled sinisterly. “Once the Star Suppressing Chain has latched itself onto you, you can forget about breaking free even if you are a god! So just… die for me!!”


The Star Suppressing Chain tightened once more, causing Yun Che’s entire right arm to be bent and twisted into a dreadfully contorted shape.

“ARGHHH…” Yun Che’s cries were painful and hoarse and at this moment, his blood-colored eyes suddenly widened to the point where they looked like they were going to explode as he let out a hoarse howl which rent the heart and tore at the soul, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!”

All of the power was withdrawn from his right arm as he lifted up the Heaven Smiting Sword with his left hand and smashed it down fiercely on his right arm.



As Caizhi’s long and shrill cry rang out in the air, Yun Che’s right arm was ruptured by the Heaven Smiting Sword, turning into flying bits of blood and shattered bone.

This sword blow was so terrible that it caused the heavens and earth to suddenly go dark. Yun Che, who had escaped the Star Suppressing Chain, did not stop for even a moment, nor did he let out a cry of pain. But his left arm, the arm that remained, grabbed up the bloody sword that was burning anew and smashed it down on the Xing Mingzi who had been rendered dumbstruck in that instant.

This sword blow directly struck Xing Mingzi on the crown of his head


Boom ----

Xing Mingzi’s skull shattered and as he directly toppled backwards, he seemed to hear the clanging of millions of bells in his head...