Chapter 1313 - Light Profound Energy

Chapter 1313 - Light Profound Energy

When Yun Che finally woke up, it was already the next day.

When profound practitioners had reached the realm of the divine, sleep was basically no longer important. But the aura in the Forbidden Land of Samsara was simply far too pure and enthralling. Thus, sleeping in this place was undoubtedly an extremely pleasant and luxurious experience. He had spent more time sleeping during these two months than he had for the entire three years he had spent in the Snow Song Realm.

As the sleep started to clear from his head, the celestial countenance of Shen Xi that had been deeply carved into the depths of his soul, and everything else that had happened previously, flooded into his mind. He instantly sat up and stared dazedly into the distance, it was a good long while before he finally came to.

Within that quiet and elegant small bamboo house, the bamboo bed beneath him, the traces of the mess they had created and the odor in the air… All of these things were proof that everything that had happened was real and not some exquisite dream.

He sat there in a complete stupor and he dozed half a day away before he finally regained his senses and silently let out a breath.

Everything that had happened was real, he had actually taken Shen Xi and… He had actually taken, Shen Xi, the benefactor that he had extreme admiration and respect for, and...

Wait, that was not right, it would be more accurate to say that Shen Xi was the one who had done him instead!

He had seen every inch of the most beautiful woman in this world and he had experienced an inconceivable and unimaginable day and night.

Furthermore, his impression of Shen Xi had also been completely overturned.

In his heart, Shen Xi had originally been a sacred celestial maiden who lived in a heavenly abode, and all the so-called sacredness of all the sacred maidens in the mortal realm combined together would not even make up one percent of Shen Xi’s… Because Yun Che had sensed a true pureness and hallowed sacredness radiating from her body.

But now he had discovered that he was still far too young and naive.

It turned out that she wasn’t the stainless, pure and holy celestial maiden he thought she was. On the contrary, while she appeared indifferent and without desire on the outside, she was in actuality a demonic temptress whose desire and appetite could not be sated. 

He had only known Shen Xi for two months, they had no prior interactions nor did they hold any grudges or resentments against each other, and they basically only saw each other for a few short breaths every day, with the motivation behind these meetings being to suppress the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark. The understanding they had of each other’s past and character was very shallow, and there had not been any mixing or sharing of feelings whatsoever… Furthermore, she was someone he had viewed and addressed as a senior.

Yet Shen Xi had seduced him, a junior who had come from the outside world, and allowed him to do whatever he pleased with her...

Indeed, it was impossible for an otherworldly goddess who truly lacked all worldly desires to exist in this world. Even if it was a real celestial maiden, even she would have desires… Furthermore, given Shen Xi’s celestially beautiful face, as long as she was willing, which man in this world would not be willing to collapse underneath her skirts? 

She had even seduced him, a junior who had just barged in recently, in such an unrestrained manner. So she must definitely… have long ago already bedded countless men.

As these thoughts flitted about in his head, Yun Che’s heart was filled with bewilderment and complex feelings. He stood up from the bamboo bed and just as he was about to move, he suddenly felt his tailbone go numb, nearly causing him to fall back down on his butt.

Yun Che unconsciously pressed a hand against the small of his back and both his legs also felt weak and limp… he recalled the day and night that he had spent pressing up against Shen Xi’s body, when he had practically morphed into a completely frenzied wild beast. Even after the days preceding his journey to the God Realm, when he had crazily tossed around Cang Yue, Su Ling’er, Feng Xue’er, and the Little Demon Empress for four days and three nights, he had not felt this weak or spent.

To say nothing of the fact that he was currently in the Divine Spirit Realm; he was far superior to what he had been at that time.

Shen Xi… If she turned her charm on, she would definitely be able to cause a profound practitioner of the divine way to die on top of her.

Right! How did I even fall asleep in the first place? Could it be that I vented so much lust on her that I spent myself completely?

As he recalled Shen Xi’s incomparably beautiful and exquisite jade body, even the current him, who was in a state of weakness, actually felt his blood surge and his body temperature soar in that one moment. He hurriedly took a few gasps of air before he forcefully suppressed the unclean desires that rose in his heart. After that, he prepared to use his profound energy to get rid of the weakness that his body felt.

Just as he was about to use his profound energy, he was fiercely jolted and he fell into a long stupor… a strange light of disbelief radiating from his eyes.

His body actually contained one more energy that did not belong to him.

That energy was incomparably calm and it was pure and sacred as well. When his will came into contact with this energy, his heart was jolted by a clear and intense feeling of “sacredness”.

This was...

Even though it did not feel the same, this aura was not something Yun Che was unfamiliar with, because just two years ago, he had obtained the same thing from Mu Xuanyin’s body.

The energy of vital yin!

“Shen Xi… she was a… virgin?” Yun Che muttered dazedly to himself, and no matter what he did, he could not bring himself to believe that.

The originally sacred and otherworldly Shen Xi in his heart had transformed into someone who appeared sacred and holy but was in actuality a temptress whose desires could not be sated or fulfilled. But the energy of vital yin that flowed in his body had thrown him into complete and utter shock and confusion.

What was going on here...

The existence of this vital yin proved that she had never been stained by any other man before. So before the events of yesterday, she had truly been as spotless as a white wall, sacred and pure.

So why did she do such a thing to him… and she had even taken the initiative to do so...

Just why exactly did she do that?

While Yun Che was lost in thought, he suddenly felt his lower abdomen throb violently. Following that, he felt an incomparably warm and gentle energy surge up in his body, releasing a flow of energy that was similarly gentle. It swiftly spread throughout his entire body as it flowed up from the inside to the outside of his body.

Before Yun Che could even react, his entire body was shrouded by a layer of dull white light.

It was a pure white light… that was exactly the same as the one which shrouded Shen Xi. But it was far from possessing the deep sacredness that radiated from her.

Yun Che slowly raised a hand and as his will moved, a cluster of white light slowly formed in the middle of his palm.

It was a very pure light without any other impurities. This cluster of profound light was very calm compared to fire, ice, and lightning… it was even more calm than the purest form of profound energy. It calmly radiated light, it did not move nor did it possess any offensive attributes. Furthermore, Yun Che could clearly sense a sort of “sacred” aura radiating from it.

This cluster of profound light had been birthed from his profound energy. He steadily looked at it, and merely the act of looking caused his heart to slowly start becoming tranquil. Even the shock and haziness that had descended over his heart and mind, even the impure thoughts and desires that had just been aroused in his heart, all of it was slowly fading away. 

“This is… Senior Shen Xi’s power,” Yun Che said to himself.

Xia Qingyue had said that this was the unique divine power that only Shen Xi possessed in this entire world.

By means of her vital yin, he had actually somehow obtained the unique divine power that she possessed?

Just what kind of power was this?

At the same time the white light had started floating along Yun Che’s body, the world of Yun Che’s profound veins was now covered with a layer of sacred and pure white brilliance.

It had originally been a profound vein world that had been segmented between the four colors, red, blue, purple, and black. Right now, that world had finally been dyed in a fifth color, which also represented the fifth kind of energy that he possessed—light profound energy.

Because this light profound energy had not been birthed from an Heretic God Seed, it did not form an independant domain of light within the world of Yun Che’s profound veins. Instead, it lightly spread to every corner of that world, tingeing each domain with a sacred brilliance and aura.

Including the darkness domain.

But at this moment, Yun Che did not yet know that this was light profound energy. He was even more unaware of what the bizarre coexistence of the light profound energy and the darkness profound energy within his body truly entailed.

The five basic elemental profound energies each had an element which inhibited them. But even though they interfered with each other, they could still co-exist. Even the most volatile combination of water and fire could still be forcefully cultivated at the same time.

But darkness and light were two elements which completely clashed against each other, two elements which absolutely could not exist together. According to the existing knowledge within the God Realm, even to the knowledge that existed during the era of the primordial gods and devils, these were two elements that absolutely could not coexist.

Even the Creation God of the Elements was unable to accomplish this task.

Yun Che clenched his fist and the white light that was glowing above his hand and from his body disappeared at the same time. He did not refine the energy of vital yin that had come from Shen Xi. Instead he suppressed it and walked outside with complex feelings in his heart.

As he pushed open the bamboo door, it was as if he had opened a window into a dreamscape. With a single glance, Yun Che saw a wood spirit girl who was standing not too far away from him staring at his location. The moment she saw him, she skipped towards him on light feet before arriving in front of him, “Yun Che, you’ve finally come out.”

Yun Che felt his heart go weak and even his thick-skinned face blushed before he said without changing expression, “You… were waiting for me here?”

“Mn,” He Ling nodded her head, “Master told me to inform you that you were to go look for her once you came out.”

She pointed towards where Shen Xi was. After that her lips parted, and it was as if she had wanted to ask him a question but stopped herself midway.

“Eh, alright, I’ll go right away,” Yun Che said in a hurried voice. After that he left as if he was fleeing the scene, his only fear was that He Ling would actually ask him something.

As she looked at the hurried figure of Yun Che leaving, a look of suspicion appeared on the tender face of the wood spirit girl: He was inside with Master for a day and a night… Just what exactly had they been doing inside?

Also, why did Master say that… he could help me take revenge?

Shen Xi stood amidst the sea of flowers, the white light shrouding her body as it once again concealed that elegant beauty that would cause all of the spirit flowers in this place to lose all their color. Once she sensed Yun Che’s arrival, she turned around to face him before gently saying, “You’ve woken up.”

“...Mn,” Yun Che nodded his head and he found that he did not know what to say after that.

The Shen Xi in front of him seemed to be situated in the peaks of the highest clouds. Her voice was gentle and indifferent, her aura seemed distant and indistinct, causing people to not dare approach for fear of profaning her.

Yun Che felt a moment of stupor overtake him… Had he truly pressed her down beneath him and unrestrainedly vented his carnal desires on her for a day and a night?

“The fact that you are currently powerless and not motivated to help He Ling take revenge is something that I’ve already told her,” Shen Xi said in a gentle voice. “But do not forget, He Ling is someone you owe your life to and don’t forget what else you have said, that this is only ‘for now’. If you truly do have sufficient power in the future, when you are taking your own revenge, do not forget He Ling.”

After she finished speaking, she softly added a few words, “However, that day may perhaps soon arrive.”

“...Yes,” Yun Che forced himself to respond.

Shen Xi looked at him before speaking in a voice that was as soft as cotton, “During the next few days, be sure to focus on refining my vital yin, if you lose even the smallest part of it, that will be a great pity.”

She had spoken those three words “my vital yin” in such an indifferent and gentle manner that it seemed like she was discussing something that could not be more ordinary or commonplace.

“...” Yun Che was rooted in place as a faint and mysterious dizziness assaulted him, and he did not know how to respond to what she had said for a long while.

This feeling was simply far too strange. Shen Xi… what sort of person was she...

“Do you have something to ask me?” Shen Xi said.

There were indeed countless questions and misgivings present in Yun Che’s heart, especially the question of why a goddess that was admired by the entire world like herself was willing to give herself to him… But facing that stainless and pure celestial figure, he was unable to say anything even related to that topic. After staring blankly into space for a long period of time, he finally stretched out a hand and a cluster of lustrous white profound light started flashing above his hand, “Shen Xi… Senior Shen Xi, this junior wants to know what exactly this energy is?”

He had found it very awkward to say that word “Senior”.

Upon looking at the white profound light in Yun Che hands, Shen Xi was actually rendered speechless for a long time.

Yun Che was slightly shocked by this and he glanced to the side as he asked, “Could it be… that there is some sort of issue?”

The only thing that greeted him was a deep silence. After another long period of time, Shen Xi’s aura started to fluctuate faintly as she softly mumbled to herself in an absent-minded voice, “Why did this power appear inside your body…”

Yun Che’s eyebrows twitched as the suspicions and doubt in his heart deepened. He tried to probe further, “Do you mean that this isn’t a gift that Senior Shen Xi has deliberately bestowed upon me?”

“...” Shen Xi once again lapsed into a deep silence and a full ten breaths had passed before she softly spoke once more, “This power is a unique sort of profound energy, it is called light profound energy.”