Chapter 1400 - God Child Entering the World

Chapter 1400 - God Child Entering the World

During this trip to the Azure Cloud Continent, he originally had two goals. The first was to visit You’er and the second was to try the find the cause of the profound beast rampages.

Regarding the former, he had not only been able to meet You’er, he'd even received an enormous surprise.

As for the latter, it caused him to be even more convinced that the devilish energy leaking out of Cloud’s End Abyss was not the source of the profound beast rampages.

Thus, all possibilities were pointed in one direction...

After returning to the Profound Sky Continent, because Hong’er had returned, Yun Che’s mood was much better than it had been before he left. He stood in the air above the Profound Sky Continent as his released divine sense quickly locked onto the aura of every single person. After that, his eyebrows slanted upwards as the corner of his lips drew back and he shot straight in a certain direction.

Floating Cloud City, Xiao Family.

Yun Che spent a fairly large amount of his time at the Xiao Family and the most important reason for this was because Xiao Lie was fond of the place. Xiao Lingxi had also naturally stayed by his side to accompany him.

Yun Che originally wanted to give a drop of the Divine Water of Life to Xiao Lie in order to give him unrivaled power and an even longer lifespan. However, when Xiao Lie was faced with this temptation that even the peak powerhouses in the God Realm would not be able to resist, he turned it down and his rejection was incomparably resolute. In the end, he said this to Yun Che, “If you really must give it to me… then give it to Yong’an on my behalf.”

Yun Che no longer tried to persuade him. Instead, he solemnly promised Xiao Lie that once Xiao Yong’an came of age, he would personally administer that drop of Divine Water of Life to him.

To Yun Che, this was not only because of Xiao Lie, it was also a form of minor repayment to their family.

Upon returning to the Xiao Family, Yun Che spied Xiao Lingxi with his first glance. She still wore those simple jade robes and even though she had entered the divine way in a single day due to the Divine Water of Life, the only thing that had really changed about her was her aura. She simply never had too strong of a desire to pursue the profound way, and the reason why she had bitterly cultivated when she was young girl was so that she could protect the weak and frail Yun Che.

Upon seeing Xiao Lingxi’s slender and delicate figure, the image of her body, a body that was even more lustrous than any precious stone, floated up in his brain. Yun Che’s throat made a heavy gulping sound before he fiercely swooped down from above and roughly scooped Xiao Lingxi into his embrace, causing her to squeal.

“Li… Little Che…” Panic and bewilderment filled her eyes and she did not know what to do. 

“Heh heh heh…” Yun Che let out a lascivious laugh as he rushed into the room whilst carrying Xiao Lingxi in his arms, “Before, I had lost all of my profound strength and that has to be why some weird malfunction occurred in my body. But today… you can forget about running away ever again.”


The room door was slammed shut and the sounds of clothes being violently ripped apart rang out from within. Mixed in with this noise were Xiao Lingxi’s nervous and bashful moans...

Ten breaths later, Yun Che walked out of the room with limp and deflated footsteps. His face was as black as the bottom of a metal pot as he looked to the heavens and exhaled very heavily.


Time flowed by and a whole two years had passed since Yun Che had returned to the Blue Pole Star. In the God Realm, his name still had not faded into the background. On the contrary, it was once again being mentioned with great frequency because of an extremely important event that was taking place in the Eastern Divine Region.

The Eternal Heaven Divine Realm that had remained sealed for three years… was finally about to open up again.

Three years ago, the heaven chosen children had borne all of the hope of the Eastern Divine Region as they entered the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm. Now, they had all once again returned to the soil of the Eastern Divine Region and they had also once again garnered the attention of countless people.

Three years ago, among the thousand who were chosen from the younger generation, not a single one was not considered a proud genius.

Moreover, now that they had experienced three thousand years inside the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, every single one of them had undoubtedly undergone a complete and total transformation. This was especially true for the “God Children” who had once shaken the world. Every single person eagerly waited to see just what kind of divine light the newly returned “God Children” would radiate now.

And the results that they had obtained had thrown the entire Eastern Divine Region into a complete uproar.

These were absolutely not cries of disappointment. Instead, what rang out were countless roars of disbelief… On that day, a huge storm swept across the skies of the vast Eastern Divine Region. This storm had been generated by the far too dreadful waves of sound generated by this uproar and it did not die down for a very long time. 

Dragon God Realm, Forbidden Land of Samsara.

It had also already been two years since Yun Che had left this place.

“Mother, Mother, I’ve already learned what race is. Is our race truly the strongest?”

That young and tender voice had become even brighter and more pleasant to the ear. It no longer possessed the sharpness that it had before, causing more than a few birds to softly cry out in response. Shen Xi replied to the voice, “In this current era, the dragon reigns above all living creatures, and as Dragon Gods, we are royalty among the dragon race. We are indeed the strong race in the present world.”

“Then… Father must also be very powerful, correct?”

Shen Xi gave a small smile as she shook her head, “Your father is not someone who belongs to the Dragon God Clan, he is a human being. But outside of the two of us, he is more qualified to be called a Dragon God than any other member of the dragon race.”

“Eh? Mother, it seems that I don’t understand a single thing that you just said.”

“You don’t need to understand it right now. You’ll only understand it once you’ve grown up.”

“Wuuuu, it’s ‘once I’ve grown up’ again.” a yearning could be heard in this young and tender voice. “There’s still seven years left, it’s so long and it doesn’t feel as fast as Mother said it would be. Moreover, even though it’s already been so long, Father has yet to appear. Mother, does Father not ‘love’ you?”

A faint look of astonishment appeared on Shen Xi’s celestial face. It was as if Shen Xi was very shocked that she would understand what that word meant so quickly and even bring it up. After a brief moment of hesitation, she gently spoke, “Do you know what the word ‘love’ signifies?”

“Hee hee,” an adorable laugh rang in Shen Xi’s ears. “Oh, I actually just learned what it was. I knew that it is only when two people love one another that they will become husband and wife, and it is only after they become husband and wife that they will have babies and become parents. So Mother and Father are definitely the same, right?”

A faint smile crossed Shen Xi’s face once more before she gave a shake of her head, “In the mortal realm, it is like this for the most part. However, your father and I are different. We are not husband and wife, and we also do not share love as you understand it. Even you were also a very beautiful accident. The relationship between the two of us is a relationship where each party took what they needed.”

“Eh?” that soft cry of surprise rang out once more as she once again could not puzzle out her mother’s words.

“Your father is the most unique person in this universe,” Shen Xi softly said. “Originally, Mother should have been trapped here for a very very long period of time, but because of your father, in seven short years, I will be able to leave this place and allow you to be born. And what I bestowed upon your father was an even stronger power.”

Of course, she was well aware that Yun Che was extremely enthralled by her body. Compared to power, her body was something that suited his needs more… It was just that she naturally could not say such a thing.

She had indeed used Yun Che, so she had also given him whatever compensation she could give.

“Then… will Mother bring me to go and see Father?” The young and tender voice grew smaller as it became tinged with worry and anxiety.

“Of course, this is something that Mother has promised you,” Shen Xi lowered her gaze as she said in a loving voice, “Even though Mother does not know where he is right now, he is definitely still alive, waiting for us to find him.”

“Father doesn’t love Mother, then will Father… still love me?” The voice grew even smaller as it was filled with a worry and anxiety that it should not have had at her age.

“Of course he will.” As she thought of the Yun Che who had wanted to rush toward the Star God Realm at all costs on that day, Shen Xi gently replied the voice, “He would be willing to throw aside everything for you. Even if he has to make the entire world his enemy. Because you are not only Mother’s daughter, you are also his daughter.”

A soft and faint sound echoed through the flower valley within the Forbidden Land of Samsara before very quickly fading into silence. This was because every single plant and flower in this place was exceptionally familiar with the guest who had just arrived.

A gentle breeze blew by and that dreamy white light once more shrouded Shen Xi’s body. Very soon after that, the Dragon Monarch descended from the sky and stood in front of Shen Xi, the faint smile that he would only display in this place spread across his face.

As she swept her gaze across his face, Shen Xi spoke in slow and measured tones, “You have the dust of travel on you, so you should have made the long trip back from the Eastern Divine Region. It looks like something big has happened again.”

“Something big did indeed happen,” the Dragon Monarch nodded his head as he replied. “Three years ago, the Eastern Divine Region selected one thousand youngsters via the Profound God Convention. All of these youngsters have completed their cultivation in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm and returned to the world.”

“The time has indeed come,” Shen XI said. “How were the results?”

Three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm… This was absolutely not just a huge matter of the Eastern Divine Region, it was something that the entire God Realm was paying close attention to.

“The results were extremely surprising.” For the Dragon Monarch to say such a thing, this also meant that he himself had really been surprised by the results. “This actually managed to produce nineteen Divine Masters! Among the rest of them, there were more than seven hundred Divine Sovereigns. Only a little over two hundred of them were stuck at the Divine King Realm and unable to break through.”

The numbers that the Dragon Monarch had just described were absolutely peerlessly world-shaking numbers. Even as the supreme ruler of Primal Chaos, when he had first heard those numbers, he had also been fiercely moved. 

But Shen Xi’s reaction was very tepid. It was as if this news was not the least bit surprising to her, “That was the world of the Eternal Heaven Pearl. Three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is absolutely not merely three thousand years that have simply been shortened.”

“The level of the auras that exist within the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is extremely high and when compared to the God Realm, it is like the difference between the God Realm and the lower realms. As a result, raising one’s profound strength and breaking through bottlenecks is much easier in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm than it is in the outside world.” Shen Xi’s voice briefly halted for a moment, as if she had thought of something. But after that, she merely gave a soft sigh, “But it seems like with this, the Eternal Heaven Pearl has indeed exhausted all of its divine power.”

“Any star realm would only use this sort of unique divine power on themselves if they possessed it, they would definitely never be willing to let an outsider use it. So to use it on others in such an unstinting manner, within the three divine regions, only the Eternal Heaven God Realm would be so broad-minded and magnanimous.”

“Indeed.” This was one point that the Dragon Monarch deeply believed as well, “It is just that while the newly-birthed combat power we have obtained far exceeds any previous estimates, it still falls woefully short of replacing the power we lost during the calamity of the Evil Infant. If the 【Crimson Calamity】that the entire Eastern Divine Region is worried about truly erupts, I’m afraid that… all of this is akin to a drop of water in the ocean.”

Shen Xi’s gaze swiveled towards him as she gently spoke, “Perhaps, the Eternal Heaven God Realm did this in hopes that it would be able to produce a figure who could give birth to a miracle, such as… Yun Che.”

Those words caused the Dragon Monarch’s eyes to tremble violently before he slowly nodded his head, “You’re absolutely right.”

Indeed, Yun Che was indeed worthy of the word “miracle”. However, it was simply a pity that he just so happened to be the person who was unable to enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, and he even died during the calamity of the Evil Infant at that.

“Among these people, what realm did the person who attained the highest cultivation level reach?” Shen Xi asked.

“Seventh level Divine Master,” the Dragon Monarch replied.

“...!” Shen Xi instantly glanced to the side and underneath that white light, a deep astonishment had clearly flashed through those beautiful eyes.

“You did not hear incorrectly,” the Dragon Monarch was not the least bit surprised by Shen Xi’s reaction, “I did indeed say the words seventh level Divine Master… Outside of the unique legacies within the king realms, a three thousand year old seventh level Divine Master is truly unprecedented in all of history. Furthermore… there are two of them.”

Shen Xi, “...”

“Right now, the Eastern Divine Region is endlessly tossing and turning because of this matter.” The Dragon Monarch continued, “Back then, when I went to the Eastern Divine Region to spectate the Conferred God Battle, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor once said that there were many abnormal talents who had broken historical records in this generation. It is very likely that these talents were ‘born in response to calamity’.”

“Many of the other things that he said gave me this feeling as well. In his mind, the ‘crimson calamity’ is not something that ‘may happen’, it is something that will ‘definitely happen’. In addition to the Evil Infant calamity that has already erupted… Perhaps the words ‘born in response to calamity’ spoken by the Eternal Heaven God Emperor really aren’t false.”

“If that day truly comes,” Shen Xi said in a soft voice, “remember to aid the Eastern Divine Region with all of your might. You definitely must not adopt a wait and see approach.”

“I understand.” The Dragon Monarch nodded his head before he looked at Shen Xi and said with an incomparably solemn voice, “Don’t worry, no matter what happens in the future, even if this calamity really spreads to the Western Divine Region, I will definitely not allow anything to affect the peace and tranquility of this place.”

Shen Xi did not respond to those words. Instead she gently replied, “Many momentous events have been occurring in the Eastern Divine Region, and as a result, you can’t have any peace of mind. As the Dragon Monarch, you must give priority to these important matters. So before everything is settled, there is no need for you to come here so often.”

“You may leave.”

“Mn,” the Dragon Monarch nodded his head. Even though he was the emperor of the Dragon Gods and the supreme ruler of the Primal Chaos, he seemed no more than a junior who dutifully received instruction when he was in front of Shen Xi.

He turned around and prepared to leave… But just as his profound energy faintly circulated and he was about to take to the skies, his dragon eyes suddenly focused and he abruptly twirled around and roared, “WHO'S THERE!!?”