Chapter 1109: Starfall Remnant Light

Chapter 1109: Starfall Remnant Light

Wu Guike’s body swayed as his face abruptly became flushed red like a pig’s liver.

As for the Black Soul Divine Sect members present, they blankly stood where they were. Then, one by one, they turned their gazes towards Lei Qianfeng.

When Little Jasmine had finished speaking, it seemed as though Lei Qianfeng had been struck by lightning. However, when he saw the enormous and abrupt change in Wu Guike’s expression, his doubts all vanished. As if a loud sound had echoed through his head, he showed a moment of blankness. He raised his trembling arm and pointed towards Wu Guike, his face mortified and twisted with shock as he said, “Guike, is it… really… true… is this true!?”

Wu Guike’s face became similarly twisted as panic emerged in his eyes. However, what he was afraid of wasn’t this matter causing Lei Qianfeng to lose face, but of news of this matter spreading… he had committed sensual acts with his own aunt. This was undoubtedly an extremely great violation of human morals. It was something which he would never be able to wash off. This matter was even more serious than the matter pertaining to the Wood Spirit Orbs.

Wu Guike’s entire body was trembling. Upon hearing Lei Qianfeng’s question, his first reaction was not one of guilt, but of a humility which turned into anger. Wu Guike abruptly turned around, his eyes as large as saucers. All of his formerly noble aura had suddenly transformed into an extremely hideous expression as he replied, “So what if it is!? I might as well let you know that my relationship with my aunt started a good ten years ago. Why else do you think that would I come to this lower level land every single year!?”

“You!!” Lei Qianfeng abruptly took two steps forward before his remaining bits of reason caused him to stop dead in place. Heavily panting, he screamed, “Brute… she is your aunt!!”

“Hahaha,” Wu Guike sneered, “Lei Qianfeng, you know very well yourself what kind of garbage you are. My aunt is such a lovely and beautiful person, yet she has to follow an old piece of shit like you. I, as her nephew, feel bad every time I see her.”

“Now, if you are smart enough, you will act like you didn’t hear anything. That way, you can remain as my uncle and king of this lower star realm. Otherwise… you can only become a cuckolded old man!”

“You!” Lei Qianfeng’s eyes bulged outwards as his chest expanded as if about to blow up. Anger and humiliation abruptly surged over his remaining sense of reason as he screamed at Wu Guike like a wild beast, “You beast!”

A shadow flickered in front of Wu Guike as Wu Chengyan appeared in front of him. Before Lei Qianfeng could come any closer, his body was abruptly sent flying backwards as if he had violently crashed into an invisible wall.


Upon slamming into the ground, Lei Qianfeng spit out a large mouthful of blood. It was unknown if it was due to an injury or because his blood flow had reversed. He sat up, but did not stand. He remained like that, his eyes staring straight ahead, as if his soul had left his body, while he repeatedly murmured, “B-brute… slut… b-brute…”

The members of the Black Soul Divine Sect encircled him, not a single one of them daring to make a sound. All of their hearts were trembling from shock… Although Wu Guike had always called Lei Qianfeng his uncle, it had always been without respect. In fact, they had long since become accustomed to his scolding of them over various matters. Yet he had always treated Xiao Qingtong very well. This was something which Lei Qianfeng had always been very relieved about.

Only they had never thought that these two had been having such a scandalous affair. Moreover, it had already gone on for ten years!

They could not imagine the consequences which would follow after such a scenario.

“Aiyah, why did everyone suddenly begin shouting? And so fiercely?” Little Jasmine innocently blinked as if this matter had nothing to do with her before abruptly bursting into laughter, “However, this seems like so much fun. If I gave this Profound Imagery Stone to others to watch, would such fun also come from of it?”

Wu Guike’s entire body suddenly froze as he hurriedly turned around and anxiously said, “Wait… wait wait! Your Highness, that Profound Imagery Stone, I’ll buy it! Whatever Your Highness says… unless… unless this isn’t enough…”

Wu Guike gnashed his teeth as his two trembling hands took out a strange gray stone about the size of a fist. This gray stone did not reflect any light. Upon looking at it, one felt as if their surroundings were gradually dimming, as if the entire world was silently being devoured without a trace.

“Eh?” Upon seeing these strange and mysterious gray stone, a curious glint flashed through the depths of Little Jasmine’s eyes, “Void Illusion Stone? Woww! It seems like it really is a Void Illusion Stone. To think that you had such good things like this on you, Little Turtle!”

After receiving the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade, Little Jasmine only felt the happiness of success. As for this gray stone, it caused her to actually show some shock… and it was quite an intense shock.

“Young Master!” Seeing Wu Guike take out the Void Illusion Stone, Wu Chengyan suddenly said, “You absolutely cannot! Not in a hundred thousand years!”

Wu Guike slightly shook his head as an even uglier smile emerged on his face, “Your Highness’ eyes are wise. This is indeed a Void Illusion Stone. The Void Illusion Stone is a spatial godstone from the Era of Gods created through infusion of power from the World Piercer of the Heavenly Profound Treasures. Not only is it extremely rare, each piece used is one lost forever as they are unable to be created anymore. With it on your body, regardless of what kind of danger you encounter, you can use it to immediately flee. Even if it’s the Dragon Emperor of the Western Divine Region, you would have nothing to fear. It also prevents them from chasing you through space. Your Highness is already one of a kind, but with this by your side, you are more so… even more so in control. Please accept this as a symbol of Guike’s… utmost respect for Your Highness.”

With every word Wu Guike spoke, he could feel a drop of blood bleeding from his heart.

The Void Illusion Stone was a name known by everyone in the upper echelons of the God Realm. It was as Wu Guike had said. Not only was it incredibly rare to begin with, they could no longer be created. Moreover, they were incredibly useful and powerful because they allowed one to bring any number of people under any conditions through space in a manner which couldn’t be blocked or tracked. It was completely incomparable to any ordinary spatial profound stone.

Thus, it was no exaggeration to say that being in possession of a Void Illusion Stone was like having an extra life.

If one truly had to point out a flaw, it would just be that one couldn’t control where they ended up… upon using it, one would have no clue where they would be teleported to in space.

This Void Illusion Stone had been given to Wu Guike for his thirty sixth birthday by Wu Sanzun. It was the greatest present he had ever received in his life, and had caused his brothers and sisters to feel great envy towards him.

To him, it was crucial that he obtained the Profound Imagery Stone in the girl’s hands, as it was just too influential over his future. The damage it could cause might never disappear. But as he knew the status of the girl in front of him, he knew that she would absolutely not hold anything ordinary in her eyes. The only thing he could think of, which could possibly gain her attention, was this Void Illusion Stone. Thus, he could only swallow his blood and take it out. And he had to do it in an imploring manner, lest he anger the girl into refusing.

“Oh…” Little Jasmine’s eyes wavered as she seemed to have confirmed the authenticity of this Void Illusion Stone. Quickly, her little face became filled with happiness, “Even though I feel like it’s not worth it for me, since you are being so sincere, I will trade with you. I am, after all, a generous, kind, and beautiful little girl!”

Finished speaking, she stuck out her hand, causing the Profound Imagery Stone to fly into Wu Guike’s hand whilst the Void Illusion Stone flew into hers. She directly stored it away, a great smile on her face.

Wu Chengyan wanted to stop it, but ended up not doing so.

Wu Guike’s hand clenched into a fist, turning the Profound Imagery Stone into dust. With the loss of the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and the Void Illusion Stone, he had lost the two most valuable things he had ever received. And in return, he had only received two Profound Imagery Stones… It took all of Wu Guike’s will for him to not bitterly cry out as he forced a smile onto his face and said, “Yes… thank you, Your Highness. Does Your Highness… have any other commands?”

In the last sentence, each word was accompanied by fright.


The girl’s giggling reply caused Wu Guike’s heart to greatly relax. But then he saw her gaze abruptly turn towards Lei Qianfeng and the rest. Her expression became solemn as anger clearly emerged, “Hmph! These bad people actually dare to bully Ling Yun. This princess… is quite enraged!”

The sudden emergence of “Ling Yun” from the girl’s mouth caused Wu Guike to suddenly blank. Before he could even recover, the girl had already raised her arm, her delicate white fingers lightly moving. Without any fluctuations of profound energy, all of the Soul Sect members within three hundred meters of her, including Lei Qianfeng and Lei Tiangang, stiffened. Then, as if electricity was coursing through their bodies and shocking them, they all simultaneously began to scream terrifyingly.


A dull shattering sound emerged from Lei Qianfeng… The sole Great Realm King of the Darkya Realm and the only person who had almost reached the Divine King Realm had had his profound veins directly shattered into dust. The profound energy which he had accumulated over thousands of years of cultivation directly fell apart and dispersed in every direction.

Considering how he was in such a state, Lei Tiangang and the rest were naturally unable to escape such fates. All of them had their profound veins crushed and profound strength dispersed.

Lei Qianfeng’s body stopped convulsing as he heavily slammed into the ground. He had not fainted, but he also didn’t continue yelling.

His seven sons had all died, and his dignity smashed. His main wife had had an illicit affair with his nephew, who he had always fawned over, and he had fallen from a king to a cripple with no profound energy, who couldn’t cultivate at all. In his dazed eyes, only the grayness of despair could be seen… even humiliation and resentment had been overtaken and submerged by the despair.

Although this ending was indeed not enough to atone for his evil doings, to him, there was absolutely not a more cruel punishment.

Wu Chengyan’s pupils shrank many times.

Little Jasmine patted her hands together in an irritated fashion as she said, “Hmph, now you know who’s powerful, right?” Afterwards, she turned her gaze back to Wu Guike and Wu Chengyan. She smiled and said, “Let me tell you, these bad people once wanted to bully me. Luckily, Big Brother Ling Yun saved me. You guys tell me, is Ling Yun not a benefactor who saved my life?”

He… saved you??

Wu Guike could only harden himself as he opened his mind and forced out a few words, “Yes. Of course.”

“I knew it!” Little Jasmine happily nodded, “These bad people not only bullied me, but also wanted to bully my life’s savior. Thus, I had no choice but to cripple them. It was to protect myself, and also to repay my benefactor. Wow! My actions are so right… Eh? Wait! I suddenly remembered, you two also came with them. If I remember correctly, it was to go search for Big Brother Ling Yun… do I remember correctly?”

The consequences of Lei Qianfeng and the rest were right in front of them as they faced Little Jasmine, who had an extremely cute and lovely expression on her face. Wu Guike felt hairs rise on his body as he felt fear and hurriedly replied, “No no no no! They dared… dared to offend Your Highness. They deserve to die. As for Ling Yun… the two of us have never heard of the name before. We were about to leave the Darkya Realm today. After we leave, we guarantee that we will forget about this name and never think of it again.”

As expected of the son of the Divine Martial Realm King, he was smart. Little Jasmine exuberantly smiled as she nodded, “Oh, so it’s like this. Hehe, alright, I already did what needed to be done. I won’t play with you two any longer, later!”

Seeing the girl turn around, Wu Guike felt his body abruptly relax a lot as he hurriedly saluted. He didn’t dare make a sound, lest he somehow attract the attentions of this little demon girl again.

However, Little Jasmine had only taken two or three steps when she suddenly stopped.

Sticking out a delicate finger, she subconsciously touched her lip as she looked upwards. An expression of one lost in deep thought appeared on her face as she slowly spoke some fragmented phrases of thought, “...they still seem to have a lot of people… and he is an extremely big idiot. What if… haah… but then again, I can’t just casually kill people… otherwise big sister will definitely scold me… what should I do…”

I got it!!

Her eyes flashed brightly as Little Jasmine suddenly floated upwards and stuck out her arms. A great amount of profound energy silently emanated out as everything around her was instantly swept away. Wu Guike let out a scream as he too was sent flying tens of meters by the gusting winds until Wu Chengyan grabbed him. Only then did Wu Guike’s expression become slightly better.

As Little Jasmine’s arms moved, a dazzling blue star emerged in the sky, hundreds of meters above the Soul Sect. The star quickly grew larger and larger as the blue light emanating from it gradually enveloped the entire sect… Some time afterwards, the star fragmented, turning into a full sky of little stars which formed a giant array.

In this encaged space, all profound energy was being sucked into the sky, where it wildly surged into the center of the array of stars.

Even hundreds of meters away, one could faintly hear the tragic cries coming from the Soul Sect… today, in order to welcome the arrival of Wu Guike and the others, not only the sect’s disciples, but also its higher level leaders and heads of major divisions, had all grouped together.

It was over eighty million people, which contained nearly every single core member of the sect.

Little Jasmine’s eyes were covered in the blue light and her little face had lost any bit of its childness. It was full of calm and solemness, as if she were a celestial maiden looking down on the mortal world. As the star array circulated, the profound energy of all Soul Sect members, from the lowliest of disciples to its Divine Spirit Realm elders, was forcefully pulled out until it was all exhausted…

Nearby, Wu Chengyan used his profound energy to protect Wu Guike as he dazedly looked at the girl in the sky wearing colorful clothing. As he watched, his eyes were completely unable to stop trembling.

“Divine… Divine Master power?!” He muttered to himself in shock. Moments later, his entire body shrank as all of the energy entering his body turned into a chill which stabbed at his soul. He voicelessly said, “The Starfall Remnant Light Formation!!”

“She… she’s… augh!”

Wu Chengyan gnashed his teeth as he forcefully held back the words he was about to say. He no longer dared to speak as a terrifying name emerged in his mind, causing his face and body to become shocked pale.

At this moment, he finally understood why Wu Guike, with his status, acted so servilely towards this girl and forcefully smiled even when he had been abused to the point of spitting blood.


【Void Illusion Stone: That’s right! It’s me again! With the same formula! And the same function! Used for escaping is secondary, the key point is that I can randomly open a new map out of the blue! The one and only divine artifact used to drag on the word count... pooh! I mean develop new plot.】