Chapter 1186 - Seven Sword Attacks

Chapter 1186 - Seven Sword Attacks

It seemed to Meng Duanxi that although he got himself trapped inside the special heavenly water domain of the Glazed Light Realm, he hadn’t lost his composure and had thoroughly destroyed the very famous heavenly water domain with his absolute strength.

But in the eyes of others, Meng Duanxi suddenly froze in place after annihilating the second water curtain attack from Shui Meiyin. Soon after, the sword he was holding slipped out of his hand as it dropped to the Conferred God Stage.

Then, as if he had been possessed by a devil, he began to move about in the air while waving his arm in a disordered manner, but his eyes were just staring ahead blankly as if he was mentally deficient, and they had lost their focus. Very soon, he had begun “to dance” within the Conferred God Stage area which had only come to a stop just now.

Leaving the Conferred God Stage area meant losing the battle.

Meng Duanxi descend from the sky and silently left. Be it his body or soul, both were swaying at this moment.

He had lost.

He had lost to Shui Meiyin who was only at the first level of the Divine Spirit Realm.

He didn’t even know how exactly he had lost the battle.

Shui Meiyin possessed an extremely terrifying mental power, which could control others’ minds. He was naturally well-aware of this point, and had also made enough preparations against it. But… he hadn’t even sensed his mind being invaded by her mental power all along. He had no idea when was his mind was controlled by her.

The third battle of Conferred Gods Group came to an end in such a way.

Meng Duanxi of the ninth level of the Divine Spirit Realm lost to Shui Meiyin of the first level of the Divine Spirit Realm.

Considering profound strength alone, it was absolutely impossible for Shui Meiyin to be Meng Duanxi’s opponent.

However, she had an absolutely terrifying mental power, which utterly crushed an opponent of such enormous strength that she originally had no chance of surpassing him.

“Have you understood her strength now?” Mu Bingyun asked. “It is already an unprecedented thing for a fifteen year old Divine Spirit Realm profound practitioner to exist, but at the same time, she also possesses variant soul and a mental power so strong that it completely doesn’t conform to common sense. Although she is unable to perfectly cultivate three kinds of profound strength as Luo Changsheng has accomplished by cultivating wind, lightning, and earth attribute profound strengths, if she was the same age as him, her overall strength would likely be enough to crush someone as strong as Luo Changsheng, on this Conferred God Stage.”

Yun Che nodded his head, but didn’t say anything.

In the fourth battle, Shu Yingyue fought against Chao Feng. There was no suspense about the outcome; she easily obtained victory as expected.

The four Conferred Gods Group battles that were scheduled for this day had already ended, but the audience watching the battles were still greatly shocked by them. Jun Xilei instantly defeating Huo Poyun with one sword move, Luo Changsheng casually destroying Lu Lengchuan’s Golden Dragon’s Sacred Barrier, Shui Meiyin completely defeating Meng Duanxi whose cultivation was higher than her by eight small realms… None of these battles failed to make all the profound practitioners of the Eastern Divine Region tremble in deep shock.

In particular, those young profound practitioners who considered their cultivation outstanding, were so shaken that it was as if they had been hit by stormy waves.

After a short period of repair and maintenance, it was time for the fierce battle of the Losers Group to start.

In these next four battles of the Losers Group, four people out of the top sixteen would be defeated, and their journey in the Conferred God Battle would come to a stop.

“Now we will have the first battle of the Losers Group. Yun Che of the Snow Song Realm versus Wu Guike of the Divine Martial Realm!”

This battle had also attracted the attention of countless people in the Eastern Divine Region.

But the reason it had become the focus of their attention was absolutely not because of the greatly reputed Wu Guike, but his opponent, Yun Che!

It was undoubtedly a miracle for Shui Meiyin to defeat Meng Duanxi who was eight small realms higher than her in cultivation. But, there was not the least bit of doubt that the most shocking and the most unbelievable scene of the Conferred God Battle so far was Yun Che obtaining a complete victory against Luo Changan the previous day.

His boldness in completely not being afraid of the Holy Eaves Realm, his method of taking revenge that could very well be called cruel, and… surpassing the great difference in profound strengths, which was as huge as a whole big realm, showed his bizarre strength that was contrary to their common sense.

They all were eagerly waiting to see whether his success was going to be short-lived and was only possible because of some reason, or… would he continue to create another miracle that should be impossible to happen normally.

Wu Guike was already standing on the Conferred God Stage. He seemed to have a lofty attitude, but there was a slightly displeased look on his face.

There was no one who could understand his hatred for Yun Che… which was absolutely ten million times stronger than that of Jun Xilei. Jun Xilei felt hatred for him because she was insulted by having to kneel in front of him. On the other hand, it would be difficult for Wu Guike to vent the hatred in his heart… even if he personally chopped Yun Che up into hundreds or thousands of pieces.

However, Yun Che still had the proof of the two greatest wrongdoings of his life. Every time he thought of this, he would feel so suffocated by the humiliation he felt that his heart and liver would be on the verge of exploding.

“Go now… Be sure to be careful! The profound arts the Divine Martial Realm cultivates have an extremely hard and fierce nature, so make use of the Moon Splitting Cascade as much as possible to avoid a frontal confrontation,” Mu Bingyun warned.

“Mn!” Yun Che nodded his head, and landed on the Conferred God Stage in one bound.

The corners of Wu Guike’s brows visibly twitched at once when he caught sight of Yun Che…

Yun Che had always been a nobody in his eyes… No, he couldn’t even be considered a nobody in his opinion. He was just trash that was cheating by using underhanded means to coerce him into doing his bidding. He wouldn’t want to spare another glance at such a shitty person, even if he had dirt on him.

But now, he had actually become his opponent in the Conferred God Battle!

“Begin!” Honorable Qu Hui ordered in a cold voice.

“Great Young Master Wu, we’re truly fated, huh,” Yun Che said in a moderate voice.

“You… You don’t deserve to be my opponent!” Wu Guike slightly gnashed his teeth.

“Heh!” Yun Che let out a low laugh, as a grim light flashed through his eyes.


An inconceivably stormy blast of aura erupted from Yun Che suddenly, as he had immediately activated the “Rumbling Heaven” state. The strength of his aura instantly shot up at an extremely fast rate. As he waved his arm, the Heaven Smiting Sword appeared within his hand, and the profound energy emitting from his body speedily turned a faint red color, as if he was dyed in blood.

Perhaps, it was because he had been stimulated upon witnessing the strength of Jun Xilei, Lu Lengchuan, and Shui Yingyue, and wanted to urgently let loose his power that he chose to immediately be in his strongest state.

At the audience seating area, all the people had surprised looks on their faces. The earth-shaking change in his profound aura in the very short time of an instant made them all almost subconsciously think that there was something wrong with their spirit sense.

Standing in front of Yun Che, Wu Guike clearly swayed for a moment when his body got struck by the typhoon-like energy waves that had emitted from Yun Che, which made him feel great shock in his heart. He actually felt suffocation… and quite a heavy suffocation at that.

How… How is this possible!?

When he was feeling apprehensive, Yun Che’s figure flashed all of a sudden, and a vermillion sword light suddenly shot towards him.


Wu Guike was initially not planning to use his weapon but at this moment a heavy halberd appeared in his hand. His eyes turned gloomy as his profound aura erupted like volcano.


An enormous sound resounded as if a huge balloon had blown up, and all the air in the surrounding several kilometers area was drained instantly.

The sword and halberd had clashed with each other and both the weapons were in deadlock in midair. Such a turn of events surprised everyone present, and Wu Guike even widened his eyes in disbelief.

The Divine Martial Realm had always disdained the use of elemental powers, and instead focused on cultivating the simplest and purest form of profound strength. The defensive ability of such a profound strength would be invulnerable to attack, and its offensive power extremely domineering. Every time a practitioner of such profound strength launched an attack, it would possess an extremely hard and fierce nature. Therefore, the one thing that one should avoid at all costs while fighting with someone from the Divine Martial Realm was to face them head-on.

Mu Bingyun had also warned Yun Che about it.

However, when Yun Che and Wu Guike exchanged blows for the first time in this battle, they clashed in a straightforward manner, and it was also Yun Che who took the initiative to attack.

When everyone thought that Yun Che attempting such a thing was no different from courting death, the outcome of the clash turned out be something so unexpected that they were all dumbfounded.

The two of them remained in a deadlock for a short period of time at the center of the Conferred God Stage, and surprisingly… no one could tell who had the upper hand!

In other words, Yun Che could actually fully withstand Wu Guike’s hard and fierce profound strength win a direct confrontation.

Wu Guike was far more shocked than anyone else. Just now, while feeling that “impossible” suffocation from his opponent, he had immediately used his whole strength to attack… without holding back in the least. He though this move of his would certainly be enough to deal a finishing blow to Yun Che, but he never expected him to be able to completely block it, and not even retreat half a step while doing so.

Furthermore, the huge backlash of his own power jolted his internal organs for a brief moment.

But, this was only his first sword attack. Yun Che’s expression didn’t change in the least as he suddenly launched his second sword attack.


Wu Guike’s whole body shook intensely, and his arm went numb in an instant.

In the face of Wu Guike’s hard and fierce energy, Yun Che should have only been able to launch his attacks at a very slow speed. But he had been bestowed Buddha Heart Divine Veins by Mu Xuanyin herself, and so he was able to channel and circulate his profound energy at a very fast speed. Wu Guike still didn’t get the chance to gasp for breath when he saw Yun Che launching his third sword attack. The force behind this attack was not the slightest bit weaker than the previous two.

Wu Guike’s pupils shrank all of a sudden.


The heavy halberd in Wu Guike’s hand, which weighed at least ten million kilograms, was smashed upon so heavily that it bent into the shape of a crescent moon, turning Wu Guike’s face pale. He bent the upper half of his body backward to offset the force of the attack, but suddenly slid back a kilometer away in an instant, before his body finally came to a stop. His body swayed a bit as three streaks of blood flowed down from the corners of his mouth and nostrils.

“Wh…” Wu Sanzun, the Divine Martial Realm King, stood up suddenly with face full of shock.

In the audience seating area, countless people opened their mouths wide, and forgot to close them for a long while.

But in this instant, Yun Che had already launched his fourth sword attack. Despite the fact that there was an energy barrier between the contestants and the audience, they could still clearly feel the boundless might of his sword attack which had as much force as an ocean turning over—If they were not witnessing all this with their own eyes, it would have been impossible for them to believe that a young profound practitioner with a cultivation at only the eighth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm could have such incredible strength, no matter what anyone said!

Wu Guike raised his head. He suddenly gritted his teeth as a blast of aura surged from his body, and generated a bizarre divine martial law.

“Martial Confining Sky Domain!!”

Following Wu Guike’s low roar, the aura over the Conferred God Stage twisted all of a sudden.

Yun Che’s movements stagnated in midair, and he felt as if he had fallen into a viscous swamp. An incomparably domineering field of aura was violently suppressing his body and profound strength, causing his aura to plummet and be caged in a prison.

“Oh no!” Mu Bingyun cried out in a low voice.

Wu Guike breathed heavily as a trace of a twisted and sinister smile appeared on his face. Holding his heavy halberd horizontally, he charged straight ahead to stab through Yun Che.

Yun Che had a chilly gaze at this moment. Under the effects of the Martial Confining Sky Domain, his movements had clearly become a lot slower, but his Heaven Smiting Sword suddenly shone with eye-catching blue light.


Amidst the incomparably concentrated but particularly pleasant-sounding notes, the eye-catching blue light spread at a fast rate, and filled each and every corner of the Martial Confining Sky Domain in the blink of a an eye. The originally colorless suppression domain had now turned a deep ice-blue color.


In the next instant, as if a star had burst apart, the fragments of the ice blue domain filled the whole sky, which naturally meant that the Martial Confining Sky Domain had been thoroughly destroyed.

Due to the reason that the domain was linked with the aura of his body, the more severe damage it received, the greater backlash he had to suffer. Wu Guike was rushing at Yun Che with all his power focused on his next attack, when his body shook intensely as if he had been struck heavily by something, and all the profound energy he had accumulated for his attack dispersed in no time. Blood gushed out of his mouth as a storm hit him ruthlessly.


When Yun Che’s sword smashed firmly onto his body, Wu Guike’s right rib immediately caved in and he was ruthlessly blown away. His body flew ten-odd kilometers to the back before it smashed onto the ground and slid several kilometers along the ground.

The audience seating area became so deathly silent that even the sound of a pin dropping on the ground could be heard clearly.

”Cough… Cough cough..”

Wu Guike turned over, as blood crazily gushed out of his mouth. In the sky above him, that nightmarish force was drawing closer once again, as if it didn’t wish to give him a chance to even gasp for breath.

Crack crack crack…

Wu Guike’s entire skeleton made loud noises as profound energy surged from him again. He raised his heavy halberd to meet the attack of his opponent.


When the sword and halberd clashed once more, the veins in Wu Guike’s eyes became clearly visible due to the impact that his body had experienced. He barely withstood the attack, but the shock generated from the clash caused a large amount of blood to crazily surge out of the seven apertures of his head at the same time.


After the second sword attack, Wu Guike’s arms lost all sensation. Blue veins popped out across his body as the heavy halberd slipped out of his hand and flew away.


After the third sword attack, the last of the profound strength protecting Wu Guike’s body smashed into pieces like a broken eggshell. His body flew away, resembling a mushy piece of meat as it smashed into the edge of the Conferred God Barrier.


Wu Guike’s whole body twitched as he struggled to lift his arms up. His pupils were continuously shrinking in fear as if he had had the most preposterous, nightmarish experience just now. However, after a few breaths’ of struggle, his arms eventually dropped down and moved no longer.

Honorable Qu Hui’s spirit sense swept over Wu Guike. His chest visibly heaved, before he made the announcement, “Wu Guike has passed out, and will no longer be part of the Conferred God Battle!”

“Yun Che has won! He will participate in the fourth round of the Losers Group tomorrow!”

Honorable Qu Hui had announced the result, but no cheers or uproar could be heard in response from the audience. Instead, everyone remained deathly silent for a long time.

Everyone from the Snow Song Realm, be it the elders or the disciples, had their eyeballs bulging out in shock, while those from the Divine Martial Realm could only stare blankly ahead for a long while. Each of the great realm kings couldn’t help but reveal surprise in their eyes too.

Jun Xilei raised her sword-like brows sideways, Shui Yingyue was in a slightly absentminded state, Shui Meiyin had her hand on her tender lips as light repeatedly flashed in her beautiful eyes, and even Luo Changsheng also had his gaze fixed on Yun Che for a long time.

Wu Guike was a heaven-favored person at the eighth level of the Divine Spirit Realm.

On the other hand, Yun Che was only at the eighth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm.

There was a difference of an entire big realm between their profound strengths!!

Yun Che thoroughly defeating Luo Changan the previous day had filled everyone with curiosity and expectation for his next battle. During this battle, they were looking forward to a similar miracle happening again somewhere deep in their hearts, but such thoughts only belonged to their subconscious minds in the end. There was basically no one who truly believed that he could win against Wu Guike.

It was because Wu Guike was nothing like Luo Changan. Yun Che obtaining victory over Luo Changan was already enough to startle the Eastern Divine Region. As for surpassing someone a great realm higher in cultivation… It was something that had never happened in the history of the God Realm, and the probability of it happening in reality was simply impossible, too.

Even Shui Meiyin would not be able to accomplish such a thing… Besides, she relied on her soul power, not profound strength.


Yun Che had not only won against his opponent… he used merely seven sword attacks to achieve victory!