Chapter 1184 - Young Master Changsheng

Chapter 1184 - Young Master Changsheng

Lu Lengchuan’s words caused an intense change in the expression of countless people that were present at the Conferred God Stage.

It was acknowledged by everyone in the Eastern Divine Region that Luo Changsheng was much stronger than Lu Lengchuan. Lu Lengchuan’s age was almost twice that of Luo Changsheng, and so there was no doubt that Luo Changsheng far surpassed him in both talent and rate of growth too. Therefore, it would not be too surprising to people if Luo Changsheng could really defeat him in fifty breaths’ time.

But, the Lu Lengchuan standing in front of Luo Changsheng right now had the protection of the triple-layered “Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier.”

Smashing the triple-layered “Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier” was absolutely going to be even more difficult than defeating Lu Lengchuan himself. The “Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier” had always been called the “undefeatable sacred barrier” in the Eastern Divine Region, so it was easy to imagine just how powerful it was.

Luo Changsheng , however, let out a faint laugh in response, “All right, Changsheng will, of course, try to do his best.”

“Good!” Lu Lengchuan slightly nodded his head, as a light suddenly flashed through his eyes. “Get ready to face my Sky Splitting Spear!!”

Lu Lengchuan leapt to a height of over three hundred meters, after which he soared downward with the spear thrust ahead. A tyrannical storm of profound strength was immediately generated on the tip of the spear and swept across the area below. It was as violent as the raging billows of an ocean, eliciting cries of surprise from the people present in the audience seating area.

Lu Lengchuan had an extremely strong defensive power, but it definitely didn’t mean that his destruction power was weak and incompetent. The might of this spear attack was powerful enough to make all the great realm kings change their expressions, as well as cause a look of fear to appear on the faces of countless young profound practitioners.

Yun Che’s pupils also shrank visibly.

This was Lu Lengchuan’s strength… who was considered the weakest among the Four God Children of the Eastern Region!?

Luo Changsheng slightly raised his head, as the approaching swirl of profound energy made his clothes billow out, and flutter.

It was when the Sky Splitting Spear was less than a hundred meters away from him that he finally released his profound energy, though only for an instant. An aura which was not fierce at all but still abnormally domineering soared into the sky and suddenly slowed down the speed of the calamitous power that was sweeping down from the sky above. Following which, Luo Changsheng flew up into the sky and swung his sword horizontally.


Lightning flashed for a moment, and then it seemed as if space had been cut apart by his sword. The storm of energy that had been generated by Lu Lengchuan was thoroughly cut into two halves by that flash of lightning, like a river that had been divided into two streams. The separated halves flitted past the two sides of Luo Changsheng, not even coming into contact with the edge of his clothes.

In the next instant, Luo Changsheng’s speed increased dramatically as he swiftly jumped upwards. He made his Holy Lightning Sword directly clash with the energy carried by the Sky Splitting Spear, diminishing its power.

An enormous sound resounded like that of thunder shaking the air in the sky as the Sky Splitting Spear was heavily struck away, and Lu Lengchuan was also forced to flip in midair. But it was at this time that Luo Changsheng’s figure suddenly appeared on his left side like a ghost and his Holy Lightning Sword casually stabbed at the “Glowing Dragon’s Lightning Barrier.


Despite the fact that he had clearly just swung the sword casually, it unleashed such an amount of lightning that it blotted out the sky and the sun. The “Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier” sunk in all of a sudden, and the flying image of dragon spasmed immediately as it let out a painful groan. Lu Lengchuan let out a muffled sound. He fell down rapidly, as if a meteorite had exploded on him, and heavily smashed onto the Conferred God Stage.

Yun Che’s body jolted all of a sudden… Mu Bingyun was sitting at his side and immediately sensed his movement. She gave him a sideways glance, with a slight look of worry on her face.

She knew that the fight between Lu Lengchuan and Luo Changsheng would certainly deal a very big blow to Yun Che. They had only exchanged blows for the first time, and it was evident that Yun Che was already unable to remain calm.

“Four God Children of the Eastern Region” and “Conferred God Candidates” were two entirely different concepts.

The four youngsters who had been conferred the title of “God Children” represented four legends among the young generation of the Eastern Divine Region.

The might of Lu Lengchuan’s spear attack was like a thunderbolt descending to the world below, while Luo Changsheng’s sword attack was light and slow, as if he was just swinging it casually. But the moment the two of them collided against each other, it was Lu Lengchuan who was in a disadvantageous position.

Lu Lengchuan quickly flipped, and stabilized his posture. With the Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier protecting him, there was not the slightest injury on his body, and the Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier had not taken any damage, either. He once again floated up in the air, as he said with a faint smile while looking at Luo Changsheng, “You’d better use all of your strength. Otherwise, even if you’re Young Master Changsheng, it will be impossible for you break open my Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier in a short…”

Lu Lengchuan’s voice paused abruptly. He suddenly lowered his head to look at the place under his feet.

A mass of deep purple lightning was spinning there. It was deeply embedded into the third layer of the barrier and had not dissipated yet. Lu Lengchuan’s pupils shrank as if they were pricked by a pin, and an expression of disbelief appeared on his whole face. He inhaled heavily at the scene before his eyes. Following a slight cry of a dragon, the lightning left on the barrier was somehow eliminated, and the third layer of the barrier quickly recovered to its original state.

However, Lu Lengchuan was no longer smiling, and his face had quite a stiff expression.

“As expected of the Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier. It indeed deserves its reputation.” Luo Changsheng let out a light sigh. “It would be definitely a bit difficult to break open Brother Lengchuan’s defense in a short period of time by solely relying on Holy Lightning Sword… In that case, Brother Lengchuan, I ask you to be careful.”

While speaking in a voice as gentle as a cool breeze, Luo Changsheng slowly spread open his arms. The Holy Lightning Sword in his left hand flashed explosively, as a battleaxe over two meters long appeared in his right hand.

The battleaxe was completely jade green in color. In the moment it appeared, a fierce wind swept across the Conferred God Stage without any signs beforehand, and the whistling sound made by it had as much impact on the surroundings as the air-shaking dragon cry from Lu Lengchuan.

“Divine Wind Battleaxe!” Mu Bingyun said.

Holy Lightning Sword, Divine Wind Battleaxe. Thunderous lightning was flashing on the left, and windstorm was blowing through the right. Luo Changsheng was standing in between wind and lightning, appearing like the divine child of heaven. Witnessing such a scene, the eyeballs and nerves of all the people present quivered uncontrollably.

“He cultivates… both wind and lightning attribute profound arts?” Yun Che asked in surprise.

Mu Bingyun didn’t say anything in reply.

Lu Lengchuan subconsciously took half a step back, as every vein on his body bulged. He kept his body in such an extremely tense state for a few breaths’ time before finally relaxing his body.

“Bring it on,” Lu Lengchuan called out lightly. He took a step forward and instantly moved through space as he appeared right before Luo Changsheng. The Sky Splitting Spear struck straight at the other party, causing space to compress due to its force all of a sudden.

The name “Sky Splitting” meant to split the sky. Although it couldn’t actually cut through the sky, it absolutely had enough power to destroy even an unimaginably high mountain.


The Divine Wind Battleaxe stretched out of the void and firmly blocked the Sky Splitting Spear. The spear had such a force behind it, it was if it was going to make the sky collapse, but at this moment, its movement was completely stopped in midair. The fierce whistling wind generated by the enormous strength contained within it, had now disappeared without a trace.

Lu Lengchuan’s expression didn’t change. Taking advantage of the fact that he didn’t have to bother about the remnant force of the storm produced by his opponent’s weapon because of the Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier, he instantly flipped his body and once again smashed the Sky Splitting Spear down.




Lu Lengchuan attacked with the spear three times in succession; each time more malevolently than his previous attack. However, all of his attacks were warded off by Luo Changsheng with a single hand in an extremely smooth manner. When the spear and battleaxe collided against each other for the third time, Lu Lengchuan’s entire body shook intensely and he immediately lost his balance. Luo Changsheng finally moved his left hand, which was at his back this whole time, as the Holy Lightning Sword, which carried fine streaks of lightning on it, was thrust at Lu Lengchuan’s chest.


As if myriad glass pieces had shattered into pieces beside their ears, those in the audience with relatively low cultivations covered their ears in pain.

The Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier before Lu Lengchuan sank in deeply upon being hit by the Holy Lightning Sword. Despite the fact that he was protected by the three layers of the barrier, Lu Lengchuan clearly sensed the pain of his body being stabbed.

Greatly frightened in his heart, he waved the Sky Splitting Spear fiercely and retreated as far as he could in an instant. He lowered his head to look at the barrier around his chest, which was still in a sunken state. There were dozens of fine cracks surrounding the sunken part, and countless streaks of lightning were wreaking havoc within it. Due to those seemingly tiny streaks of lightning, not only was his barrier unable to completely recover to its normal state even though he was speedily channeling his profound energy, the damage was extending to the undamaged area little by little instead.

Lu Lengchuan was quite surprised to see such a thing happen. In front of him, Luo Changsheng had already made his first move in this battle. He crisscrossed his sword and battleaxe, immediately generating a powerful storm on the Conferred God Stage.

Yun Che knitted his brows, as he unconsciously gnashed his teeth—Luo Changsheng had not only cultivated both wind and lightning attribute profound arts, he could actually display their powers at the same time!

Furthermore, he was using two completely different kinds of weapons simultaneously.

Be it the simultaneous use of wind and lightning or sword and battleaxe, his movements and execution of the arts were smooth and natural. It seemed as if they were all part of his body. As the sword and battleaxe crisscrossed, wind and lightning produced sounds together, giving off a pleasant feeling.

The sound produced by the battleaxe’s wind and the sword’s lightning might be pleasant to the audience, but it was nothing less than a fearsome nightmare as far as Lu Lengchuan was concerned.

Lu Lengchuan totally gave up on attacking any further and put his all effort into defending himself. But he was barely able to hold on for a few breaths’ time when the Sky Splitting Spear was once again firmly struck away, and the fierce wind generated by the Divine Wind Battleaxe swept over the “Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier.”


An enormous sound like the ringing sound of a heavenly bell resounded across the place, and the “Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier” instantly deformed by a great extent. A crack quickly ran across the barrier and extended to most of its area in no time. The image of the guardian dragon let out a long, painful cry, and Lu Lengchuan also let out a muffled voice as he got blown far, far away into the distance. He staggered as he landed on the ground, but before he could stabilize his posture, a world-annihilating storm with dazzling lightning mixed within it, immediately engulfed him mercilessly.

Swish swish swish swish…

As the wind and lightning fused with each other, they transformed into countless streaks of lightning and wind blades. They brushed past the “Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier,” and disappeared soundlessly upon bumping into the barrier at the edge of the Conferred God Stage.

Luo Changsheng was, however, still standing in place, as if he had not moved all along. There was no wind or lighting being emitted from his battleaxe and sword, and he had a faint smile on his gentle looking face.

On the other hand, a dark and uncertain expression surfaced on Lu Lengchuan’s face. He let out a big breath, and then once again lifted his Sky Splitting Spear… But, he had only raised his arm halfway when he suddenly heard a light “ping” sound.

Following a muffled and desperate dragon cry, the countless cracks on the barrier burst open at the same time all of a sudden. Immediately, the image of the dragon was routed like a bubble shreded to pieces, as it turned into golden light and scattered across the sky.

“Wh… What?” At the seating area of the Shrouding Sky Realm, most of the people stood up suddenly. There was such intense fluctuations in their expressions, as if they had seen something absurd.

Lu Lengchuan’s arm froze in place… His strongest means of defense was so easily torn to pieces by Luo Changsheng’s llightning and wind blades.

Although there were still two layers of the defensive barrier present around his body, the third layer was the true “Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier.” Its protection power was far superior to that of the first and second layers combined.

His pupils shrank slightly in fear, and after a long time passed, his raised arm dropped down slowly. The tip of the Sky Splitting Spear firmly hit the ground, issuing a heavy sound of collision.

“Sigh.” After letting out a heavy sigh, Lu Lengchuan retracted the remaining two layers of the barrier around him. He sighed with emotion as he looked at Luo Changsheng, “When I first fought with you four years ago, I deeply felt that you had fearsome strength. I also had the self-awareness that the difference between our strengths would only get bigger and bigger, but I didn’t expect you to have actually…”

The Sky Splitting Spear disappeared from Lu Lengchuan’s hand, as he said in an extremely weird tone, “You are simply a monster.”

“Hahaha,” Luo Changsheng laughed. “I thank Brother Lengchuan for the praise. However, I should also be thanking Brother Lengchuan today for finally letting me experience such a delightful battle. It’s just that it has only been a short time since we started the battle, and it seems that Brother Lengchuan doesn’t have the will to fight any longer.”

Lu Lengchuan let out a laugh, but didn’t say anything. He was very clear that Luo Changsheng was calling their fight “delightful” just to give him face. He was incomparably sure that Luo Changsheng had not used his whole strength yet.

He turned around to look at Honorable Qu Hui, as he calmly said, “I admit defeat.”

On the Conferred God Stage, it was extremely rare for the contestants to admit defeat. Even if such a thing happened, Honorable Qu Hui would certainly ask the contestant whether they really wanted to do so. But seeing Lu Lengchuan admitting defeat with such a calm attitude, he didn’t say anything further to him. Nodding his head slightly, he immediately announced the result, “Lu Lengchuan has admitted defeat, and hence, fallen into the Losers Group. He will be participating in the fourth round of Losers Group tomorrow.”

“Luo Changsheng has won! He will be entering the third round of Conferred Gods Group the day after tomorrow!”

As the two great God Children left the stage, the audience seating area became boisterous, and remained that way for a long while.

Yun Che continued staring at Lu Lengchuan and Luo Chansheng, stormy waves emerging in his heart.

Lu Lengchuan’s strength was already powerful enough to greatly shock him. The first time he launched the attack with his spear, Yun Che had felt an irresistible sense of pressure, and truly realized that he was absolutely worthy of being one of the Eastern Region’s Four God Children.

However, such a powerful person as Lu Lengchuan actually suffered such an utter defeat against Luo Changsheng.

When Lu Lengchuan was leaving the Conferred God Stage, his breathing had grown rough and his aura was in a slightly disordered state. It was evident that although the Glowing Dragon’s Sacred Barrier was powerful, it consumed an extremely large amount of profound strength. He also had to exhaust quite a bit of profound strength in order to exchange blows with Luo Changsheng. On the other hand, there was not the slightest change on the face of, or in the breathing of, Luo Changsheng. His aura was like still water that didn’t have any ripples appearing on it…

“So this is Luo Changsheng… Why is there such a great difference in their strengths when both of them are part of the same Four God Children?” Yun Che murmured absentmindedly. They were both clearly at the tenth level of the Divine Spirit Realm, as well as God Children of the Eastern Region, yet it seemed as if they were at completely different levels.

Mu Bingyun shifted her eyes to him, as she said in a light tone, “What if I tell you that you have not seen the full strength of Luo Changsheng yet…? Jun Xilei and Shui Yingyue might be able to force him to use his full strength, but it is certainly impossible for Lu Lengchuan.”

Yun Che, “…”

“Luo Changsheng doesn’t only cultivate wind and lightning attribute profound arts, he also cultivates earth attribute profound arts. He cultivates a total of three kinds of profound arts.” Mu Bingyun told Yun Che about an incomparably fearsome fact in a soft voice. “At the same time, he also practices the way of the sword, and his sword intent, sword aura, astral sword, and sword formation have all reached great heights. Only taking his achievements in the way of the sword in consideration, a large number of people think that he wouldn’t even lose someone as proficient in the way of the sword like Jun Xilei.”

“Besides, his attainments in the field of profound formations amazed countless realm kings of the upper star realms many years ago. He must have become even more skilled now. His mental power extraordinary high too…”

“Is… is this all true?” Yun Che almost didn’t dare to believe his own ears.

“In the practice of profound way, one should solely focus on the right way of cultivation. It is a great taboo to be too greedy for power and take shortcuts to increase your cultivation. Even if a profound practitioner has outstanding talent and could cultivate several kinds of profound strength, they would normally choose to cultivate only one of them. Let’s assume that someone forcibly practices two or three kinds of profound strength, but when it comes to unleashing their power, they would be able to unleash only one of them. Using more than one kind of profound strength at the same time could very easily throw their profound energy into disorder and cause damage to their own body.”

“But… he is Luo Changsheng.”

“Such a monstrous existence that might not appear again, even after a hundred thousand years!”