Chapter 1179 - Returning the Insult Ten Thousand Time Over

Chapter 1179 - Returning the Insult Ten Thousand Times Over

At almost the same instant, the Profound God Stage became deathly silent, makinge that miserable shriek sound especially sad and shrill.

The eyeballs of all the people popped out with force, as if they had seen a ghost or god.

It was because the one that was blown away after the explosion… was actually Luo Changan!

Luo Changan’s body flew uncontrollably several kilometers away before he landed on the ground, and barely managed to stabilize himself. On the other hand, let alone be blown away, Yun Che hadn’t moved in the slightest!

The instant Luo Changan landed on the ground, he kneeled on the spot at once, his left hand grabbing his right arm. His face was twisted in shock and pain, and his whole right arm was hanging down. A few drops of blood seeped through the cracks between his fingers, flowing down in a streak. They dyed his entire right arm in scarlet.

The mist of blood in the air had formed because of his arm blowing up. The clothing on his right arm had been destroyed and scattered, and his skin and flesh were exposed to the air. Thirty percent of the bones of his right arm were broken as well.

The majority of the people from the Holy Eaves Realm stood up slowly, as they looked appalled and disbelievingly at what had just happened… The scene that they saw was no different from personally watching an ant throwing a huge elephant.

All the people at the audience seating area of the Conferred God Stage were dumbstruck. They didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

“What was that just now!?” All the god emperors revealed surprise on their faces too. Even the sleepy Cang Shitian, who had been leaning sideways in his seat this whole time, immediately sat upright and stared directly at Yun Che with shining eyes.

The god emperors had sensed extremely clearly that when Luo Changan’s attack was about to hit Yun Che, the latter’s profound strength increased dramatically all of a sudden, to such an extent that it even far surpassed the energy contained in Luo Changan’s attack. Once it blew him away, the amplified energy then disappeared suddenly, and Yun Che’s profound strength returned to its normal level. It made the god emperors doubt whether their spirit sense had incorrectly assessed his profound strength at the time.

“Th… Th-This…”

“What is going on? Just what exactly is going on here? Luo Changan was actually…. blown away, and even got injured?”

“His condition is far worse than injured. It’s clear that his right arm is broken!”

“Yun Che didn’t even move from his place, and Luo Changan ended up in such a state just by the counterforce of his own energy… Th-th-this… What exactly is…”

Those who could sit in the audience seats were all individuals that had a great identity and experience. But no matter what, they didn’t dare believe their eyes when they saw the scene that had played out before them just now.

Luo Changan was in even more disbelief. His eyes were wide open, and it took him as much as five or six breaths of time to come to himself. He suddenly said in a hoarse voice, “He… he cheated!! He certainly used some sort of body protection profound item! He cheated!!”

It was the only possibility he could think of, the sole reason behind him suffering such a setback. Yun Che had already cheated over and over again, after all.

But, Honorable Qu Hui only gave Yun Che a deep glance hearing this roar, and didn’t say anything to him.

How could it be possible for Yun Che to use some kind of body protection profound item without people of his level noticing?

Luo Changan was indescribably shocked, while a faint smile appeared on Yun Che’s face. Having ascertained that Luo Changan was indeed of no threat to him, he then decided to use Luo Changan to test the strength of his most powerful state. Therefore, when Luo Changan rushed over to attack him, he immediately opened the gate of “Rumbling Heaven”. However, he was surprised himself to find out that his energy in his most powerful state could not only directly blow him away while dealing significant damage, he also didn’t have to retreat even half a step to cancel the force behind the attack. An attack of this level couldn’t cause him any pain..

Although Yun Che’s profound strength had greatly increased, it was still not possible to maintain the “Rumbling Heaven” state for long. That’s why, he had immediately closed the gate after blowing Luo Changan away, and returned to his normal state. But there was no doubt that he was able to maintain the “Rumbling Heaven” state for several times longer than the day before yesterday. Perhaps, he could now maintain it for over a hundred breaths.

He had no idea when he would be able to keep it activated at all times, similar to “Heretic Soul,” “Burning Heart,” and “Purgatory.”

He stretched out his hand and flicked at his chest that was just hit by Luo Changan with a very disdainful attitude. Afterwards, he walked over to Luo Changan at an unhurried pace, with a mocking look on his whole face, “You talk so big, as if you’re above the heavens, so I thought that you would be quite capable. But in the end, this is all you amount to.”

Yun Che would always respect his opponents… so long as the other party respected him. In the case of an opponent such as Luo Changan, he would never mind giving them a sound beating, and making them look as pathetic as a dog that had almost drowned in a river.

“You…” As the bones of his right arm broke into pieces, the feeling of pain spread all over his body. He was unable to believe what had happened to him even now.

He still hadn’t finished his words when Yun Che’s figure flashed and approached him all of a sudden.

Luo Changan’s pupils shrank at this. He reacted instantly and retreated a couple hundred meters backward with the speed of lightning. However, Yun Che followed him relentlessly and again approached him at such a fast speed that he didn’t even have time to react.

Yun Che’s palm grabbed Luo Changan’s broken arm and an enormous power surged from it, disintegrating the power that Luo Changan had released hurriedly in resistance in an instant. Grabbing his crippled arm, Yun Che immediately swung Luo Changan up in the air and then firmly smashed him onto the ground.


Every jadestone of the Conferred God Stage was protected by a powerful energy, and it was absolutely not possible for the people of “Conferred God Candidates” level to damage them with their energy, but an incomparably deafening sound still resounded throughout the place. Luo Changan let out a shriek that was several times more miserable than earlier, as his thrown body bounced a few kilometers, and sprayed blood all over in midair like a leaking blood bag.

“Young… Young Master!”


All the people of the Holy Eaves Realm turned pale with shock. The Holy Eaves Realm King suddenly stood on his feet too, as his face darkened at this moment.

The whole thing just now… the huge sound as if he was struck by lightning, him bouncing a few kilometers in the air, and his blood spraying all over… seemed so ruthless that it made the hearts of everyone present twitch violently.

They didn’t dare to believe that Luo Changan had attacked Yun Che, but ended up being countered and injured. However, they clearly sensed the eruption of Yun Che’s energy when he had swung Luo Changan… According to their assessment of its level, it was certainly profound strength at the eighth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm, but the tyrannical nature of it had actually suppressed Luo Changan, as well as completely surpassed the limit of the Divine Tribulation Realm that they had known of all this time.

Yun Che had always been someone who would seek revenge for the smallest grievance, and as such, quite a lot of hatred for Luo Changan had accumulated in his heart by now. Injuring him in a counterattack was just him feeling out his strength. It was only after the attack just now that he had truly started to take his revenge, and he didn’t show any mercy in his attacks, either.

“Uh… Aaah… You… Ah…”

Luo Changan was, after all, an expert at the peak of the middle stage of the Divine Spirit Realm. Even if Yun Che’s attack had broken an unknown number of his bones, he still managed to stand up slowly. However, his profound energy had weakend by thirty percent at the least, and was in an incomparably chaotic state. His hair was a mess, his face was contorted into an unsightly look, and his pupils were enlarged to their limits.

“You… You… Impos… Impossible… Impossible…”

If he was defeated by other Conferred God Candidates, no matter how miserably he got defeated, he would be able to calmly accept it. But his opponent was Yun Che… the same person who was clearly a worthless thing, garbage in his eyes. It was a fact that he was someone who hadn’t even dared to get on the Conferred God Stage to fight with him in their first battle, and had directly conceded!

He had thought that he would be able to trample the other party to his heart’s content, but not only did his attack not hurt him, he was even injured by his own attack rebounding. On the other hand, Yun Che had only attacked him once… and he was already in such a pitiful condition.

Seeing the “trash” he had mocked and humiliated in an unbridled manner ten breaths’ time ago, getting closer to him little by little, he felt an unprecedented fear in his heart. His mind was in great disorder, as he let out a strange shout and a cyan light flashed in his hand. A weird dagger with a broad hilt appeared in his hand, and then he immediately pounced towards Yun Che.

But, he had just moved his body when his gaze turned sinister all of a sudden and his left arm flung out suddenly. Like a shooting star, the weirdly shaped dagger shot straight at Yun Che’s throat.

Yun Che stopped in his tracks. He stretched out his right palm, and instantly generated a swirl of cold energy in front of him. When the dagger was about to get close to him, it got frozen in several layers of ice and its speed abruptly decreased as well. Afterwards, it actually came to a standstill right before Yun Che, and was then casually caught by him.

“…” Luo Changan stood stiffly in place, looking scared out of his wits.

“So this is all you’ve got, huh?” Yun Che sneered, as he turned over his wrist. “Let me return it to you.”


An incomparably ear-piercing sound of space ripping apart resounded. It was as sharp as the sound of a rock being torn asunder. Luo Changan’s dagger shot back with a speed several times faster than when it had targeted Yun Che. Luo Changan could only shrink his pupils in reaction as the dagger pierced all the way through his left shoulder, leaving behind a fifteen centimeter wide hole which one could see right through.

It was also at this time that Yun Che’s figure appeared before him in a flash. His speed was actually a bit faster than even the flying dagger. At the same time the flying dagger pierced Luo Changan’s shoulder, Yun Che’s elbow brutally smashed into his lower abdomen.


As if a very high mountain had burst apart inside his body, Luo Changan’s whole body froze in place, and his face turned incomparably ghastly pale in no time. Soon after, several blood arrows shot crazily out of his mouth, nose, and the hole on his shoulder.

The Conferred God Stage fell into a deathly silence, as everyone present stared ahead with eyes wide open. They were witnessing something which could be called the most inconceivable scene that they had seen in their lives.

Yun Che leisurely stood straight, lifting his arm diagonally and blew on his elbow, as if to make sure to get off the dirt on it. Only a step away from him, Luo Changan didn’t budge an inch as fresh blood gushed out of his entire body. His eyes were widened to their limits, and countless red veins could be seen in them.


He heavily kneeled down in front of Yun Che as his knees gave out.

“Hah… I thought a dog that can bark so furiously would have some bite to back it up. I didn’t expect it to actually collapse at the first blow.” Yun Che lowered his brows, as he spoke in a low tone of voice that only Luo Changan could hear. But right after, his voice suddenly became louder, “Luo Changan, is this all you’ve got? In that case, you’d better surrender quickly.”

“Oh, no, no!” Yun Che suddenly changed his tone, as his eyes narrowed dangerously. “I almost forgot. Luo Changan certainly said just now that a true man only has the option to fight to death, and will not surrender at all costs. Only the lowest kind of garbage would beg to surrender like a dog… Tsk! Wouldn’t giving you the chance to surrender be no different from slapping your face? I really should not be doing such a thing!”

As soon as he finished his words, Yun Che flung out his arm suddenly. The back of his hand firmly slapped Luo Changan’s right cheek which was deathly pale at this moment… Although it was just a slap, there was an incomparably heavy weight behind it, and hence, Luo Changan’s right cheekbone was completely shattered. His whole body flew away uncontrollably while rotating like a top, rolling on the Conferred God Stage for a long while before finally coming to a stop.

His originally handsome face was now in an utterly battered state, and the whole right side of his face had sunk, with his chin completely bent to the left. Sprawling on the floor, he coughed continuously, each cough accompanied by a huge mouthful of blood and several crushed teeth.

Many people gasped in fright.

There was a saying that one could beat another person but not their face. However, Yun Che had not only beat the face of his opponent, he even destroyed it to such an extent that he looked like a buffoon… Furthermore, he had beaten and destroyed the face of none other than the son of the Holy Eaves Realm King!

It was a face that represented the Holy Eaves Realm King, as well as the entire Holy Eaves Realm!


The Holy Eaves Realm had an exceedingly great identity and status. In the vast Eastern Divine Region, his Holy Eaves Realm was publicly recognized as the strongest under the king realms. They had never experienced such galling shame and deep humiliation! Even if the ability of the Holy Eaves Realm King to exercise self-restraint was ten times greater, he would still fly into a rage after what had happened just now. He let out a loud roar, as he directly rushed over to the Conferred God Stage, “Little boy Yun Che, you are seeking death!!”

But before he could get closer to the sky above the Conferred God Stage, a figure blocked his way while emitting a tyrannical blast of aura. Honorable Qu Hui said with an indifferent gaze, “Holy Eaves Realm King, immediately return to the audience seating area. No one is allowed to interfere in the Conferred God Battle, and I think that you should already be aware of this rule.”

“Honorable Qu Hui,” the Holy Eaves Realm King forcibly suppressed his anger, “this boy… is clearly going too far due to his malicious intent. It is apparent that he is humiliating my Holy Eaves Realm!”

“Hmph, the Conferred God Battle only has the rule of ‘not killing the opponent due to malicious intent,’ not that you can’t go too far due to malicious intent! If Luo Changan finds it unbearable, he is free to shout that he intends to surrender. In that case, Yun Che won’t be able to attack him any longer. But since he hasn’t surrendered yet, it means that he still wishes to continue fighting… No one is allowed to interfere!!”

Hearing the rebuke of Honorable Qu Hui, the Holy Eaves Realm King also calmed down a bit. He nodded his head, “Alright, then we admit defeat in this battle! This king admits defeat on behalf of Changan!”

“Only he himself can admit defeat. No one else has the right to concede in his place!”

The look in the eyes of Honorable Qu Hui grew a bit chilly again. He slowly raised his head, as he pointed to the audience seating area, “Holy Eaves Realm King, this honored one is warning you for the last time. Get away from the Conferred God Stage immediately. Otherwise, we will have to drive you out of the Eternal Heaven Realm—No matter who you are!”

“…” the corner of the Holy Eaves Realm King’s mouth twitched, but he was unable to speak any further.

The Holy Eaves Realm King inhaled heavily as he turned around in anger. He was just about to return to the audience seating area, when a miserable cry came from the Conferred God Stage all of a sudden.


The Holy Eaves Realm King turned around instantly to see a scene that caused him to stare in such anger that his eyes were on the verge of cracking apart.

An icy thorn grew from the ground, pierced through the bloody hole on the left shoulder of Luo Changan, and shot to the sky with him skewered on it.

Over thirty feet… Over three hundred feet… Over three thousand feet!

In the blink of an eye, Luo Changan was ruthlessly stabbed through by an icy thorn, at a place over three thousand feet high in the sky. As if he was an unpardonably wicked person who had perpetrated every conceivable heinous crime and would be condemned for his sins through the ages, the distinguished son of the Holy Eaves Realm King was skewered on an icy thorn very high up in the sky, so that every person, every living being in the Eastern Divine Region could get a clear view of him.

“Luo Changan, I grant you five breaths’ time. Show me whether you’re actually such a ‘person’ as you say, or a dog that would ‘beg to surrender!’”

At the seating area for the audience, the Holy Eaves Realm King was immensely enraged at this point. In the sky above, Luo Changan was crying miserably in despair, at the foot of the icy thorn, Yun Che still had that indifferent smile, like still water, on his face, as if he didn’t feel anything in the least… He hadn’t even glanced in the direction of the Holy Eaves Realm King at all.

At this moment, everyone felt an indescribable chill in their hearts.

Yun Che, who had kept a low profile during his stay in the God Realm so far, did everything with as much carefulness as possible, and always had the sole aim of “meeting Jasmine,” had now suddenly become a completely different person.

No, the correct way to put it would be that he had suddenly undone all the chains that had kept him bound until now.

On the Conferred God Stage, in this Eternal Heaven Realm, he was declaring the kind of end those who enraged him would meet to the whole Eastern Divine Region… just as he did in the Profound Sky Continent.