Chapter 1175 - Universe Penta Jade Pellet

Chapter 1175 - Universe Penta Jade Pellet

Yun Che headed upward at an extremely fast speed, and very soon appeared out of the lake’s surface. He subconsciously raised his head to look at the sky above. Mu Xuanyin’s figure was quietly drifting there, and her ice cold power and ferocious aura were emitting from her icy pupils.

Although he was already prepared for it, Yun Che still felt panicked in his heart, “Mas…ter.”


Her chilly shout contained a deep sense of anger. Yun Che had his whole body stiffen, as he instantly kneeled down, and said in an ashamed voice, “Master, disciple… knows his mistake.”

“Know your mistake?” Mu Xuanyin let out a snort. The anger in her voice carried coercion, and as if a frozen sea had capsized, it made the whole area of the heavenly lake fall into silence. “You say again and again that you know your mistake, and then you go commit mistakes over and over again. So, what does it even matter if you know your mistake!? Did you ever take my words seriously!?”

“Master, I…”

“No need to quibble over it!” It was clear that Mu Xuanyin was truly angered. “Bingyun has already informed me everything about your conduct and deeds in the Eternal Heaven Realm! When you were leaving Snow Song, I repeatedly warned you to absolutely not make any decisions by yourself, and to keep your existence as low profile as possible. However… not only did you not listen to what I said, you even did the exact opposite and thoroughly exposed yourself to the eyes of so many people. Right now, there is likely no one in the whole Eastern Divine Region who doesn’t know of your great name… How impressive of you, huh!”

“If I knew things would turn out this way, I would have… forcibly kept you imprisoned inside the Ice Phoenix Hall. That would have been much better than you trying to court death!”

Yun Che wanted to say something, but in the face of Mu Xuanyin’s wrath and coercion, he was not even able to breathe or so much as raise his head.

Mu Xuanyin’s tone and gaze directly pierced Yun Che’s mind like countless ice cold needles, “Is someone who left you back then, truly of such importance to you!?”

“…” Yun Che bit his lip, before saying in a light voice, “She… was once my master. She guided my cultivation of the profound way, saved my life, and changed my fate… In those times when I was in the most pain, most lonely, most helpless, and felt most despair… she was the one who accompanied me through all of it…”

“She has been as good to me… as Master… I can never… let her down, either…”

“…” Mu Xuanyin stared blankly at him.

The world became quiet all of a sudden.

Yun Che once again kneeled down heavily on the ground, as he deeply lowered his head and didn’t dare to raise it. Mu Xuanyin might have an intimidating, cold and harsh attitude, and was respected and feared by all in the Snow Song Realm, but there was no way… he wouldn’t be aware how good she had been to him.

Despite the fact that he had committed a lot of mistakes, including those that were simply unforgivable and clearly angered her greatly, she eventually forgave him every time. Especially, in the past two years, she had guided his cultivation day and night, without even bothering with her duties to the sect… He was incomparably convinced that such a thing would be deemed absolutely inconceivable in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. No one would be able to understand why she was going so far for him.

He, on the other hand, didn’t repay her favor in the least. He had even enraged and disappointed her again, too.

Facing Mu Xuanyin at this time, he was feeling endlessly ashamed in his heart… He felt that he was no longer deserving of being her disciple, or receiving so much of her kindness.

On the surface of the lake, the ice spirits that had been frozen for long, began to dance about all of a sudden. It felt as if some of the chilliness had dispersed.

“What a pity that she is not even willing to see you!” Mu Xuanyin said in cold tone. “Now that you have come back, behave yourself and stay within the Sacred Hall. You’re not to take a step outside without my permission! In a few years, when the people of the Eastern Divine Region have completely forgotten about your existence, get lost and go back to your Blue Pole Star!”

“…Master,” Yun Che said with his head lowered. “Disciple has come back to find a way to make his power grow much stronger in a short period of time. Afterwards, disciple will again leave for… the Conferred God Battle.”

Yun Che said in a very light and slow voice, and each of his words contained a sense of guiltiness. But, he sounded quite determined.

“Oh… Is that so?” Mu Xuanyin slightly lowered her icy brows. “You have indeed still not given up on seeing her, huh?”

“No…” Yun Che shook his head. “I not only want to see her, but there are also some things that I must tell her to her face. I want to let her know that… no matter what unfavorable situation she comes across, I’ll face it together with her.”

“You think… you’re… capable enough!?” Mu Xuanyin asked in a cold and contemptuous voice.

“It is obviously not possible for me right now. I don’t even have the qualifications to attempt such a thing. If I were to forcibly go over to her side, I’d only end up becoming her burden. But, I want to let her know that I’ll become powerful for her sake. If she wants to make use of the Conferred God Battle to drive me away, then I… will make use of the Conferred God Battle to prove my resolve!”

Mu Xuanyin, “…”

“Master…” Yun Che continued in a light voice, “I discovered just yesterday that I have always been wrong. I have been wrong from the very beginning.”

“Since the day I came to the Snow Song Realm, I always told myself that my objective in coming to the God Realm was to find her. I worked hard to become powerful in order to find her, too. During my whole time in the God Realm, training hard and cultivating to increase my profound strength, I constantly told myself that finding her was my sole objective behind arriving in the God Realm, I would never belong to this place, and Blue Pole Star is the only place for me to return to… Perhaps, it was because I always harbored the feeling of being a petty and lowly existence in the face of the enormous God Realm, that I only thought of never taking a step into it ever again after fulfilling my wish.”

“It was also because of such self-delusion that I never truly thought about having a footing in the God Realm, and nor did I consider reaching such heights that the masses would look up to me, like they do in the Blue Pole Star.”

“But I forgot all along that the very reason she had to leave me, was none other than my extremely insignificant existence.”

“If I can become powerful enough to protect her, to fight side by side with her, and keep her out of all sorts of harm… she would at least stop worrying about me. How would it be possible for anyone to take her away from my side then? How would it be so difficult… for us to see each other?”

“The thing that is turning out to be a hindrance to me as well as her, has never been the difference between the lower realm and king realm… it had always been my own insignificance.” Yun Che closed his eyes, as his voice sounded indistinct like mist.

Mu Xuanyin was quietly listening to him. It seemed as if each of the words Yun Che said was coming from his soul, but the look in her eyes didn’t change in the slightest, “So what? Are you preparing to make use of this Profound God Convention to prove yourself to her? Is it to let her know of your obsession with her, so as to move her to tears!?”

“No…it’s also for myself,” Yun Che said. “If I can proudly look down on others by entering the Conferred God Stage after just the short time of three years since coming to the God Realm… what reason do I have to discontinue becoming powerful!?”

Mu Xuanyin, “…”

“Heretic God’s Profound Veins, power of the Rage God, body of the Dragon God, Sky Poison Pearl… I have always kept these things hidden, thinking about the dangers that I’d have to face if they were to be sensed by someone else. But… there is still so much more to them. They are actually tremendous blessings that the heavens have bestowed on me!”

Mu Xuanyin wasn’t moved at all. She snorted, “What a ‘great’ realization you have had. Unfortunately… according to what I remember, you can’t stay in the God Realm for more than five years. Three years have already passed, and only two years are left now. What use is it even if your blessings make you ten times more talented in various aspects than others!?”

“I’ll certainly return in two years.”

Mu Xuanyin, “…”

“However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be coming back.” Yun Che raised his head at this time, as he directly looked into Mu Xuanyin’s eyes. “Because the Blue Pole Star is no longer my only homeland and the place to return to. After all, Master, I have long become a person of the God Realm… At least, I already belong to the Snow Song Realm.”

Mu Xuanyin, “…”

“Both Master and Jasmine are my reasons for staying in the God Realm. It has been so for a long time now, but it’s just that I wasn’t aware of it. Therefore, I will return to the Blue Pole Star from the God Realm, and also return to the God Realm from the Blue Pole Star. So long as I’m not powerful enough, I want to follow beside Master at all times, and enjoy the protection under Master’s wings. If there comes a day when I become as powerful as I wish, I want to protect Master and Snow Song throughout my life. Anyone who dares to hurt Master will be my enemy for life.”

As their gazes came into contact with each other, Mu Xuanyin suddenly shifted her eyes to the side. Afterwards, she immediately turned around and said in a cold voice, “Your cultivation is just at the Divine Tribulation Realm and you still do foolish things over and over again. You only know how to talk big.”

“You’d better think about protecting your own life. I have still not fallen so low that I would need your protection!”

Yun Che, “…"

Mu Xuanyin raised her beautiful neck all of a sudden, as she let out a light sigh, “Why do I, Mu Xuanyin… have a disciple such as you?”

The moment she finished her words, she suddenly lifted her arm, and threw something out of her snow white sleeve, “Eat this!”

Abruptly, five different strange lights shone before Yun Che’s eyes.

It was a small and exquisite bead that was emitting these lights. The bead was glittering and translucent, similar to colored glass, but it was releasing a completely different luster and aura from that of colored glass.

Red, cyan, white, blue, jade green… The five lights were sometimes overlapping on each other, and other times separating apart, as they shone together. The aura of the bead was also continuously changing. Sometimes it would become turbid, and other times pure, sometimes it would become scorching hot, other times cold as ice… Although the changes were not that intense, the miraculousness of the bead was not in the least overwhelmed by the extremely dense cold aura of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake.

Yun Che slowly widened his eyes, “Could this be…”

“It’s the Universe Penta Jade Pellet!” Mu Xuanyin turned around to him at this time. She had already regained her usual indifferent look on her face which was as beautiful as that of a celestial being. “Although your Sky Poison Pearl possesses quite a strong refining power, and can easily refine countless medicines, the Universe Penta Jade Pellet requires powerful profound strength to properly fuse the five kinds of power with each other. It is not something that your Sky Poison Pearl can accomplish! Even I needed a year’s time to successfully finish the fusion process.”

The Universe Penta Jade Pellet was one of the things that Yun Che had come back to look for.

Back then, he had already gathered all of the five materials needed to refine the Universe Penta Jade Pellet, but Mu Xuanyin had taken all of them away, as she wanted him to cultivate up to the Divine Tribulation Realm with his own efforts. He had returned to the Snow Song Realm this time in order to get those materials back from Mu Xuanyin and obtain the refining method as well, so that he could refine the Universe Penta Jade Pellet with the help of the Sky Poison Pearl.

It was also at this moment that he realized that it was basically impossible for him to successfully refine the Universe Penta Jade Pellet, like he would other ordinary medicines. It required powerful profound strength to guide the fusion of the different powers together…

Furthermore, someone as strong as Mu Xuanyin actually took a whole year to complete the fusion process.

Perhaps, this was the true reason behind her taking all the ingredients away at that time.

She exhausted a large amount of her profound strength and mental power to finish the fusion, and then directly took out the pellet at this moment. It clearly meant that… the pellet had been prepared specifically for him.

Feeling lightly touched by something soft in his heart, Yun Che couldn’t help but get emotional all of a sudden, “Master…”

“Don’t speak any nonsense, and sit down properly!” Mu Xuanyin, however, didn’t give him the chance to say anything, and berated in a cold voice. Her snow white figure swayed for an instant, after which she arrived right in front of Yun Che, “Take out the ‘Time Wheel Pearl’ that you have obtained in the Eternal Heaven Realm!”

“Ah… Understood.”

Yun Che promptly sat upright, and calmed his emotions and aura. Then, he took out the “Time Wheel Pearl” and placed it in the center of Mu Xuanyin’s hand.

Faint profound strength poured out of Mu Xuanyin’s palm, which shattered the Time Wheel Pearl into pieces. A formless barrier expanded immediately, as it enclosed the two people within it, and split open a different world for the two of them.

The time wheel barrier could exist for a month.

But during this one month inside the time wheel barrier, only two hours would pass by in the world outside.