Chapter 1106 - Visitors from the Divine Martial Realm

Chapter 1106 - Visitors from the Divine Martial Realm

This month was like a never ending abyss of a nightmare for the Black Soul Sect.

Within just a month’s time, countless numbers of their best and brightest disciples had died. They lost half their elders and all of Lei Qianfeng’s sons were killed by poison. The entire sect was as if ashes were spread all over their faces. They had lost all their dignity and reputation, their future looked bleak. Just last night, the poison had completely erupted within Lei Qianfeng. The entire sect was on lock down and the atmosphere was extremely heavy.

All this was thanks to one person.

The name “Ling Yun” was like a devil’s mark, deeply branded into each and every Soul Sect member’s consciousness. Everytime they thought of this name, they couldn’t help but shudder.

Today, the weather was absolutely lovely. Yun Che slowly opened his eyes. Ever since he had started engaging the Soul Sect in that back and forth, he had neglected his regular training. After forcing Lei Qianfeng to his death, he should soon leave the Darkya Realm to go look for the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and the Immortal Emperor Grass. He would have to use all his might to train as well.

The date of the Profound God Convention was getting closer and closer.

He stood up and looked in the direction of the Soul Sect. His lips curled into a cold smile. It was time to mess with Lei Qianfeng once more.

Lei Qianfeng’s profound strength had suddenly erupted the night before and he had lost control of himself shouting and screaming before collapsing. This was a result of the poison acting up and was naturally what Yun Che wanted to see the most. This was all within his calculations.

This wasn’t a matter of Lei Qianfeng’s tolerance being weak. It was thanks to the constant strings of defeat, the insults, his sons’ deaths, he himself being poisoned, and finally the news of the entire matter being broadcasted to the public… Let alone Lei Qianfeng, even a living buddha would die from the anger.

Although Yun Che’s means leaned on the side of despicable, he was but one man. His profound strength was in the Divine Soul Realm. Against the huge Soul Sect, he could only vent his anger through such means. Even though his means were such, he was the only one who could do it. It was right to say that Lei Qianfeng’s state was exacerbated thoroughly by him.  

Yun Che rose into the air and sped in the direction of the Soul Sect. After last night, the ancient horned dragon’s poison in Lei Qianfeng had flared up to a large degree. In about two or three more days, if Lei Qianfeng wasn’t able to completely focus on suppressing the poison, the poison would eventually run its course and he would die without a doubt.

After entering the Black Soul Mountain range, Yun Che started to descend. He passed through the eastern area of the range before slowing down.

Today’s mountain range wasn’t as quiet as before. All sorts of profound beast roars sounded from every corner of the range as the occasional hawk flew in the sky. Yun Che’s brows both knitted… Were there no Soul Sect disciples guarding the mountain today?

Unless… Yesterday’s poison outbreak… Was Lei Qianfeng already going to die? That can’t be it, can it…?

Without letting down his guard, Yun Che continued onward. Enroute, he didn’t encounter any presence or auras of Soul Sect disciples. He looked in the direction of the Soul Sect. His eyebrows twitched violently, following his line of sight. He came to halt.

This sort of feeling...

Just as he was looking in the direction of the Soul Sect, he felt a strong sense of danger strike him, it disappeared as soon as he stopped. A mysterious sense of unease started rising within him.

Yun Che frowned… everytime he neared the Soul Sect, he’d always be surrounded by danger. If he was just a little bit careless, he would have died nine times over but this time, the feeling he had was even stronger than previously. It was as if the opponent was invincible and unfathomable. If he continued to get close, it felt as if he would face an invincible tribulation.

Yun Che didn’t dare second guess the warning that was coming from his soul. He stood still, both eyes fixed in the direction of the Soul Sect, not moving for quite a while.

Lei Qianfeng had already been pushed to the brink last night, with just a little more of a nudge, he’d definitely fall into death’s abyss… However, if he was given the chance for a breather, all of Yun Che’s previous efforts would’ve been wasted. Furthermore, it was impossible for him to have another chance at this. 

Just as he was feeling suspicious, he suddenly felt a burst of profound energy. He held up his Sound Transmission Jade and heard Ji Ruyan’s panicked voice on the other end.

“Sir Ling Yun, where are you now? Do not go near the Soul Sect at all costs! An incredible big shot arrived at the Soul Sect last night!”

Yun Che, “...”

“Although we have yet to confirm who it is, based on the movements of the Soul Sect, it’s highly possible that it’s someone from the Divine Martial Realm! Sir Ling Yun must not go near the Soul Sect. It’d be best if you change your features and stay as far away as possible… Or you could come to the Black Feather Merchant Guild for the time being. The Soul Sect has never suspected us having any relations, this place should be safe. We will get to investigating who that person that has arrived is.”

“...” Ling Yun’s face grew solemn. After a short period of pondering, he retreated a few steps, then turned around and left.

That sudden sense of danger he felt was indeed not without reason.

The Divine Martial Realm… These were people from an upper star realm, existences he could definitely not afford to offend.


Yun Che left the Black Soul Mountain Range. Shortly thereafter he arrived in Darkya City and entered the Black Feather Merchant Guild.

“Sir Ling Yun!”

Ling Yun had just arrived. A girl in a purple silk dress hurriedly rushed over. She was charming and elegant, her manner and posture were beautiful and the eyes beneath her shapely brows radiated a gentle brightness. Her long hair was like the clouds, worn in a light purple band. She moved gracefully, like that of nobility. It was Ji Ruyan.

Although they constantly spoke, Yun Che had not met her during this period.

Ji Ruyan wasn’t alone. By her side was a familiar middle aged man… It was Mister Ji whom he had met when he first entered the Black Feather Merchant Guild!

He was also Ji Ruyan’s father, the one who held the highest position in the Black Feather Merchant Guild.

His demeanour was different from the initial cold impression Yun Che had of him. When he saw Yun Che, Mister Ji walked steadily towards him step by step, his face unable to hide his excitement. He then respectful knelt down, “Sir Ling Yun, I am unable to repay you for all that you’ve done for the Black Feather Merchant Guild. Please accept my humble greetings.”

Yun Che’s expression didn’t change. “Mister Ji, you don’t have to do this. I dealt with the Soul Sect as I have a personal vendetta against them, it has nothing to do with the Black Feather Merchant Guild. Instead, it could be said that Miss Ruyan has helped me even more. As of now, I’ve used every means available to me. If the Soul Sect still doesn’t crumble, your guild will still be under its thumb in the future.”

“No.” Mister Ji shook his head, “The Black Feather is a large family run business, yet it fell into the claws of the Soul Sect. All these years, I’ve never slept soundly, my heart was in constant turmoil yet I was absolutely helpless. Leaving everything else aside, just what you’ve done has helped us vent. This is enough to last us a lifetime.”

“Not only that,” Ji Ruyan slightly smiled. “The Soul Sect has lost every bit of its reputation. After losing all of his sons, Lei Qianfeng no longer has an heir. After Lei Qianfeng, the Soul Sect will no longer have relations to the Divine Martial Realm where marital relations are concerned. There will be chaos within the sect once it comes to a fight for power. Perhaps that’s the time when the Black Feather Merchant Guild will finally be able to escape its cage. All of this is thanks to Sir Ling Yun.”

Mister Ji kept his eyes on Yun Che. He could not help but sigh, “Sir Ling Yun, you’re all alone, yet you’ve managed to bring Soul Sect, a huge powerhouse, to its knees. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears, perhaps even in my dreams, I wouldn’t dare to believe it. Ruyan said that you were born in the lower realms but you’re the most spectacular man of the young generation that I’ve ever seen. No one can compare to you, Sir Ling Yun.”

Yun Che chuckled, “Mister Ji you’re exaggerating.”

“Sir Ling Yun, news about the Soul Sect has arrived.” Ji Ruyan’s face turned serious. “It’s indeed people from the Divine Martial Realm. They should’ve arrived at the Soul Sect last night, if our sources are not wrong, there’s two of them.”

“Just two of them?” Yun Che’s brows twitched.

“Sir Ling Yun, you must not take this lightly. These two aren’t like the usual messengers that come from the Divine Martial Realm… It’s actually Wu Guike!”

“Wu Guike?” Yun Che raised his brows.

One month ago Ji Ruyan had mentioned this name. Wu Guike was the son of the Great Realm King of the Divine Martial Realm! He was the son of the Great Realm King Wu Sanzun and the sister of Lei Qianfeng, Lei Qianyu. He was initially supposed to be of ordinary status as he was borne of a lowly concubine, however, his growth was exponential and his talent shocking. His position grew by leaps and bounds in the Divine Martial Realm.

He was Lei Qianfeng’s nephew, at the same time he was the biggest backer of the Black Soul Divine Sect.

The son of a Great Realm King of an upper star realm… Just this status was enough to scare anyone in the entire Darkya Realm into submission.

“Wu Guike’s talent is monstrous. After displaying his talent he received the personal acknowledgement and guidance of Wu Sanzun; he was only thirty years of age but he was shockingly in the Divine Spirit Realm. In this Profound God Convention, he will surely blow everyone away. Furthermore, being the prince of the Divine Martial Realm, it is certain that his bodyguard will be a frightening existence… and is most likely a Divine Sovereign!”

“...” Yun Che was speechless for quite a while.

The Divine Tribulation realm was his greatest goal right now… but this Wu Guike who was barely ten years older than him, had already stepped into the Divine Spirit Realm.

This was the most frightening thing about the upper star realms.

There was only one other person accompanying him and if it was a Divine Sovereign Realm expert who was on the same level as Mu Bingyun… trying to get close to the Soul Sect once more would be plain suicide!

If there was a Divine Sovereign expert helping, the poison in Lei Qianfeng’s body would most likely be detoxified within days.

“Sir Ling Yun, you must not go anywhere near the Soul Sect. You can stay here during this period of time. Once the two of them leave and we get wind of it, we will make arrangements to send you to the Heavenly Mystery Realm.” Ji Ruyan continued with the utmost of sincerity, “You’re the benefactor of our Black Feather Merchant Guild. We will definitely not harm you. Should you have any request to make of us, we’ll make the utmost effort to fulfill it.”

“...” Yun Che took in a deep breath. Thinking back to how he had to come up with so many machinations, taking big risks every step of the way just to poison Lei Qianfeng… and now all his efforts would go to waste, he felt extremely unreconciled right now.

“Alright.” Yun Che let out a deep breath, “I’ll have to trouble all of you. Right now I’ll need a quiet spot to cultivate.”


The atmosphere in the Black Soul Divine Sect was very heavy.

All was quiet in the sect. The disciples were in their guarding positions. The hall masters and elders were all at the front, bowing, their expressions full of fear. All of the branch sect masters had also arrived, standing in their positions after rushing over throughout the night.

They were obviously within the walls of their own sect but from the disciples to elders, all of them found it difficult to breathe and no one dared utter a single word. Their frightened expressions made them look as if they were welcoming a god into their world.

Lei Qianfeng sat in the main hall, the profound energy in his body a complete mess. Behind him was a black garbed, middle age man whose expression was icy. His palm was firmly pressed against Lei Qianfeng’s back. This scene had already been going on for a few hours.

Finally, Lei Qianfeng opened his eyes and with a “Warrghh!” he spat out a large mouthful of blood. As the blood sprayed outwards and landed, it melted the profound stones beneath it.

Lei Qianfeng fell onto the ground, taking in deep gasps of air. As the blood left his mouth, his complexion grew much better. He quickly rose to his feet and gave a deep bow to the middle aged man in black, reverently thanking him, “I, Lei Qianfeng, will never forget Sir Wu’s life saving grace.”

The man whom Lei Qianfeng respectfully greeted as “Sir Wu” didn’t even bother looking at him, he frowned and said, “What a powerful poison. Luckily the amount was minuscule and the time period was short if not, even the Great Firmament Deity wouldn’t have been able to save you."

“So you’re saying, everything is fine now?” A gentle and relaxed voice slowly travelled over.

At the window a young man with his hands behind his back had his back faced towards them. He was in white attire that contained blue patterns. His hair reached his waist. Although one couldn’t see his face, he had an air of nobility around him which somewhat made one only dare to look at his shadow and not directly at him.

The black garbed middle age man turned around “Young Master, although the poison within Sect Master Lei is very powerful. Although he seems to be fine now, in order to fully detoxify him, we will need quite a few more days.”

“Oh?” The young man’s voice revealed a trace of astonishment. He languidly turned around, revealing beautiful features. His face looked like it was carved from jade. “Uncle, looks like I came at the right time. If we had come just a few days later, I’m afraid I’d be here to visit your corpse instead.”