Chapter 1154 - Jasmine, Caizhi

Chapter 1154 - Jasmine, Caizhi

The vast Eastern Divine Region, Star God Realm.

Jasmine was silently looking at her reflection in the mirror.

After inheriting the power of the Heavenly Slaughter Star God, her age seemed to have been set. Even after so many years had passed, she still looked the same as when she first met Yun Che. Her exterior appearance looked like any thirteen to fourteen year old girl. However, her blood red eyes seemed to exude coldness and aloofness unbefitting of her apparent age.

The blood red in her eyes, and her long hair that seemed as though it had been dyed in fresh blood, seemed to have become even more vivid.

Anyone that met her gaze would feel their body turn ice cold, as though a sharp blade dyed in blood was pressing against their throat.

The face in the mirror was so perfectly exquisite that it seemed near dreamlike. The thirteen to fourteen year old face however did not give off any feeling of immaturity but instead seemed extremely dangerous and even exuded a soul stirring demonic sense.

She silently faced herself in the mirror for a very long time. No one knew what it was that she was thinking about.

“Knock knock!”

Suddenly, sounds of knocking resounded in the silent star god hall. The knocking only sounded twice and it had been very soft. It was obvious that the person knocking was being wary. Following that, the voice of an elegant male could be heard, “Royal Sister, may I come…”


One ice cold word, without any feeling or any other sort of compromise.

“...Royal sister. I am still, after all, your big brother. I have some important matters…”

“This princess only has one elder brother and he’s already dead.” Her voice grew gravely cold and filled with killing intent, “Do you want to die!?”

With a “bang”, the person outside the hall seem to stagger in shock. When his voice sounded again, it was now shivering slightly, “Royal Sister… you really… like to joke around…”

Even before he had finished speaking, the speaker had already escaped far away in fear.

The peace in the star god hall returned, but soon, it was disrupted by the anxious voice of a young girl.

“Big Sis… Big Sis!”

The doors to the hall were being directly pushed opened and a young girl with starry eyes, dressed in a seven colored dress, hastily ran in until she was in front of Jasmine.

Within the entire Star God Realm, there was only one person that dared to act so casually in the Star God Realm...

Princess Caizhi!

Other than her, even the Star God Realm King would not dare act that way.

Compared to two years ago, Caizhi had not changed at all. Jasmine slightly frowned as she rarely saw her acting so anxiously, “Caizhi, what happened?”

Caizhi held Jasmine’s hand, her milky white face looked slightly red and her voice appeared anxious, “Big Sis, the second round of the preliminaries for the Profound God Conference is about to end. After that it will be the battles on the Conferred God Stage, I want to go watch. Will you go with me!?”

“...Just this?” Jasmine did not believe it as she stared at Caizhi’s starlike eyes which were obviously still hiding something, “You can’t possibly be interested in the Profound God Convention, what is it that you want to do?”

Given their strength, the Profound God Convention would be similar to a fight between infants, how could it possibly interest them?

“I… just want to watch the Profound God Convention! After all, I have never seen it before, and neither has Big Sis… It’s said to be amongst the strongest one thousand of the Eastern Divine Region. It must be exciting. Won’t you go with me?” Caizhi pouted her lips, pulled on Jasmine’s hand and pleaded while acting cute.

“If you want to watch, then go yourself,” Jasmine rejected her without hesitation.

“No, I want Big Sis to go with me. Big Sis…”

“Caizhi!” Jasmine’s gaze suddenly focused as her face turned stern, “I’ve watched you grow up, you can’t possibly lie to me… Just what do you want to do?”

“I…” Caizhi bit her lips secretly as her voice turned weak, “just… want to watch the Profound God Convention.”

“If you don’t reply honestly, don’t even dream of me going with you.” Jasmine turned her gaze away from Caizhi without leaving any chance for compromise.

“I… I, I…” actually, Caizhi knew from the start that she could not possibly lie to her sister. However, she also could not tell her the real reason. After all, she knew her sister’s temperament as well as her sister knew hers.

“I… also have my reason, but… I cannot say. Big Sis, won’t you just come with me, please, pleaseeee!” Caizhi’s gaze blurred, as though she was a pitiful kitten begging for food.

Her emotions been rising and falling continuously these past few days.

When the first round of the preliminaries for the Profound God Convention began, she had already found Yun Che’s name using the star tablet… Snow Song Realm, Yun Che, first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm.

At that time, although she was excited, she was not worried. After all, the first round would still last for a month.

However, soon after, she suddenly found out that not all the people who attended the Profound God Convention would stay in the Eternal Heaven God Realm and that people who were eliminated would be ejected. She knew that the situation had changed and she had no choice but to change “plans”. She did not drag Jasmine to the Eternal Heaven God Realm, but had wanted to secretly go outside the Eternal Heaven God Realm after the first round to reprimand Yun Che before figuring out other ways.

In the end, she had not managed to find him but instead found Yun Che’s name among the names of people participating in the second round.

The people eliminated from the second round would similarly be ejected. The situation had not changed. However, just now, when it was less than two hours from the end of the second round, when she checked Yun Che’s situation on the star tablet...

He was actually within the first three hundred!

She could not imagine how Yun Che had done it and only ran anxiously to Jasmine.

“Can’t say?” Jasmine frowned, “Why can’t you say? Haven’t I continuously told you that no matter what happens in the future, you’re not allowed to decide on matters yourself. Why are you still hiding something from me?”

Caizhi was so scared that her heart pounded repeatedly and her voice instantly became meak, “I… I did promise that I would listen to Big Sis, but… But, this time is different. Once Big Sis is there, she will understand, so I can’t say it now.”

“No! You must say!” Jasmine did not give any chance for compromise.

“Big Sis…” Caizhi lifted her face, “Just this once, please? After Big Sis came back, I have been listening to you constantly and have never made you angry. But this time… Can Big Sis just listen to me this once, just this once… It’s very important. As long as you promise me, I’ll listen to everything you say from now on. Please… please…”

As she spoke, her starry eyes were already filled with pitiful tears.

“You… just…” Jasmine was confused as she rarely saw Caizhi be so stubborn. She had just wanted to speak but when she saw Caizhi’s pitiful begging state, her heart finally softened, “Alright… but, I’ll only allow you to be willful this once. You must assure me that from now on, you will not hide anything from me!”

“Mn!” Caizhi’s starry eyes sparkled as she replied with unbridled joy.

For Jasmine to treat Caizhi so strictly, she definitely had her reasons… Because during all those years that she had not been in Star God Realm, Caizhi had actually accepted the Heavenly Wolf Star God’s legacy. To others, being able to inherit a Star God’s power was something that they did not even dare dream of. 

However, to Jasmine, this was a catastrophe that should never ever be accepted.

This was also the biggest reason why she had to immediately return to Star God Realm.


Eternal Heaven God Realm, after close to three days of discussion about the matters concerning Wall of Primal Chaos, an abnormal situation was still displayed above the Conferred God Stage.

“Judging by the time, the second round of preliminaries is about to come to an end.”

The gaze of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor turned towards the Eternal Heaven Tower, “The one thousand youths who pass the preliminaries will be sent here. These one thousand youths are the one thousand ‘heaven chosen children’ selected for this Profound God Convention. If any disasters happen in the future, they will undoubtedly be a massive assisting force.”

“However, before the conclusion of the Profound God Convention, it is best to not let them know of this. What’s most important for them now is that they do their best in displaying their abilities whilst enjoying the Profound God Convention. This also allows us to witness the abilities of the young generation and so we won’t have to suddenly lay on some heavy pressure.”

Everyone on the Conferred God Stage nodded, as they understood what he meant.

“Heh, heaven chosen children,” God Emperor Shitian laughed weirdly, “Then this king must carefully observe. I hope that you won’t disappoint me too much.”

“Hmph, don’t pee your pants after being a frog in the well for too long.” the Star God Emperor suddenly laughed coldly.

Beneath the king realms, there was indeed one exceptional candidate among the young generation of the Eastern Divine Region that gained the confidence of not only the Star God Emperor, but also the other god emperors.

“Heh, then this emperor really can’t wait for it.” God Emperor Shitian gave a fake smile.

Then, the expression of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor suddenly changed as he looked at the Brahma Heaven God Emperor with a faint smile.

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s gaze shifted sideways before he smiled wryly, “My daughter does not know the etiquette and barged in herself. Qianye is ashamed and hopes you will only punish her lightly.”

“Hahahaha,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor let out rare cheerful laughter, “Your daughter personally coming is something that this old one is happy about, I wouldn’t bear to blame her.”

“Sigh, having already barged in but yet only watching from afar and not paying her respects to her elders, this is really unbecoming.” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Everyone heard the conversation between the two clearly and instantly, countless heads turned...

The daughter of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor…

The legendary “Goddess” was here?!?!

However, immediately, they also heard Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s bitter laugh. His word meant that although his divine daughter was here, she did not come to the Conferred God Stage but instead… watched from afar?

“That’s good as well.” the Moon God Emperor smiled, “If our Eastern Divine Region’s Goddess had really come over, I’m afraid all the males present would no longer be able to pay enough attention to enjoy the Profound God Convention, hohoho.”

“Hahahaha.” All the god emperors began to laugh… except the Star God Emperor.

That’s weird, why would Ying’er being interested in a mere Profound God Convention—the Brahma Heaven God Emperor thought to himself. Based on his understanding of his daughter, there was no reason why she would appear here.

Above the skies of the Eternal Heaven God Realm, above the clouds.

A golden silhouette stood silently above the clouds. She was dressed in golden clothes which flowed with a dreamlike light. Although her clothes were only slightly tight, they complimented her curves nicely and were sufficient drive any man crazy. Her long hair was an eye catching gold, so long that it rested just above her perky bottom.

If someone were to only look at her profile or back view from far away, no one would doubt that she was definitely an unparalleled beauty. Even when she was only silently standing there, the glare of the sun and the shine of the stars seemed to have faded quietly as though they were afraid that her elegance would diminish.

However, what was exceptionally regretful was that no one was lucky enough to look at her face.

A golden mask shaped like phoenix wings covered her mysterious eyes. However, below the mask, her lips were tender and seemed as though they were cherry blossom petals glittering in light. Her neck was dreamily white and seemed to be covered in a powder made of snow. Nobody would dare believe that there would be such flawless jadelike skin existing in this world.

In the God Realm, extremely few people had the opportunity to see how she looked and yet, there was almost no one that did not know the fame of her beauty.

The Eastern Region’s Brahma Monarch Goddess—the sole daughter of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor—Qianye Ying’er!