Chapter 1151 - Crimson Crack (1)

Chapter 1151 - Crimson Crack (1)

“We respectfully welcome the Dragon Monarch!”

Everyone in the Conferred God Stage bowed in courtesy. Personally having witnessed the Dragon Monarch after the gathering of the four god emperors, their astonishment and excitement reached a height at which they almost felt like they could die with no regrets.

“No need to be so polite.” The Dragon Monarch smiled and the hand tucked beneath his sleeve lightly pressed downwards.

Everyone present instantly felt a soft breeze press upon their bodies. Under this light wind, their bodies couldn’t help but slowly sit back down in their seats.

The crowd of experts felt endlessly shocked yet again… This move was hundreds of thousands of times harder than pressing down on others with brute force.

The Dragon Monarch entered the eastern seating area and sat next to the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. This arrangement was only natural to those watching.

“The Dragon Monarch’s arrival has given all of us a nice surprise. Is the Dragon Queen well?” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor inquired.

“As well as ever. Thank you for your concern, Eternal Heaven God Emperor.” Upon mentioning the “Dragon Queen,” a touch of softness that came from the heart emerged on a face that seemed to contain all the majesty in the world.

“It has been over ten thousand years since I was last able to meet with the Dragon Queen. If I could have the honor of both the Dragon Monarch and Queen arriving this time, one of the greatest wishes of my life would be fulfilled."

The Dragon Monarch smiled, “If Brother Eternal Heaven has the time, you may visit our Dragon God Realm. My wife and I wholeheartedly welcome you.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor cheerfully replied, “Eternal Heaven is absolutely honored to have received your words, Dragon Monarch.”

“It seems like the Dragon Monarch is also rather interested in this time’s ‘great matter.’ If I haven’t recalled wrongly, this is the first time you have actively made a visit to our Eastern Divine Region.” As the Brahma Heaven God Emperor said this, he faintly glanced at God Emperor Shitian.

A bit of seriousness crept onto the Dragon Monarch’s face. “I have heard the rumors, but I didn’t completely believe it until I heard that your Profound God Convention would be sending one thousand young experts into the Eternal Heaven Pearl for an unprecedented level of cultivation for the next three thousand years.”

The Dragon Monarch stared intently at the Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor. “The Eternal Heaven Pearl’s power may be almost infinite, but if it was forced to compress three thousand years into three while still maintaining the spirit energy inside the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm… I doubt that it would have much power left, if at all. It would take god knows how many years for it to recover.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor didn’t deny this. He nodded slowly while answering, “You are truly knowledgeable, Dragon Monarch. That is true.”

“Not only did the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm make an all-or-nothing gamble using the power of the Eternal Heaven Pearl, you even granted the opportunity to outsiders as well. This would never have happened if you had any better choices to choose from, so how could I possibly ignore this action you’ve taken? I am certain God Emperor Shitian shares the same thought as I.”

Cang Shitian nodded as blue gold light flashed through his pupils. “That is correct. Can you give us an answer, Eternal Heaven God Emperor?”

“It is good that you’ve both showed up.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor suddenly sighed quietly. “After all, the Eastern Divine Region won’t be the only region that is affected if ‘it’ were to really happen. If we lost control, ‘it’ may very well affect the Western Divine Region and Southern Divine Region too.”

“Oh?” Both the Dragon Monarch and God Emperor Shitian looked surprised by his claims.

Everyone on the God Conferred Stage was listening intently as well.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor looked sidewards towards the three Heavenly Mystery elders who had stayed silent all this time and said, “Master Mo Yu, Master Mo Wen, Master Mo Zhi. Please.”

It was only then that the three Heavenly Mystery elders opened their muddled eyes.

They nodded in unison before flying straight to the center of the God Conferred Stage. They hovered above the stage in a triangular formation.

“I am Mo Yu. I thank you all for attending this meeting despite the distance you had to travel.”

Master Mo Yu’s hair was white, and his eyes were clouded. He might look like an immortal still, but his voice obviously sounded withered and weak. His life’s flame looked like it might extinguish at any moment.

Everyone knew that the three elders of Heavenly Mystery had drastically shortened their lifespans to look into the future some years ago. They had no doubt that the important matter that they were about to discuss now had everything to do with the three elders rebelling against heaven’s way and peeking into the future, even at the cost of most of their lifespans.

The closure of the Heavenly Mystery Realm just before the Profound God Convention might very well be in preparation for this day as well.

“We wouldn’t dare disturb your peace and summon everyone to this place if it wasn’t for a matter of utmost importance. Cough… cough cough…”

Mo Yu coughed drily and painfully for a moment.

“What on earth is it, master?” The Holy Eaves Realm King stood up and asked seriously. At this point, everyone was starting to realize just how unusual this matter was.

Master Mo Yu turned around and nodded slightly.

Mo Wen and Mo Zhi also nodded in unison before turning around. They waved their arms and conjured a profound formation in no time. Then, a large screen spread open in midair.

“A Profound Imagery Formation? What will it be?” many people muttered in soft voices.

An image abruptly flickered onto the light screen; an image of darkness. It was darkness to mere mortals, but absolute emptiness to the countless experts present for this meeting.

Everyone was staring firmly at the light screen. No one dared to look away for even an instant, even though it showed nothing but darkness.

The empty darkness lasted for a very long time. Suddenly, a red light entered everyone’s view.

For some reason, everyone’s hearts jumped the moment they saw the light. It was an incredibly deep red light that was redder than blood and sharper than sunlight. Worse, they felt an indescribable pressure pushing deeper into their hearts the longer they stared at the tiny red light.

It was as if something was stabbing fiercely into their souls.

“What is this?” The Dragon Monarch’s eyebrows obviously sank lower.

“As you have all seen,” Mo Yu’s voice sounded as heavy as a bell as he spoke in front of the screen. “This, is the end of the Primal Chaos. You may also call it the edge of the Primal Chaos.”

“What!? The… the edge of the Primal Chaos?”

Everyone on the God Conferred Stage was shocked when he said this, including the Dragon Monarch and Cang Shitian.

It was common sense that the Primal Chaos was infinitely vast. They could live for a myriad lifetimes and never reach the edge of the Primal Chaos.

However, common sense was different among the denizens of the God Realm. It was because many ancient scriptures during the Era of Gods had mentioned the edge of the Primal Chaos.

They all referred to the edge of the Primal Chaos as the “Wall of Primal Chaos”.

However, the Primal Chaos was just too huge. It encompassed an innumerable amount of star realms and an unimaginable amount of space. Even in the God Realm, those who wished to reach the edge of the Primal Chaos must be from an upper star realm or above. No star realms below this level could bear the burden otherwise.

“If that is the edge of the Primal Chaos, then what is that red light?” Cang Shitian asked.

The image on the screen wasn’t standing still. It was rapidly approaching the red light. The darkness was enlarged to infinity, but the red light barely changed at all. It was a while later before some people realized that it wasn’t a dotted red light after all.

It was an extremely tiny line-shaped red light.

Mo Yu continued, “Twenty years ago, the three of us were struck by a sudden and indescribable sense of anxiety. The feeling ballooned each day and eventually grew to unprecedented levels. All three of us agreed that this was very unusual, so we worked together to peer into the future. This is what we got as a result.”

“However, we still know nothing about this image at the time, and the sense of anxiety kept ballooning each day. In the end, we disobeyed our ancestors’ warnings and exhausted both our lifespans and our powers to peer forcefully into the future. Finally, we learned that the image in the screen was the edge of the Primal Chaos.”

“Even better, we learned that it was located at the farthest east of the Primal Chaos; the edge closest to the Eastern Divine Region.”

“This red light is something that has appeared on the Wall of Primal Chaos.” Mo Yu sounded absolutely burdened as he said this, “If we are not mistaken, it looks like a… crack in the wall.”

“That’s impossible!” God Emperor Shitian immediately said, “The Wall of Primal Chaos is such an existence that the Dragon Monarch… no, even the primordial True Gods wouldn’t be able to harm it even if they were to exhaust all of their strength. So how can there possibly be a so-called crack in the wall?”

“That is true.” The Dragon Monarch nodded knowingly. “The Wall of Primal Chaos is a dimensional wall that not even the primordial True Gods were able to break. If we must pinpoint something that could harm the wall… it would be the three Heavenly Profound Treasures.”

“The Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword, the Evil Embryo Myriad Tribulation Wheel, and the World Piercer.”

God Emperor Shitian followed up on the conversation. “But these three Heavenly Profound Treasures vanished after the gods were destroyed. They may very well be lost forever. You can’t possibly be telling me that all three treasures have reappeared in the world? That is big news.”

“Still, we don’t live in the Era of Gods. There is almost no primordial energy of Primal Chaos in this world, so even if the Profound Heaven Treasures were to reappear in this world, they couldn’t possibly be as powerful as they were in the past. Therefore, it became a subject of debate as to whether they were currently strong enough to even harm the Wall of Primal Chaos. The Eternal Heaven Pearl is the best example of this. In our Primal Chaos Realm, its divine powers are just…” Cang Shitian suddenly noticed that he might’ve stepped on some toes and quickly turned to face the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. “Shitian absolutely doesn’t mean to offend the Eternal Heaven Pearl.”

“It’s no bother. You are just speaking the truth. Still, if it was the reappearance the three Heavenly Profound Treasures, we would be celebrating this momentous occasion already. We wouldn’t be as worried as we are now, would we?” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor sighed quietly. “Have you all forgotten about something? The Wall of Primal Chaos is an extremely high level dimensional barrier. Even if it was damaged by the Ancestral Sword or the Myriad Tribulation Wheel, it could quickly recover itself just like any normal torn space…”

Everyone’s eyebrows became furrowed before he could even finish.

“But for some inexplicable reason, this red mark never fades from the Wall of Primal Chaos. That is why it is extremely worrying.”

The smile on God Emperor Shitian’s face vanished. The Dragon Monarch pondered seriously for a very long time before saying, “Are you certain that that is the Wall of Primal Chaos?”

“We wouldn’t have gathered everyone here today if we weren’t,” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor spoke up. “After the three Heavenly Mystery elders had informed us about this, both the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and I have personally gone to the edge of the Primal Chaos at great personal cost to confirm this, dozens of years ago.”

The Dragon Monarch’s expression finally changed again, “So, you have seen it with your own eyes as well?”

It was one thing to watch the image provided by the three Heavenly Mystery elders, and another to witness reality with one’s own eyes. After all, there was always the possibility that the three Heavenly Mystery elders were just deluding themselves, but the personal account of two god emperors… that had to be real.

“That’s right!” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor nodded slowly before continuing in a heavy voice, “The three masters’ claims are so fantastic that even we found it hard to believe until we confirmed it with our own eyes. When the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and I reached the farthest east of the Primal Chaos, we saw the piercing red light despite still being millions of kilometers away from it. Everything we saw was as the three masters have told us.”

“No, it is even more unsettling than that,” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor said. “The red crack on the Wall of Chaos is so bizarre that I can swear that I’ve never seen such a thing in my life. To think that a single line could be seen millions of kilometers away.”

“This is the profound image the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and I recorded while we were at the Wall of Primal Chaos.”

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor suddenly pushed outwards. In an instant, a crack about the height of a person appeared in the screen above the God Conferred Stage.

The entire Conferred God Stage suddenly became covered in crimson light. It was as if a blood downpour had just occurred not long ago. An inexplicable fear swelled in everyone’s hearts as they stared at the red crack that looked like it was right above their heads, even though it was obviously just an image on the screen. They felt as if their souls had been pricked by a murder weapon, just like a venomous snake whose weak point was clutched. They shivered.

“W-w-w-wha… what is this?” Mu Huanzhi cried involuntarily.

“Does this... thing really exist on the Wall of Primal Chaos?”

“The words of two God Emperors cannot be false,” Yen Juehai said. His pupils had shrunk while he stared at the red crack.

This was just an image of the real thing!

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor withdrew his arm, and the terrible, bloody light finally faded away from the world. Everyone relaxed and felt as if they’d just escaped a purgatory made of a sea of blood for some reason. Shock remained in their hearts for a very long time.

“Since you’ve been there yourself, did you manage to find out how this strange red crack came to be?”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor shook his head. “No, we didn’t. However… the two of us stayed in front of the Wall of Primal Chaos for a whole year, and we didn’t find anything except the usual spatial storms. However, that red crack is gradually expanding.”

The Dragon Monarch was speechless.

“When the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and I first reached the Wall of Primal Chaos, the red crack was only about seven feet long,” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor said. “A year later, it has grown to ten feet. As a result, both the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and I had no choice but to consider a terrifying possibility…”

“This red crack was not the result of a power in the Primal Chaos. It was either a natural part of the wall… or something foreign from beyond the Primal Chaos!”