Chapter 1147 - ATM

Chapter 1147 - ATM

“~!@#¥%…” At least a billion alpaca ran around wildly in Yun Che’s heart.

The Voice of Eternal Heaven said it very clearly that only those who emerged victorious from the second round of preliminaries, which were about to begin at any moment, would get the opportunity to be sent to the Eternal Heaven Realm.

The other nine thousand people would be eliminated and, just like the fifty million profound practitioners who were eliminated in the first round of preliminaries, expelled without exception!

He just barely managed to somehow pass the first round of preliminaries by daring to use despicable and shameless means, which could absolutely be called cheating. Originally, he thought that he would finally be able to relax, but who would have expected that the Voice of Eternal Heaven would deal such a direct blow to him once again.

It was as if it was simply f*cking with Yun Che!

It was still fine to not let over fifty million profound practitioners enter the Eternal Heaven Realm… After all, it was a supreme and lofty king realm, so it was natural that it was not so easy to get inside such a place.

But, they were actually not allowing entry to even the top ten thousand people, whom the Voice of Eternal Heaven had also directly called “the pride of the Eastern Divine Region,” as well as “the future of the Eastern Divine Region!”

At this time, if he was in front of someone from the Eternal Heaven Realm, even if it was the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, Yun Che might not have been able to hold himself back from smearing dog feces on their face.

It was announced very early on that the battlefield would be within the Eternal Heaven Pearl, but in the end it wasn’t their real bodies that were meant to go inside, but just their projections… Why didn’t they say that before!?

The participants eliminated in the first round of preliminaries would be expelled from the Eternal Heaven Realm… Why didn’t they mention it sooner!!?

The profound practitioners who got eliminated in the second round of preliminaries would be thrown out too…

Why didn’t they say that earlier!!!?

If he had known about these rules, he would have straightaway ignored the Profound God Convention, and openly walked into the Eternal Heaven Realm following behind Mu Bingyun. Why did he still need to deal with so many annoying things!?

As Yun Che rained curses in his heart, a light beam descended from the sky, which made everything before his eyes turn white at once. Afterwards, he appeared in a brand-new world.

The ground here was flat and dried-up, and it was spacious and empty as far as he could see, with only some short mountains faintly visible in the distance. The air was calm and windless, and he could not sense or hear any auras or roars of profound beasts.

“Young experts, welcome to the second battlefield.” The Voice of Eternal Heaven, that made Yun Che grit his teeth in anger and fury, slowly resounded throughout the place once again. “Do remember that the rules here will be completely the same as your first battlefield. The soul orbs you have in the beginning of the second round are the gains from your first battlefield.”

But, you can only stay here for three days times. The final quantity of soul orbs you have after three days, will be the deciding factor for your rank in the second round.”

The time period of three days made all the profound practitioners either frown or tense up. It was simply too short of a duration for them. Undoubtedly, it would raise the intensity of the battle to an extreme point. As there were just seventy-two hours available to them, they would be busy fighting and robbing others at almost every instant.

“The competition has begun now. You young experts, who shoulder the future of the Divine Eastern Region, give your all and decide your final fate on this battlefield!”

The far-reaching voice caused waves in the firmament, which took a long time to disperse, little by little.

The second round of the preliminaries also officially began at this moment.

Compared to the tremendous figure of fifty million in the first round of preliminaries, the scale of this competition with only ten thousand people seemed particularly small. But, no one would doubt that the intensity of this competition would be far, far higher than the first one.

In the first round, all participating profound practitioners had initially appeared in different safe main cities, but in this round, the profound practitioners were apparently sent to random locations around the battlefield.

The instant the start of the competition was announced, countless profound auras erupted inside the battlefield as they immediately began to search for and lock onto their prey. It was only Yun Che who remained dazed in place, and didn’t budge an inch for a long while.

After all, he was the most bottom level existence here. Precisely speaking, he didn’t even have the qualification to be here in the first place. It was naturally impossible for someone like him to find prey on this battlefield.

On the other hand, anyone could treat him as their prey, and it would be a piece of cake for them to hunt him.

“What should I do this time…?” Yun Che gnashed his teeth. Now that had come this far, there was no way he would be willing for it all to come to naught.

However, if he were to use ordinary and proper means, it was absolutely impossible for him to make his way into the top thousand in this battlefield that belonged to topnotch experts.

Unless he used the method from just a while ago!

But in the case of Wu Guike… considering the rules, it was only possible to rob soul orbs from others when it was your first time killing them. Even if he could still coerce him into giving in to his demand, it would be completely useless.

It was at this time that Yun Che’s eyes brightened all of a sudden, as he thought of another person…

Huo Poyun!

Huo Poyun had astonishingly succeeded in placing as high as the top hundred in the first round of preliminaries. If he could keep up the same performance on this battlefield, then Yun Che could go over to him when the battle was in its final stage, and Huo Poyun would have the highest quantity of soul orbs, to ask the former to let him kill him once… Losing thirty percent of his soul orbs would not prevent him from entering the list of the top thousand, and it would also very likely allow Yun Che to get a place in the top thousand ranking.

But he immediately shook his head, and the shine in his eyes faded away.

Although Huo Poyun seemed to be a gentle and very easy going person on the surface, Yun Che was well-aware that an extreme sense of dignity and pride existed within his bones; particularly, when it came to the profound way.

If he were to look for Huo Poyun’s help, the latter would go all out for him without any hesitation.

But if that involved such a shameless cheating, he absolutely wouldn’t agree to it.

Especially as Huo Poyun still considered him a friend, and hence, would be even less likely to let him emerge victorious through such means. It would only lead to him be disappointed, aggrieved, and he would rebuke Yun Che.

It wasn’t possible for him to clearly tell the true reason, either.

Wait a moment!

Yun Che’s eyes brightened once more…

He recalled something all of a sudden. This was the second battlefield, which was a different world from the one where he had killed Wu Guike earlier! If he killed Wu Guike here, it would be his first time killing him in this world!

The Voice of Eternal Heaven had also specially mentioned that the rules of this world were similar to the ones before, but that they had been “reset!”

It meant that the “already established fact” of him killing Wu Guike on the previous battlefield, no longer existed on this new battlefield!

In that case, he should be able to obtain soul orbs upon killing Wu Guike in this round again!

Wu Guike’s profound strength and rank were above Huo Poyun. Even though thirty percent of his soul orbs were cunningly robbed by him, given his absolute strength, he would definitely be able to quickly rise to the top ranks of this competition as well. When it was the late stage of the competition, if he could once again rob thirty percent of his soul orbs, it was very likely that he would get a place among the final thousand.

“Alright!” Having decided his objective, Yun Che finally began to take action.

In this battlefield, no matter who Yun Che met, it would spell his death without the shadow of a doubt. He had nearly two million soul orbs on him at this time, which would be lost very soon if he let himself be discovered by others, or stayed hidden within the main city. But, he wasn’t worried at all.

“Moon Splitting Cascade!”

As Yun Che headed forward at a hurried pace, his figure disappeared into the air without a sound; even his aura had completely dissipated.

Although he was currently at the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm, he was incomparably confident that so long as he didn’t seek his own death by moving closer to his opponents, even someone in the late stages of Divine Spirit Realm would find it extremely difficult to notice his existence.

“I may be moving very slowly in this invisible state, but there are only ten thousand people on this battlefield, and hence, it shouldn’t be too big, so as to make it easier for the participants to fight each other. Three days time… is certainly enough to find him.”

However, in reality, he was even luckier than he had expected.

Because after just six hours, he caught sight of the figure of Wu Guike.

He was dressed in expensive garments that were shining with golden light, making him so conspicuous that one could notice him from over five kilometers away.

Yun Che had a slight doubt in his mind as to whether he was wearing such profound clothes with the intention of attracting ridicule from others.


He was venting the endless fury and hatred inside his heart by unleashing his profound strength. With a wave of his hand, ground would split apart and mountains flatten. Three experts of the Divine Spirit Realm, who had temporarily formed a group, got ruthlessly blasted to death under his might. A large number of streaks of white light descended from the sky and transformed into Wu Guike’s soul orbs.

His soul orbs greatly increased, but Wu Guike still had a gloomy expression. Perhaps, he wouldn’t be able to fully vent the feeling of suffocation and resentment in his heart, even if he was allowed to wantonly slaughter people for next eight to ten years on this battlefield.

Normally speaking, great misfortune would be followed by great fortune. But for some reason, since the time he had stepped into the second battlefield, he constantly felt his eyelids twitching crazily.

It was at this time that he suddenly sensed someone’s gaze fixed on him, and turned around at lightning speed. Soon after, his pupils slightly widened and the corners of his eyes drooped. The one he saw was the very person whom he was dying to break apart and tear into pieces.

Yun Che!

“It’s… you!”

“Great Young Master Wu, we meet again.” Yun Che once again went straight to the point. “Since we’re so fated to come across each other, how about we make a deal again?”

Wu Guike wasn’t a fool. He could even guess with his butt what Yun Che meant by the so-called “deal.” First, he was overflowing with anger, but then a grim smile surfaced on his face. “Yun Che, I’ve already given face to you once. If you were sensible, we could have completely been at peace with each other, but now that you insist on…”

“Great Young Master Wu, don’t be in such a hurry to come a conclusion,” Yun Che interrupted him. He said with a faint smile, “There is no way I’d do something as unreasonable as using the same thing to threaten… cough, using the same thing to make a deal with Great Young Master twice. I’m, of course, proposing a brand new deal.”

Having finished his words, Yun Che flicked his finger.

Wu Guike stretched out his hand to grab the thing thrown at him. In the center of his palm, was actually a Profound Imagery Stone.

Wu Guike’s heart abruptly “thumped” loudly, as he had an extremely bad premonition all of sudden. He felt that this Profound Imagery Stone was different from the one before. Immediately, he swept his spirit sense over it, which made his face turn so pitch-black, as if someone had rubbed his face against the bottom of a pot.

It was certainly not the same Profound Imagery Stone that Yun Che had given Wu Guike to look at. Instead, it was another one of the two Profound Imagery Stones that Yun Che had found on the corpse of Lei Qianfeng back then.

The image imprinted within it, was possibly far more thrilling than the one from before.

The distinguished son of the Divine Martial Realm King was actually committing adultery with his own aunt, and the whole thing was imprinted on the Profound Imagery Stone by someone else. Considering the fineness of the angles and voice, Yun Che absolutely believed that the person who recorded the image was a master level individual of the profound imagery field.

(Caizhi: Achoo!)

If this image were to spread around, Wu Guike’s reputation would go down the drain. He would become the shame of the Divine Martial Realm and the laughingstock of the Eastern Divine Region, and the halo of nobility around him since his birth would turn into a mark of shame that he wouldn’t be able to get rid of for the rest of his life.

Especially, seeing that barely two inch long little worm would make even a man from a planet, which was the bottommost existence in the boundless universe, suddenly feel an intense sense of superiority.

“The son of the Divine Martial Realm King, and the wife of the Darkya Realm King, hehehe. You two are such a perfect match that it makes me envious,” Yun Che narrowed his eyes as he smilingly said.

“…” Wu Guike’s whole body was shaking like a sieve. Earlier, he could at least curse in anger and sneer at the other party. But right now, he couldn’t utter a word, as blood dripped out through his tightly-clenched teeth.

“I believe that someone as wise as Great Young Master Wu must have guessed what deal I want to make.”

If he had used the same Profound Imagery Stone, it would have enraged Wu Guike for sure. There was a very high possibility that things wouldn’t have gone his way, and it might have even resulted in the opposite effect.

But the second Profound Imagery Stone struck a vulnerable spot on Wu Guike even more viciously than the first one.

“So, three days later, two hours before the battlefield is closed, at this place.” Yun Che pointed at the ground under his feet. “I’ll be quietly waiting for the arrival of Great Young Master Wu when the time comes. Of course, it’s up to Great Young Master Wu to make the choice. How could a nobody like me force Great Young Master Wu to do anything?”

Finishing his words, Yun Che let out a faint laugh, before turning round to fly away.

“Oh right.” Yun Che had only flown for a bit when he suddenly came to a standstill. He turned his head around as he said in an unhurried voice. “I forgot to remind Great Young Master Wu of something. You need to put in extra effort during these three days, and make sure not to slack off. Otherwise, if the quantity of the thirty percent soul orbs that I’ll be obtaining from Great Young Master Wu Guike three days from now turns out to be insufficient to get a place in the top thousand ranking, it would be such a pity.”

With that, Yun Che flew far, far away.



He could hear the hoarse and exhausted roar of Wu Guike from behind him, as well as the sound of ground being ruthlessly turned over.