Chapter 1142 - First Day Ranking

Chapter 1142 - First Day Ranking

Although he didn’t have any intention to continue pursuing the profound way, a lot of excitement could be perceived in Xiao Mo’s tone and eyes due to his respect and admiration for the strong. “Back then when I had just arrived in the God Realm, I heard the name ‘Young Master Changsheng’ a countless number of times. The other three of the Four God Children of the Eastern Region are: Shui Yingyue of the Glazed Light Realm, Jun Xilei, the successor of the Sword Sovereign, Lu Lengchuan of the Shrouding Sky Realm. It is said that they all have their own weaknesses and strengths, and it is very difficult to tell which one of them is stronger than the others. But it’s only Luo Changsheng who is widely acknowledged as the strongest among the four, and the number one profound practitioner of the younger generation of the Divine Eastern Region.”

“As expected, he is indeed the first in the overall ranking! He has truly lived up to his reputation… To have over twenty thousand soul orbs, he has probably killed more than a hundred Divine Spirit Realm profound beasts by himself. Damn, not even a day has passed… Sss!” Xiao Mo gasped in fright. “That’s too fearsome.”

Young Master Changsheng—Luo Changsheng of the Holy Eaves Realm, was the strongest among the Four God Children of the Eastern Region. The first day should be the most difficult to make a complete display of one’s power, yet he still managed to firmly occupy first place in the overall ranking. There could be no better way to show his astonishing strength.

Yun Che moved his gaze downward.

Shui Yingyue—Origin: Glazed Light Realm, Soul Orb: 20491, Rank in Battle Zone: 1, Overall Rank: 2.

Jun Xilei—Origin: Jasper Heart Sword Pavilion, Soul Orb: 19438, Rank in Battle Zone: 1, Overall Rank: 3

The top three places were monopolized by the Four God Children of Eastern Region!

It undoubtedly told the masses that they were absolutely not called the “Four God Children of the Eastern Region” just for show.

As Xiao Mo waved his palm, the list of their battle zone appeared before them. Yun Che was actually familiar with the name at the top of the list.

Wu Guike—Origin: Divine Martial Realm, Soul Orb: 15849, Rank in Battle Zone: 1, Overall Rank: 19.

“Wu Guike… Oh! I’ve heard of this person! He’s the son of the Divine Martial Realm King, as well as the most powerful one among this generation of the Divine Martial Realm!” Xiao Mo yelled. “I didn’t think that I’d be assigned to the same battlefield as such a powerful person. I wonder whether I’ll get the opportunity to see him.”

It wasn’t that Xiao Mo was very informed about the God Realm, rather all these people were the most topnotch individuals of the young generation that had been exceedingly famous in the God Realm for quite a long time now. It would be odd not to know of them.

Yun Che slightly wrinkled his brows… It wasn’t unexpected for Wu Guike to be the first in their battle zone, but he was taken by surprise to see him rank so high in the overall ranking.

How tremendously amazing it was… to be ranked the nineteenth among the young generation of the whole Eastern Divine Region!

Although it was just a temporary ranking on the first day, which was nowhere close to the final result, it was already enough to manifest Wu Guike’s astonishing strength.

Furthermore, it seemed that he had achieved such a good rank without even getting serious.

However, it only surprised Yun Che a bit, and he didn’t care about it at all. He belonged to a completely different world from these people. Once the preliminaries ended, he would give his all to fulfill his wish, and perhaps, it would also be the time for him to bid farewell to the God Realm.

When he returned to the Blue Pole Star, he should go to the Snow Song Realm after a time to see Master Mu Xuanyin. Besides that, he would have no point of intersection with this world any longer. His soul had always belonged to the Blue Pole Star.

Outside the battlefield, all the realms of the Eastern Divine Region were also in quite a state of unrest.

The people from the Snow Song Realm and the Flame God Realm, who had already entered the Eternal Heaven Realm, had been settled into the residences assigned to them. But, because the battlefield was inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl, it was naturally impossible for them to directly watch the situation of the battlefield, and they had to rely on the star tablet like all the others.

“Let’s first take a look at the approximate result of the first day.”

All the people from the Snow Song Realm and the Flame God Realm stood in front of the same star tablet. Huo Rulie stretched out his hand and touched the starlight, as he poured his thought into it. Immediately, the information of the people he was searching for appeared on a screen of light:

Yan Mingxuan—Origin: Phoenix Sect of the Flame God Realm, Rank in Battle Zone: 105, Overall Rank: 98432.

Yan Zhuo—Origin: Vermillion Bird Sect of the Flame God Realm, Rank in Battle Zone: 42, Overall Rank: 44600.

“Hahahaha,” Huo Rulie let out a loud laugh. “Congratulations, Sect Master Yan. It seems like a pretty good start.”

Yan Juehai also nodded his head with a faint smile. He said with a very satisfied look, “Xuan’er’s performance on the first day is still passable, at least he didn’t drop out of the top hundred thousand. Zhuo’er, on the other hand, did extraordinary well. If Sect Master Yan were to know about it, he would definitely be immensely glad.”

“Not only does this Yan Zhuo boy have very high talent, he is extremely hardworking as well. It was only three months ago when he entered the Divine Spirit Realm. There is no doubt that it’s a rare feat to get such a rank with a cultivation of the first level of the Divine Spirit Realm. But Mingxuan placing in the top hundred thousand is much, much more amazing.” Huo Rulie praised without holding back.

There were over fifty million profound practitioners participating in the competition, with the Divine Tribulation Realm as the lower limit and the Divine Spirit Realm as the upper limit of profound strength. But there was an extremely great difference in the number of the profound practitioners in the two realms.

If the participating profound practitioners were categorized according to their profound strength, an extreme and progressive decrease could be seen in their numbers. Most of the participants were in the early stages of the Divine Tribulation Realm, and with every increase in level, the number of profound practitioners would see a steep geometric decrease. Upon reaching the Divine Spirit Realm, the numbers would lessen by a staggeringly extreme degree.

Even among the profound practitioners of the Divine Spirit Realm, the majority were in the early stages. There were extremely few who were in the middle stages, and those in the late stages were very, very rare… As for the ones in the last stage of the Divine Spirit Realm, only the Four God Children of the Eastern Region had such a cultivation level, which was the absolute peak of profound strength in the Divine Spirit Realm.

Speaking of numbers, the profound practitioners of the Divine Spirit Realm were no more than around fifty thousand, and they just barely amounted to one-thousandth of the participants. Rest of the profound practitioners, who totaled over fifty million, were all in the Divine Tribulation Realm.

As a result, it was only normal for the ones among those fifty million profound practitioners of the Divine Tribulation Realm to have a difference of several millions in their ranks. Therefore, for Yan Mingxuan, the grandson of Yan Juehai, to rank within the top hundred thousand with a profound strength of the ninth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm, this proves that he had surpassed a vast majority of the opponents in the same realm as him. It was definitely an extremely amazing achievement.

But no matter how desperately he struggled, or how lucky he was, it was certainly impossible for him to make his way into the top fifty thousand. That was a territory that belonged to the profound practitioners of the Divine Spirit Realm.

Although there was only a difference of one level between the ninth level of Divine Tribulation Realm and the first level of Divine Spirit Realm, the two levels had a world of difference between them. It was basically impossible to cross over such a wide gap.

Yan Zhuo being able to place in the forty thousands while being at the first level of Divine Spirit Realm, could also be called an extremely good achievement.

On the other side, the people of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect were also searching for the ranks of their disciples.

“Hanyu is placed at one million eight hundred and seventy thousandth. That’s still a good rank.” Mu Tanzhi slightly nodded his head, when he heard Mu Huanzhi roaring excitedly beside him. “Feixue… is placed at five hundred and twenty thousandth!”

To rank within the top one million! Moreover, almost stepping into the top five hundred thousand!

“Hahahaha!” Mu Huanzhi couldn’t help being excited, as he laughed aloud. “As expected of my granddaughter. She is indeed outstanding.”

Mu Bingyun showed a rare faint smile, “Having such a rank would mean trampling upon many profound practitioners of the ninth level of Divine Tribulation Realm. Feixue really didn’t disappoint us.”

Despite being at the same eighth level of Divine Tribulation Realm, Mu Hanyu was over a million ranks below her. The two of them might have the same level of profound strength, but the true difference in their strengths could be made out with this result. After all, Mu Feixue was a direct inheritor of Ice Phoenix profound veins, and hence, was far better than Mu Hanyu in every aspect.

There weren’t that many profound practitioners participating from the Snow Song Realm in the first place. Besides Mu Hanyu and Mu Feixue, the rank of others was in the millions to tens of millions, which wasn’t much different from what was expected of them.

While Mu Huanzhi and the rest were feeling happy about the results, the expressions of Yan Juehai and others grew more and more serious. Huo Rulie stretched out his hand to the star tablet several times, but remained unable to take the next action during this whole time.

“Sect Master Huo, let me do it,” Yan Juehai said.

“No, I will!” Huo Rulie raised his brows suddenly, as he finally released his thought: Flame God Realm, Huo Poyun!


As Huo Rulie’s thoughts poured into it, the star tablet flashed and a screen of light appeared before his eyes.

Huo Poyun—Origin: Golden Crow Sect of Flame God Realm, Rank in Battle Zone: 1, Overall Rank: 179.

Yan Juehai and Huo Rulie fell into a daze at the same time, especially Huo Rulie, his eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets. After remaining dead silent for a brief while, he let out a sky-shaking, crazy roar that made the sky vibrate, all of a sudden.

“One hundred seventy nine! One hundred seventy ninth rank! Within the top thousand… he is ranked within the top thousand!” Huo Rulie energetically yelled. His beard trembled wildly, as it sprayed sparks of firelight everywhere from the point at the bottom. He seemed like a madman that had lost his mind, and possessed not the slightest bearing of a sect master.

“No, it’s far better than the top thousand. His rank is within the top two hundred.” Yan Juehai corrected him while smiling.

“Right! You’re right! It’s within top two hundred, he’s ranked among the top two hundred!” Huo Rulie immediately nodded his head. He was unable to control the ecstasy brimming inside him, and even a few glistening teardrops could be vaguely seen at the rims of his eyes. “Yun’er… Master’s good Yun’er, well done, very well done! Ranking within the top two hundred… Haha… Hahahahaha!”

His extreme nervousness from before had now turned into endless excitement. Not only did Huo Poyun not disappoint them, he even gave them a very, very huge and pleasant surprise that they had never even dreamed of. There was no elder from the Flame God Realm who wasn’t extremely happy to see his rank. Every loud laugh of Huo Rulie’s shook the sky as it resounded through the place. He no longer cared about the fact that he was in the prestigious and vast Eternal Heaven Realm.

“Quickly let Sect Master Yan know of this good news,” an elder of the Golden Crow Sect said excitedly.

“There’s no need,” Yan Juehai said with a smile. “Although Sect Master Yan isn’t here with us, there’s no doubt that he is also concerned about the performance of Poyun. Many star tablets should have fallen into the Flame God Realm as well, so he likely knew about this result even earlier than us.”

“No, no, it’s still too early to be happy.” Huo Rulie might have tried to forcibly calm down his emotions, but he couldn’t suppress the grin on his face. “It’s just the first day, and the competition has yet to start for real, so it is very difficult to gain a lead on others. When the competition reaches the late stage, and people start fighting and robbing each other, the difference in ranks will greatly increase and decrease in a matter of mere seconds. That will be when the competition will truly start for the participants… Sss! That’s right… We can’t be happy too soon. Yun’er, you have to do your best! Do not to be complacent! Make sure to stay within the top thousand!”

While the people from the Flame God Realm were shaking the sky with their cries, those from the Snow Song Realm at their side, had complicated looks, without exception. They were joyous to see one of them at the five hundred and twenty thousandth rank, and now the Flame God Realm had Huo Poyun placing one hundred seventy ninth.

He was actually ranked within the top two hundred…

This rank brought about an unimaginably huge shock. To the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, let alone top two hundred… even being placed in the top two thousands, twenty thousands or even two hundred thousands… was such a wild wish that they wouldn’t even dream of.

“Ah, that is so envious.” Mu Huanzhi couldn’t help sighing with emotion.

“Impossible, this is impossible.” Mu Tanzhi shook his head continuously.

“Oh right, what is Yun Che’s rank?” Mu Huanzhi asked.

“Let me take a look.” Mu Bingyun touched the starlight, as she thought “Snow Song Realm, Yun Che.”

Although Yun Che had the lowest profound strength, he had an extraordinary identity, after all. Furthermore, everyone in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect knew that Yun Che had unusually high talent in the frost element, and his strength absolutely couldn’t be assessed by the profound strength of his realm. Perhaps, he might give them a pleasant surprise.

As all the people looked forward with expectation, Yun Che’s name appeared on a screen of light.

Yun Che—Origin: Snow Song Realm, Soul Orb: 0, Rank in Battle Zone: 51302, Overall Rank: 51299954

“This… This…” Mu Huanzhi and the rest were dumbfounded.

He was ranked last, and the number of soul orbs, in particular, was actually zero! It said, without a doubt, that Yun Che hadn’t taken even a step into the battlefield, since the time he entered the competition site!

“Forget it. Looks like Yun Che has no interest in the Profound God Convention.” Mu Bingyun responded in a very flat tone. With a wave of her hand, the screen before them disappeared. “Let him do as he wants.”

Even though she was a bit disappointed, Mu Bingyun didn’t feel very surprised to see such an attitude from Yun Che.