Chapter 1104 - Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet

Chapter 1104 - Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet


There was no doubt that this old man was blackhearted since he had been named “Poison Saint Blackheart”. Since that was the case, Lei Qianfeng voluntarily increased it by five times its amount using the price of the three Black Feather Merchant Guild’s men’s lives as reference.

But he never expected that this Poison Saint Blackheart would ask for one hundred million!!

One hundred million! This was exactly a hundred times more than the three Black Feather Merchant Guild members!!

How was this blackhearted? This was a f*cking theft!

As the Darkya Realm’s Great Realm King, Lei Qianfeng had the enormous Soul Sect under his control. However, to him, one hundred million profound stones was still not a small number. Furthermore, he had six sons, bringing the total up to six hundred million profound stones!

Lei Qianfeng twitched all over, starting from the corner of his mouth all the way to the back of his neck. However, the awesomeness of this Poison Saint Blackheart naturally made him unable to flare up. He said with a bitter face, “Senior Poison Saint, the lives of my sons are naturally priceless and this humble one is absolutely not a stingy person but pricing the detoxifying spirit pellets at one hundred million profound stones per pellet is indeed a it possible for this senior make a small exception?”

“Exception? Heh…” The black clad old man laughed coldly. “Darkya Realm King, this old man is well aware of whether or not you are able to take out six hundred million profound stones. You dare haggle with me? Hehehehe, I’m afraid that you haven’t heard of the blackheart in my name enough times.”

The black clad old man’s words utterly discomforted Lei Qianfeng as an indescribable unease surfaced in his heart. Just as he was about to say something, Lei Tiangang’s voice suddenly came over, “Sect Master, we’re still missing one!”

Lei Qianfeng abruptly turned around. “What do you mean by missing one…”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he suddenly came to his senses… The total number of detoxifying pellets Poison Saint Blackheart threw over to him previously just happened to total six. However, due to his own cautiousness, he gave the first pellet to the Soul Sect disciple infected with the Thousand Souls Poison. The remaining amount he had quickly given to Lei Tiangang and Lei Qiandu only totaled five.

In his excitement and worry earlier, he had actually neglected this fact.

The poison auras of the five that had been given the antidote faded; their complexions became rosy and they no longer looked pained. Seeing his brothers break free of the toxin, the anxious struggle of the one remaining became more violent. Lei Qiangang’s shout had then increased the intensity of his struggling even more. “Royal father… Mother… quick… save me…”

The one which had yet to be detoxified… was astonishingly Lei Guangqian! The only son left between Lei Qianfeng and Xiao Qingtong.

“Qian’er!” Xiao Qingtong cried painfully. Then, she yelled in a rage, “You two, why didn’t you give the antidote to Qian’er first!?”

“This…” Lei Tiangang answered in terror, “Calm your anger, Madam. I thought that the Great Elder also had three but who knew…”

Just as Xiao Qingtong was about to pounce over, she immediately came to her senses and looked toward Poison Saint Blackheart. She asked anxiously, “Senior Poison Saint, my husband is naturally a suspicious one so he wasted a pellet. May you bestow us another one?”

“Hmph!” A low snort sounded, causing the souls of everyone present to freeze. “There are many who doubt my abilities so I would never take that to heart. However… after I gave you the antidote and your sons were saved, you actually have the face to dare haggle over the price. Since the lives of your sons are that cheap, one or two dying should be alright with you!”

The black clad old man’s voice was several times colder than before; it was obvious that he had been truly angered… Lei Qianfeng trying to haggle with him clearly touched some kind of taboo!

Lei Qianfeng’s expression changed yet again as sobbing sounds surfaced in Xiao Qingtong’s pleas, “Senior Poison Saint, my husband doesn’t understand how to appreciate favors and has offended you but this is absolutely not my intention. I have said it myself earlier, as long as you can save them, I would not hesitate to pay any price.”

Lei Qianfeng flapped his lips, embarrassment all over his face. “Senior…”

“Shut up!” The moment Lei Qianfeng said something, the rest of his words had been furiously stuffed back in his mouth. She quickly took out an amethyst spatial ring and said, “Senior Poison Saint, I am willing to give you seven hundred million profound stones for seven pellets right now.”

The black clad old man’s gaze swept over, the coldness in his eyes scattered. “Hehehe, no need. I am never afraid of anyone owing me, because the ones that dare to not pay up are all dead.”

Happiness surfaced on Xiao Qingtong’s face. “Does this mean that Senior Poison Saint is willing to give us another pellet? Senior Poison Saint, thank you.”

The black clad old man slowly took out a dirty, black colored wooden case from somewhere and placed it on the table to his right. When he opened the case, pellets of different colors and sizes filled the interior. Nearly half of them were the antidotes he tossed out previously. One could see that there were at least fifty of them at a single glance.

The instant the wooden case opened, an irresistible attractive force led the gazes of everyone present to lock onto a certain pellet at its center. It was the biggest pellet inside the box, as large as a dragon eye fruit. While all the other pellets within the case were all a dark color, yet it was a bright scarlet.

However, what attracted their attention was obviously not its appearance but its distinct spiritual energy which was incredibly mysterious and mystical. Just gazing at it made them clearly feel a sense of clarity which penetrated their souls. It instantly cleared their minds and even their gazes became distinctively clearer.

This kind of aura was simply unheard of and this kind of feeling was indescribable. They had never experienced such before in their lives.

There were many pellets within the wooden case yet this scarlet pellet’s spiritual energy actually suppressed all the others. They had personally seen with their own eyes what kind of result came out of the most common pellet among them, so this scarlet pellet… was undoubtedly an extremely high grade one. It could be said to be a rare treasure.

Beneath their odd gazes, the black clad old man slowly took out a pellet and leisurely said, “As long as the price is appropriate, there is no reason for me to not do business. However, the price of this one is different from the previous six.”

He extended his withered hand but had not yet closed the black colored wooden case, allowing the unique spiritual energy to escape. “This one costs three hundred million profound stones.”

“What!? Th-three hundred million?” Lei Qianfeng roared, his eyeballs nearly coming out of his sockets.

“Oh?” The eyes of the black clad old man narrowed. “It looks like the Darkya Realm King still isn’t satisfied with my pricing. Then… how about five hundred million profound stones?”

“...” Both of Lei Qianfeng’s legs went soft as he said panicky, “No, n-no… three hundred million, three hundred million!”

“Don’t listen to him!” Xiao Qingtong fiercely glared at Lei Qianfeng and answered with an incomparable firmness, “Since Senior Poison Saint said five hundred million profound stones, then it’ll be five hundred million profound stones! If it is for my son’s life, forget about the five hundred million profound stones senior proposed, even if it is a billion profound stones, it would still be a great favor!”

When her voice fell, she flipped her hand. The amethyst ring flashed and then it was pushed toward the black clad old man. “There are a total of eleven hundred million profound stones inside. Please check and accept it, Senior Poison Saint.”

Lei Qianfeng gaped but not a single word came out.

Behind him, from Lei Qiandu, Lei Tiangang, to all the ordinary Soul Sect disciples, all of them wore stupefied expressions. Both Lei Qiandu and Lei Tiangang lamented in their hearts. Accustomed to covering the entire Darkya Realm with a single hand, their sect master was eternally tyrannical and arrogant, especially in these recent years where he became more easily irritable as the years went by. As for imposingness and how to properly respond to different people, especially “experts”, the sect mistress far surpassed their sect master.

It was no wonder why those from the Divine Martial Realm clearly favored Xiao Qingtong… especially the Lei Qianyu and Wu Guike mother son pair.

“Hehehe…” The black clad old man’s laugh was obviously cheerful. Without even bothering to inspect the number of profound stones inside the amethyst ring, he leisurely put it away after retrieving it. Then, he gently flicked the antidote in his hand while praising, “Darkya Realm King, even though you are not worthy of much respect, you have however, married a great wife. What a pity, what a pity.”

Not knowing what to say, Lei Qianfeng could only force a laugh.

Upon receiving the antidote, Xiao Qingtong hurriedly arrived before Lei Guanqian and personally fed him.

The antidote contained the purification powers of the Sky Poison Pearl so of course it would be quickly effective. A result identical to what happened with the previous five appeared; before ten breaths of time had yet to pass, the poison aura on Lei Guangqian dispersed and he no longer let out pained moans.

After Xiao Qingtong was overjoyed, she quickly pulled at the still weak Lei Guangqian before the black clad old man. “Qian’er, Senior Poison Saint is the savior who cured you. Hurry and kowtow to thank him!”

Hearing Xiao Qingtong’s words, Lei Guangqian quickly kneeled.

Bang bang bang.

After three consecutive kowtows, he said, “Junior Lei Guangqian thanks Senior Poison Saint for saving him.”

This woman… she wasn’t simple.

The black clad old man thought as he said grimly, “No need to show me these useless things. You all got back your lives and I got my profound stones, so this business is complete. Why haven’t you left yet!?”

Xiao Qingtong supported Lei Guangqian in getting up. “Yes, then we won’t disturb Senior Poison Saint anymore. If Senior Poison Saint has some free time during his stay in the Darkya Realm, please come over to visit our Soul Sect. Our Soul Sect will definitely treat you as our distinguished guest.”

After she finished speaking, she cast a glance at Lei Qianfeng, “Let’s go.”

But Lei Qianfeng not immediately moved. His gaze shifted toward that scarlet pellet from time to time and after a series of repeated hesitations, he finally turned to leave.

“...” Seeing that Lei Qianfeng was about to leave, the black clad old man wrinkled his brows and deep disappointment flashed within the depths of his eyes.

However, all of Lei Qianfeng’s actions were noticed by Xiao Qingtong. She hurriedly turned around and said to the black clad old man, “Senior Poison Saint, there is another matter I wish to ask about.”

Not waiting for the black clad old man to reply, Xiao Qingtong’s gaze actually landed on that scarlet pellet. “I was previously surprised about the odd spiritual energy coming from this pellet. I had never felt such a power before. Since it comes from Senior Poison Saint, I would assume that it is an extraordinary object. Senior Poison Saint, can you teach me a thing or two and broaden my horizons?”

“...” The black clad elder slightly narrowed his eyes. “This pellet is called the Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet. Refined using several thousand different kinds of poisonous insects and spirit plants, it is able to cleanse all things under heaven and detoxify myriad poisons.”

As he described what it was, the black clad old man directly picked it up. Just picking it up instantly made the scattering of the spiritual energy within increase several fold, stunning Lei Qianfeng and the rest as their amazement increased even further.

The black clad man continued, “Once this pellet is consumed, it washes the marrow, cleanses the body and clears all profound entrances. After it is completely refined, those below the Divine Sovereign Realm will rarely encounter any bottlenecks and one’s body will never be infiltrated by myriad poisons within three thousand years of consumption!”

The words of the black clad old man immediately left everyone dumbstruck. Lei Qianfeng’s gaze grew taut as his throat continuously wiggled. Upon seeing Lei Qianfeng’s reaction, Xiao Qingtong promptly asked, “Is senior willing to sell such a miraculous pellet?”

“Hehehe…” the black clad old man cackled. “Since it was up for display, it is obviously up for sale. But regarding this Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet, I have lived for several thousand years and have only managed to refine three of them. I’m afraid a little lower star sect like yours cannot afford it.”

Once she heard this, Xiao Qingtong immediately answered, “Even though our Soul Sect is small, our assets are vast. Senior, please quote a price. Being able to encounter senior and such a divine pellet may yet be a kind of heaven bestowed fate. How can I be willing to miss such an opportunity?”

“Well said!” The black clad old man turned around, still holding onto the Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet. “Little girly, your temperament is truly impeccable. I like it. I was originally going to sell it to those old freaks in the middle star realms but since a little girly like you asked, I’ll give you this one chance… heh… Whether or not this is fated depends on the thickness of your family’s wealth.”

The black clad old man extended his other hand and slowly spread all five of his fingers. “Five billion profound stones.”

This astronomical number gave the Soul Sect disciples at the rear such a shock that their eyeballs almost popped right out of their sockets.

Lei Qianfeng’s body distinctly swayed, yet Xiao Qingtong’s reaction was much calmer than his. She answered with almost no hesitation at all, “Five billion profound stones is truly expensive. However, it is absolutely worth losing one’s entire fortune for such a divine pellet. Alright… Senior Poison Saint, I will buy this spirit pellet.”

Lei Qianfeng abruptly turned his head in her direction but he didn’t voice any words of dissent. His expression instead contained considerable excitement.

“...” The black clad old man’s eyes slightly narrowed. In his mind however, he roared: Holy shit! Five billion… five billion profound stones! She’s actually going to buy it without a single frown! How much money has your Soul Sect been raking in these past years!?

Did I ask for too f*cking little or something!?

And I was even hesitating about whether or not this was too vicious!

Not only did Xiao Qingtong readily decide to buy it, afraid that this “Poison Saint Blackheart” would back out on it, she quickly took out another amethyst ring. After a flash of light, she pushed it toward Poison Saint Blackheart. “Senior Poison Saint, there are five billion profound stones in there, please check.”

“Hohoho…” The black clad old man chuckled dryly. “It seems that I have truly underestimated you all. Heh, since I have already spoken, I’ll give it to you!”

With a throw, the Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet instantly drew an red arc in the air before gently landing in Xiao Qingtong’s hands.

“However, the selling of this pellet also comes with a rule.”

Xiao Qingtong’s hands lightly covered the Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet. “I heard that the spirit pellets senior bestows always have to be consumed before him. May I ask if this is the rule you are referring to?”

Damn this woman… I don’t even have to say it!

The black clad old man replied, “It’s good that you know it. Now, are you the one using it or…” His gaze shifted to Lei Qianfeng who was standing at the side. “This brat here?”

Xiao Qingtong slightly bowed. “I am a woman, so my husband is still my sky. Since that’s the case…”

“This Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet is already something that belongs to you. It has nothing to do with me even if you toss it out.” The black clad old man interrupted her. Then, he shifted his gaze toward Lei Qianfeng. “Giving it to this brat is still not too shabby. This brat has cultivated lightning attribute profound arts for several thousand years but still managed to harm himself. He ought to have used all sorts of spirit medicine and stones to support himself for quite a few years, yet in the end… Hehehehe, I’m afraid it has been several tens of years since he was able to copulate.”

Both Lei Qianfeng and Xiao Qingtong were shocked at the same time.

“If he completely refines this Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet, his sexual vitality will be completely restored in no more than three months, saving a little girly like you from bitter abstinence.”

Lei Qianfeng’s eyes slowly widened, excitement visible in his voice. “Senior… those words… are they true!?”

“Hmph!” The black clad old man snorted coldly. “How can I possibly make irresponsible remarks as if I were a useless brat like you!”

As the Darkya Realm’s Great Realm King, even though he was continuously denounced to be a brat by this Poison Saint Blackheart, he didn’t feel dissatisfied at all. All he felt was an uncontrollable excitement.

The power of lightning based profound arts were immense but they could easily devour oneself. After he had his youngest son Lei Guangmo, it grew harder to suppress his hidden injuries. When it completely broke out, he had completely lost the virility in his nether regions. To a man, this was undoubtedly the same as losing their dignity and he was even the stately Darkya Realm King, master of the Soul Sect.

It was without question that he was no longer able to lift his head in front of Xiao Qingtong. Even if she scolded him, he had almost never answered back. But outside, it was because of this reason that he became more and more prone to rage.

After having Lei Guangmo, he no longer ventured out, nor had he sought another concubine. The occasional rumor would also flutter within the winds of Darkya Realm, further making him feel angered and humiliated.

Now however, the words Poison Saint Blackheart had said, after publicly revealing his humiliating scar, sounded like music from the heavens.

“No, no,” Lei Qianfeng said hurriedly. “I was absolutely not questioning you, senior. Senior’s poison arts go beyond the heavens and your perception is almighty. I was previously seeing without eyes to not be able to detect an expert like you. All I feel now is endless respect. If everything goes as senior says, senior will become my great benefactor.”

“Hmph! Stop spouting nonsense and consume it already,” Poison Saint Blackheart said impatiently.

Lei Qianfeng quickly took the Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet from Xiao Qingtong’s hands, took a deep breath and then swallowed it.

An unimaginably pure spiritual energy instantly spread through his entire body. It was as if countless gusts of cool wind from an ancient forest had brushed through every corner of his body. His spirit sense, sight, hearing and sense of smell all seemed to have awakened. He felt as if his entire body underwent a rebirth.

Lei Qianfeng’s face revealed an intoxicated look, as he uncontrollably blurted, “It truly is a divine pellet.”

“You’ll find out whether or not it is a divine pellet after you completely refine it.” A dark and sly light flashed past the black clad man’s eyes after seeing that Lei Qianfeng had consumed the Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet.

Just looking at Lei Qianfeng’s expression revealed that the Starlet Immortal Spirit Pellet had wondrous effects… This was merely after he had swallowed it too; he had yet to refine it. Xiao Qingtong quickly bowed. “We will never forget senior’s favor to us.”

“Hmph, we were only doing business, why the need for the false particulars?” The black clad man turned around. “Now that our transaction is complete, we can go our separate ways. Don’t blame me for not reminding you, all sorts of colorless, tasteless and formless poisons abound here. If you don’t leave soon, I’m afraid you won’t even be able to leave once the poisonous air enters your body.”

The Soul Sect crowd was shocked and they immediately held their breaths while secretly condensing profound energy to protect themselves. Xiao Qingtong said, “Since that’s the case, we will no longer disturb senior. We will leave right now. Rest assured senior, we won’t disclose a single word about you being in the Darkya Realm.”

“Heh, so what if it gets out? All that means is a few more insects seeking death.” The black clad old man laughed evilly amidst his disdain. Every one of his words sent chills throughout one’s body. Even the pace at which they left had unconsciously sped up.

Soul Sect’s members quickly left, completely different from the lifeless mood they had on arrival. They left in high spirits since the haze brought by Ling Yun had been swept away. They continuously thanked the Poison Saint Blackheart that had taken more than six billion profound stones, feeling as though he was a heaven sent fortune.

After confirming that they had traveled quite the distance, the black clad old man took in a deep breath and all the profound energy on his body exploded outward. His bluish black cloak and disguise immediately broke apart to cover the ground, revealing his true form… it was shockingly Yun Che!

His face was extremely unsightly as cold sweat completely drenched his back.

Confronting the couple, along with the Soul Sect’s hall masters, great elders and other peak experts, every breath gave him unimaginable pressure.

If he had exposed the slightest flaw, the consequence would’ve been certain death.

He heavily sat down on the ground, panting loudly in huge breaths. It was only after he gasped more than a dozen times that he waved both arms, instantly clearing the drifting black energy on his body and the stone room.

The black energy was actually darkness profound energy released by the devil origin orb in his body. The coldness felt within the room as well as the heart thumping eerie feeling came from the combination of darkness profound energy and ice profound energy. Not daring to stay any longer, he randomly changed into a set of clothes before quickly fleeing in the direction opposite Lei Qianfeng and his party.

With his profound strength, wanting to kill Lei Qianfeng was impossible.

However, he had something on him that was able to kill Lei Qianfeng.

Which was the horned dragon’s poison!

The medicine he named the Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet was the key point in his long term scheme. From the spreading of the Poison Saint Backheart news, to killing Lei Guangmo by poison, to poisoning his six other sons, to forcing Lei Qianfeng to find Poison Saint Blackheart. All that was to make him swallow the Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet!

Just so he could easily pull a fast one on him!

This was because its outer layer was the Sky Poison Pearl’s spiritual energy… and its interior… was the horned dragon poison!

However, he had nearly failed to execute this key point. Lei Qianfeng was obviously attracted to it and desired it but he had not acted. Fortunately, Xiao Qingtong gave him a perfect supportive attack… Furthermore, regardless if it was the “antidote” or the “Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet”, they paid a huge amount of profound stones. All of that was provided by Xiao Qingtong and not Lei Qianfeng.

This allowed Yun Che to clearly see one thing: Xiao Qingtong’s status appeared to be even higher than Lei Qianfeng’s. At the very least, she was in control of Soul Sect’s economic funds?

Since Lei Qianfeng was was a Divine King, he obviously was not able to hide too much horned dragon poison inside the Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet. Otherwise, its poison aura would easily be exposed. As such, if Lei Qianfeng used all his strength to dispel the poison, there was a huge probability that he wouldn’t die from the poison.

Though all this could be considered a perfect accomplishment, with the hardships Yun Che had to suffer through, how could he be willing to leave it at that?

What he was going to do next was make trouble one after another!

“Lei Qianfeng, just you wait!”

With that said, Yun Che’s figure quickly disappeared into the distant horizon.