Chapter 1138 - The Mysterious Girl

Chapter 1138 - The Mysterious Girl

This is…

Yun Che swiftly became alert in his heart and concentrated his mind. Immediately, the illusionary feeling of dropping into a world of endless night disappeared. Although his vision became clear along with it, he still hadn’t shifted his eyes away and was instead looking straight into the eyes of the girl dressed in a black skirt. It was unknown whether it was due to him subconsciously not wanting to look away from her eyes or some completely other reason.

The girl in the sky let out a light sound of surprise.

“What is it?” the girl in blue skirt beside her looked over as she asked in puzzlement.

“Big Sis, let’s go down.”

Yun Che and Huo Poyun watched in surprise as the two girls descended from the sky. Like fairies from high up in the clouds arriving on the ground, they came over to the two of them.

“Oh, I see.” When the girl in blue noticed Huo Poyun, she seemed to have somewhat understood the reason for the girl dragging her down here. This man who was emitting an intense aura of flame had astonishingly high profound strength, and should have a great reputation in the God Realm. However, as she had still no impression of him despite that, it was no wonder that the girl in the black skirt would be curious about him.

As for the man beside him… he was at the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm and didn’t even deserve another glance.

But she was extremely taken aback to find that when the girl raised her face, she was actually looking at the man that was only at the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm with her bright and mysterious eyes that seemed like a starry night. Moreover, she looked at him with incomparable seriousness for a good long while.

“???” The girl in blue deeply wrinkled her fine brows in doubt.

“Big Brother, can you tell me your name?” the girl asked all of a sudden. As her body was too petite, she had too lift her head up too look straight into Yun Che’s eyes.

The girl had a faint smile across her face and was extremely cute, but Yun Che sensed a vague feeling of danger from her. He also caught sight of the deep look of surprise on the face of the girl beside her. It was obvious that she was surprised at the girl taking the initiative to talk to him.

“Yun Che,” Yun Che answered straightaway in a concise manner.

The other party came over to them suddenly, her identity and intentions were unknown, and she even made him sense a vague feeling of danger, so it would be completely all right for him to casually make up a name. But… under the gaze of the girl, suddenly, a strange feeling was evoked in his heart that it’d be extremely foolish to lie in front of her.

“Yun Che… That’s such an odd name.” The girl remembered the unfamiliar name in her heart. Her pitch black eyes were still very seriously looking at him, as if she wanted to see through everything about him. “Have you also come to participate in the Profound God Convention?”

“Of course,” Yun Che replied, once again with incomparably simple and blunt words.

“Do your best then!”

Having finished her words, she let out a sweet laugh. Afterwards, she pulled the hand of the girl in blue beside her. “Big Sis, let’s go.”

“…” The girl in blue gave Yun Che a deep glance, but didn’t say anything. She pulled the little hand of the other girl and flew away.

“Wait a moment!” It was at this time that Huo Poyun, who had been indescribably silent all this while, called out all of a sudden. “Umm… you… little sister, this humble one is Huo Poyun from the Flame God Realm. Could you tell me your current… age?”

Huo Poyun asked impetuously in a clearly anxious voice, which made Yun Che feel surprised and bewildered in his heart.

The girl in the black skirt turned her head around. She said with a sweet smile, “Although I look very young, I turned fifteen last month and am no longer a child. Big Brother Poyun, you also do your best at the Profound God Convention.”

“…” Huo Poyun was at once stupefied in place, as if he was suddenly struck by lightning, and didn’t utter a word for a long time.

As the two sisters left, Yun Che remained standing in place. With his brows tightened, he seemed to be silently pondering something. After a good long while, he discovered that Huo Poyun beside him had also not budged an inch, nor spoken a word, and it was only his expression that changed continuously.

“Brother Poyun, do you recognize those two sisters…? Or perhaps you’ve a guess about their identities?” Yun Che asked. Huo Poyun had a greater understanding of the God Realm, compared to him, so it might be possible for him to know about them. His strange reaction evidently showed that their identities were extremely important.

Huo Poyun flung his head backward and said suddenly, “That girl in blue clothes gave off an oppressive feeling to me. Her cultivation level is by no means lower than Jun Xilei, the successor of the Sword Sovereign we met earlier.”

“Not lower than Jun Xilei?” Yun Che repeated in surprise. “Don’t tell me that she is one of the “Four God Children of the Eastern Region?”

“Among the Four God Children of the Eastern Region, two are females – Jun Xilei, the successor of Sword Sovereign, and the other one is ‘Fairy Yingyue,’ the daughter of the Glazed Light Realm King. The clothes she had on were quite similar to master’s description of Glazed Light Immortal Clothing that is unique to the Glazed Light Realm. Hence, she should be one of the Four God Children of the Eastern Region, Shui Yingyue!”

“I see.” Yun Che slightly nodded before saying with a smile. “To be able to see two God Children of the Eastern Region one after another, within a day, it seems that our luck is truly good right now. This is a good sign.”

Yun Che said in his heart in puzzlement: When Huo Poyun saw Jun Xilei earlier, he absolutely didn’t show such an exaggerated reaction. So, why did he act like this when he saw Shui Yingyue, who is one of the Four God Children of the Eastern Region similar to her?

“But… rather than Shui Yingyue, that person beside her…” Huo Poyun let out a big breath and his tone grew excited. “That little girl, her… her profound strength has actually reached the Divine Spirit Realm!”

“…” Yun Che was dumbfounded. Soon after, his expression became solemn as he felt an indescribable shock in his heart.

“Reaching the Divine Spirit Realm at the age of fifteen… That’s simply… not possible at all! I’ve never heard of any such thing. Even among those historical geniuses that Master told me about, there was no one who had reached the Divine Spirit Realm before turning twenty But just now… I saw such a person with my own eyes, and she’s only fifteen years old. Just fifteen, you know!”

The corner of Huo Poyun’s mouth twitched a bit. Then, a bitter smile surfaced on his face, “I always thought of myself as a genius, and never believed that I was inferior to anyone. But… who would have thought that there would be a fifteen year old profound practitioner at the Divine Spirit Realm. I… don’t even have the qualifications to compare myself with her!”

“How could there be such a person!? If she truly is only fifteen years old, then… she’s basically a monster!”

As someone who put extremely great emphasis on dignity and was a proud and aloof person at heart, one could imagine the shock and the blow he had suffered coming across a “monster” who had cultivated to the Divine Spirit Realm by the age of fifteen. Moreover, it wasn’t that he had heard of such a person from someone else, but instead met the real deal face-to-face.

Stormy waves emerged in the heart of Yun Che. That black-haired girl in the black skirt, with bewitching pupils, and a sweet and beautiful face, was actually such a terrifying existence?

Divine Spirit Realm… at the age of fifteen…

Recalling the time when he was fifteen years old, he was still being carefully raised under the protection of his grandfather and little aunt. On the other hand, she had enough ability to startle the entire God Realm.

“Brother Poyun, since she is a ‘monster,’ there’s naturally no need to compare yourself with her. Furthermore, given her unusually high cultivation, she has very likely used some unusual means to cultivate… For example, having an inheritance of the same level as of a king realm.”

Yun Che said these words to comfort Huo Poyun, as well as to comfort himself a bit too… He had exerted all of his strength to raise his cultivation, and was personally instructed by someone at the supreme realm, a Divine Master. Not only that, but he had soaked his body into the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake all year round, he had also enjoyed the topmost level resources of the Snow Song Realm. In addition, he had risked his life and even committed a great sin by taking away the ice phoenix vital yin of Mu Xuanyin. After going through all that, he had barely managed to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm, and was still greatly relying on his profound veins and comprehension ability that was far superior to an ordinary person.

Now he had actually found out that a fifteen year old little girl had reached the Divine Spirit Realm as if it was nothing special… Was there still justice and fairness left in the world?

“That’s impossible!” To his surprise, Huo Poyun shook his head resolutely. “Only a king realm could have that sort of ‘inheritance,’ and they are kept in secret with special care. If the Glazed Light Realm had such an inheritance, it would have already become a king realm. Besides, the king realms are not allowed to participate in the Profound God Convention precisely because of the existence of those special inheritances. If that little girl had cultivated using such an ‘inheritance,’ she certainly would not be allowed to participate in the Profound God Convention.”

“Haah… Divine Spirit Realm at the age of fifteen. In another ten or twenty years… won’t she surpass the Four God Children of the Eastern Region? Just when did such a monster appear in the God Realm? Moreover, I don’t remember Master ever mentioning her,” Huo Poyun shook his head as he said. He had yet to calm down after receiving such an enormous stimulation.

“Glazed Light Realm…” Yun Che said in a low voice. “I seem to remember that when we first arrived here and happened to see the Primal Chaos Hawk of the Glazed Light Realm, your master said that the Glazed Light realm King had given the ‘Primal Chaos Hawk’ to her ‘little daughter’ as her birthday gift one month ago. At that time, you asked him that whether he meant ‘Fairy Yingyue’ by ‘little daughter,’ to which your master shook his head in negation.”

Huo Poyun was startled.

“Just now that little girl called Shui Yingyue ‘Big Sis,’ and also told us personally that she turned fifteen years old one month ago. Don’t all these points connect too well with each other? Considering the information we have, she should be the little princess of the Glazed Light Realm, and also the one the Glazed Light Realm King cherishes the most. Giving away one of the symbols of the Glazed Light Realm, the ‘Primal Chaos Hawk,’ to a little girl like her, and not to Shui Yingyue, one of the Four God Children of the Eastern Region, goes to show that her position in the eyes of the Glaze Light Realm King is definitely above her elder sister.”

“Brother Yun’s words sound right.” Huo Poyun lightly nodded his head. “So the Glazed Light Realm not only has someone as talented as Shui Yingyue, they’ve also got such a frightening little monster. The Holy Eaves Realm has always been the strongest among the great three realms, but it seems that in the next generation, the Holy Eaves Realm will quite likely get pushed down by the Glazed Light Realm.”

“Looks like I should prepare myself well,” Huo Poyun said. “Considering how enormous the Eastern Divine Region is, there are certainly much, much more heaven-favored extraordinary geniuses that I’m unaware of. This Profound God Convention is definitely going to be a lot tougher than my expectations… oh!”

Huo Poyun suddenly thought of something at this time. Huo Rulie obviously knew that the Glazed Light Realm had such a monster, but never mentioned her to him. Earlier, he had also stopped right before saying something, when they were talking about the Primal Chaos Hawk. He must be afraid that it would deal a significant blow to his confidence and arrogance. Because a fifteen year old profound practitioner at the Divine Spirit Realm… was enough to make anyone who posed as a genius feel a sense of inferiority.

Considerable change had happened to the mental state of Huo Poyun. He looked for a quiet place and entered a state of cultivation with his whole body bathing in fire…even if there were less than three days before the start of the preliminary battle.

As someone completely indifferent to the Profound God Convention, Yun Che naturally didn’t do anything similar to Huo Poyun. However, he didn’t go around exploring the ancient city as he was planning before, and spent most of his time waiting, in a quiet place, for the competition to begin. But he wasn’t cultivating at all, and instead pondering something continuously…

He was pondering that once the preliminary competition came to an end, and he entered the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, how should he look for Jasmine or draw her attention to him. When he met Jasmine, what should he say? What should he ask? What should he do…?

Whether he would succeed… What if things didn’t go his way… What to do if she wasn’t willing to meet him… What if…