Chapter 1130 - Jun Wuming, Nameless Sword (1)

Chapter 1130 - Jun Wuming, Nameless Sword (1)

The whole area had the same pale white color, without exception. There was only a dimensional profound formation, which was engraved at the place at some unknown time, rotating at a slow speed. Although it wasn’t releasing a strong profound light, it was still particularly eye-catching.

Yun Che followed behind Mu Bingyun and the others as they landed right before the profound formation. Looking around him, he said doubtfully, “Master said that the nearby star realms would also be connected to this dimensional profound formation so that they could go to the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm. Why do I not see anyone here then?”

“Of course, because they have already gone over,” Mu Huanzhi chuckled bitterly. “The Profound God Convention is about to begin in three days. There’s no way those young profound practitioners, who are going to participate in the Profound God Convention, or the people from other star realms who have received invitations, would leave for the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm at such a late date.”

“This dimensional profound formation was set up here three months ago. Therefore, people from other star realms must have already gone over a long time ago. Arriving there a month before the convention would not be considered early at all. Even the profound practitioners from other sects of the Snow Song Realm, that possess the qualifications to participate, have also gone there quite a long time ago. Among all the lower and middle star realms, we are likely the ones who will arrive last,” Mu Tanzhi said with a chuckle.

“I see.” It was naturally because of Yun Che that they had to wait until this late point.

“Don’t worry,” Mu Bingyun said to Yun Che in a low tone. “After all, your objective really isn’t to… Oh?”

Before she could finish her words, Mu Bingyun raised her brows all of a sudden and turned around. As if they had also sensed something, Mu Huanzhi and others also turned around at the same time and looked at the sky behind them.

“This aura… Could it be that…”

Very soon, in the distance, a vague crimson silhouette appeared high in the sky. The crimson silhouette grew increasingly larger as an enormous crimson profound ark appeared before their eyes, which continued to come nearer and nearer. It was actually giving rise to more and more intense heat waves in the midst of the extreme chilliness that was ever present within the bounds of the Snow Song Realm.

“It’s the Divine Phoenix Wings Ark of the Flame God Realm’s Phoenix Sect!”

The crimson profound ark flew straight to the area in the sky above the dimensional profound formation and moved in a circle before flying away in the opposite direction. At the same time, several thousand figures descended from the sky. Most of these people were dressed in red and each of them had an incomparably pure and strong aura of fire on their bodies. Following their descent, the snow drifting in the air became much thinner and the chilliness of the place also got driven far away.

Leading those figures were two people, who were actually Yan Juehai, the sect master of the Phoenix Sect, and Huo Rulie, the sect master of the Golden Crow Sect!

“Sect Master Yan, Sect Master Huo? You both…” Mu Huanzhi and others were all dumbfounded to see Yan Juehai, Huo Rulie, and the members of the three sects of the Flame God Realm at their back.

Yan Juehai and Huo Rulie also had surprised looks on their faces. Both parties greeted each other before Yan Juehai swept his gaze over the people of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and asked in doubt, “People from your esteemed sect are only just setting off for the Profound God Convention? Since the dimensional profound formation was been set up in the Snow Song Realm, I expected that you all would have already left quite a long time ago.”

“It’s truly a coincidence for us to meet here,” Mu Huanzhi replied. He was also similarly doubtful about why the people from the Flame God Realm were leaving at such a late date.

“Young Yun!?” Huo Rulie immediately showed an excited expression when he caught sight of Yun Che. He let out a loud laugh and directly ignored other people from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and walked right over to him with big strides. “I had heard earlier that you were caught by your master… and taken back to the sect, which made me really anxious. If not because of being busy with making preparations for Poyun, I’d have already come to look for you. Hmm, seeing that you’re all fine and well and also so spirited, I can be at ease now.”

“Sect Master Huo.” Yun Che greeted him with a faint smile.

“Boy, what exactly are you doing here? Don’t tell me that you also want to…” Huo Rulie’s voice paused suddenly. Staring at Yun Che his eyes widened at once. “Divine Tribulation Realm!?”

“Oh?” Yan Juehai also had his gaze pause on him.

All the elders and the core disciples from the Flame God Realm had already focused their attention on Yun Che, openly or secretly. Those people who had experienced that battle at the Burying God Inferno Prison would never be able to forget the scene of Yun Che charging the ancient horned dragon to save Mu Xuanyin and making it lose its balance with a swing of his sword.

They clearly remembered that back then Yun Che had just stepped into the Divine Origin Realm, and hence, it came as a great surprise to them when they discovered that he had reached the Divine Tribulation Realm in the very short time of just over two years!

“You are amazing, boy. Truly amazing,” Huo Rulie said while sighing in admiration.

Yun Che said very indifferently, “It’s all due to the favor bestowed by Master that this junior finally achieved a breakthrough a little while ago, and barely managed to acquire the qualifications for entering the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm. As they had to wait for me, the departure of other sect members was also delayed. Sect Master Huo, Sect Master Yan, why did you get delayed so much too?”

Yan Juehai simply smiled and didn’t say a word, but Huo Rulie laughed out loud as he said with a deep proud look on his face. “Hahaha, it’s naturally because of this kid, Poyun. Quite coincidentally, it was also just a little while ago that he successfully advanced through the last stage of his breakthrough.”

“Brother Yun!”

As Huo Rulie was laughing loudly, Huo Poyun also walked to the front and came over to Yun Che. He didn’t seem to have changed in the slightest and it was only his pupils that were faintly emitting scarlet-gold rays. On his face was a look of sincere joy and excitement. “It’s so great that I can meet you again like this and go together to the Profound God Convention.”

Yun Che sized up Huo Poyun and was about to start a conversation with him when he suddenly sensed something odd in his surroundings. To his surprise, he saw all the elders and palace masters of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, including Mu Huanzhi and Mu Bingyun, had changed their expressions. There was such strong a strong look of shock in their eyes, as if they had seen a ghost or spirit—they were over ten times more surprised than when Huo Rulie and Yan Juehai sensed that he had reached the Divine Tribulation Realm.

The gazes of all of them were fixed on Huo Poyun.

Yun Che felt a violent stirring in his heart as he gave Huo Poyun a deep glance. He couldn’t perceive the cultivation strength of the other party, but he could feel that the indistinct aura coming from him was completely different from the last time he had seen him. It was if they were two separate people. “I somehow managed to enter the Divine Tribulation Realm, but I’ll be just a bottom level existence in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, and there’s no hope for me to survive through the preliminary round. But Brother Poyun… will definitely shine at the Profound God Convention.”

“Hehehe,” Huo Poyun didn’t show any modesty and instead began to laugh. “My current achievement is all thanks to the favor bestowed by Brother Yun. If not for the fact that I had no time to leave the sect, I’d have certainly come to visit the Snow Song Realm at an earlier time to express my thanks to you and your master.”

Huo Rulie laughed aloud. The reaction of Mu Bingyun and others, as well as the words said by Huo Poyun, were an incomparably clear display of the extremely great progress Huo Poyun had made. It was quite evident that the method the three sect masters had mentioned back then had been successful. Furthermore, it was possibly even more effective than they had thought. The prerequisite for the success, however, was to hunt the ancient horned dragon.

Yun Che shook his head, “What favor are you talking about? If it wasn’t for Sect Master Huo risking his life to assist me, it would have been impossible for me rescue Master, let alone get the body of the ancient horned dragon. Therefore, Brother Poyun doesn’t need to feel indebted at all.”

Huo Poyun said with emotion, “Poyun extremely admires Brother Yun’s generosity. It has been twice that I’ve received favor from Brother Yun, so I hope there will come a day when I’ll be able to repay Brother Yun. Otherwise, I’ll always feel uneasy in my heart.”

On this point, both Huo Poyun and Huo Rulie were very much alike.

Mu Bingyun shifted her gaze away from Huo Poyun as she said in a plain tone. “Congratulations, Sect Master Huo. Looks like the history of the Flame God Realm is about to be revised.”

“No, it has been revised already,” Mu Huanzhi said. The surprise in his eyes hadn’t disappeared yet.

“Hahahaha,” Huo Rulie once again laughed loudly. “You guys in the Snow Song Realm have someone like Young Yun, so you don’t need to be so envious of us. It will take some time for the dimensional profound formation to activate. Since this is the Snow Song Realm, your territory, and it was also you who arrived here first, it’s only natural for you to go over ahead of us.”

“Disciples of the Flame God Realm, heed my order. All of you step back!”

Out of the three sect masters of the Flame God Realm, Huo Rulie and Yan Juehai had come here, but Yan Wancang, the sect master of the Vermillion Bird Sect, was nowhere to be found. Yun Che had a rough guess why he didn’t come along… It was likely because he was ashamed to step into the Snow Song Realm, and even more ashamed to see Mu Xuanyin.

After all, back then he had ignored Yun Che’s earnest request for help due to his selfish stubbornness, which eventually lead to Mu Xuanyin ending up in a dangerous situation. Later, Yun Che still gave half of the corpse of the horned dragon, that he and his master had obtained by risking their lives, to the Flame God Realm . This made Yan Wancang feel extremely grateful and utterly ashamed of himself as well.

Besides Huo Poyun, Yan Mingxuan, the grandson of Yan Juehai, and Yan Zhuo, the son of Yan Wancang, were also present among the disciples from the Flame God Realm. As they all stepped backwards, the group from the Snow Song Realm discovered that there were no less than six thousand disciples from the Flame God Realm that were going to the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm in order to participate in the Profound God Convention.

It was almost ten times the participants from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect!

This number was still only the total disciples from the Vermillion Bird Sect, the Phoenix Sect, and the Golden Crow Sect. Besides those from the three ruling sects in the Flame God Realm, there were also people from other powers that were no weaker than the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. If their people was also included in calculation, the difference in the number of participants from the two sides would be much greater than ten times.

The difference in the overall strength of the Snow Song Realm and the Flame God Realm was clear at a glance.

“If Master wasn’t such a powerful existence, the Snow Song Realm wouldn’t even have the qualifications to stand on the same level as the Flame God Realm.” Yun Che sighed internally.

The disciples from the Flame God Realm stepped back and lined up behind the group from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

Yun Che looked at the dimensional profound formation and asked as if pondering something, “Could it be that this profound formation isn’t active at all times?”

“Of course,” Mu Bingyun replied. These dimensional profound formations set up by the king realms connect the entire Eastern Divine Region with the Eternal Heaven Divine Region, and hence, consume an unimaginable amount of resources. If they stayed activated, even the four great king realms would find it difficult to provide the resources required. Therefore, it’ll only activate once in two hours, and remain active for a hundred breathes. By the time the Profound God Convention comes to an end, the energy stored within it will also be exhausted and then it will disappear on its own.”

“It’s the same for all the dimensional profound formations that have been set up for the Profound God Convention this time.”

“I see.”

Yun Che once more compared the number of participants from the three sects of the Flame God Realm and the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect before he asked, “Palace Master Bingyun, about how many people in the entire Eastern Divine Region have the qualification to participate in this Profound God Convention?”

Mu Bingyun answered, “The age restriction for the participants of the Profound God Convention has always been below sixty, but the profound strength restriction was Divine Soul Realm which has been raised to Divine Tribulation Realm this time. Although there’s only one realm difference, it’ll shrink the number of participants by nearly ten thousand times.”

“The Profound God Convention usually had several hundred billion profound practitioners participating in the past, but there won’t be any more than fifty million this time.”

“…” Yun Che remained silent for a long while.

“This profound strength restriction, in particular, is extremely harsh on the young profound practitioners of the lower star realms. It could be even called a fatal requirement for them. There are only a handful of lower star realms in the Eastern Divine Region that have at least a hundred people with the required qualifications for participating in the Profound God Convention, and many of the weak star realms don’t even have a single qualified person.”

“As for the middle star realms, places like the Flame God Realm likely has as many as ten thousand people with suitable qualifications. But there aren’t that many middle star realms that have qualified people in such large numbers. Coming to our Snow Song Realm…” Her voice paused before she continued while sighing faintly with emotion. “We are one of those with lower numbers of participants among the middle star realms.”

“Then what about the upper star realms?” Yun Che asked.

“There are forty thousand star realms in the God Realm, and the Eastern Divine Region occupies nine thousand of them. Among these nine thousand star realms, there are no more than five hundred upper star realms. However, at least seventy percent of the people that will be participating in the Profound God Convention this time will be from those five hundred upper star realms!”

“Those from the remaining eight thousand five hundred middle and lower star realms won’t make up more than thirty percent of the participants!”

“There’s actually such a disparity?” Yun Che revealed shock on his face.

“The difference will likely be far greater than you’re expecting,” Mu Bingyun said lightly. “In the past, the Profound God Convention was held once every three thousand years, but this time only seven hundred years have passed since the last one. As the time for preparation was very short, it will lead to a great reduction in the total number of participants. The place where the event is being held is also completely different. Each and every person is clear about the fact that the main objective of this Profound God Convention is different from the previous ones. At least, the most important objective is to select a thousand young profound practitioners that will be sent to the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm to cultivate.”

“For that reason, if it wasn’t for the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm leaving some face for the middle and lower star realms, they could have easily raised the required qualification to the Divine Spirit Realm. If that were to happen, the Profound God Convention would have become a stage belonging exclusively to the upper star realms, and it would have had nothing to do with us.”

Yun Che, “…”

“Yun Che, your stay in the God Realm has been too short, and you have never come into contact with the upper star realms, either. Now that we’re going to the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, it’ll at least help to widen your horizons, and let you once again recognize the kind of existence the God Realm is.”