Chapter 1127 - Dream

Chapter 1127 - 【Dream】

A faint smile appeared on Feng Xue’er’s face. “It certainly is a title given to me by the masses, but you can just call me Big Sis Xue’er.”

Facing the young boy and girl Yun Che had always been concerned about, Feng Xue’er treated them as gently as possible, even though they had never met each other before.

“Woaah!!” Hearing her words of acknowledgement, Feng Xian’er covered her mouth with her hands as she let out a cry of surprise.

The two of them were restricted by the Phoenix God barrier that they could only pass through after reaching the Emperor Profound Realm. It had only been a few days since they had first stepped out of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, and they knew extremely few things about this “outside world”, which they had longed for the whole time. But even they were already well-aware of the resounding reputation of the “Phoenix Goddess.”

After all, she was the strongest person in the entire history of the Profound Sky Continent; a supreme existence that was completely equivalent to heavenly deities in the eyes of countless profound practitioners.

As it was their first time in the real world outside, Feng Zu’er was far more prudent and careful than Feng Xian’er. He was feeling an indescribable surprise in his heart, but still managed to say in rational tone, “It… it doesn’t matter who you are. How come you know us, as well as our names? I’m sure that we have never told our names to any outsider.”

“It’s because I’ve seen you before, and Big Brother Yun was the one who told me your names,” Feng Xue’er replied with a sweet smile.

“Ah?” Feng Zu’er was startled. Then, unable to suppress his excitement, he asked in a stammering voice, “Is the ‘Big Brother Yun’ you’re talking about called… Yun Che… Big Brother Benefactor?”

“Of course.” Feng Xue’er gently nodded her head. Sensing the power of the Phoenix flame in their bodies that was quite strong, even if it was extremely immature to her, she said happily, “Big Brother Yun is my fiancé. Since we all are from the phoenix lineage, Big Brother Yun would often mention you.”

“Big Brother Benefactor… has… not forgotten about us?”

“That goes without saying. Furthermore, he had always been concerned about you two.” Feng Xue’er could clearly feel their surging emotions for Yun Che; which were constituted of gratefulness, adoration, and yearning. He had likely become the conviction that supported them all this while. “Three years ago, he brought me to see you, but discovered that the place you were living at was protected by a very big barrier. Big Brother chose to not bother you, however, coincidentally you guys came out of the barrier mischievously at the time and met danger. It was then that I saw you two and came to know your names.”

Listening to the words of Feng Xue’er, Feng Xian’er had her eyes become moist, after which tears streamed down from them. “Big Brother Benefactor still remembers us… and even came to look for us… Wuu… uuuuuu…”

“…” Feng Zu’er had fallen into a daze. Three years ago, he went outside the barrier, chasing the willful Feng Xian’er. As a result, they came across a dangerous profound beast. At the critical juncture he tossed flames in a flurry as he was feeling terrified, which surprisingly immediately killed the profound beast. Later, he had doubted many a times whether it was really so easy to take down the profound beast.

It was also that day when the complete version of World Ode of the Phoenix suddenly appeared within the minds of him and Feng Xian’er.

They were under the impression that it was a gift bestowed by the Phoenix God.

It was only now that they realized that it was actually Yun Che who had saved them and also gave them the World Ode of the Phoenix which was comprised of six stages.

Seeing them crying in extreme happiness, Feng Xue’er also felt quite glad in her heart.

“Where’s Big Brother Benefactor at present? Can we… see him now?” Feng Zu’er asked as tears glistened in his eyes. A deep look of earnest hope could be seen flashing through them.

Feng Xue’er stayed silent for a bit before she lightly shook her head, “Big Brother Yun has already left the Profound Sky Continent, and went to a very distant place, in order to take care of something very important to him. However, you do not need to be discouraged. Big Brother Yun had said that he’ll definitely return in five years, and three years have passed already. So, you’ll be able to see him in two years at the latest.”

“Three years… that means the rumors are true,” Feng Zu’er said somewhat absentmindedly.

“It doesn’t matter. We will wait so long as we can get to see Big Brother Benefactor. I’ll wait for him even if it takes twenty years.” Feng Xian’er wiped the tears off her face. Her cheeks were still a bit red as she asked, “So… so where do we go after two years to look for Big Brother Benefactor?”

Feng Xue’er said with a faint smile, “When Big Brother Yun comes back, I’ll have him quickly go meet you. I too have always wanted to pay a visit to your Lord Phoenix God.”

“Okay, that’s a promise then.” Feng Xian’er nodded while smiling happily, as she raised her pinky finger towards Feng Xue’er.

“Ah! Xian’er, she is the honorable Goddess. You’re being too disrespectful…”

Before he could finish his words, Feng Xue’er stretched out her finger and entangled it lightly with Feng Xian’er’s. “Mn, it’s a promise!”

It had only been a little more than ten years since the members of the shunned phoenix family had dispelled the curse on their bloodline. They had been living hidden in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range and bearing the curse on their bloodline for generations. It was natural that they had no facilities to develop a solid foundation, and it was even more impossible for them to have ample resources.

Living in such circumstances, the two youths were able to raise their cultivation levels from the Elementary Profound Realm to the Emperor Profound Realm in ten years time.

It was absolutely not something that could be accomplished just by relying on their diluted phoenix bloodline and the outstanding talent that they possessed. They must have worked extremely hard, suffered… and their obsession to increase their cultivation should have also supported them.

Big Brother Yun, you’ll definitely be very happy to see their amazing growth.

Xue’er believes that you were more than half the reason behind them working so hard.

Feng Xian’er had her eyes turned into curves as she stared blankly at the fairy-like face of Feng Xue’er. “Big Sis Xue’er is the Goddess, the most powerful one out there, so good-looking and gentle. No wonder you could become Big Brother Benefactor’s wife.”

Feng Xue’er revealed a smile, “Have all of your family members come out? You guys have just started to blend into the outside world, so you’ll definitely experience a lot of difficulties. I’ll tell royal father about you. The Divine Phoenix Sect will be very willing to assist you.”

“Thank you, Big Sis Xue’er, but… there’s no need for that,” Feng Zu’er said gratefully. “Because father, mother and grandfather don’t have any intention to leave the ancestral land.”

Getting accustomed to something was a very fearsome thing. When they were uncomfortably hiding in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range for generations while bearing the curse on their bloodline, they were atoning for their sins, desiring for it to be removed so that they could once again return to the outside world. But when the day they longed for truly arrived, they had gotten so accustomed to being cut off from the rest of the world that they felt uneasiness in facing the unknown world outside and were also very attached to the ancestral land. As a result, the elders chose to continue to stay secluded from the real world even without any prior consultation among each other on the topic.

Those who still longed for the outside world were young boys and girls like Feng Zu’er and Feng Xian’er. The elders naturally encouraged them and even urged them to blend into the outside world as soon as possible.

Feng Xue’er was first surprised by his words, but then she slowly realized the reason. “I see… Anyways, if you need anything, you can just go to Blue Wind Imperial City. The current emperor of the Blue Wind Nation is the wife of your Big Brother Benefactor, after all.”

“I know it’s Big Sis Xueruo. I and Zu’er were missing her too.” Feng Xian’er called out in a tender voice. “However, Big Sis Xue’er, you don’t have to worry. Lord Phoenix God’s barrier still exists which has protected us all this while. There are also two…”

“Ah, Xian’er!” Feng Zu’er suddenly raised his voice, forcibly interrupting her words.

Feng Xian’er covered her mouth with her hands too, as she said evasively, “In… in short, there’s nothing for Big Sis Xue’er to be anxious about. As Lord Phoenix God is shielding us, we can also take good care of ourselves.”

“Mn, that’s good then.” Feng Xue’er felt strange at the unusualness in their attitude, but didn’t pursue it any further.

Then, Feng Xue’er left the two, but the emotions in the hearts of Feng Zu’er and Feng Xian’er kept on surging. They found it difficult to calm down even after a long time.

“Xian’er, let’s return to home first to tell father and mother that not only has Big Brother Benefactor not forgotten about us, he was also the one who gave us the World Ode of the Phoenix,” Feng Zu’er said in an excited tone.

“Mn, father and mother will surely jump in fright when they hear of it.”

The two of them couldn’t suppress their excitement, and no longer cared about other people noticing them. Both of them leapt up into the sky simultaneously and flew away in the direction of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.

East of the Blue Wind Nation, Floating Cloud City.

Xiao Lingxi was lying on the bed in her room. She seemed to be sound asleep, but her rest wasn’t calm at all. Starting at some point in time, her eyelashes and lips continued to quiver lightly. A very slight but undoubtedly odd pale color surfaced on her pretty face.

Her breathing was also gradually growing disordered.

“Who are you…? Why are you in my body…? What exactly do you want to do…?”

She called out helplessly in the dark world.

【Do you truly not know who I am?】

Within the world of her soul, another voice resounded, one that was the same as hers.

It was just that it sounded incomparably distant and indiscernible, as if it was coming from an extremely far-off antiquity. It sounded unimaginably indistinct.

【I’m not your dream or imagination. I’m none other than you…】

“No, you aren’t! I’m Xiao Lingxi… not you, or anyone else for that matter! Hurry up and go away! Go away and never come back!”

【You’re Xiao Lingxi, as well as me. Xiao Lingxi isn’t the whole of you, nor am I the whole of you. I and Xiao Lingxi together make your whole self. Why do you so strongly reject and fear ‘my’ existence? 】

“No… I’m definitely sick to be hearing things. You’re just a product of my wild imagination… I beg you to leave me… Don’t ever make your appearance…”

【You’re afraid of me replacing your existence and changing your will… but you clearly know that you are you and I am I, I am you and you are I. It’s impossible for even me to replace the will of ‘Xiao Lingxi,’ and it’s impossible for ‘Xiao Lingxi’ to erase my existence too. Would you rather have a fragmented will? Don’t you long for your true self…?】

“No! I don’t! I’m Xiao Lingxi, no one other than that! I don’t want to turn into the me who wouldn’t be recognized by others! I don’t want to become the me who wouldn’t be recognized by Little Che… I beg you to leave… If you can stay in deep sleep, I ask you to remain that way just like before. Never wake up ever again!”

Silence lingered for a long time…

【As you wish.】

【…If there comes a day when you desire enough power to change everything, then once more awaken this ‘self’ of yours.】

Calm returned to the world inside her soul, after which crimson flames ignited all of a sudden. Inside the flames was a figure that was completely dyed in blood. His hand held a huge vermillion sword, his body dripping wet with fresh blood was riddled with gaping wounds. He let out a roar of anger and despair, but his body was pierced through by dozens of weapons and beams. His already damaged body broke into pieces like a ripped silk cloth, and then he turned into ashes that filled the whole sky within the flames…

“Little Che!!!”

Xiao Lingxi shrieked as she suddenly sat up on the bed. Her pupils were trembling in fear and her whole body was drenched in cold sweat. She pressed her hands tightly against her chest which was heaving in an incomparably intense way.

The sound of hurried footsteps could be heard coming near. Su Ling’er pushed open the door as she entered inside and quickly came over to the bed of Xiao Lingxi. However, Xiao Lingxi showed no reaction, having yet to recover from the fright.

“Big Sister Lingxi, did you have a nightmare again?” Su Ling’er asked in a light tone.

“It was that dream again.” Xiao Lingxi was still absentminded.

It had been three years. That dream, that fearsome scene had appeared over and over again.

It had happened countless times by now, but it would cause her to be utterly frightened each and every time.

“It’s because you’re too concerned about Big Brother Yun coming across danger outside that you keep having the same nightmare since the time he left,” Su Ling’er comforted. “There’s someone so concerned about him here. I’d be the first to not forgive him if he dares to return late.”

While speaking, Su Ling’er quietly shifted her gaze sideways. Her line of sight was hazy, as if covered by mist.

Big Brother Yun Che, it’s been three years. I miss you so much…

“Mn… it’s just a nightmare,” Xiao Lingxi said lightly. A good while passed when she finally raised her head. Her cheeks looked much more radiant and they no longer had any sign of the pale color from earlier. “Ling’er, I’ve made you constantly worry about me since Little Che left this place. But, I feel that I won’t be losing conscious for no reason from now on.”

“Huh?” Su Ling’er was startled.

“It might sound very weird, but I do actually feel so,” Xiao Lingxi said with a shallow smile. “I don’t want Little Che to be busy worrying about me right after coming back.”

It was all a dream.

Just a dream…

Looking outside the window, she lightly mumbled in her heart.