Chapter 1122 - The Ancient Realm Disintegrates

Chapter 1122 - The Ancient Realm Disintegrates

The coldness that filled the air madly surged alongside the sharp increase in Mu Xuanyin’s profound energy. The terrifying cold energy seemed to have reached some kind of critical point as it transformed into a visible energy field, heavily battering and distorting the profound energy domain before Little Jasmine. 

Slowly but surely, she started to feel the rapid ice cold energy close in on her.

Little Jasmine cried out in surprise. Her always smiling face finally turned serious. Her profound energy domain expanded in size, pushing away all the frost energy within its immediate area, which also decreased the strength of icy frost near it.


A blue light gently flashed, like a twilight from an arctic breaking dawn. Mu Xuanyin’s snowy garments fluttered in the wind, her jadelike arm dancing. Her Princess Snow Sword drew hundreds of sword images within a few breaths, as if the entire world’s energies were dragged with it, turning the silence into a raging ice storm

The Illusory Sea Ancient Realm’s atmosphere underwent a huge change. Even within a distance of five hundred kilometers, all remaining living beings could only cry out in despair inside the frigid windstorm. At the very heart of the frost and storm gathered a force as great as an icy hell that no normal being could ever fathom in their entire lives, even if they lived their lives ten times over.

Little Jasmine’s figure quickly retreated. Her profound energy domain had been suppressed, distorted layer by layer, but it immediately made a full recovery. Be it the icy frost or the destructive energies, not a single bit landed on her incomparably delicate looking body. However, the amazement and incredibility on her face deepened every moment, until it gradually changed to that of incomprehension.

Although she was just a middle star realm king, Mu Xuanyin’s name was known throughout all the upper star realms and great king realms. After all, she was a powerful Divine Master.

A star realm which was helmed by a Divine Master was one that no other star realm could easily offend.

But Mu Xuanyin’s current demonstration of prowess far exceeded her understanding, vastly eclipsing whatever information and rumors she had heard of her. 

Under the assault of a thousand icy blades, Little Jasmine’s profound energy domain still held up. To Little Jasmine, this was a given as her identity and position wouldn’t be easily threatened by Mu Xuanyin even though Mu Xuanyin’s ability far exceeded her expectations. Mu Xuanyin could never truly pose a threat and so Little Jasmine was only using about thirty percent of her abilities.

The icy frost assault continued, but the windstorm and frost beams began to wane as if maintaining their highest state was proving difficult to maintain. Little Jasmine lifted her head, about to say something, when an ice phoenix cry suddenly sounded. Following that, the ice phoenix wings started to flap. A blue ring of ice started to descend from the sky, straight toward Little Jasmine. Within a moment, the entire world had turned blue.

What was thought to be the strongest and most extreme state of ice and frost had now exploded exponentially.

“Eh, eh!?” Little Jasmine’s profound energy was immediately suppressed. She was slowly being sealed and began to lose control. Never before seen frost energy that looked like millions of little icy blades pierced through her domain, enveloping her body and piercing straight into her soul, making her cry out in shock.

The blue ice ring started to shrink as it lowered as it suppressed Little Jasmine’s profound strength. Soon, it had slowly advanced to about thirty meters from where she stood. Little Jasmine tensed and her face showed a hint of pain. Finally the gaze in her eyes changed, her pupils suddenly flashed with an exceptionally dazzling blue light.


The entire ancient realm shook with the explosion. This explosion vastly exceeded any trauma this ancient secret realm had suffered thus far from their fight. All living creatures within the realm lost their sense of hearing in that one moment.

The blue ice ring was blown to pieces. All the cold energy within a span of a hundred kilometers was dispelled, as if an invisible hand had descended from the heavens and rubbed it all away.

What replaced the entire area was the whistling of countless azure lights that flickered like lightning.

It was as if Mu Xuanyin was struck by a hammer from the heavens. Her figure shot back by about a fifty kilometers. When she stopped, not a single change was found on her snowy face.

Ice blue and azure blue. Both colors were close to each other but it was pretty clear that this ancient secret realm was divided into two parts.

Little Jasmine was still in her previous position, but she no longer had her previous complacent look about her. Right now, held within both her small hands was an extraordinarily huge azure sword.

The sword’s blade was even bigger than the little girl’s body and was twice her height. The thick looking sword handle made it seem like her hands couldn’t hold it properly.

Even a nine foot high warrior would have a problem wielding such a huge sword, let alone such a petite little girl. However, this sight of girl and sword gave a strange yet synergistic feel; as if they were one, as if it would only hear her voice, moving to her command, allowing her to drive it.

Its entire body was made of steel yet it looked like glass. One moment it shone under the resplendent azure light, the next it looked dark and without light. The handle was a foot long, the blade was incomparably sharp. In the front of the azure sword were two moving blood-like beams, looking like a bloodthirsty wolf with its fangs out.

With the greatsword on her, the air around Little Jasmine completely changed. The earlier her was one of carefreeness, naivete and a liveliness. Now, her presence was completely able to suppress Mu Xuanyin’s strength, giving off a terrifying air.

Her face was now a picture of indifference. Her aura wasn’t soft or calm, but rather the complete opposite.

It was full of brutality and violence!

It seemed as if an ancient devil god had awoken from its slumber within that small body of hers.

The skies parted and the earth shook, the oceans roared and all the living beings prostrated themselves. It looked like the heralding of an overlord’s arrival. Dead or alive, everything seemed to be trembling in fear.

“The Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword!” a glow flickered in Mu Xuanyin’s eyes.

Little Jasmine didn’t reply. Both her small arms were raised, the azure greatsword hung upright in the air… she had no trace of anger or killing intent on her, yet she was exuding a shocking battle intent. It was if her sword and her strength were made for battle, that once released would shake the heavens.

With the greatsword raised, the countless flickering brilliant azure lights started to slowly shifted. The moment the sword pointed to the air, the image of a fifty kilometer blue wolf started to form.

“What… what… what… is that!?”

The remnant survivors in the Illusory Sea Ancient Realm were looking into the sky, none of them able to stand upright. They stared in fear and awe at the blue wolf, their eyes all as wide as saucers.

Mu Xuanyin’s icy brows lowered as the look on her face turned serious. She lightly waved her hand and the Princess Snow Sword started a strange orbit around her. In the blink of an eye, countless little profound formations gathered in front of her.

In the center of the fifty kilometer blue wolf, Little Jasmine finally made her move. The azure greatsword chopped downward. Her pink lips moved, her voice still vacant, yet it brought along a soul shaking coldness and might.

“Heavenly Wolf Slash!”


The blue wolf howled facing the sky and then directly pounced at Mu Xuanyin. As it approached, it created a long azure streak which didn’t dissipate for a long time.

If Yun Che were present, he’d definitely be very shocked.

This very move was the one which he personally learned from Jasmine. The very first move from the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome, the Heavenly Wolf Slash!

But though it was also the Heavenly Wolf Slash, when it came to power, cadence, and concept, it was thousands of leagues beyond Yun Che’s.

If what Yun Che could display could be considered a candle’s worth of might, then this slash from Little Jasmine was equivalent to the boundless galaxy.

Mu Xuanyin’s figure retreated. Every time she executed Moon Splitting Cascade, it would leave behind an absolutely pure ice lotus.

The fifty kilometer long Heavenly Wolf tore through the air. Mu Xuanyin looked exceedingly small and weak under the obscuring might of the wolf’s image but it was also at this moment that ninety-nine beautiful ice lotuses appeared before her. With the point of her sword, all the ice lotuses were released at the same time, filling the sky with an icy brilliance.

“Nine Extremities Lotus Heart Formation!”

As the world plunged into silence, the brilliance from the icy blue light greatly intensified. Ninety-nine ice lotuses started rotating within the blue light like orbiting stars, forming a large star formation, imprisoning the fifty kilometer wide blue wolf. The blue wolf’s image immediately stopped howling as it was firmly sealed by the ice, frozen in midair.


Following that moment of silence, the ice lotuses and the wolf’s image exploded at the same time, saturating the sky with blue light. The Heavenly Wolf’s might had decreased substantially, but its remaining power was still just as dreadful. Mu Xuanyin didn’t move.

The Princess Snow Sword lightly stabbed out, immediately slicing the remaining might of the Heavenly Wolf in two. Both halves whistle past her sides. Half a breath later, the entire world behind her became a picture of destruction and decimation.

“...?” Shock surfaced on Little Jasmine’s cold face once more. Mu Xuanyin had actually avoided her Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword. This shocked her to the core. Also, when she had unleashed her first move, Mu Xuanyin had directly received it, and it seemed like she hadn’t expended much energy upon doing so.

To her, this felt inconceivable.

The Heavenly Wolf Sacred rose up once more, its second strike chopping forward.

“Wild Fang!!”


The world started to tremble even more fiercely. Every living being in every corner of the Illusory Sea Ancient Realm could only watch, as an unfathomably huge and powerful blue wolf wrought destruction, all over the realm.



A large spatial tear instantly formed, as though it had been struck open by lightning. It stretched out over a third of the secret realm, lasting several breaths without closing. The Illusory Sea Ancient Realm wasn’t just trembling, it was as if it had reached some sort of boiling point.

The skies were overturned and the earth had completely flipped over. Mountains crumbled and the seas were torn apart. The despairing cries of countless creatures were completely silenced before all life was buried within this crumbling world.

Be it profound practitioners that entered into this ancient realm or living beings that were born and raised here, all had died without knowing their cause of death.

Natural disaster? How could such a terrifying natural disaster appear in this world?

**? How could this power come from a living being!?

As the ancient realm was nearly split in half by that spatial tear, two balls of luminescent blue light were still clearly visible. Little Jasmine’s spirit sense traversed hundreds of kilometers, trying to lock onto Mu Xuanyin’s location.

The “Wild Fang” that even stronger than her initial move still had yet to defeat Mu Xuanyin. It only forced her a hundred kilometers back.

“...” Another strange light flashed in Little Jasmine’s eyes. After that, a greater intent for battle stirred within her bloody, wolfish eyes.



Space was roughly torn asunder multiple times. Several hundreds of kilometers of space were crossed in the blink of an eye as two blue figures constantly clashed in the air, exchanging dozens of moves in but a moment. The image of an ice phoenix and a blue wolf had also finally clashed against each other, turning the skies upside down, destroying the laws of this world. The area around the duo quickly created a natural vacuum of destruction spanning several hundred kilometers. All that touched it instantly disappeared without a trace.