Chapter 1102 - No Other Choice

Chapter 1102 - No Other Choice

All sixty-four halls of the Soul Sect had suffered heavy losses. The insides of the sect were a picture of fear and panic.

After receiving the news, Lei Qianfeng rushed back at lightning speed. As he stepped into the sect, he sensed an aura of poison which sent shockwaves through his heart… This was obviously the same poison that killed Lei Guangmo! His footsteps became quicker and with a bang, he smashed through the doors.

A drifting scarlet colored mist with a terrifying poisonous aura filled the entire great hall. Lei Qiandu and two other elders were in the hall, their faces grim. Xiao Qingtong was seated on the floor, weeping nonstop. She didn’t even have a reaction to Lei Qianfeng’s door breaking arrival.

Six people had the aura of the poison on them and all six were lying on the ground, without the strength to stand. They didn’t even have the energy to moan. These six… were the six sons he had left, after he’d lost Lei Guangmo.

All of them!!

Lei Qianfeng’s mind popped, it was as if his brain had just exploded. He staggered forward… The pain and turmoil from seeing Lei Guangmo die in from of him… that panic, that fear and that helplessness...

“This… What happened? What exactly happened!?” Lei Qianfeng rushed to the bodies of his six sons, shouting.

“Sect Master.” Lei Qiandu walked over. “They’ve all been poisoned by the same poison as Guangmo and the dosage is far higher. Ling Yun… He obviously sneaked into our sect and ambushed all six young masters!”

A chilling unease scuttled down Lei Qiandu’s back as he gave an explanation.

Lei Qianfeng grimaced. He rushed to his eldest son Lei Guangqian, his voice trembling, “Qian’er… What happened? How did you get poisoned?”

Lei Guangqian’s face was completely red, his lips opened a few times, struggling to speak before finally speaking in a painful whisper, “This child… doesn’t know… I just suddenly felt… my eyes become blurry… When I woke… I already… cough... royal father… save me…”

“...” Lei Qianfeng’s body trembled violently as a coldness pierced through him.

Not only did the main sect have Lei Qianfeng, it also had various elders and hall masters. Each and every single one of them was a pinnacle existence within the Darkya Realm. There were also eight million other disciples on guard. Lei Qianfeng’s six sons were located within the heart of the sect, where their defenses were the most concentrated. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was the safest place within the entire Darkya Realm.

And one man had crept in without sight or sound… and managed to poison all six of them!

No one knew when he’d entered, more so nobody knew when he had even left.

What was even more frightening about this was that none of them even realized how they got poisoned!

Roaring winds blew around as Lei Tiangang and the other five elders finally caught up. When they saw the scene in front of them, they were shocked beyond measure.

“This… This…” Lei Tiangang couldn’t wrap his head around it. He didn’t dare speak for a moment after he saw Lei Qianfeng’s expression.

Lei Qiandu swept them with a glance while sending a private sound transmission, “Where’s Old Four and the rest? Why haven’t they come back with you all?”

“They’re… dead.”

“What!?” Lei Qiandu shouted breaking the silence. His already sullen expression grew uglier.

“Was it… Ling Yun? No… That can’t be…”

“We can talk about that later!” Lei Tiangang hurried forward, “We need to find a way to save all the young masters now!”

As he took two steps forward, he suddenly fell back as frightened as could be. He saw that all six of them were poisoned more than what Lei Guangmo had initially suffered!

Lei Qianfeng had tried his personal best; he had even used the top profound and spirit medicines of the sect but it was all for naught as he was still unable to save Lei Guangmo. It could even be said that it was completely useless. At the moment, he didn’t dare imagine what was going to happen next.

“Ling Yun… You’re ruthless!” Lei Qianfeng clenched his teeth, quaking in anger. “Even if I have to chase you to ends of the Primal Chaos, I’ll make sure to cut you into ten thousands pieces and turn your bones into dust!!”

Xiao Qingtong lifted her head, hoarsely speaking, “Lei Qianfeng! Before you start cursing at Ling Yun, why not reflect on all the evil deeds you’ve done through the years! Think carefully about who it was that drew Ling Yun here! Do you now know what the meaning of retribution is!? I’ve already lost Mo’er, if anything should happen to Qian’er… I’ll never forgive you! It’s because their deaths are completely on you!!”

“Y-you… Shut up!” Lei Qianfeng howled. He placed both hands on his head as he helplessly sat down and started mumbling to himself, “No… there has to be a way… there’s definitely a solution to all of this…”

“Sect Master! That Poison Saint Blackheart!” Lei Tianzheng hurriedly yelled, “He might still be in Darkya City! If it’s really him, there’ll definitely be a way to save all six young masters.”

“That’s right!” Lei Qiandu agreed. “Sect Master, Guangmo’s body hasn’t gone cold yet… The poison is extremely frightening. We’re completely helpless and even if that Poison Saint is a fake, he’s our only hope.”

“Then why are you all standing around and not asking the Black Feather Merchant Guild to locate that whatever blackheart!?” Lei Qianfeng roared, “Once you find him, I don’t care what sort of price or condition he declares! Just agree to everything first! Bring him here at the fastest speed!”

“Sect Master,” Lei Tianzheng replied. “Have you forgotten… The last time we went to invite Poison Saint Blackheart, he… he wanted us to bring the patients to him.”

“That bastard!” Lei Qianfeng roared once more. “He’s but a mere poison doctor, a homeless dog that’s been chased across the different star realms and he still thinks he’s really something? Does is worthy of this king personally coming to knock on his door? After you find him, it’s best that he come here willingly. If he doesn’t, just knock him out and drag him back!”

“This…” Lei Tiangang had an awkward look on his face, being put in a spot.

“Lei Qianfeng!!” Xiao Qingtong flicked both her sleeves as she stood up. She was just grieving over one son’s death yet now the other had been poisoned by the exact same poison. Her heart was a mess and she couldn’t be bothered to give him any face. She started berating him, “That Poison Saint Blackheart has been targeted across so many middle star realms for thousands of years and he’s still alive and well. Why should he give a damn about a lower star realm sect master? If he’s considered a nobody, then ask yourself what you are!”

“You can’t even protect your own son. Just because of a little bit of face, you caused Mo’er’s death. Are you now also prepared to let all your sons die because of you!?”

“You…” This bout of scolding turned Lei Qianfeng’s entire face green, then white. He didn’t retort but instead blew up once more, “What are all of you standing there for!? Quickly inform the Black Feather Merchant Guild. This king will give them three hours, I don’t care if the Poison Saint is still in Darkya City. They better locate him within six hours or else this king won’t let them off!”

“Understood.” Lei Tiangang immediately accepted the order.

“Qiandu!” Lei Qianfeng grunted, “Start preparing immediately. This king will head to Darkya City with Qian’er and the others in an hour. Bring as many profound stones as you can get… That Poison Saint Blackheart better be for real. He better be what the rumors say, that he can cure any poison in this world, or else this king will personally crush every single one of his bones… Now go!!”


When Yun Che had opened his eyes, the sky was already shining brightly.

Thanks to the mighty Great Way of the Buddha, his external injuries had all healed, no more visible wounds could be seen. His internal injuries were also around seventy to eighty percent healed. He had recovered almost all of his profound strength. It was just that his mental strength had only recovered about a quarter to a third of its capacity.

The reason why he rushed to wake up was because he had something extremely important to do.

While he was recovering, he had left a strand of awareness outside. When Little Jasmine had left, he had felt it, but until now, she hadn’t returned.

Who is she?

Yun Che stood up. He thought back to the times where they had “coincidentally met”, as well as the things she spoke about the night before. Yun Che suddenly had a profound realization that this girl was indeed not as simple as she looked. She even probably had certain specific reasons for getting close to him

But… they hadn’t met before and it was even less likely that they had a grudge between them… so what was she...

As Yun Che was in deep thought, his Sound Transmission Jade suddenly started to vibrate.

Picking up the jade he heard Ji Ruyan’s serious voice, “This is fantastic… Sir Ling Yun, the Soul Sect has indeed reacted as what you mentioned previously. They’ve once again asked us to track down the whereabouts of Poison Saint Blackheart and this time they’re much more anxious. Just earlier I tried to contact you directly but didn’t manage to get through, I was thinking that something might have happened to you.”

Making a brief calculation of what time it was currently, Yun Che replied, “Some unexpected events occured. I am still at Black Soul Mountain. Returning to Darkya City will take some time. You need to find a way to stall them for a few hours.”

After a brief moment, Ji Ruyan finally replied, “Alright… but you have to hurry.”

After dispelling the air around him and removing all scent and traces of himself, he changed clothes. Yun Che no longer cared about where Little Jasmine had gone to. He flew out of Black Soul Mountain at top speed toward Darkya City.


An abandoned area in the outskirts of Darkya City.

It was an extremely run down house where all its doors and windows were shattered. This was a place that rarely would have anyone passing it.

However today, this abandoned area was welcoming several “distinguished guests”.

A group of people hurriedly came, Darkya Realm’s Realm King Lei Qianfeng at their forefront . Beside him was his equally heavily weighted wife Xiao Qingtong, whose position in the sect was on par with his. Behind them were Chief Hall Master Lei Tiangang and Great Elder Lei Qiandu. At their side was also the sect’s chief physician, Lei Deyan.

Behind them was a group of disciples that were carefully carrying all of Lei Qianfeng’s poisoned sons.

After such a long period of time, the poison in their bodies was erupting with greater intensity. All six bodies had crimson fumes wafting from them, carrying poison within. All the Soul Sect disciples were extremely uncomfortable due to this.

They all landed in front of this little house which the Black Feather Merchant Guild had told them about. As they got closer, the faces of Lei Qianfeng, Lei Tiangang, Lei Qiandu and the rest of them changed. They all stopped in their tracks at the same time.

They stopped, as they felt an incredibly dark and cold sinister aura.

This cold sinister aura didn’t just come from outside forces, it also came from within; it rose from their hearts. This left them in a cold sweat and fearful, their hairs standing on end. This broken house in front of them seemed like it was submerged with the dark auras of the Yellow Springs itself. This left all these peak experts of the Darkya Realm chilled to the bone.

“Sect Master… This is…” Lei Tiangang revealed a look of surprise and curiosity. Such a terrifying feeling was nothing like he had ever experienced.

And at this moment a hoarse and husky low laugh came from the house, “Hehehehe, looks like big business has found its way to my door. Come, come. Come in. Hehehehe…”

This strange and eerie laughter, added to the extremely cold sinister energy, scared several disciples as they retreated several steps. They felt cold all over.

Lei Qianfeng’s expression changed. Before he could even respond, Xiao Qingtong, who was by his side had already entered. He frowned and could only follow after her.