Chapter 1118 - Third Layer World

Chapter 1118 - Third Layer World

Once the jade colored light appeared, the slowly spreading miasma suddenly stirred before it dissipated, melting layer by layer. After a few breaths of time, a meter away from Yun Che, the dark green miasma had completely vanished, leaving behind the usual darkness and turbid air.

Yun Che began to advance. His steps weren’t slow, but the poisonous miasma would also dissipate backwards every step he took, layer after layer, as if it was being swallowed by some invisible spatial rift.

An expression of disbelief was plastered on the face of Emperor Nanlie. All three great realm kings could not help but reveal shocked expressions. Their eyes all locked onto that jade green profound stone in Yun Che’s hand.

This poisonous miasma was terrifying. They had experienced it first hand. When Yun Che said he had the ability to dissipate it, none of them believed him, including Mu Baimei. It was just due to his mentality of not letting the slightest chance or opportunity slip by that he allowed it. Who would have thought that he would have witnessed this miracle.

“This…” All three of them looked at each other, shock on their faces.

“Little brother, what is that divine stone in your hand? It’s so effective!” Mu Baimei cried out. As a realm king, ordinary treasures would never have left him in such a shock.

Emperor Nanlie couldn’t laugh anymore, both he and Han Kuan stared straight at Yun Che.

Yun Che had on a gleeful expression. He hurriedly replied, “Island Master Mu, this is an item my master gave me before I left to go train. He said that this item contains a very strong purifying power, with the exception of the devil poison from the Northern Divine Region, it can purify everything under the sky, even poison miasmas. When your majesties exclaimed that the poison was very powerful, junior was indeed worried, but this item does what my master said it would do. This is great!”

“Your master? What is his identity? You said that you were born in the Darkya Realm, but this king has never heard of any expert in the Darkya Realm that are proficient in the poison arts,” Emperor Nanlie grimly said.

“Oh… Junior is indeed from the Darkya Realm, but since I was young, I’ve followed my master everywhere and master is not from the Darkya Realm. His identity… because there are several grudges by others formed against him, before junior came out to train, he warned me never to speak his name. As his student I must respect his instructions, I hope your majesties will forgive me.” Yun Che was a picture of honesty, but was honestly spouting bullsh*t.

“I see.” Mu Baimei didn’t ask further and gently nodded his head. “Just based on this treasure, we can certainly say your master is definitely a powerful expert.”

Yun Che sped up, and the poisonous miasma continued to dissipate layer by layer. “I thank Island Master Mu for your words, but this purifying profound stone cannot be considered to be any sort of miraculous treasure. Master once said that it had only one use. Once its purifying power is completely released, it will become a useless ordinary stone.”

“Oh, that’s really a pity.” Mu Baimei replied, not sure whether to believe him.

After going forward two to three kilometers, the “purifying stone” in Yun Che’s hands started to grow darker, and at this time, the poisonous miasma suddenly started to become very thin. As Yun Che continued walking, the dark green miasma vanished in an instant. In front of them was no longer a dark passageway but an incredibly thick and heavy looking stone door.

“Success!” Yun Che joyfully cried. “Luckily this stretch of poisonous miasma wasn’t that long. It looks like this stone door in front of us seems to be the exit… oh, no… entrance!”

A few kilometers was a very short distance to profound practitioners of the divine way, but this frightening poisonous miasma had actually left these three great realm kings helpless to pass through.

They had to actually rely on a young Divine Soul Realm practitioner to pass through the poisonous miasma zone. All three kings were expressionless but their eyes held traces of excitement. Just beyond that stone door, it was highly possible… that was where the Immortal Emperor Grass lay!

After expending so much effort, they were finally going to reap the reward.

However they didn’t rush forward impulsively, they stopped instead. All three of them looked at the “purifying stone” in Yun Che’s hand which had lost its luster.

“Little brother, could you let this king take a look at the divine stone in your hand. Haha, such a divine stone, this king cannot help but feel very curious.” Mu Baimei had a friendly face and his words were said without any threat or forcefulness.

After hearing him Yun Che immediately replied, “Of course, there’s no problem.”

As he spoke he unhesitantly placed the profound stone into Mu Baimei’s palm, his expression however was a little dark. “Although we successfully purified the poisonous miasma, I’m afraid we have exhausted all of its purifying power as well. This was after all, a gift from Master…”

Mu Baimei swept his spirit sense through the stone after receiving it. A look of disappointment filled his eyes as he could clearly sense that this was indeed a very ordinary profound stone. Furthermore it had purified the area at great speed and they were with Yun Che the whole time, it was impossible for him to switch it out right under their noses.

Mu Baimei believed Yun Che and returned it to him. “It is quite a pity, but this underground palace managed to birth the Immortal Emperor Grass, which means that there are definitely many other wonderful opportunities within it. The gains might even exceed that of this special stone.”

Yun Che nodded, “Junior also thinks so.”

As he was about to put away the profound stone, a domineering voice suddenly shouted, “Let this king have a look!”

Before Yun Che could respond, that profound stone had disappeared from his palm and appeared in the palm of Emperor Nanlie. He looked at it and with a disappointed snort he threw it back at Yun Che, “Although it’s useless now, it’s something your master bestowed on you, keep it well then.”

After finishing, he took a big step towards the stone door.

After seeing both their responses, Han Kuan naturally felt no interest in the “divine stone” any longer and swiftly followed after Emperor Nanlie.

The stone door was several tens of meters high and it had a very ancient aura around it. Although it had been here for a long time, there wasn’t a speck of dust on its surface. A series of strange symbols was carved upon it but there was no aura indication that it was a profound formation.

Perhaps it once did, but due to the endless years, it had completely dissipated.

“Looks like there isn’t any seal.” After observing it for a while, Emperor Nanlie suddenly reached out. A huge burst of profound energy charged at the stone door.


There weren’t any obstructions or strange developments like they had expected. Under the testing palm of Emperor Nanlie, the thick and heavy stone door shattered, sending rubble flying in every direction. In front of their eyes, rays of bright line shone into the dark passageway they were in. All four of them were stunned.

This place, was very deep underground. Darkness and the absence of light was a given, but in front of them was light that seem to come from the outside. Behind the door wasn’t some ruins or the remnants of an ancient palace that was filled with heavy turbid air. It was actually a vast and immeasurable green land. There was running water, the sound of birds chirping and even the scent of grace wafted through the air. The clean and fresh air that was carried by the wind was such a stark contrast to the thick and turbid air that they couldn’t make sense of the situation.

“This is… A secret realm within a secret realm!?” Mu Baimei said in a low voice after he stood still for a long while with the other two realm kings.

The Illusory Sea Ancient Realm was originally an independent world left behind since the Era of Gods but the scenery before them wasn’t some underground palace like they expected. It was obviously a completely independent world!

An independent world established within an independent world!

This meant that this was the third layer world!

“That’s right… however it isn’t entirely independent, the aura of this place seems to be connected to the laws of the Illusory Sea Ancient Realm, or else we wouldn’t have been able to sense the presence of the Immortal Emperor Grass,” Han Kuan calmly said.

“Hahahaha, this is wonderful!” Emperor Nanlie laughed and stepped across the stone door. Mu Baimei and Han Kuan refused to be left behind and immediately followed after.

Yun Che was about to follow behind them but his brows suddenly twitched. He fiercely turned around, staring at the darkness behind them.

His strange actions aroused the attention of Mu Baimei. He turned around and asked, “Little brother, what’s the matter?”

Yun Che turned around and shook his head, “Nothing much, probably because of the air flow, my imagination was probably acting up. I felt as if there was someone behind us.”

Mu Baimei’s gaze and spirit sense then swept the area in behind them. He chortled, “Beside the four of us, it’s impossible for anyone else to be present. Come in already.”

It was a vast and open world full of lush greenery. Even with a Divine King’s vision, they were unable to see to the end. The air was so pure that it formed a great contrast with the turbid air they had been surrounded in earlier. There were all sorts of exotic flowers and vegetation around.

As far as the eye could see, this seemed like a secret realm of immortals. They could hardly believe that they were supposed to be in the deep and dark underground.

The myriad worlds truly did hold many wonders within them. A secret realm within a secret realm; this was another eye opener for Yun Che. The three great realm kings in front of him rose into the air. They didn’t have the heart to enjoy the scenery. They released their spirit senses to their limits, scanning their surroundings.

“Heh, heh heh, that’s it alright! This high ranking aura, it’s undoubtedly the Immortal Emperor Grass!” Emperor Nanlie cried in excitement.

“The aura fits the bill, but don’t get happy so early. It’s the emperor among grasses, it could disperse its aura over several types of flora and fauna camouflaging itself. Finding it won’t be easy and ’m afraid an old fox like you won’t have such luck,” Mu Baimei said unabashedly.

Emperor Nanlie couldn’t be bothered to retort. He turned around and swifting flew in a certain direction.

Han Kuan did not speak and flew toward a different direction.

Mu Baimei didn’t immediately fly off. He turned to Yun Che and smiled. “Ling Yun, us being able to enter this land is all thanks to your efforts. Since we’ve agreed beforehand, we naturally won’t go back on our words. The aura of the Immortal Emperor Grass on the outside is so thin, yet it’s thick as can be here. There is no doubt that it is here. If it’s your good fortune to find the Immortal Emperor Grass, then it’ll belong to you. This king will not forcefully snatch it from you. If those two change their minds, this king will not allow it, you can rest at ease and search for it.”

Yun Che expressed his gratitude and bowed in excitement, “Understood. Island Master Mu is benevolent beyond measure, this junior greatly respects you. I thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

Mu Baimei laughed and shook his head, “Don’t mention it. If not for you, the three of us wouldn’t even have been able to enter. If thanks are to be made, we should thank you instead. However, with regards to the Immortal Emperor Grass, you’re still very young. In terms of searching ability, I’m afraid you can’t compare to us three old fellows, so make sure that you not forget to take notice of other opportunities should they present themselves.”

“Thank you for the advice, Island Master Mu,” Yun Che replied.

“Mn.” Mu Baimei nodded before turning around to take flight, heading in a direction completely different from the other two.

After the three great realm kings left his sight, the expression on Yun Che’s face totally vanished. He lifted his left hand and looked at his palm… a green light quietly flickered.

Based on the Sky Poison Pearl’s response, he lifted his head. He looked straight ahead of where he was, the corners of his mouth pulling into a smile, “It’s very close, the Immortal Emperor Grass… It’s mine!”

Yun Che started flying straight ahead. Mu Baimei wasn’t wrong, this place could birth the Immortal Emperor Grass and it would have several other high ranking treasures of the heavens and earth, but Yun Che wasn’t distracted. He rushed straight in the direction the Sky Poison Pearl pointed him, as if him taking one second later in retrieving it would spell the other three great realm kings being able to snatch it from him.

He had to get the Immortal Emperor Grass!

As long as he could lay his hands on the Immortal Emperor Grass that’d be considered a great task accomplished!