Chapter 883 - The Girl in the Abyss (3)

Chapter 883 - The Girl in the Abyss (3)

Yun Che did not know the direction in which he was traveling nor did he know what was ahead of him. The only thing he could do was fly forward with all of his strength. Death would bear down on him the moment he stopped.

The oppressive might that was bearing down on him from behind was growing more and more dreadful, the sound of pursuit growing ever so closer. However, it was at this time that a penetrating cry pierced the air above him. That shrill cry directly covered the darkness monster that had started pursuing him first. A dangerous aura that was even closer and more terrifying than the previous one spread out from above and it swiftly drew near to him using a dreadfully peerless speed.

What was that? What a terrifying speed!

Yun Che was greatly shocked and alarmed because the darkness monster, which was rushing in from above, was at least two to three times faster than the previous monster!

If Jasmine was here, she would instantly be able to tell that this was clearly the primordial devil beast known as the Bane Glass Bird! When she had come here previously, she had also been attacked by a Bane Glass Bird.

This kind of speed was undoubtedly a terrifying nightmare to Yun Che.

With the Bane Glass Bird’s dreadful speed, the considerable distance between the two of them had swiftly dwindled in a short period of just over ten breaths.


The shrill cry behind him abruptly turned incredibly sharp, the sound causing Yun Che’s entire body to fiercely shiver… Because judging from that sense, the darkness monster that was pursuing him from above was astonishingly only a few kilometers away from him!

Furthermore, when this bird cry sounded, the dangerous aura behind him instantly turned into an aura of death which sent chills running through Yun Che’s entire body.

The Bane Glass Bird who had already come within seven kilometers of Yun Che gathered its wings before it violently flung them out wide. In a split second, a howling darkness gale was formed and it hurtled forward with an earth-shaking screech. Wherever this storm of darkness hit, it instantly warped the dark space, which even the Primordial Profound Ark could not jump through, into twisting vortexes.

The instant the storm of darkness arrived, Yun Che felt as if he had been thrown into an abyss of death… He was acutely aware that if he came into contact with this storm of darkness, even if it merely brushed him, he would instantly be wrung into dark powder.

Yun Che’s gaze grew dark and heavy as he desperately raised his speed to its very limit. Even though his speed was already peerlessly quick and fierce, the storm of death that bore on from behind grew ever closer...

This would not do… If he maintained his current speed, he would definitely die!


Yun Che fiercely gritted his teeth, his eyes glowing with a tyrannical light. After that, he let out a low roar as he forcefully opened the 【Rumbling Heaven】 gate.


A profound energy storm violently exploded outwards from Yun Che’s body. His profound energy immediately turned scarlet red. As his profound strength explosively increased by several times, his speed also abruptly increased as he frantically tore through the darkness at a frantic rate...


The storm of death smashed against the ground behind Yun Che, reducing the dark ground which was countless times stronger than profound steel into countless motes of dust. The intervening space immediately became riddled with holes.

After that peerlessly dreadful destructive power erupted, the remaining power spread out in waves that buffeted the surrounding space that was tens of kilometers wide...

Before Yun Che, who had forcefully opened the 【Rumbling Heaven】 gate to escape certain death, even had time to catch his breath, the extremely dangerous aura hurtled in from behind once again. His pupils contracted and he did not have enough time to even turn around but he nearly instinctively activated the Heretic God Barrier.


Yun Che’s back was buffeted by a backlash wave that had been emitted by the storm of death.

It was merely a backlash wave that had yet to dissipate and its strength could only be described as weak compared to the center of that storm. But for Yun Che, this “weak” backlash wave was still akin to an incredibly dreadful disaster.

With an explosive ring, his Heretic God Barrier instantly collapsed and fractured and his entire body shot out at a speed that was even faster than his fastest speed. He flew for an entire thirty five kilometer before fiercely smashing against the ground.

“Cough… cough, cough… cough…”

Yun Che planted his palms on the ground as he gingerly lifted himself off the ground before coughing out more than ten mouthfuls of bright red blood.

After he had perfectly obtained Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix vital yin, his strength had risen explosively and he had reached the pinnacle of strength in this world. Besides Xuanyuan Wentian, the Little Demon Empress, and Feng Xue’er, there was no one else who could rival him/.

But within this dreadful dark abyss, he was like a young and tender child who had mistakenly crawled into a demon’s den, he was so weak that even a touch could consign him to death.

It was just a backlash wave that had been dispersed from far away but it practically took away half his life… and this was when he had even activated the Heretic God Barrier.

Right now, Yun Che did not have time to even consider what kind of crazy place this was. He stood up and staggered forward… Forcefully opening up Rumbling Heaven had already done an enormous amount of damage to his body and before he even had time to catch his breath, he had sustained such a dreadful amount of damage yet again. But he had to stand up, because the moment he stopped, he would die.

“Cough… cough, cough…”

Yun Che pressed a hand against his chest and the fierce pain that he felt from his internal organs told him that most of his vital organs had ruptured. It felt exceptionally difficult to even walk and if there was light in this place, one would be able to see a long trail of blood dripped along the ground that he had traversed.

I… still cannot die yet...

His steps were heavy and his wounds were so serious that he was unable to take to the air. Even his consciousness was starting to grow blurry. After he had taken more than ten steps, he finally sensed that something was amiss and he slowly turned around.

Those terrifying bestial roars and earth-shaking footsteps that had rung out behind him had completely disappeared.

The dangerous aura that had engulfed him had also completely dissipated.

What was going on?

Has my consciousness become muddled to such a great extent?

However, all of this was not Yun Che’s misperception. Tens of kilometers away, those profound beasts that had been chasing after Yun Che had completely stopped their pursuit. Even the sounds of their howls and roars had completely died down and they did not dare to advance even a step further.

It was as if the region in front of them was a forbidden ground that they absolutely could not enter.

Yun Che did not know what had happened behind him. He trudged forward in the darkness and he did not even know how long he had been walking for. At the moment when he was just about to collapse, he suddenly fell against a hard and solid wall.

After he had run around in this unknown and vast world for such a long period of time, he had finally touched something other than the ground.

Yun Che, who had finally found something to support him, leaned against the wall for a while as he gasped for breath. Now that he had arrived at this point, he was able to confirm one thing, his feeling that those profound beasts had abruptly stopped their pursuit was not due to his senses growing blurry.

Before he could even consider the reason for this, he had to regulate his energy and blood first. So he sat down and started to treat his injuries. At this time, he suddenly saw a gleam of purple light out of the corner of his eye.

Yun Che’s heart was shaken and he swiftly turned his head around as he focused his vision on that spot… He had not been mistaken, there was indeed a gleam of purple-colored light coming from a spot that was somewhere in front of him.

This gleam of light was extremely faint and weak but in this world that only contained endless darkness, the existence of this light was undoubtedly extremely unusual.


Yun Che subconsciously muttered to himself

Yun Che gave up on healing himself. He leaned against the wall and dragged his heavily wounded body towards the purple light, his leaden feet dragging against the ground. He was not being motivated by his curiosity. He was moving to the light because this gleam of light in this incomparably dreadful world of darkness was undoubtedly a dazzling ray of hope!

As he moved forward, the purple light grew increasingly closer and increasingly brighter in his vision. Gradually, Yun Che could sense a strangely familiar feeling from this purple light.

This purple light… I have definitely seen it somewhere before!

What could it be?

Yun Che gasped roughly as he strove to pick up speed. After he had walked a very far distance and seemed to be very near to that purple light, he abruptly reached a bend in the wall that he had been using to support himself.

After he turned the corner, he stood in a complete daze for a while.

What appeared in front of his eyes was a world that was filled by a bewitching purple light.

There were countless stalks of fantastical flowers swaying amidst this purple light. Scores of bewitching flowers bloomed proudly upon deep purple stalks. Every single petal of these flowers seemed to be like gleaming purple jade, they released a bright purple light and a faint and indistinct dull purple fog that seemed to come from the depths of the netherworld floated around them.

The purple light that filled this space had all come from these bewitching purple flowers.

Within this incomparably dreadful world of darkness, Yun Che’s flames could only illuminate an area that was not even ten feet wide but these bewitching flowers could clearly illuminate a very large area and the light that was being radiated was incredibly clear. It seemed to be near at hand and it was not dimmed by the darkness at all.

Yun Che dumbly stood in place and it seemed as if his entire body had been petrified.

These bewitching purple flowers were clearly Netherworld Udumbara Flowers!!

Before this, he and Jasmine had spent an entire seven years just to find the traces of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. Jasmine had also said that it was likely that the flower they had found in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was the only one that could be found on this plane.

However right now, tens of thousands of Netherworld Udumbara Flowers swayed before him in full bloom, forming a gigantic sea of Netherworld Udumbara Flowers.

It was as if he had been thrust from a dark world of death into a purple-colored netherworld dimension.

However, the Netherworld Udumbara Flower was not only incomparably bewitching, its most unique trait, which was also its most dreadful trait… was its ability to steal one’s soul!!

Even though Yun Che was still rather far away from this sea of flowers, he was heavily injured and was being bathed by the purple light that radiated from tens of thousands of netherworld Udumbara Flowers. So in a short amount of time, the vision of those eyes which stared at the sea of Netherworld Udumbara Flowers grew increasingly blurry as his pupils swiftly expanded without him noticing.

Yun Che rapidly tried to raise his guard but it was already too late. He wanted to retreat but he could barely even feel the existence of his body, and his vision and consciousness very swiftly grew blurry.

When he had gone to the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, Yun Che had personally experienced the dreadfulness of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower and he was even more acutely aware that the dreadful result of having one’s soul stolen was no different from death.

He fiercely bit down on the tip of his tongue as he regained some clarity of mind but his body, which had slipped out of his control, swiftly sank to the ground.

This could not happen… He definitely could not faint here.

Yun Che fiercely gritted his teeth but his wounds were too severe and his complexion was exceptionally pale. At this moment, he suddenly saw a silver-colored figure slowly drift out of the sea of purple flowers through his blurry eyes.

“Ah…” Yun Che’s body had completely collapsed to the ground. He desperately tried to widen his eyes and look towards that silver-colored figure...

It seemed to be the figure of a human and it was very tiny and delicate, it was just as small as Hong’er. The silver that gleamed in his eyes came from the light that gleamed on her long hair and her body was covered by a layer of lustrous white light.

She slowly floated over, her feet not touching the ground but her silver-colored hair was long enough to reach the ground.

His consciousness grew more and more blurry and his blurred vision could no longer clearly distinguish outlines or colors. Yun Che’s eyes closed many times but he forcefully opened them each and every time. And every time he regained his vision, he discovered that the figure that floated over from the sea of flowers had grown closer by several degrees.

After he barely managed to open his eyes for the last time, he saw an unfathomably beautiful pair of eyes that was right in front of him.

A pair… of eyes that seemed to glitter with all the colors of the rainbow.

“Who… are… you…”

Yun Che let out an extremely weak and faint voice as his vision turned white before everything turned black and his consciousness completely faded away.