Chapter 872 - Resolute (2)

Chapter 872 - Resolute (2)

Ten days was only the time the Golden Crow Divine Spirit predicted.

However, the scariness of the current state of the devil origin orb far surpassed the Golden Crow Divine Spirit’s prediction.

Yun Che’s body has long surpassed that of any normal human. From head to toe, he was a true monster. His body actually perfectly combined the Heretic God’s Profound Veins, the Phoenix’s blood, the Dragon God’s blood, the Golden Crow’s blood, the strength of the Rage God, as well as the Heavenly Wolf's power and there had not be any rejections—Needless to say, the Golden Crow Divine Spirit or even if the actual Golden Crow Divine Beast was present, it would not be able to comprehend the existence of this “monster”.

This was also the main reason why the Golden Crow Divine Spirit gifted everything to him without hesitation after reading his memories.

And within this “monster’s” body, the speed at which the devil origin orb grew was illogical as well. This was the second time the Golden Crow Divine Spirit used all its strength to help him seal the devil origin orb but its spirit was still continuously shocked.

Finally, after sixteen long days, the devil origin orb was once again sealed with difficulty within Yun Che’s body.

Within the Sea of Death, Yun Che opened his eyes and sensed that his body was no longer invaded by the devilish aura. He inhaled and flew out, escaping from the Sea of Death and landing on the scarlet grounds near the Sea of Death.

Just as he was about to give his thanks to the Golden Crow Divine Spirit, he was suddenly shocked.

The Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley that was usually constantly filled will the sounds of the raging sea of flames was now unusually quiet. At one glance, all the volcanoes within vision actually laid dormant. There was not one that was erupting. The lava was flowing slowly and the sea of flames that originally scorched the skies could now no longer be described as “a sea of flames”. The flames were dull and they burned slowly and weakly.

Turning back and looking towards the Sea of Death, the boundless flames rumbled but the colors had turned completely dark as though it was a fierce beast at the end of its life.

Yun Che lifted up his head and high up in the sky, the Golden Crow Divine Spirit’s golden eyes was staring at him. However, the divine pressure that originated from it was greatly inferior to before.

“Golden Crow Divine Spirit,” Yun Che was feeling complicated, “I thank you for saving me once again.”

“This noble one has mentioned before, there’s no need for such useless words,” The Golden Crow Divine Spirit coldly replied. “Whatever this noble one wants to do, no one can stop. Whatever this noble one does not want to do, no one can force either.”

“Since you’re fine now, hurry up and leave. This noble one already does not have much time left. If she still does not go into slumber, this world might collapse at any time. However, remember, you must let go of the knot in your heart quickly, otherwise, the devil origin orb in your body might break free at any time.”

“...” Yun Che still did not leave immediately. Instead, he calmly asked, “Golden Crow Divine Spirit, can you straightforwardly answer one of my questions?”

Golden Crow Divine Spirit, “?”

“How… long do I have left?” Yun Che’s tone and expression seemed exceptionally calm.

“...” The air suddenly became dense and the golden eye that was in the air remained silent for a long time before slowly replying, “To know your own death date is a thing that is more fearsome than death. Are you really sure you want to know?”

“I have to know.” Yun Che’s expression still remained calm.

“One month,” the Golden Crow Divine Spirit replied straightforwardly.

“...” Yun Che’s eyelids slowly closed and he exhaled one long breath, “One month… that’s not much different from what I predicted. The next time the devil origin orb’s energy overflows will be the day of my death.”

He laughed self-mockingly, “I never expected that I, Yun Che, would die in the end because of an inanimate object… Heh, there’s a part of me that can’t accept this.”

“This is the last time this noble one is able to help you. The devil origin orb within your body is constantly growing. The next time it goes out of control, even if this noble one were to have regained her full strength and was not in this current state, it would still be nearly impossible to reseal it. This noble one using up all her strength to seal it now would only allow it to remain for about a month.

“That’s why you had better leave this place quickly and think carefully what you want to do in this last month!”

Yun Che remained silent for some time before suddenly asking, “Golden Crow Divine Spirit, since you know that there’s a devil origin orb within me and I’m unable to be saved and destined to die, why are you still willing to use up a large amount of your last remaining strength to save me?”

“Because this noble one is willing, that is all!” the Golden Crow Divine Spirit coldly replied.

Yun Che, “...”

“When this noble one read your memories back then, I was shocked by your physique and experience. I knew for certain that your talent was oddly strong. Along with your exceptional talent, you’d be the perfect successor. That was why this noble one bestowed upon you everything and hoped that the flame of the Golden Crow left in this world would burn brightly within you.

“However, unexpectedly, you seemed have used up all your luck in the first half of your life. In just the span of two years, you encountered such calamity that even this noble one is unable to save you. On this plane, there is nothing that can save you either.

“However, you are, after all, the person that this noble one has chosen. Even if it was the wrong choice, it still has to be followed through to the end.”

This was the Golden Crow Divine Spirit’s explanation. Each word was uttered with deep arrogance and stubbornness..

“...I still have one question and this question is of utmost importance to me,” Yun Che continued to ask. His eyes slightly narrowed and his gaze became dull, “If i forcefully open the fifth realm of the Heretic God, 【Hell Monarch】, is there any possibility of me killing Xuanyuan Wentian!?”

The Golden Crow Divine Spirit was stunned for a moment before she suddenly laughed heartily, “Hahahaha! Good question, this should be what you’re like!”

Yun Che also laughed, “Looks like you can probably give me a clear enough answer. After all, you inherited some of the Golden Crow’s memories and when the Golden Crow was alive, it had a close relationship with the Heretic God. You should have a rough gauge of the Heretic God’s strength.”

“No, this noble one actually does not know the Heretic God’s strength much better than you,” the Golden Crow said in a low voice. “However, based on the strength you possessed when you forcefully activated 【Rumbling Heaven】 against the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, if you were to open your 【Hell Monarch】, you might indeed be able to forcefully kill Xuanyuan Wentian!”

Yun Che, “!!!”

“However, it is only a possibility. However, if you were to forcefully open Hell Monarch, the consequences wouldn’t be possible death… but certain death! Even if it’s just for one or two moments!”

“When you battled the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign initially, although you managed to forcefully open the Rumbling Heaven to forcefully exterminate him, I hope that you have not forgotten the miserable state that you ended up in. Back then, if your master had not forcefully closed the Heretic God’s realm for you, you would have died on the spot then. Now, your strength far exceeds the time when you battled the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, your physique has also changed greatly. However, you can at most maintain the powers of Rumbling Heavens for one moment. If you were to forcefully open the Hell Monarch, the moment your strength was released, your body would also be smashed into smithereens with no chance of survival.”

“Alright!” Yun Che gradually nodded. Both his hands clenched tightly but his face did not reveal any disappointment, fear or unwillingness to resign. Instead, there was a slight smile that had a hint of ferocity, “Since you said it’s possible, then there’s definitely a possibility!”

“Judging from what you said, are you prepared to bet your life?”

“Heh, since I’m going to die, why shouldn’t I bet?!” Yun Che laughed lowly.

“Hahahaha,” the Golden Crow Divine Spirit laughed heartily once again. “As a person that is about to die, you aren’t thinking about how miserable your life is but instead how to die even more miserably! As expected, this noble one did not choose the wrong person and also did not save the wrong person. Your blazing integrity and resolve is worthy enough of the Golden Crow’s blood and Golden Crow’s soul in your body!

“This noble one is not going to stop you since you have already decided. You should hurry to return to the Profound Sky Continent then. You should know that the devilish blood within Xuanyuan Wentian’s body is awakening every day and his strength is also increasing by the day. The longer you delay this, the greater the certainty of your death! If you really can exterminate Xuanyuan Wentian, the entire Illusory Demon Realm will be saved because of you and your death would be worth it!”

“I understand,” Yun Che muttered under his breath. “But, I still need some time… perhaps two or three days.”

“Hmph, is all this for your final farewell?” The Golden Crow Divine Spirit said without care.

“...Other than that, there’s one more thing.” Yun Che turned around, looked into the distance as his gaze gradually became hazy. Two hazy figures appeared in his heart and gradually became more and more clear. Also, gradually… they bonded together and became one figure...

“I want to return to Azure Cloud Continent to see Ling’er… I want to know whether what I witnessed and experienced six years ago was a dream or not,” Yun Che’s voice softened as though he was recalling his dream.

“Since you’re determined to die, what’s the point in meeting her?” The Golden Crow Divine Spirit coldly said. After reading Yun Che’s memories, she knew who “Ling’er” was and also knew what “dream” he referred to. However, as the spirit of a divine beast, it knew nothing of the love between humans.

“I’m okay with a look from afar.” Yun Che faintly smiled, “If that wasn’t a dream and it was really Ling’er, even if I were to die, I can die feeling a little more satisfied.”

“Then when are you preparing to go? The Azure Cloud Continent is millions of kilometers away rom the Illusory Demon Realm.”

“Right now!” Yun Che said without hesitation.

He did not prepare to say his farewells with the Little Demon Empress or his parents because this would undoubtedly increase their worries. Furthermore, he had absolutely no way of explaining everything.

If the Azure Cloud Continent’s Ling’er was actually a dream, he would completely give up hope as well. If that were really Ling’er… he would fulfill his wish before returning to spend his remaining time with them.

After that, he would use his life… to bring Xuanyuan Wentian with him to hell!!