Chapter 807 - Blood-soaked Jasmine (3)

Chapter 807 - Blood-soaked Jasmine (3)

“...That’s right, the Mirror of Samsara is indeed with him.” Based on how matters had developed, there was no point for Xuanyuan Wentian to hide things anymore. He did not expect that the plan he meticulously came up with would falter at the very last part. Furthermore, he would never have expected the reason for his failure to be because of Yun Che divulging the fact himself!

His heart was filled with tremendous hatred… yet, he did not know whether he should hate Yun Che betraying the folly in human nature or whether he should hate himself for misjudging Yun Che’s personality.

“And for these twenty odd years, it was always on him.” Xuanyuan Wentian uttered hatefully with knitted brows, “No one could have expected that twenty three years ago, before the Yun Qinghong couple escaped back to Illusory Demon Realm, they had actually left the Mirror of Samsara on Yun Che who was only a baby. When Yun Che returned to the Illusory Demon Realm and married Little Demon Empress, not only had Little Demon Empress not asked for it back, she gave it to him as a betrothal gift instead… Now, it still remains on him.”

The gaze the people from the Four Great Sacred Grounds had for Yun Che had completely changed. Even Huangji Wuyu and Qu Fengyi, who had constantly avoided looking directly at Yun Che, now had their gazes and aura firmly fixated on Yun Che’s body.

“If that is the case, it’s really excellent.” Ye Meixie grinned, before lifting his feet and walking slowly towards Yun Che. His actions caused the expressions of people from the other three Sacred Grounds to simultaneously change but luckily Ye Meixie only took four steps before he stopped and turned to Xuanyuan Wentian and said expressionlessly, “Sword Master Xuanyuan, regarding the handling of Yun Che, I’ve changed my mind. Other than the fact that Yun Che is actually a demon, he does not seem to have any grudges with your Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. However, he and our Sun Moon Divine Hall possess hatred that cannot be appeased! Perhaps, it would be better for me to bring him back to Sun Moon Divine Hall.”


Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi, who had remained silent thus far and rarely spoke, gradually walked forward at this time. Her face was as cold as ice. She walked towards Yun Che and only stopped leisurely when was about the same distance from Yun Che as Ye Meixie, “Ye Meixie, could you have forgotten whose territory this is? Since he was captured in my Ocean Palace, naturally he should be at the disposal of my Ocean Palace. Why is there a need to go through the trouble of wasting labor to transport him to the Sword Region or Divine Hall?!”

“...” Huangji Wuyu smiled but did not speak. However, he had already silently moved up to thirty steps behind Yun Che and his aura, that was misty like smoke, was firmly fixated on Yun Che.

Four figures, all great Sacred Masters who were all at the pinnacle of Profound Sky, were currently simultaneously surrounding Yun Che, a junior who had barely turned twenty.

Furthermore all four of them stood at different positions but their distance from Yun Che was completely the same, as though they had measured it beforehand… As long as any one of them took action, the other three would also react instantly.

“Hahahaha!” Being surrounded by the four Sacred Master, perhaps in the entire history of Profound Sky Continent, Yun Che was the only person other than Ye Mufeng to receive such treatment. However, he did not show the slightest sign of fear and even started laughing sarcastically, “As expected of the Four Great Sacred Grounds! Just because of a Mirror of Samsara, your serious expressions instantly turned hideous!”

The four Sacred Masters remained unfazed. They were either one or two thousand years of age; their faces would not flush just from a few sarcastic remarks from Yun Che. Their focus and attention were completely fixated on the other three people.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s expression changed but he eventually sighed in secret before his expression suddenly relaxed, “You all also shouldn’t blame me for hiding this. An object like the Mirror of Samsara is naturally coveted by all. If it were you guys, you would have done the same thing as well. However, now that matters have developed this way, if we allowed a mere Mirror of Samsara to spoil our relationship, wouldn’t we turn into the laughingstock of the entire world.”

“Then? Does Sword Master Xuanyuan have some valued opinion?” Ye Meixie snapped back with an unfriendly tone.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s expression did not change as he replied, “How about this, since this is Supreme Ocean Palace, we shall confine Yun Che here, obtain the Mirror of Samsara from him before uncovering the secrets to it together.”

Huangji Wuyu, Qu Fengyi and Ye Meixie looked at each other and thought for a while before nodding at the same time, “Then we shall temporarily accept that. However, if anyone has any ulterior motives and tries to snatch the Mirror of Samsara for himself, don’t blame me for not giving face!”

Their voices were very low, making it difficult for the surrounding people to hear them. However, Yun Che, who was in the middle, heard everything clearly and he started to laugh coldly, “Such a great idea. Although you all are obviously targeting another person’s possession, yet you all made it sound so moral, natural and as though the object originally belonged to you all. The so-called four great Sacred Masters are actually people who don’t even have basic shame.”

“Hahahaha,” Ye Meixie laughed loudly, “Be as glib-tongued as you want. After today, you will no longer get the chance to speak even if you wanted to!”

Just as Yun Che wanted to rebut, he suddenly felt an exceptionally familiar aura that possessed a hint of foreignness. This aura caused his heart to tremble but at the same time, all his anger, hatred, worry and the balance and calculation in his heart all vanished.

All the haze in the world seemed have disappeared.

He no longer bothered with Ye Meixie, turned around and faced Huangji Wuyu and Qu Fengyi, his voice turning exceptionally plain, “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region caused the death of my grandfather as well as nearly caused the death of my parents. Furthermore, they caused Xiao Yun’s family to nearly go extinct! In this matter, Sun Moon Divine Hall were also accomplices and their Ye Xinghan tired to harm me numerous times and is someone that I must kill in this lifetime. Therefore, I already have irrevocable hatred with both Mighty Heavenly Sword Region as well as Sun Moon Divine Hall from the start.”

“Saint Emperor of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, you regard Yuanba exceptionally highly and are even willing to lend him your Heavenly Sacred Divine Ark. Therefore, towards you, I still possess some respect and gratitude. As for Supreme Ocean Palace’s Sovereign of the Seas, you all have guarded the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest for generations and this is commendable. Furthermore, you allowed me to enter the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. Hence, I also possess some gratitude towards you…”

Qu Fengyi’s expression stiffened and there was not one bit of emotion from him, “Yun Che, could you be foolishly hoping for this sovereign to forgive you?”

“Forgive? Heh…” Yun Che was cold and harsh, “I have no grudges with your Supreme Ocean Palace, so on which matter are you supposed to forgive me on? When I first entered the Ocean Palace, the Sovereign of the Seas that I saw was majestic. Today, I only see a heartless and hideous face that is filled with greed. If there was any forgiving to be done, it should be me forgiving you!”

“You court death!” Qu Fengyi’s became sullen and the space in front of him distorted vigorously.

“Why should you be angry?” Huangji Wuyu raised his hand and laughed, “Yun Che, since you’ve brought the Mirror of Samsara back to the Profound Sky Continent, then we must get it no matter what. In the hands of your demons, it is merely a waste of a heavenly object. However, you don’t have to worry too much. After you hand over the Mirror of Samsara and we have crippled your profound cultivation… I can assure your safety on account of Yuanba.”

“Is that so? Then I really have to greatly thank you for your magnanimity!” Yun Che muttered as his heart turned completely cold. He no longer bore any glimmer of hope towards Huangji Wuyu and Qu Fengyi. His gaze swept past both their faces before he said in a voice several times colder than before, “Huangji Wuyu, Qu Fengyi. Remember every sentence and every word that you’ve said today!”

Before this, he had still referred to them as Saint Emperor and Sovereign of the Seas. But now, he was calling them directly by their names.

“Also, Xuanyuan Wentian and Ye Meixie! I, Yun Che, am someone who repays kindness and takes revenge! I hope you’ll never live to regret this!”

“Hahahahaha…” Ye Meixie laughed hysterically, “As a turtle in a jar, you still speak with such arrogance. I, Ye Meixie, have lived for nearly two thousand years and yet, I’ve never seen someone with such arrogance before. Yun Che, in my lifetime, I have never known how to write the word ‘regret’. I would really like to know as well. Just how are you going to make me regret? With your master, ‘Old Man Duotian’? Hahahaha!”

Yun Che replied casually, “My master is indeed not some Old Man Duotian. However, you all also haven’t seem to have figured out who my master is. Aren’t you afraid that… my master is much stronger than Old Man Duotian?”

“Hehehe…” Xuanyan Wentian also started to laugh, “Yun Che, I always thought you were especially crafty. But I never knew that your biggest strength was such spouting such laughable nonsense. Although I do not know who your master is now, if I ever do meet him one day, based on the fact that the disciple he taught brought the Mirror of Samsara back, I could consider… letting him die under the blade of this sword master.”

“Hmph, with just you?!”

A young girl’s ice-cold voice came, accompanied by a cold snort. It was just three short words but they resounded like lightning beside the ears of the four great Sovereigns.

This was because despite the fact that this voice rang just beside their ears and penetrated straight to the depths of their hearts, they were unable to detect where the sound came from nor could they detect any tinge of the aura of the owner of the voice… It was as though it had came from a ghost and all four Sacred Masters instantly felt creeped out like never before!

“Who? Who is it?!”

“Who’s talking!?”

The four Sacred Masters all shouted at the same time. The profound aura on their bodies surged and their spiritual senses was instantly released. This sudden intense reaction from them caused the surrounding people to be deeply shocked.

“Who’s trying to playing around here!?” Xuanyuan Wentian’s spiritual sense scanned a radius of several kilometers but not a single unusual aura could be detected. As a supreme being in the way of the sword and a figure at the pinnacle of the Profound Sky Continent, none could escape his spiritual sense or play tricks in front of him. However, when the girl's voice rang out earlier, he felt all the hair on his body stand on end.

“Come out!”

Xuanyuan Wentian shouted loudly and the surroundings were instantly covered with surging sword aura. It pierced thousands of holes in the air. At this time, the four of them seemed to have detected something and they looked towards Yun Che. Their expressions completely stiffened in that instant.

In front of Yun Che, a petite red figure gradually appeared… No, they clearly saw that this red figure had appeared out of nowhere… and slowly had walked out. The large red dress fluttered gently as though it was the fluttering petals of a flower.

Following her appearance, the entire Sea God Arena fell completely silent. Even each person’s breathing had been completely suppressed. It was as though everything in the world had been completely sealed the instant she appeared.

She was petite and did not look older than twelve or thirteen. However, her looks were extremely beautiful… smooth and fair, exceptionally exquisite, causing people to be unable to shift their gaze away from her. Furthermore, they could not believe what they were seeing.

Her beauty was not like Feng Xue’er’s breathtakingly stunning beauty, like someone that only appeared in dreams. Instead, it was like a soul stealing bewitchment. Wearing a red dress and even possessing deep scarlet hair that was waist length caused this unique bewitchment to seem more mysterious and alluring.

Everyone present were all the strongest profound practitioners within the Profound Sky Continent and they all possessed an immovable, tenacious mental strength. They had also never desired young children. However, as they stared dumbly at this young girl dressed in red who appeared out of thin air, a strong passion was ignited in their hearts as well as below their abdomens. Their undoubtedly strong determination was being driven to collapse by their beastly desires… Some of them, who possessed slightly weaker wills, could not help but move forward as their eyes revealed unconcealable lust. If they could ravage this beautiful girl, who was so alluring that people lost control, even if they were to lose all reputation and die right there and then, they would be still be willing to do so.

However, when their eyes came into contact with her gaze, all the passion they possessed seemed to have been instantly washed away by the coldest bone-piercing lake water, disappearing and only leaving behind deep horror and shock.

Those were a pair of red eyes… that were as red as blood.

Before meeting her, no one would dare believe that a girl who looked to be only twelve or thirteen would possess such extreme charm.

They also would not believe that a girl who was only twelve or thirteen would make them feel such a strong sense of soul piercing cold and danger.

“Jasmine, you… succeeded?!” Yun Che yelled agitatedly.

Just as Jasmine had explained, her body was born from her soul. The Jasmine in front of his eyes was the exactly the same as the Jasmine he was familiar with. In terms of appearance, there was no difference between her and her soul’s appearance during the seven years.

The only difference was that their mental connection, as well as the connection between their lives, had been severed and he could no longer feel her presence or emotions.

Although he was a little disappointed and unwilling, Jasmine regaining freedom and a new life was something he was even more joyous for.

Not only had she succeeded, the amount of time that she took was far shorter than expected.

“When the Devil Sword Conference first started, I was already here.” Jasmine softly said, “Because of the Dragon God’s body and the Rage God’s power existed together, your vitality far exceeds that of any normal human being, which reduced the amount of time taken to reconstruct my body by nearly half… Otherwise, I would have missed this exceptionally wonderful show!”

With her last sentence, Jasmine narrowed her eyes and released killing intent that seemed to have originated from the deepest part of hell. She raised her hand and looked at her own snow white tender palm before softly muttering, “It’s been seven years… I haven’t been dyed in blood for so long.