Chapter 856 - Great City Barrier Formation

Chapter 856 - Great City Barrier Formation

“What final resort!?”

Yun Qinghong gazed afar, his sunken expression carried deep helplessness. “Do you people still recall the thing left behind for Demon Imperial City by the fourth generation Demon Emperor, which he used half of his entire lifetime worth of sweat and blood to build?”

“Patriarch, are you referring to… the Great City Barrier Formation?” Great Elder Yun Waitian immediately said.

Beneath Demon Imperial City was a Great City Barrier Formation and presently, seemingly not many people still knew of this matter. It was not some secret that could not be made known to outsiders, rather, it had long been gradually forgotten due to the passage of time.

However among the Twelve Guardian Families, the people who knew of its existence still made a decent number.

“In the history of our Illusory Demon Realm which spans thousands of years, there are indeed records of the fourth generation Demon Emperor spending several hundred years of sweat and blood to construct an enormous protection profound formation beneath Demon Imperial City in order to guard against a tribulation that might descend one day. However…” Mu Feiyan shook his head. “This Great City Barrier Formation has completely sunk into silence ever since the fifth generation Demon Emperor took the throne and it has never been activated in the next several thousand years. The energy within the formation must have long been scattered away and presently, it’s already a dead formation with neither head nor tail… Qinghong, you should be aware of this point as well.”

“That’s right, the Great City Barrier Formation is indeed already a dead formation,” Yun Qinghong sternly said. “However, though the formation is dead, the foundation of the formation still exists and it is even completely intact. About this point, the Little Demon Empress and I specially confirmed it half a year ago… Back then, I merely headed there under orders and I never expected that we would actually be forced into such a situation all of a sudden.”

“Patriarch Yun, what you’re meaning to say is… we’re going to forcefully awaken the Great City Barrier Formation and resist Xuanyuan Wentian?” A duke had his mouth wide agape, as he said with utter disbelief. Similarly, everyone else was looking on with widened eyes… And if Yun Qinghong were to nod in response, they would definitely believe that he had already gone crazy.

“That’s indeed the case!” Yun Qinghong did not have the slightest hesitation. His tone suddenly grew heavier and his eyes turned incomparably sharp. “Everyone, the immense amount of energy needed to awaken this Great City Barrier Formation, I believe you people have a rough estimate in your minds. Furthermore, the amount of time we have is merely less than an hour! In this hour, we must bring out all of the energy that can be possibly used… All of it! Including all of our disciples and all of our profound crystal resources! Not the least bit must be left hidden away!”

The word “all” was emphasized incomparably heavily.

Everyone present looked at Yun Qinghong with astonished expressions and the Yun Family disciples below were all in dazed states as well… They basically could not believe their own ears.

“Patriarch Yun, bringing out all of our energy… All of our accumulated strength to forcefully awaken the Great City Barrier Formation… This… This…” A duke shook his head, he was unable to comprehend this at all. This was more than just exaggeration, it was simply the biggest ludicrosity in the world.

If this had not been said by Yun Qinghong himself, they would have just treated this as the most absurd joke that they had ever heard in their lives.

“I’m not joking.” Yun Qinghong heavily sighed, his eyes firmly locked onto everyone present. “Xuanyuan Wentian is worth us doing such a thing… And we have no choice but to do it in this manner! You people carefully recall how powerful the Little Demon Empress’s profound strength was. Xuanyuan Wentian is someone who can defeat the Little Demon Empress!”

“On the other hand, though he is merely a single person, what’s he bringing over can be said to be the biggest crisis Demon Imperial City has ever faced in history! The chaos brought about by Duke Huai, if he had gotten his way, would merely lead to a change in royal authority. However, if Xuanyuan Wentian breaks into the city, the consequences would be a city dyed in blood! Perhaps, by this time tomorrow, Demon Imperial City will have been turned into ruins and wiped from existence!”

“Do you people wish to be bathed in blood or choose to put everything on the line for this resistance that is the only possible way to extend the short amount of time of us living in this world?”

Yun Qinghong’s words were like the chimes of a morning bell, causing their expressions to fiercely change... Probably only at this moment did they truly realize just how terrifying this tribulation actually was.

Even though he was alone… he possessed power that surpassed the Little Demon Empress!!

It was a power that was completely sufficient in decimating the entire Demon Imperial City!!

“Brother Yun, I understand now.” Su Xiangnan nodded heavily. “If I am not mistaken, there are a total of eight formation regions in this Great City Barrier Formation and every formation region has its own six formation points. As to how we’re going to go about doing it, let’s have you issue the orders!”

“That’s right, presently, we still do not have any response from Little Demon Empress and Patriarch Yun is the most suitable in managing this entire situation. Patriarch Yun, please be at ease. This matter concerns the existence of Demon Imperial City, not a least bit of the powers of my Duke Zheng Palace will not go undeployed. The profound crystals we have accumulated will also be taken out, not sparing a single one!”

“Patriarch Yun, your orders please!!”

None of the various Guardian Family Patriarchs, Elders and Dukes present had a single hesitation, some were even trembling due to their anxiety.

“If Xuanyuan Wentian is unable to break through from a single spot, he will definitely shift to another position. So all eight formation regions must be protected! It’s best we distribute our powers evenly, not leaving a single weak area. Otherwise, once a breach opens up, it will lead to the annihilation of Demon Imperial City. As to how we’re going to distribute our powers, I will inform everyone through voice transmission in a moment. Everyone, please return hastily back to your clans. Gather all your disciples and bring all of your profound crystals, as well as deploying all possible profound practitioners in the city… All preparations must be completed in the shortest time possible and then prepare to activate the Great City Barrier Formation.”

After saying that, without waiting for them to make any response, Yun Qinghong suddenly turned around and sharply said, “All Yun Family disciples heed my order, I shall give you two hundred breaths of time to make preparations. After two hundred breaths, gather in this place once again. Yun Ye, Yun Qiuyue, Yun Yanzhi, Yun Fanjian, make haste to the Medicine Pavilion and bring all the profound crystals and medicinal pellets, not the least bit must be left behind!!”

Yun Qinghong gave the most tragic patriarchal order ever since he became the Yun Family Patriarch. The rest of the guardian families and dukes had also retreated at their fastest speeds. With a crisis approaching, the entire Demon Imperial City was already thrown into a storm.

“Seventh Treasure… Hurry! Leave to the south of Demon Imperial City immediately! The further you run, the better! Do not turn back!”

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven, the only person who did not leave, charged towards Number Seven Under Heaven and said with burning anxiety. If not because he had taken her nine months pregnancy into consideration, he would have immediately sent her flying with a push of his palm.

“Don’t want to…” Number Seven Under Heaven however stubbornly shook her head. “I want to be together with Big Brother Yun.”

“Then you two husband and wife leave together!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven grabbed onto Xiao Yun and growled. “Hurry and leave with my daughter! Even if it’s not for my daughter’s sake, you must do it for your wife and your soon-to-be born child… If you don’t leave now, it will be too late.”

“I…” Xiao Yun was in a fluster. He glanced at Number Seven Under Heaven for a moment and then firmly shook his head. “In a time like this, how can I possibly selfishly flee… If I manage to live in such a way, I won’t have the face to welcome my child’s birth. Seventh Sister, you…”

“Brother Yun, no need to speak any further.” Number Seven Under Heaven lightly leaned on him and said with a smile. “Be it life or death, our family shall be together and none of us will be left alone.”

“Y-y-y-you… You two…” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven stomped his feet out of anger.

“Brother Under Heaven, be at ease.” Yun Qinghong said with a smile. “I won’t allow them to die before my eyes. Furthermore, with a Great City Barrier Formation activated with all of our powers, no matter how strong that Xuanyuan Wentian is, he best not think of breaking through it that easily.”

“Haah!!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven sighed heavily. Rising into the air, he flew in the direction of his clan like a madman.

The airflow within Demon Imperial City instantly began to stir, while a huge wave had hit the entirety of the Yun Family. Only Yun Qinghong was still quietly floating in that same spot. Raising his head to look at the sky, he closed his eyes and lightly sighed. This plan was undoubtedly quenching one’s thirst with poison. Even if they managed to temporarily stop Xuanyuan Wentian, it would severely expend Demon Imperial City’s power and resources. Not to mention, they definitely would not be able to resist a second time.

However, Xuanyuan Wentian would arrive in just another hour. Other than this method, there were no other choices to make.

Or maybe, a miracle was all that was left to hope for.

The news of an approaching crisis had spread throughout the entire Demon Imperial City. All of the citizens received the news very quickly and the atmosphere was filled with heavy fear and chaos. Countless people squeezed into the streets. Among them were mortals and profound practitioners and they were all desperately running out of the city. However, there was still close to half of the population staying behind.

With the Yun Family taking the lead and with the Twelve Guardian Families and the various Duke Palaces as the core, they quickly arranged and integrated the strengths of all of the large and small families, sects, clans and forces of the city. Very quickly, the distribution of power among the eight formation regions had been completed and the energy released by countless profound practitioners merged into profound energy tornadoes, where each and every single one of them was enough to shake the entire world. The energy radiance emitted by the profound crystals that were stacked into mountains had even caused the sky to shine in a purple color.

A scene like this was never before seen even in the ancient history of Illusory Demon Realm. As Yun Qinghong had predicted, under such incredible power, the Great City Barrier Formation that had silently slept for several thousand years was being awakened at a quick pace.

Rays of profound light pierced through the skies from underneath Demon Imperial City and enormous translucent light curtains slowly began to form and link with one another in the sky. Then, the curtains enveloped the entire Demon Imperial City.

Following after the completion of the Great City Barrier Formation, the northern skies suddenly dimmed at this moment as well.

“That darkness… It’s Xuanyuan Wentian!!” Number One Under Heaven cried out!

Yun Family and Under Heaven Family were guarding north of the Great City Barrier Formation. Dozens of Elders and twenty thousand disciples of the Yun Family were present, while not a single person out of the sixteen thousand elves of Under Heaven Family was missing either. If one were to return to the Yun Family and Under Heaven Family households now, they would realize that the two enormous residences were actually completely empty.

They were truly in desperate straits!!

The rest of the Guardian Families were the same as well.

With two great Guardian Families taking the lead, there were still a total of three hundred thousand profound practitioners who belonged to regular sects and clans. Though their power levels were far lower than that of Guardian Families, the strength of three hundred thousand profound practitioners still should not be underestimated.

The other seven formation regions were all stationed with protection forces of similar degree as well.

Thick darkness quickly spread from the northern direction of Demon Imperial City and this gloom was completely different than regular dark clouds. With just a single glance, chills would run down one’s entire body and his heart would thump wildly, as though he had fallen into an ice-cold abyss. Several of those weaker profound practitioners at the back were even drenched in cold sweat, their bodies trembling.

“So this is what you people spoke of… Xuanyuan Wentian’s extremely strange black profound energy?”

Even someone as powerful as Yun Qinghong, while the dark aura was still quite a distance away, was feeling extremely uncomfortable all around his body.

The fast approaching dark aura was far, far more terrifying than predicted. Standing at the very front, the expression of Greatest Ambition Under Heaven grew heavier as he watched the darkening northern skies. At this moment, he unquestionably understood that Yun Qinghong’s words were not the least bit exaggerated at all.

Because, that was a pressure that was even heavier and more terrifying than the Little Demon Empress’!

“All Under Heaven disciples heed my order… Prepare to battle! If you don’t want to die, then release all of your power!!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven roared out explosively.

“One can leave the Great City Barrier Formation but not enter it. Absolutely remember not to mistakenly leave the great formation,” Yun Qinghong said in a sunken voice. Raising his two hands, purple lightning exploded forth from his palms and his body was encircled by dozens of lightning spirits.

“I never expected that Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength would actually be powerful to such an extent. He’s nearly twice as strong as the Little Demon Empress!” Yun Qinghong’s chest felt like it was being ripped apart by the terrifying aura coming from the northern direction and his expression grew much heavier than before.

“Ah? That… That shouldn’t be the case.” The profound energy in Xiao Yun’s entire body surged and he was trembling a little from the anxiety. “Though Xuanyuan Wentian defeated the Little Demon Empress back then, he ended up very fatigued as well, not to mention he suffered from very severe injuries, to the point where he could barely stand. Even if he surpassed the Little Demon Empress, he shouldn’t have surpassed her by that much.”

Yun Qinghong, “...”

“No.” Number One Under Heaven however shook his head. “Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura has changed. It has become much more powerful than that time in the Profound Sky Continent three months ago. Just by this aura alone, being nearly twice as strong as the Little Demon Empress is definitely not an exaggeration!”

“Wh… What!?” Xiao Yun paled from shock. He hurriedly focused and sensed the aura in the northern direction and his expression gradually paled even more. Cold sweat wildly dripped from his forehead. “How… How can this be…”