Chapter 844 - Little Demon Empress VS Xuanyuan Wentian

Chapter 844 - Little Demon Empress VS Xuanyuan Wentian

“What is the meaning of this? What have you done to Fen Juechen?” Number One Under Heaven roared in fury.

“This sovereign has already explained enough. It’s more than enough for you to clearly ask King Yama who sent you to hell when you see him. As for the rest of it, you don’t need to know,” Xuanyuan Wentian said as he threw his arms out wide and started to laugh maniacally.

“The one who is going to hell is you!” Number One Under Heaven said with a cold laugh, “The fact that you know that the Little Demon Empress is in the Profound Sky Continent means that Huangji Wuyu and the other two must have told you about it, yes? But it looks like they did not tell you how pathetically they lost against the Little Demon Empress. Heh, this was not surprising to say the least. You call yourselves ‘Sacred Masters’ but the three of them combined forces only to end up as defeated dogs, so they definitely would not be shameless enough to tell you this as well. The fact that you came here by yourself today might very well be them scheming to send you to your death!”

“Those three worthless pieces of trash?” Xuanyuan Wentian said with a cold laugh, his eyes flashing with a strange light, “How could they be worthy enough to be discussed in the same breath as this sovereign? It can be said that in this world, there are only three people that pose even the slightest threat to this sovereign. And two out of these three people are right in front of this sovereign’s eyes, which means that they are about to completely vanish from the face of this earth. As for the last person, he will very soon share the same fate as the rest of you.”

The three people he was referring to were the Little Demon Empress, Feng Xue’er and Xia Yuanba respectively.

As for Yun Che, Xuanyuan Wentian was under the impression that he was already dead.

“Oh yes, if all of you obediently hand over the Mirror of Samsara, I can consider rewarding you by leaving all of you a whole corpse.”

“To think that you’re still living in your own fantasy world even though your death is at hand!” Number One Under Heaven yelled through gritted teeth, “Xuanyuan Wentian! The disasters that have struck our Illusory Demon Realm in the recent years, even though all of you were used by that bastard Duke Ming, the hundred years of turmoil, the deaths of the previous Demon Emperor and the Demon King… all of them are unforgivable grievances! Since you have delivered yourself to our doorstep today, this simply means that the heavens themselves have determined that it is time for your to pay for your debt in blood!”

“Ah? We were used by Duke Ming?” Xuanyuan Wentian said as his eyes narrowed before he broke out into a raucous laugh. His laugh was louder and more wanton than it had ever been previously, “Hahaha… hahaha… hahahahaha…”

“In the end, idiots will always continue to be idiots! Did the lot of you really believe that the Four Sacred Grounds would be enticed by the words ‘the secrets of the Divine Profound’ that Duke Ming invented? Do you think that the Four Sacred Grounds were so tempted by this prospect that they paid a huge price and risked a great deal to charge into the Illusory Demon Realm to steal a ‘Mirror of Samsara’ that they had never even seen before? In any case, the Four Sacred Grounds have stood proudly over the rest of the Profound Sky Continent for ten thousand years, so how could they have been so easily played by a mere Duke Ming?”

“You… what do you mean?” Number One Under Heaven’s and Xiao Yun’s expression changed at the same time while the silent Little Demon Empress’ eyes flashed with an intense light.

“Hehehehe…” Xuanyuan Wentian gave a low mocking laugh, “All those years ago, it was all because this sovereign added fuel to the fire by telling Huangji Wuyu and the rest of them the ‘Mirror of Samsara’ did indeed contain the ‘secrets of the Divine Profound’. Furthermore, I also told them that it was an absolute secret that had been handed down from the ancestor of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region through the generations and we had been covertly searching for throughout the ages.”

“Of course, just this alone wasn’t enough, so this sovereign was the first to contact Duke Ming after that and did not hesitate to expend an extremely large amount of resources to create a dimensional profound formation that linked the Profound Sky Continent to the Illusory Demon Realm. It was only then that the rest of them completely believed my words. But that foolish Duke Ming actually thought that his scheme had come to fruition. Heh… He thought that he was the chessmaster who was manipulating all the pieces on the board but little did he know that he was merely a pawn in this sovereign’s hand!”

“That isn’t possible! All of this is just sheer nonsense!” Number One Under Heaven said in a furious rebuke, “Since you knew that it was a lie that the Mirror of Samsara contained the secrets of the Divine Profound, then why did you still do it?”

“The so-called secrets of the Divine Profound was undoubtedly a lie,” Xuanyuan Wentian said with a low and deep chuckle. “But I’m afraid that nobody in the Illusory Demon Realm is privy to the true secret behind the Mirror of Samsara! But this sovereign does know! Even though it does not contain anything like the secret of the Divine Profound, it’s true secret is far greater than any mere secret of the Divine Profound!”

“It remained in your Illusory Demon Realm for so many years but it was merely a useless and dead item! That was simply a waste of such a resource! Furthermore, it is only when it is in the hands of this sovereign that all of its secrets can be unlocked, allowing this sovereign to rule all under heaven together with it! Since it has arrived in the Profound Sky Continent today, then that simply means that the heavens themselves have destined it to be part of this sovereign’s collection!”

“This means…” The previously silent Little Demon Empress suddenly spoke and every single word that came from her mouth was even more bone-piercingly cold than the ten thousand year profound ice of the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, “Compared to Duke Ming, it seems that you are truly the mastermind behind the calamities that have struck our Illusory Demon Realm!”

“Oh, you can take it that way if you want,” Xuanyuan Wentian said as he smiled merrily. “I might as well mention this as well. When the Demon Emperor was shoved into the dimensional profound formation by Duke Ming all those years ago, he had fallen into the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation this sovereign had prepared for him. This sovereign captured him, originally intending to preserve his life so that I could exchange it for the Mirror of Samsara. Who would have thought that this old man was actually so stubborn and headstrong. In order to prevent himself from being used as a bargaining chip, he actually severed his own life veins… Tsk, this sovereign had no choice but to personally end him at that point. However, he did not die a completely useless death. In the end, he was buried in my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s medicine garden and he ended up being exceedingly good fertilizer.”

“Xuan… Yuan… Wen… Tian!!”

The flames burning on the Little Demon Empress’ body started to crazily flare up and crackle like an erupting volcano. The fierce flames of the Golden Crow ignited all of her composure while also igniting all of her fury and killing intent, “Even if this empress burns herself to ash this very day… I will definitely break your bones and scatter your ashes!!”

The exploding flames completely dispelled the duskiness in the sky, causing the surrounding ice that endured from time immemorial to rapidly disappear at an incredibly terrifying speed… The ice was not melting, it was simply disappearing into thin air. The layers of ice beneath their feet that had piled up over the countless years was quickly sinking. It was as if the entire earth was sinking amidst its trembling.

“Hahahaha, what great imposingness. But it’s a pity that you won’t be able to do it. Given this sovereign’s current power, there is nobody left in this world that can destroy this sovereign!”

Xuanyuan Wentian raised both his arms evenly and in an instant, the dark clouds in the sky and all of the darkness energy surrounding them had gathered up and formed into a gigantic vortex of darkness. His aura had also begun to steadily increase. Once the vortex of darkness had completely formed, an oppressive might that could shake the heavens and earth had engulfed the entire Snow Region of Extreme Ice.

“Wha… What!?”

Under this dark oppressive might, great terror had appeared on everyone’s faces. This especially affected Number One Under Heaven and Xiao Yun. The expressions that held unwavering belief that Xuanyuan Wentian was definitely not able to match up to the Little Demon Empress had undergone a complete and profound change.

Because the heavy and oppressive might radiating from Xuanyuan Wentian was completely equal to the flame spiritual pressure of the enraged Little Demon Empress.

The surging auras of both people had formed two small independent worlds around them. One world was dark and sinister while the other world was an eye-scorching scarlet gold color. The space where both worlds touched was distorting crazily but neither opponent was able to suppress the other and neither of them could invade their respective worlds either.

“This… this isn’t possible… What’s going on here!?” Number One Under Heaven was shocked to the point where he was rendered nearly incoherent. “Xuanyuan Wentian was at most slightly stronger than the previous Demon Emperor… so how is this possible… how is this possible…”

“Big Brother said before that the true terror of Xuanyuan Wentian lay not in his profound strength but in his temperament and his shrewdness. He knew about what happened during Big Brother’s stay in the Illusory Demon Realm, so he should also have known long ago about the power that the Little Demon Empress had attained after her bloodline was awakened. The fact that he dared to show his face here despite knowing that the Little Demon Empress was present… and he even came by himself at that, shows that he truly has enough confidence to take her on,” Xiao Yun said as he sharply sucked in a breath of air. Under the influence of these two terrifying energy fields, he was having an incredibly hard time breathing, despite his own strength.

“...” Number One Under Heaven’s expression changed as he ground his teeth together.

“All of the Junior and Senior Masters… please hurry up and get back!” Feng Xue’er shouted in an anxious voice. The Little Demon Empress was enraged and Xuanyuan Wentian had come specially to get rid of them, so this battle to death was already unavoidable. Even she was not qualified to get involved in a battle at this level so for those from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… if the slightest aftershock from this battle even brushed past them, they would definitely die.

“Heh, let this sovereign see how many rounds the Little Demon Empress, who severed Ye Meixie’s arm and scared Huangji Wuyu and Qu Fengyi witless, can hang on against this sovereign, hahahaha….”

Darkness profound energy would distort a person’s personality, making that person more irritable, murderous, arrogant and easily prone to anger… It was clear that even Xuanyuan Wentian had become like this. Amidst his wild laughter, countless rays of dark light abruptly shot out from the vortex of darkness behind him, morphing into hundreds of dark tentacles that stretched towards the Little Demon Empress… and what was behind her.

If these dark tentacles were merely focused on attacking the Little Demon Empress, she could easily dodge the attacks and launch an explosive and furious counter-strike.

But right now if she could not take on all of these tentacles, then everyone behind her except for Feng Xue’er would die. So she could not even contemplate dodging them.

“Shit… hurry… retreat!!” Number One Under Heaven gasped in shock.

The onrushing dark shadows which filled the sky caused everyone’s faces to go pale… The oppressive might generated by the power of an absolute expert should have been so heavy that it would feel like there was a mountain pressing down on one’s body, but even though the aura radiated by Xuanyuan Wentian’s attack did not contain such alarming pressure, it made them feel like they had been dropped into an icy abyss. Before the black shadows even drew near to them, they felt as if millions of icy steel needles had pierced into their bodies and souls, causing them to see an abyss of despair.

None of them had felt such a dreadful sensation in their lives.

The Little Demon Empress faintly raised her head as her pupils started to shine with golden light. She rose into the air as a gigantic golden-colored fire lotus swiftly bloomed in front of her. All of the dark tentacles were immediately drawn in by an irresistible force as they were all sucked into the interior of the golden-colored fire lotus.

Bang, bang, bang, bang...

Darkness energy continued to explode inside the golden fire lotus and the darkness energy that was dispersed into the air was forcefully devoured by the fire lotus. At the same time, the blooming fire lotus gradually started to grow dimmer as a small wave of darkness resisted being devoured and hurtled downwards.

“Star Scorching Demon Lotus!!”

Feng Xue’er’s phoenix robes fluttered in the air as a scarlet fire lotus bloomed in midair. The fiery petals instantly unraveled into hundreds of layers, blocking the wave of darkness.


The wave of darkness was destroyed while the scarlet fire lotus exploded in mid-air, dispersing into millions of fragments of Phoenix fire. The fires blazing on Feng Xue’er’s body were extinguished for a short period of time before they started smouldering again. She raised both hands, erecting a gigantic Phoenix fire barrier, “Hurry up and leave! Bring Big Brother Yun and Sister Cang Yue and the rest of them… hurry!!”


The Little Demon Empress was already rushing towards Xuanyuan Wentian, a golden flame that was flared like the sun exploding at his feet, causing the entire Snow Region of Extreme Ice to quake violently.

The power in front of them had far exceeded their imaginations, tearing through the limits of what they recognized. Even though she was exceedingly discontent, Murong Qianxue was acutely aware that given their current strength, they would not be able to make the slightest difference if they stayed behind. Instead, they would only become burdens.

“Sisters, let’s leave quickly… Lanyi, bring along the Palace Master and follow me to the Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring. Lianqie, Yueli organize all the disciples and get them to immediately leave the Asgard. Xiao Yun, I’ll entrust Senior Xiao, the Empress and the rest of them to all of you!”


After they gave their solemn assent, Number One Under Heaven and Xiao Yun flew away like lightning. Xuanyuan Wentian actually possessed the strength to rival the Little Demon Empress… This situation did not allow them the slightest bit of pretentiousness, procrastination, or hesitation.