Chapter 814 - A Terrifying Discovery

Chapter 814 - A Terrifying Discovery

South of Supreme Ocean Palace, the island that once stood had been completely destroyed. However, the deep blue seal was still complete and floated above the sea, completely isolating the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.

A dimensional crack suddenly appeared in the skies above the barrier and a red haired red dressed young girl slowly walked out.

Other than a boundless vast ocean and the barrier that has stood for ten thousands of years, there was nothing else in the area. As Jasmine descended right above the barrier, she casually waved her hands.


This sealing barrier that boasted to be the strongest in the Profound Sky Continent had cracked like it was the most fragile piece of paper under Jasmine’s casual wave and did not regenerate for a long time. Jasmine emotionlessly stepped in and only when she had completely entered had the crack in the barrier seal itself instantly.

At the same time, within the Venerable Cloud Palace of Supreme Ocean Palace.

“Knock knock knock...”

Outside, the careful sounds of knocking and even more careful sounds of Xia Yuanba rang, “Brother-in-law, my master wishes to meet your master, would it be… convenient?”

Yun Che, who was currently helping Xiao Yun recuperate his soul power stood up, walked over and directly opened the door. He saw Xia Yuanba and Spiritual Master Absolute Blue standing there extremely cautiously and replied seriously, “Spiritual Master Absolute Blue, Yuanba. My master has some business and has just gone out. Please come in first.”

“Phew…” Hearing that Jasmine was not around, Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s face became visibly relieved. It was obvious that he did not want to see Jasmine. He cupped his hands together and replied respectfully, “If that’s the case, this ancient one shall not intrude anymore. When your respected master is back, I have to trouble you to help convey the Sacred Ground’s Saint Emperor’s thanks for letting him off… Also, the Saint Emperor is extremely regretful and ashamed of what happened today. Although he wished to personally come and apologize, he felt that he did not have the face to face you. Which is why he sent this ancient one here. In the coming days, the Saint Emperor would definitely bring many gifts to come and seek forgiveness. If you have any requests in the future, the Saint Emperor and the entire Absolute Monarch Sanctuary would definitely do their utmost to help.”

The highly respectable spiritual master of the sacred grounds acting so respectfully in front of him… even if Saint Emperor Huangji Wuyu personally came, it would undoubtedly be the same. This was the extent of fear Jasmine commanded.

Yun Che quickly returned the goodwill, “Senior Ancient Blue does not need to do this. Today, among the Four Great Sacred Grounds, only Senior Ancient Blue spoke up for junior and this is something junior will always remember. As for the Saint Emperor… although he treated me heartlessly first, on account of his kindness and appreciation of Yuanba, I can quickly forget how heartlessly he treated me today!

“However, it’s only this one time.”

“Then, I shall thank little friend Yun’s magnanimity. I believe the Saint Emperor will also firmly remember little friend Yun’s graciousness. Spiritual Master Ancient Blue secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He did not expect the few words that he said for Yun Che would reap such rewards. Because of the relationship with Xia Yuanba, he came into contact with Yun Che several times and they could be considered to be on good terms. After what happened today, even Huangji Wuyu’s attitude towards him changed vastly.

After calming down, Huangji Wuyu sat down and thought carefully. The fact that he did not end up in as pathetic a state as the three other Sacred Masters was definitely because Yun Che sent a sound transmission to the girl to ask her to let him off… This was the only explanation and the reason for that was naturally because of Yuanba. Almost everyone knew that Yun Che was a person who bore grudges. However, anyone that understood Yun Che would also know that he was a highly loyal person. Even though Huangji Wuyu had treated him heartlessly first, when he thought about Xia Yuanba’s identity and position, he still chose to let Huangji Wuyu go… at least in terms of actions.

“Little friend Yun, is it possible to let me know your honorable master’s name?” When Spiritual Master Ancient Blue asked this question, he was extremely cautious, as though he was afraid that Jasmine would appear at anytime and be unhappy with his question.

Jasmine’s appearance caused the Four Great Sacred Grounds to nearly shit their pants in fear but since the beginning to the end, nobody even knew what her name was, only that she referred to herself as “this princess”.

Yun Che hesitated for a moment before replying apologetically, “I do not know whether she’s willing to tell others her name. When she returns, I will ask for her permission.”

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue hastily replied, “It’s this ancient one who is too abrupt. That’s right, little friend Yun, I heard that you were injured. The Saint Emperor specially asked this ancient one to deliver the sacred ground’s “Myriad Flower Sacred Heart Dew”. This dew is our sacred ground’s most precious medicine for treatment. It takes three hundred years to produce one and right now, within our sacred ground, only three bottles remain.”

As he spoke, Spiritual Master Ancient Blue took out a tiny jade green bottle and an unusually aromatic smell wafted faintly into the air.

With one sniff, Yun Che could already tell that this object was not normal. If the effects were satisfactory, he only needed to examine the medicinal properties before he can make it for himself using the Sky Poison Pearl… Just like the Overlord Pellet,

Yun Che of course did not stand ceremony and accepted it with a casual thanks.

“If so, then this ancient one shall not nag anymore. Oh right, Saint Emperor has said that during little friend Yun and the Divine Phoenix Princess’ joyous occasion nineteen days later, he will personally attend and seek your forgiveness in person again then.”

When Spiritual Master Ancient Blue and Xia Yuanba left and Yun Che went to see them off, just as he was about to completely close the door, he saw Zi Ji hurrying over. Zi Ji, who saw Spiritual Master Ancient Blue stopped and conversed with him for a while before approaching Yun Che with hurried footsteps.

Even if Yun Che used his toes to think, he would be able to figure out the reason Zi Ji came. Therefore, he could only open his room door and took the initiative to speak, “Senior Zi, how are the Sovereign of the Seas’ injuries?”

Zi Ji’s expression immediately turned awkward before he laughed bitterly, “I still have to greatly thank your revered master for showing kindness. This old one had originally come here to express his gratitude for your master but just now when I met with Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, I learned that your revered master was not around.”

The revered Sovereign of the Seas, having all her teeth shattered with one slap from Jasmine… What’s worse was that she lost all her might and reputation. Now, Zi Ji still had to pathetically come over to offer thanks and strengthen relationships—Although it could be said that Qu Fengyi deserved it, it still had to be noted that this was the strength of absolute power. Even if it was the Four Great Sacred Grounds and even if they were gnashing their teeth in hatred, they had not choice but to act obediently.

“There’s no need for thanks. She would not be bothered with it at all. She might even complain that it was annoying.” Yun Che replied.

“Yes yes, at the level that your master is at, today’s matter is probably no longer in her mind.” Zi Ji hastily added, “Sigh, actually, this old one came here today in order to apologize to you on behalf of the Sovereign of the Seas. The Sovereign of the Seas had originally wanted to come personally but her injury is on her face, making it somewhat inappropriate to meet people. Furthermore, she knows that she does not have the face to see you so she sent this old one to do so on her behalf.

“Regarding today’s matter, it is my Supreme Ocean Palace that has treated you shamefully. As long as we can reduce the hatred in Palace Master Yun’s heart, any request by Palace Master Yun would be handled with full effort by our Ocean Palace.”

Zi Ji’s words were completely sincere… But in Yun Che’s heart, he did not feel one bit satisfied nor did he feel his anger subside. He only felt extremely dejected. If it were not for Jasmine today, would any of them feel any guilt? Would they be so afraid?

Just before Jasmine appeared, every single word that Huangji Wuyu and Qu Fengyi had said remains etched clearly in Yun Che’s heart! Especially their hideous faces that were revealed after he exclaimed that the Mirror of Samsara was on him. At that time, where was their “guilt”?

In Yun Che’s heart, he knew clearly that the main purpose of the Saint Emperor and Sovereign of the Seas sending Ancient Blue and Zi Ji was to test out his attitude towards them. After all, those words that Jasmine had said meant that the fate of the four Sacred Masters lay with Yun Che—furthermore, it was the fate of their immediate future.

For Huangji Wuyu, because of the relationship with Xia Yuanba, he could say that he was going to “forget it”. However, for Qu Fengyi—he was not that magnanimous to directly forgive someone who wanted to put him to death.

“Alright, this junior will remember Senior Zi Ji’s words. Currently, junior is still injured and needs to concentrate on recovery. I won’t keep Senior Zi Ji any longer. If there’s nothing else, senior may take his leave.”

Zi Ji’s brows moved slightly as he sighed in secret and took out a small shiny purple box, “If that’s the case, the old one won’t disturb you any longer. This is the “Sea God Pellet” that belongs solely to my ocean palace. It is a profound pellet made from the “Stone Dragonshark”, the largest sea beast in the vast ocean, as well as the guts of ten different sea beasts and nine hundred different types of herbs found in the deep ocean. Because the Stone Dragonsharks are rare creatures that are low in quantity and difficult to capture, every single Sea God Pellet is a rare object that everyone desires and it is the most supreme treasure of our Supreme Ocean Palace. It can cure thousands of poisons and can aid in the swift recovery of vitality. It is also extremely beneficial in aiding profound cultivation. This is a small gift from the Sovereign of the Seas. Palace Master Yun please do not reject it.”

“Alright, this junior gives his thanks.” Yun Che directly stretched his hand and took the pellet. Gifts from Supreme Ocean Palace were things that Yun Che could take with a peace of mind.

“If that’s the case, this old one shall take his leave. During the engagement ceremony between Palace Master Yun and Princess Snow, this old one will come with the Sovereign of the Seas to congratulate you. Farewell…”

Zi Ji left. Taking out the “Myriad Flower Sacred Heart Dew” that Ancient Blue gave him and the “Sea God Pellet” that Zi Ji handed over Yun Che let out a long sigh, “When will I ever be as strong as Jasmine...

“Perhaps not in this lifetime.

“Alright… Maybe not in the next lifetime either.”


Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.

When Yun Che came here previously, the place was illuminated by the purple light emitted by the Netherworld Udumbara Flower. However, the current Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was a sea of boundless darkness and ghastly silence.

Even with Jasmine’s eyesight, she would not be able to see anything in such an absolute darkness. However, with her powerful spiritual sense, every grain of sand was exceptionally clear.

Jasmine kept walking forward until she reached the end of Moon Slaughter Devil Nest and stood in front of the stone wall that had collapsed.

Beyond the stone wall, layers and layers of extremely high level dark energy was slowly overflowing, accompanied by a dangerous aura that caused even Jasmine’s heart to tighten.

Jasmine stretched out her arm and a blood red orb of light appeared on her palm. In an instant, every corner of Moon Slaughter Devil Nest had been illuminated a blood red without exception.

Stepping onto the red light, Jasmine went over the shattered wall and her steps finally entered the dark world beyond the stone wall.

On her very first step, Jasmine seemed as though she had been struck by lightning and stood rooted there.

Because, after she entered the world beyond the stone wall, relying on the red light in her hand. In just one glance, she had already seen the object that was emitting the dark energy and dangerous aura...

She stared at the object, as her eyes that were slightly red shrunk and expanded at different intervals. Her body however was as though it has frozen as she remained completely still—or like she did not dare to move.

Shocking... terrifying... surreal... unbelievable… and the uncontrollable trembling of the soul.

Her current expression and gaze was something that even Yun Che had not seen before.

Jasmine remained in this state for a very long time without movement or sound, as though her soul had left her body in shock.

Only after more than five minutes had passed did a voice of great shock and seriousness come out of Jasmine’s lips as she uttered an absolutely frightening name that would even cause the ancient true gods and devil gods to tremble...

“Evil Infant's... Wheel of... Myriad Tribulations…”

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