Chapter 570 - Son of the Yun Family

Chapter 570 - Son of the Yun Family


The Demon Imperial Hall was completely thrown into an uproar. The many elders and disciples of the Yun Family all stood up, and every single one of their eyes were widened until they were round, seemingly thinking that an illusion had appeared in front of them. “Profound Handle, it’s the Profound Handle… It’s our Yun Family’s Profound Handle!”

“What’s… What’s going on here? Could it be that Yun Che is really our Yun Family’s…”

“It’s hard to believe, but that’s an actual Profound Handle! If he isn’t a member of our Yun Family, how could he possess the Profound Handle… And it’s even the powerful cyan Profound Handle!”

“He’s… he’s… he’s really a member of our Yun Family!” A Yun Family elder roared out loud out of excitement.

“That’s… That’s impossible!” The expressions of Duke Zhong, Helian Kuang, Jiufang Kui, Chiyang Bailie, and everyone else underwent a drastic change. They stared at the Profound Handle in front of Yun Che, and they could not believe their own eyes. Their assured and cold smiles earlier, had been replaced by shock, and fear that came right after. They deeply knew what kind of outcome would occur if Yun Che was truly a member of the Yun Family.

However, Yun Che… this adopted son whom Yun Qinghong had taken in, was someone who had clearly only arrived at Demon Imperial City for the first time three months ago, so how could he possibly be a son of the Yun Family?! Three months ago, no one had heard of this person’s existence, and even Duke Huai was unable to find any clues of his background. Even his profound arts and profound skills were all completely unrelated to the Yun Family. Not to mention, looking at the expressions of everyone in the Yun Family, they did not know that he was someone from their family either.

However, the Profound Handle Yun Che released, just had to be the most indisputable proof. The Yun Family’s Profound Handle was second to none, and even if its outer appearance could be imitated using profound energy, the bloodline aura and the power of the Profound Handle that belonged solely to the Yun Family could never be imitated, no matter what.

The entire hall was thrown into a complete uproar. This single day seemed to have the most ups and downs out of any day in their entire lives. Their nerves, which should have been incomparably resilient, were seemingly in a complete mess under the constant shocks they received. They felt that even if it were a dream, it wouldn’t be as unbelievable, and it wouldn’t have as many twists and turns as today.

Yun Waitian and Yun Duanshui, who were behind Yun Che, had completely lost their usually calm demeanor. Out of excitement, they were unable to breathe properly, to the point that it seemed like they could burst into tears. Although it was a huge surprise that left some questions unanswered, the Profound Handle was the most solid proof in the world. As Elders of the Yun Family, they couldn’t mistake the Profound Handle, no matter what.

Facing Yun Che’s Profound Handle, they were unable to contain their excitement. This definitely did not merely signify a complete victory for the Yun Family today… Yun Che being Yun Qinghong’s adopted son and Yun Che being a pure and true member of the Yun Family, were two concepts as different as heaven and earth! The current generation of the Yun Family was in an unbearable state of decline. They were ranked the lowest out of the Twelve Guardian Families, and the decline in strength was even intensifying. But now that Yun Che was in the Yun Family, why would there still be a need to worry about being unable to flourish and prosper in the future?!

“Duke Huai, you can’t possibly not recognize our Yun Family’s Profound Handle, right?” The corner of Yun Che’s lips were raised as he looked straight at Duke Huai and said. Although his expression looked relaxed, in actual fact, he was struggling very hard to maintain his composure. Since he was going to reveal his own Profound Handle in front of the heroes of the realm, then naturally, he had to reveal his Profound Handle at its peak condition! His grandfather Yun Canghai held the cyan Profound Handle, and his father held the cyan Profound Handle as well. Then, as the grandson of Yun Canghai, and the son of Yun Qinghong, how could he allow others to shame him when he executed the Profound Handle, the soul of the Yun Family?

His current peak condition for his Profound Handle, was cyan. And to reach the cyan Profound Handle, he had to be in the “Purgatory” state.

Hence, with every second of maintaining the cyan Profound Handle, his body had to endure a gigantic burden. Thus, when he finished voicing his question, he lightly waved his arm, and his Profound Handle transformed into a ray of cyan flowing light which flew back into Yun Che’s arm.

Duke Huai’s expression could be still be considered calm; however, his lips were clearly quivering, if only a little. Facing Yun Che’s question, he, who usually had everything in the palm of his hand, was actually unable to utter anything for a moment.

Before this Hundred Year Reign Ceremony, he had done extensive planning and made sufficient preparations; he was even prepared to truly advance his ambitions on this day. Pointing his spearhead at the Yun Family in the beginning of the ceremony was the first step, causing a huge impact to all of the opposing Guardian Families and Duke Palaces was the second step...

He had initially thought that he was guiding and controlling everything stably. However, he suddenly realized at this moment that the situation had never been in his control. Everything, including Duke Huai himself, had clearly been guided by this youth in before his eyes!

From the moment he leapt out and shouted that he wanted to take part in the competition, to making use of his sharp tongue to coerce them into making a “wager”, to beating six people consecutively with just the power of a single man after everyone had believed that the west wing was about to suffer a terrible defeat… and again, to this moment, when he suddenly revealed his Profound Handle!!

Duke Huai was completely certain that he had foreseen that after defeating Hui Ran in battle, he himself would shout out that he did not possess the Profound Handle, and thus did not have the qualifications to represent the Yun Family. At the same time, he had even shouted that if he was a son of the Yun Family, then he would no longer have any qualms towards this “wager”.

In regards to sons of the Yun Family, the power of the Profound Handle was a huge form of support. However, in the six consecutive battles that he had fought, he basically did not make use of it. The reason why was clearly to lead him into saying these words, so that he would no longer have even the slightest of room to maneuver in.

Duke Huai was conceited ever since he was born. In his entire life, this was first time he felt that he was being treated like a monkey by someone else, and being played like one! And that someone was even a youth who was merely twenty-two years old!

This was first time he experienced the so-called “intestines turning green out of regret”, and “losing both his wife and soldiers”. For the matter of targeting the Yun Family, he had the support of seven Guardian Families and sixty Duke Palaces on his side. He was holding onto a stable upper hand in the first place; however, because of wanting to step on the opposing party’s morale and pride, he brought up the suggestion of a duel between both sides to decide the fate of the Yun Family… Only to result to such an outcome.

No matter whether it was about targeting the Yun Family or ruthlessly stepping on the opposing party’s morale, he should have succeeded in both of them. However, within his plans, a variable that was completely not included in his predictions had appeared… Yun Che.

Currently, facing Yun Che who was giving a light smile, an ice-cold intent actually rose in Duke Huai’s heart. Never would he have dreamt that the first person to ever cause his heart to skip a beat was actually a youth who was merely twenty-two years old.

To drive out the Yun Family… he had plotted and prepared for a long time, yet he suffered a terrible defeat in the first step he executed in the Hundred Year Reign Ceremony due to Yun Che, and his next plan to ruthlessly step on the opposing party’s morale had instead received several times the opposite effect… He aided in the rise of the opposing party, and had caused a backlash to his own side instead!

The seven Guardian Families had to each offer up two and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals, while he himself had to offer up exactly ten kilograms… It had even turned from a joke, to an encroaching nightmare!

Duke Huai gritted his teeth, and his chest swelled up as he forcefully calmed himself. Suddenly, he turned his head, looked towards Yun Qinghong, and sharply said, “Yun Qinghong, what’s going on here?!”

When these words of his fell, several people were startled. Following after, their expressions turned strange. Under this situation, he did not reply Yun Che, but instead, had suddenly gone to interrogate Yun Qinghong on “what was going on”. No matter who it was, he could clearly see that currently, Duke Huai had completely lost his cool and his mind was in a mess.

Yun Qinghong lightly smiled, and said in leisurely manner, “As you have seen for yourself, what he displayed earlier is the power of the Profound Handle of my Yun Family. Duke Huai, being so close to him, you couldn’t have not recognized it, right?”

“That’s impossible!” Duke Huai growled. “This person basically never once existed in your Yun Family! His first appearance in Demon Imperial City was even just three months ago… So how could he be someone from your Yun Family?!”

“I am not obligated to explain this to you,” Yun Qinghong lightly said. “Nor is there a need for me to argue with you. Earlier, you have said it yourself as well, the Profound Handle is the most indisputable proof to identify a member of the Yun Family. As to whether he is a member of our Yun Family or not, you should be extremely clear of that in your heart right now. But there’s one point, that I can tell you as an exception… Not only is Yun Che a son of my Yun Family, he is also the biological son of me, Yun Qinghong, and the future Patriarch of the Yun Family!”

When these words fell, it was as if a thunderclap had been thrown into the Demon Imperial Hall which had finally managed to quiet down, for it instantly sank under the surging waves of voices.

“Yun Che, is the son of the Yun Family Patriarch, th-th-this…”

“What kind of figure is the Yun Patriarch? He spoke these words in the face of Little Demon Empress, and in the face of the heroes of the realm, so how could it be false?!”

“Back then, everyone had suspicions in regards to the identity of Yun Xiao from the Yun Family. Patriarch Yun did not make any sort of response towards all of these suspicions. He did not admit, nor deny it. But when he said that Yun Che was his biological son in the face of the entire audience, his eyes were brightly lit, and his voice was absolutely resounding… No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem fake.”

“After a careful thought, it really isn’t hard to accept either. Although Yun Che had completely taken the spotlight today, he had completely offended Duke Huai, offended seven Guardian Families and sixty Duke Palaces! If he’s merely an adopted son, how could he possibly persist to such degree?! It’s because he is a son of the Yun Family, and even moreso, the son of Yun Qinghong… Other than Yun Canghai’s grandson and Yun Qinghong’s son, among the Yun Family, whose descendant would have such talent, strength, and boldness?!”

“Could it be that Yun Che is an illegitimate child Yun Qinghong conceived outside?”

“No, no! Yun Qinghong’s character is incomparably upright. Openly having a concubine might be a possibility, but it’s definitely impossible for him to conduct acts such as tainting other women in the dark. Twenty odd years ago, when Yun Qinghong and his wife returned from the Sky Profound Continent, because their bodies suffered from severe injuries, they invited many famous doctors in the entire world. According to the rumors of those famous doctors, Madam Yun was poisoned while pregnant. In order to protect the infant in her womb, she forcefully pushed the cold poison into her own five organs… which thus caused the cold poison to spread throughout her entire body, and was unable to be cured. In other words, back then, Madam Yun had indeed gave birth to a child for Yun Qinghong… And the matter of Yun Xiao not possessing the Profound Handle is known by everyone as well…”

“In other words… Because Patriarch Yun was worried of the Yun Family’s predicament back then, he purposefully hid his son, or perhaps searched for an incredible teacher for him… while the Yun Xiao he brought back was just a cover?”

“It’s extremely possible!!”

Countless exclamations, discussions and guesses filled every corner of the hall. The group which was the most shocked was undoubtedly the people from the Yun Family. The fact that Yun Che possessed the Yun Family bloodline and was a son of their Yun Family, was already enough to allow everyone to be overjoyed. But if he was the son of Yun Qinghong… Then that would even more so a joyous gift sent down by heavens for the Yun Family! Because this signified that the bloodline of the Yun Family’s Patriarch had not been severed!

The many Elders and Grand Elders of the Yun Family naturally deeply knew what kind of character Yun Qinghong had. In such an occasion, using such a tone, how could the words he shouted out be fake?!

“Huu… This scenario is really too bizarre,” Su Xiangnan heaved a long sigh, unable to voice out his emotions.

“Yun Canghai’s grandson, Yun Qinghong’s son… No wonder, no wonder…” Greatest Ambition Under Heavens nodded, a little startled. The role of the Yun Family’s Patriarch had been passed down from one generation to another, and in every generation, he would definitely be a dragon among men, an emperor among dragons, with no exceptions.

“The Yun Family is really going to once again rise into prominence,” Yan Zijin said with a sigh.

Old man Mu Feiyan had been sitting there with a blank look for a long while. As though he had been suddenly woken up from a dream, he stood up with a “whoosh”, and his beard wildly quivered from excitement. “Could it be… Could it be… he’s the child that Rou’er lost… in the Sky Profound Continent…?”

Back then, the encounters which Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou had in the Sky Profound Continent, especially the matter regarding the child, were not known by a single outsider. However, as Mu Yurou’s father, how could he not be aware of it?

“There’s definitely no mistake!” Mu Yuqing said out of excitement as well. “He possesses the Yun Family’s bloodline, brother-in-law has personally admitted it, and the eyes little sister is looking at him with… and most importantly, other than little sister’s son and our old man’s grandson, whose child could be this talented?!”

With Mu Feiyan’s several hundreds of years of age, he had always been dismissive towards his three sons’ boot-licking talk. However, Mu Yuqing’s flattery this time had actually made Mu Feiyan ecstatic. His upper body leaned forward, and his hands trembled. “That’s right… Rou’er’s child, my grandson… Ha… Hahahaha… This is my grandson… My biological grandson!!”

“So this kid is actually our nephew!” Even Mu Yukong was grinning from ear to ear in excitement. However, when he turned his head, he saw Mu Yubai was covering his face with both his hands, and his head was seemingly about to droop towards his crotch. With widened eyes, he gave him a slap. “Hey, big bro! Our little sis’ son is back. He’s our biological nephew, you know… What’s with this reaction of yours?”

“Heheh,” Mu Yuqing laughed gloatingly. “Before this, our big bro has been shouting and screaming about being sworn brothers with our nephew…”

“Shut up!” Mu Yubai landed a kick on Mu Yuqing’s buttocks. “Whoever dares to bring this matter up again will be beaten to a pulp by this daddy here!”

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