Chapter 554 - One Strike

Chapter 554 - One Strike

“Indeed, you don’t have to use your weapon because the result would be the same whether you use it or not!” Jiufang Yu said as the corners of his lips twitched.

“Are you sure you want to stand there without moving and let me attack you thirty times?” Yun Che rolled his wrist for a moment and revealed a provocative gaze.

“Enough of your rubbish!” Jiufang Yu started to become impatient, "For trash like you, not only thirty moves, even if I stood here and let you attack me three hundred times, you wouldn’t even damage a single hair!”

“Really?” Yun Che’s face looked completely amazed, and rolled his wrist even more fiercely, "Then, I’m going to try.”

Jiufang Yu’s words were not carelessness due to ignorance. There was, after all, a huge gap between the Sky Profound Realm and the Emperor Profound Realm, and the difference between Tyrant Profound Realm and Emperor Profound Realm could be thought of as a natural chasm. Hence, the comparison between the Sky Profound Realm with the Tyrant Profound Realm would be like the difference between earth and heaven. If an Overlord were to casually release a little profound energy for defense, even if a profound practitioner in the Sky Profound Realm attacked with all his might, he would not be able to injure the Overlord even one bit.

Sky Profound Realm and Tyrant Profound Realm, could no longer be likened to a difference in levels… It was simply two different worlds!

Therefore, even though everyone thought that Jiufang Yu was reckless and haughty, other than those who knew of Yun Che’s actual battle prowess, no one thought that Jiufang Yu was acting carelessly.

Yun Che walked forward leisurely to the front of Jiufang Yu, and when he was three steps in front of Jiufang Yu, he slowly raised up his right arm. As he swung his fist threateningly at Jiufang Yu, he confirmed once again, "When I hit you, are you sure you’re not going to block?”

“Hmph!” Jiufang Yu laughed coldly, "Are you deaf? I’ve already said that I’m not going to block. If I even move one bit, consider it your victory! This is my magnanimity towards you, bestowing rubbish like you such a chance. If you waste my time any longer, I’m going to knock you down!”

“Alright!” Yun Che nodded, raising his fist, "Since that’s the case, I’m going to attack. You must receive it pro~per~ly!”

When he said his last word, Yun Che stepped forward quickly and swung a punch, which landed straight on Jiufang Yu’s chest.

Yun Che’s punch was not quick and the profound strength released by it was indeed only at the peak of the Sky Profound Realm. However, the fluctuation of profound energy was not strong and anyone could tell that Yun Che did not use his full strength when he threw the punch.

In the hall, many looked on with contempt… They thought, not using weapons, nor using his full strength, this soft looking punch was something even I could receive, let alone Jiufang Yu.

Truly a fool who was unaware of consequences... Jiufang Yu laughed coldly as he saw Yun Che’s fist approach. Even though he did indeed not move, it didn’t mean that he was not going to retaliate. From how he saw it, facing someone as low level as Yun Che, he just needed to use profound energy to cause a backlash that would be enough to cripple Yun Che’s arm.

From Jiufang Yu’s gaze, Yun Che could guess what he was thinking and laughed coldly in his heart. Suddenly, the right fist that he swung started to accelerate and landed onto Jiufang Yu’s chest. The punch looked neither hard nor gentle and the “bang” sound it produced was neither soft nor loud, only a little abnormally dull.

As everyone had expected, after being punched by Yun Che, Jiufang Yu did not retreat one bit, nor did his body sway even a little.

Within the hall, roars of laughter immediately erupted but the laughter did not last very long; it subsided as everyone suddenly felt that something was a little… amiss.

After being punched by Yun Che, Jiufang Yu indeed did not retreat one bit, nor did his body sway… even his expression remained the same. As Yun Che leisurely pulled back his fist, Jiufang Yu’s expression still had not changed. He didn’t utter any insults and mocking words that he should had.

Yun Che stepped back and looked at Jiufang Yu with a smile.

“What… What happened?”

“Ugh… ugh…” Finally, Jiufang Yu groaned with a hoarse voice. His eyes opened wide, and his eyeballs bulged exaggeratingly, nearly coming out of his eyes. Following that, his body slowly collapsed like a pile of clay and in an instant, he laid on the floor with his hands clutching his chest in misery, curled up just like a cooked prawn. His entire body trembled, and cold sweat poured down his forehead like rain… After which, he vomited a huge mouthful of blood mixed with white foam. Following that, his nose, eyes and ears all started to bleed.

“Wha… What?” Everyone in the hall had their mouth agape in shock. Nearly everyone was stunned and a few patriarchs, dukes and elders suddenly stood up with a face of complete shock.

After being stunned for a while, Jiufang Kui was instantly horrified and flew from his seat, landing beside Jiufang Yu. He immediately picked him up and scanned his body with his profound energy. Instantly, his face darkened as he stared viciously at Yun Che, "You…”

Upon his inspection… all of Jiufang Yu’s internal organs had been displaced, and more than ten of his ribs were deformed. Even though they did not break, it was much scarier than breaking… it was as though they had been forcefully reshaped! Other than his vitals, his chest had nearly turned into a blob of goo and countless meridians were destroyed.

His injuries could only be described as “extremely serious”, much worse than what Jiufang Kui had expected.

“He has already fallen for ten breaths of time, Patriarch Jiufang, you… have lost!” Facing Jiufang Kui’s murderous look, Yun Che was not one bit afraid as he calmly stated.

Yun Che did indeed not use his full strength in his previous punch; however, it still packed the strength of at least several thousand kilograms. If Jiufang Yu had blocked with all his strength, he might have been able to resist it. However, facing Yun Che who was only in the Sky Profound Realm, he didn’t bother to even use one percent of his strength. Although Yun Che’s punch did not cause him to retreat, when the extremely frightening destructive power came in contact with his body, it converted into countless streaks of energies, easily shattered his protective profound energy and spread all over his body, severely injuring him.

“What… what’s wrong? What happened?” Xiao Yun, like most of the others present, was completely stunned.

“He actually… crippled Jiufang Yu in one strike!” Yun Qinghong muttered in a low voice. As he and Mu Yurou looked at each other, they could see the deep shock present in each other’s eyes.

In the hall, everyone was stunned, all the patriarchs were shocked and even Duke Huai’s face remained stiff for quite some time. He naturally knew that Yun Che had defeated a level one Overlord three months ago. When Jiufang Yu was acting insolently, he already predicted that Jiufang Yu would be at a huge disadvantage, but did not inform him, as he wanted to see whether Yun Che, who was clearly in the Sky Profound Realm, really had the same strength he had heard of.

The end result was that even he, who was extremely scheming, was deeply shocked.

One strike… Just one strike and he caused Jiufang Yu, who was in the fourth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, to collapse to the ground, severely injured and bleeding from all the orifices of his head!

The gaze in which Duke Huai, as well as everyone present, looked at Yun Che instantly changed drastically. Until now, there were still a large majority of people who did not believe what they had seen.

“Yun Che boyo…” The severity of Jiufang Yu’s injuries sharpened Jiufang Kui’s mind, and all the anger within him started to boil as he glared viciously at Yun Che, "How dare you be so ruthless towards my child!!!”

“So? What does Patriarch Jiufang want?”

As the Patriarch of the Jiufang Family, Jiufang Kui emitted an undoubtedly heavy pressure out of his anger and profound strength, but in Yun Che’s eyes, it was like a mere fart. If not ten thousand times, he had experienced such a scene at least eight thousand times, and he leisurely said, "It was your son who wanted to stand there without moving and let me hit him thirty times. I had never made such a request at all and I was still afraid your son could not take it, hence, I did not use my full strength. In the end, who would have expected his body to be so trashy, to have collapsed in just one light punch. Patriarch Jiufang, instead of thanking me for acting magnanimously, you still want to blame me?”

Just now, when Yun Che was confronting Duke Huai, Jiufang Kui already experienced Yun Che’s glib tongue. He didn’t even lose his composure when he faced Duke Huai, let alone now, when he faced Jiufang Kui.

Jiufang Yu’s injuries were severe and there was a chance that he might be paralyzed in the future. Now that he was also being rebutted by this kid who injured his son, Jiufang Kui was so angry his muscles twitched. He howled, "This was only a sparring competition, yet you acted so viciously… If anything happens to my son, I will take your life!”

“Me acting viciously?” Yun Che narrowed his eyes and laughed, "Just now, when Jiufang Yu maliciously caused Su Zhizhan to be poisoned, what did you say? Heh… How can you blame someone else for your own lack of skills? During battle, are you perhaps hoping for your enemy to treat you more gently?!”

“You!!!” Jiufang Kui’s face instantly darkened to the color of a pig’s liver.

“Jiufang Kui, your son has already lost and instead of quickly bringing him away, you are acting mightily in front of a junior!” Su Xiangnan’s shouted with a voice that was filled with mocking intent, "Your own son was lacking, yet acted so arrogantly. Losing in such an unsightly manner was his own fault. As a father, not only are you not going to discipline him more strictly and treat this with shame, you also plan to exact revenge on a junior? Heh, is the Jiufang Family just a bunch of worthless and laughable people who cannot afford to lose?”

Just now, when Su Zhizhan was poisoned, the arrogant face that Jiufang Kui displayed was something that he remembered in his heart. However, he did not expect to be able to take revenge so quickly. On one hand, he was defending Yun Che… but it was more so to take this opportunity to add insult to injury. Saying all that caused his heart to feel extremely satisfied and comfortable. The anger and resentment he held due to Su Zhizhan’s poisoning was released with that shout.

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