Chapter 544 - Sinister Motives

Chapter 544 - Sinister Motives

It was instantly a scene of chaos. For those who supported the Yun Family, or more accurately, the Guardian Families and Duke Palaces who were still loyal to the Little Demon Empress; they were weaker in number, but the difference in strength was not overwhelming. Furthermore, those who stood on the side of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline stood upright, and they seemed to be even stronger than those whose heart had ulterior motives.

The Yun Family, who was in the midst of all this chaos, remained calm. Especially Patriarch Yun Qinghong, who sat there the whole time without saying anything.

However, not saying anything did not mean he had not communicated with anyone. In the midst of the conflict between the two parties, he had already sent several profound energy sound transmissions to the Little Demon Empress.

“Little Demon Empress, please control your emotions. Now is definitely not the best time for you interfere… Also, you shouldn’t unyieldingly protect our Yun Family. Duke Huai’s faction is hoping for you to do so.”

“This matter, let my Yun Family completely handle it!”

The Little Demon Empress’s temper was something Yun Qinghong knew best… Back then, he was beaten up by the Little Demon Empress and had to lie in bed for a month to recuperate. Ever since she became the Little Demon Empress, her temper only worsened. With this situation and her temper, if it weren’t for Yun Qinghong sending a sound transmission to immediately to stop her, she would definitely have started killing already.

Just when Yun Qinghong thought of the best solution to handle the situation, and was about to stand up, Duke Huai suddenly laughed and said, “Everyone, please calm down. Regarding to whether or not the Yun Family should remain as one of the Guardian Families, it’s obvious that more people support removing the Yun Family from the Guardian Families.”

“So what if there’s more people!” Mu Yubai replied harshly, “Duke Huai, do you really think that by pulling enough people towards your side, you can hoodwink everyone? Heh, a bunch of ungrateful, unfilial people. Even if there were ten times more people, they’re all just a bunch of rubbish that everyone looks down upon!”

Mu Yubai’s words instantly restarted the commotion in the great hall, turning it into an uproar yet again. Mu Feiyan nudged him with his elbow and threw him a mean look. Mu Yubai scoffed,and looked away.

Duke Huai’s expression did not change, as he spoke in a leisurely manner, “Brother Mu’s words are something this duke does not understand. However, Brother Mu’s first sentence was indeed true, a greater number of people doesn’t mean anything. After all, in our Illusory Demon Realm, or any other world, what decides everything is not the number...but strength!”

“What are you trying to pull this time!” Yan Zijing asked in caution. They definitely would not naively believe that Duke Huai’s “a greater number of people doesn’t mean anything” was speaking up for them. He definitely had an even more sinister motive.

“What this duke means is simple. Solely based on the number of people, we have thirty percent more than your side! However, you all would definitely not be satisfied based on numbers alone and neither would the rulers who came from the other places. Therefore, this duke shall represent all those in favor of removing the Yun Family from the Guardian Families, and propose a method much fairer, and easier to convince you all… At the same time, treat this as an opportunity gifted to the Yun Family from this duke!”

“During all the previous Demon Emperor’s Hundred Year Reign Ceremonies, there has always been the tradition where the various Guardian Families and Duke Palaces would perform on stage, show off their skills, strengths and might. This is the Little Demon Empress’s first Hundred Year Reign Ceremony and it naturally cannot be excluded! So how about this…” Duke Huai raised his hands up, grinned as he snapped his fingers, “Each side select  twelve people to compete. Of course, in the previous Reign Ceremony competitions, it has always been battles between the young generation. After all, the strength of the younger generation determines the position of a force for the next hundred years. There would be no exception this time! The range of the age for choosing would be those who are below the age of thirty five!”

“If we luckily managed to win in the end, then you guys wouldn’t have any more complaints, right?” Duke Huai asked with all smiles.

“Good! Duke Huai’s suggestion is great!” Duke Zhong praised.

“In terms of numbers, we have already won. But by competing with strengths, the results would be more convincing. I have no objections!” Helian Kuang agreed loudly.

Duke Huai’s suggestion made everyone seated in the east wing reveal a mocking smile, and darkened the expressions of the ones seated in the west wing.

They knew fully well that the west wing did not lose only in terms of numbers, but they also had a huge disadvantage in terms of “quality”.

The east wing contained seven of the Guardian Families. If each family sent their number one genius of the young generation, then seven representatives would be the top seven elites of Illusory Demon Realm’s young generation: Helian Family’s Helian Ba, Chiyang Family’s Chiyang Yanwu, Bai Family’s Bai Jie, Nangong Family’s Nangong Yan, Lin Family’s Lin Hanchuan, Jiufang Family’s Jiufang Yu, and Xiao Family’s Xiao Donglai… Every one of them were figures whose reputation resounded within the entire Illusory Demon Realm.

As for the west wing, the members of the young generation who were on the same level were only Su Family’s Su Zhizhan, Yan Family’s Yan Chengkong, Under Heaven Family’ Number Six Under Heaven, and Mu Family’s Mu Hengyi… Yun Family did not have any disciples of the young generation at that level; the only one, Yun Xinyue, had already died tragically.

Just based on strength alone, Su Zhizhan and Helian Ba were the joint strongest members of the young generation within the guardian families. He was also the only person who could stand his ground from the west wing seats. For the other three, Number Six Under Heaven was only in the fourth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm while Yan Chengkong and Mu Hengyi were in the third level of the Tyrant Profound Realm.

As for the other side, among the favored children of the seven families, the weakest was still a fourth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm!

This was even not the worst part.

In the east wing seats, there were five members of the “Illusory Demon Seven Scions” who signified the most pinnacle strength of the young generation within Illusory Demon Realm!

Adding them to the seven geniuses of the seven guardian families, there were twelve people!

This was also the reason why Duke Huai suggested for each side to select twelve participants.

In the west wing seats, there were only two members of the “Illusory Demon Seven Scions”.

And these two… were ranked sixth and seventh.

In the west wing, the various patriarchs and dukes all gnashed their teeth in anger. With such a disparity in strength, how could the west wing win! The only possible result was not just an ordinary defeat, but an overwhelming one! Even though Duke Huai denounced his advantage in terms of numbers and seemed as though he gave the Yun Family a “chance”, his true motive was to chase the Yun Family out, while, at the same time, mercilessly defeat the families and dukes that did not stand on his side in front of everybody present; an extremely vicious thought.

“As for the rules, although it would be different from the usual spars held in the past, it should be fairly simple.” While appreciating the faces of everyone from the west wing seats, Duke Huai continued in all smiles: “The two sides will fight one versus one and the loser is eliminated while the winner stays until he is defeated by his opponent. Therefore, the competition would naturally be decided when one side is completely defeated and the other still has people standing on stage. Not only would this be the fairest way to determine the victors, the differences in strength between the two parties can be easily seen. If both parties compete and only one person from each team remains on stage, then the strength of both parties would be similar. However, if one side is completely defeated and the other side still has numerous people who have not competed yet… Tsk, tsk, wouldn’t that be extremely embarrassing... Do you guys… dare accept?”

The moment Duke Huai suggested this rule, the faces of the people from the west wing seats darkened yet again, their hearts becoming bitter.

If it was one versus one, twelve people each battling only once with the other side for twelves matches in total, and the number of matches won was used to decide the winner, then if their strength were extremely luckily malpositioned, the west wing side would still have that tiny bit of hope to win, or tie.

However, even though Duke Huai was extremely confident that he would not lose, he still chose an elimination style competition, so it must be noted that Duke Huai was an extremely cautious person. Because such a method was indeed the fairest, and it also completely removed any hope of victory for the west wing seats. The difference in strength could also be clearly seen by the number of people who did not participate, and from there, completely humiliate the other party.

The faces of the patriarchs in the west wing were sullen and they gnashed their teeth in anger… This battle, definitely could not be accepted! Accepting it would be certain defeat and they would also be harshly disgraced!

Even though not accepting would result in a great loss for them, it still could not be accepted.

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven who usually did not participate in conflict could not remain seated any longer. He stood up and asked with a sullen expression: “Duke Huai, do not forget your own identity! Your influence is still not big enough that you can decide the fate of us guardian families! So what if you win? Why must the Yun Family leave the guardian families if you win?!”

“Patriarch Under Heaven asked a good question!” Duke Huai closed his eyes, which now seemed as narrow as swords: “Let this duke give you a clear answer: If we win, it means we are stronger than you! In this world, strength is absolute! The amount of strength one possesses is equal to how much right they have to speak and how much authority they have! As for the stronger party, they naturally have the right to decide. In regards to the weaker party, they do not even have the right to refuse! No matter what world, what plane, this always holds true!”

“Is Patriarch Under Heaven happy with my answer?”

Each word Duke Huai uttered showed the wild ambition he had. At this stage, many could already tell how unusual this was. Strength being absolute was indeed the most basic law in life. With so many people practicing profound cultivation, which one of them did not do it in order to pursue strength, and which one of them did not do it to be above others?!

Duke Huai’s profound strength was not something to be looked down upon and his followers possess enough strength to shake the world. These words of his were said with a confidence and haughtiness that caused Greatest Ambition Under Heaven to be left speechless for a while.

“Yun Qinghong, this matter happened because of your Yun Family and its results would impact the fate of your Yun Family. Do you not even have the guts to make a decision?” Duke Huai turned towards the silent Yun Qinghong: “You can tell this duke straight. This extremely fair competition, are you going to accept it, or not?”

“Brother-in-law, you can’t accept this! The only person who can decide your fate is the Little Demon Empress. You don’t have to bother with those hoodlums!” Mu Yubai said lowly.

What Mu Yubai had said were also the words echoing within the hearts of everyone sitting in the west wing seats. However, just as he finished speaking, Yun Che stood up before Yun Qinghong, and shouted loudly: “Accept! We must accept! Does our Yun Family have anything to fear?!”


Mu Feiyan’s beard had already curled up: “This is a major matter of the Yun Family, why are you, a junior, speaking nonsense! Qinghong, Yubai is right. The Yun Family does not need to bother with this matter. Let me see who dares to strip your Yun Family off the Guardian Families!”

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