Chapter 649 - Young Master of Divine Hall

Chapter 649 - Young Master of Divine Hall

At the northmost land of the Profound Sky Continent.

This was a large stone door built from Dragon Suppressing Stone. The crescent moon was engraved on the left side while the scorching son was engraved on the right, and both of them were a gold that let out a blinding light. Sixteen people stood in front of the stone door, split into two rows on each side. All of them wore different things, but on their backs and chests were the emblem of the very same scorching sun and crescent moon.

The most surprising thing was that the swirling profound energy on them were beyond terrifying. Even the weakest person was of the Tyrant Profound Realm.

At this moment, the stone door that had been closed for a long time silently opened up, and from it, a long and thin figure slowly walked out. These sixteen of the peerless powerhouses that could look down upon the world actually kneeled and said, with extreme respect, “We respectfully welcome the Young Master out of seclusion.”

Ye Xinghan raised both of his hands raised his eyebrows, and had a look of pride, as if he was already the unparalleled ruler of this world. Lightly, he said, “Exactly six months, there is almost no difference between this and the time I predicted. Everyone has worked hard in guarding my seclusion, rise.”

The sixteen people stood up, and the one furthest away, with an expression full of surprise, responded , “Young Master’s profound strength has already broken into Tyrant Profound Realm level eight… This has only been a short six months! Truly, this is the joy of our entire divine hall, congratulations Young Master.”

“Young Master is truly a talented genius. I believe if the Heavenly Monarch knew, he would be beyond happy,” added another person on the side.

“Congratulations Young Master for the great completion of the divine arts. With the Young Master’s natural talent and progress, I believe that in another twenty years, you will definitely step into the realm of monarchs!”

“Protectorate Ao, you’re wrong! With the Young Master’s talent, how would he need a whole twenty years. He will become a Monarch in at most fifteen years.”

“Fifteen years…” The corner of Ye Xinghan’s mouth raised slightly. With his level right now, if he could step into the realm of monarchs fifteen years later, even within the Four Great Sacred Grounds, the progress would still be extremely quick. However, if he coud have a girl with a “Nine Profound Exquisite Body” as an incubator, how would he need fifteen years!

“Where is the Xia Qingyue that I wanted? Where is she?” Ye Xinghan’s gaze released scorching heat.

The sixteen people instantly went silent and looked at each other without saying a word. At the start, when he suddenly ordered them to go to Blue Wind Nation’s Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to bring someone called “Xia Qingyue,” all of them found it rather weird. Yet now, the moment he came out of seclusion, the first thing he asked about was “Xia Qingyue.” This showed just how much importance he placed on this woman, and it was far more than they had predicted.

Everyone’s reactions caused Ye Xinghan’s expression to instantly darken. “What is it? This matter… Did you all screw it up for me?”

“No, no, please don’t be angry Young Master!” The eldest of the sixteen quickly followed up, “Young Master had appointed Protectorate Qingsheng and Ziyi to go to the Blue Wind Nation three days after the Young Master went into seclusion. They have not yet returned.”

“Haven’t returned? What do you mean by haven’t returned?” Ye Xinghan’s gaze became even darker. “Could the two of them… have fallen to the mere Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace of the Blue Wind Nation!!”

“It isn’t like that,” the elder quickly explained. “This old servant understands that the Young Master places a lot of importance on Xia Qingyue. Therefore, after seeing them not return for so long, I contacted them through a sound transmission, but their answer always avoided things or were unclear. Every time they would say that taking down Xia Qingyue is a very simple task, and that they would definitely bring Xia Qingyue back before the Young Master comes out of seclusion... This old servant had even asked about it again three days ago, yet they still replied the same way. I’m guessing Qingsheng and Ziyi had been bewitched by Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s beauties, and… took advantage of the fact that Young Master was in seclusion to enjoy the pleasures of life… and forgot about home.”

“Heh, they’ve got guts!!” Ye Xinghan’s eyes narrowed into two snake-like slits, but after knowing that they couldn’t bring back Xia Qingyue, his anger actually decreased quite a bit. He picked up a Sound Transmission Profound Jade unique to Sun Moon Divine Hall and an icy voice sounded out from his mouth, “Qingsheng, Ziyi, you really brought this young master a large surprise!”

After quite a while, a slightly trembling voice passed out from the Sound Transmission Jade, “Young Master… Congratulations, Young Master, on successfully developing the Divine Art and coming out of seclusion. This subordinate... This subordinate knows that he has not done well… This subordinate will immediately bring Xia Qingyue back to the Divine Hall. Young Master, please be at ease!”

“Back to the Divine Hall?” Ye Xinghan laughed coldly. “You still want to come back? From what I see, you have completely ignored my orders and are just enjoying your lives there!”

“No, no, Young Master, please listen to this subordinate’s explanation!” The voice from the Sound Transmission Jade became more frantic. “According to the Young Master’s will, this subordinate will complete it as soon as possible and will not be laid back even in the slightest. It’s just… It’s just that this Frozen Could Asgard is not as simple as this subordinate had thought. There are weird situations everywhere. Not only is their overall ability not weak, it is powerful to the point that this subordinate was unable to break through their defensive formation. When this subordinate had finally broken through, they all hid within a place built from Heavenly Firm Jade. That Heavenly Firm Jade is beyond thick, and this subordinate and others could not break through it in short time, but we did not dare or have the face to ask elders for help. When we thought of how the Young Master would stay in seclusion for at least half a year, we thought that this period of time would be enough for us to break through the Heavenly Firm Jade, so… so it has dragged on till now.

“However! Be at ease Young Master! Perhaps it is due to the Young Master coming out of seclusion that this subordinate and others have finally succeeded today after continuously attacking for several months! In a few more hours, we will definitely break through this door of Heavenly Firm Jade, take it down, and then present her to the Young Master… This subordinate swears on his life that every sentence is the truth.”

“Heavenly Firm Jade?” Ye Xinghan frowned. Of course he know how strong and valuable the existence of Heavenly Firm Jade was. Even with his Sun Moon Divine Hall’s ability, it was almost impossible for them to craft a hall completely made of Heavenly Firm Jade. Although it was a bit unbelievable, he could be sure that Qingsheng and Ziyi did not have the courage to lie to him.

Ye Xinghan said sullenly, “That Heavenly Firm Jade better be as you said, unbreakable before today! Do you know how large of a cost I had to pay to know of the existence of Xia Qingyue?! To me, she is much more important than your life! It it wasn’t because I was at the bottleneck and needed to go into seclusion. I was prepared to go in person… I will give you ten more days. After getting Xia Qingyue, scramble back here through night and day! If I still don’t see Xia Qingyue ten days later, then you don’t ever need to come back!”

“Yes… Please don’t worry Young Master. This subordinate knows that he has not accomplished his task well, so I will let the Young Master punish me as he wishes after returning.” The voice from the Sound Transmission Jade clearly trembled even more.

“Hmph!” Ye Xinghan put away the Sound Transmission Jade and coldly commented, “Bunch of trash!”

“Please don’t be angry, Young Master. The two of them definitely would not dare to lie to the Young Master. Since they promised like that, I believe that within ten days they will definitely bring Xia Qingyue before Young Master,” the elder said.

Ye Xinghan squinted his eyes. “The puny Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace actually has so much Heavenly Firm Jade! Heh, even if they really have it, with their ability that’s at most of the Emperor Profound Realm, how could they have crafted it into a complete hall… That is truly intriguing.

“Speaking of which…” Ye Xinghan looked to the side. “What’s the situation of Blue Wind Nation? Have they not been destroyed by the Divine Phoenix flames?”

“Even if they haven’t temporarily, it is only a matter of time. Why is Young Master concerned about the matters of such a minuscule nation?”

“Hmph, whether the Blue WInd Nation is a negligible matter, I just don’t understand why Divine Phoenix Nation invaded Blue Wind Nation and was in such hurry.” Ye Xinghan sullenly continued on, “Blue Wind Nation is not only small in territory, it also lacks resources, so there is pretty much no value in devouring it. Yet Divine Phoenix Nation did not mind using an army of several million. Even it they completely take down Blue Wind Nation and steal all of its resources, it probably would not even make up the cost of mobilizing their army of several million for three years. If you say there wasn’t more to it, there’s no way I’d believe it.”

“There are a lot of guesses these years for the reason of Divine Phoenix Nation invading Blue Wind Nation. Most people speculate that the prince escort, Yun Che, of Blue Wind Nation had completely defeated the Divine Phoenix Empire in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament three years ago, causing them to lose all their face, which thus caused them to take revenge in anger.”

“What a joke,” Ye Xinghan said with disdain. “If Feng Hengkong was a trash with this level of tolerance, he would not have become the Sect Master of the Divine Phoenix Sect. They must be plotting something. Blue Wind Nation should be finished soon. Before they take down the royal capital, you have to keep good track of their movements… Especially illogically weird movements!”

“Speaking of weird movements… There is something really weird,” It was still the eldest person who said carefully. “Several months prior, the main army of the Divine Phoenix Nation was only several thousand miles away from the Blue Wind royal capital, but they suddenly sent an army of several hundred thousand to directly take down the Floating Cloud City at the southest part of Blue Wind Nation… Floating Cloud City is the smallest city in Blue Wind Nation, not much larger than a town. It is unremarkable, so Young Master should have never heard of it. That army of several hundred thousand quickly occupied Floating Cloud City, but didn’t kill anyone. The strangest part was that not even half of the Divine Phoenix Army entered into the city. Instead, several hundred thousand members of the Divine Phoenix army scattered around the city, and it has been like this for several months… as if, they are searching for something.”

“Mn?” Ye Xinghan’s eyes flashed. Then, he pondered a bit before softly saying, “Immediately send ten people to infiltrate into the Divine Phoenix Army… And find out what exactly they are doing!”

At this moment, the head protectorate’s expression suddenly changed. He took out a Sound Transmission Jade from his spatial ring, then his expression changed a little.

Seeing him act weirdly, Ye Xinghan looked towards him and asked, “Is it something important?”

“In response to Young Master, the spy in Absolute Monarch Sanctuary area reported… that the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark just flew out of the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary!”

“What? Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark?” All of the people showed an expression of shock. “Could it be, the Saint Emperor has mobilized?”

“No!” The head protectorate shook his head,” Not the Sacred Emperor… There is only one person on the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark! It’s that Xia Yuanba!!”

“Xia Yuanba!?” Everyone looked askance. Three years ago, Xia Yuanba was a completely foreign name, but Ye Xinghan found out about the secret of his Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins on the Primordial Profound Ark three years ago, causing it to shock the entire Sun Moon Divine Hall… as well as Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Supreme Ocean Palace! Ever since then, the name “Xia Yuanba” was unknown to no one in the Four Great Sacred Grounds, even though he hadn't yet reached twenty.

It was because, as someone who had the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins, once the power of the vein awakens, they would definitely become the emperor of the world!!!

“The Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark has always been the Saint Emperor’s vessel… It was actually given to that Xia Yuanba!!” a bodyguard exclaimed.

“The Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark is not the main point, the most shocking news is that…” The head protectorate holding the Sound Transmission Jade took a deep breath. “Just now, our spy emphasized that Xia Yuanba went into seclusion for three years and had just came out of seclusion four hours ago… When he came out, it was clearly the profound energy of the Sovereign Profound Realm spiralling on his body!!”

“What!!?” The soundwaves of the shock shook the entire stone hall, and Ye Xinghan’s expression also changed greatly. With wide eyes, one protectorate exclaimed, “How… How is this possible! The age of Xia Yuanba right now, it should be only twenty-one… A twenty-one year old monarch, forget about the current Profound Sky Continent, it has never even been achieved before in the past! Even if he has the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins… It’s still impossible!”

Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins… Twenty-one years old… Monarch!!

Just now, they were shocked because the Saint Emperor allowed Xia Yuanba to board his private vessel… And now, after hearing this sky shattering news, they did not think that it was strange anymore. A twenty-one year old Monarch, it was someone that even ten thousand “talented geniuses” could not explain! Not even mentioning handing him the strongest profound ark, even if they crowned him as the Young Master of the Sanctuary, no one would think of it as too exaggerated.

The head protectorate eyed Ye Xinghan carefully and said, “Absolute Monarch Sanctuary is also very shocked. However from their discussion, it seems… it seems… the reason behind the drastic spike of Xia Yuanba’s profound energy is because… because of Young Master?”

“What do you mean?” Ye Xinghan’s expression darkened.

The head protectorate took a deep breath and answered, “Three years ago, after Xia Yuanba returned to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, the only thing he would mutter about everyday, was… swearing to kill Young Master. And the awakening of the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins requires a heart that thirsts for power. The stronger the thirst for power, the quicker the awakening… Xia Yuanba went into seclusion with the wish to kill Young Master for three years… So… So…”

“Is Xia Yuanba truly the only person on the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark? Do you know where Xia Yuanba is heading on the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark to?” A protectorate roared. With his roar, everyone understood his meaning… A twenty-one year old Monarch... bearing the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins and possessing unlimited potential, just thinking about it was terrifying! What was more terrifying was that he had a deep seated hatred towards Sun Moon Divine Hall!!

For him to grow so fast… It could be seen what sort of hatred he had for Sun Moon Divine Hall!

For this kind of scourge, no matter what, they had to eliminate it as quickly as possible!! They could not let him continue growing.

“He is sure that there is only Xia Yuanba! Xia Yuanba is from Blue Wind Nation, and after hearing that Blue Wind Nation was about to be eliminated this morning, he became furious on spot! The direction he is heading in on the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark is where Blue Wind Nation lies! At the ark’s maximum speed… he only needs eight to ten hours to reach the border of Blue Nation Nation! Young Master, how about we…”

“Do you think the people from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary are a bunch of idiots?!” Ye Xinghan exclaimed negatively. “The Saint Emperor had no son for thousands for years and only has a few godsons. There was never one that could touch the Heavenly Sacred Profound Ark! Now there’s a Xia Yuanba… How could his godsons have a chance at the position of the future master of the sanctuary!

The bodyguards all dipped their head and did not dare to utter a sound.

“Immediately report this to my father. That Xia Yuanba… must die! However, his identity is no longer a normal disciple of the sanctuary. For how he should die… It can only be decided by my father!” Ye Xinghan said darkly.

“Yes! This subordinate will go and report it to the Heavenly Monarch now.”

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