Chapter 641 - World Shaking Great Matter (3)

Chapter 641 - World Shaking Great Matter (3)

Demon Imperial Great Hall.

It was already noon.The patriarchs of the Twelve Guardian Families and the dukes of Duke Zhu Palace were all in attendance; none dared to be absent. Accompanying them were also leader personalities. After all, the Little Demon Empress had personally ordered them to all be present and said that she had a “great matter” to announce.

With the start of the luncheon, drinks were handed over, and the originally somewhat nervous atmosphere became lively. The Yun Family had also somehow become the luncheon’s core as patriarchs and dukes all took the initiative to come over and toast them. However, after drinking the wine, everyone would immediately use profound energy to dissolve the wine energy, lest they forget their manners in front of the Little Demon Empress due to their inability to hold their drinks.

“Big Brother, what great matter is this luncheon held for?” Xiao Yun quietly asked Yun Che.

“I don’t know,” Yun Che answered. “But I feel like it seems to have something to do with me?”

“Ah? With big brother?” Xiao Yun’s eyes widened. “Father said that today’s announcement is a great matter concerning the future of Illusory Demon Realm… Why would big brother think that?”

“Two reasons.” Yun Che glanced at the Little Demon Empress and said, “One, when Father called me over this morning, he said that the Little Demon Empress specified that I had to attend. At that time, I already had a feeling about it, but this is only secondary.”

“What’s the main reason?” Xiao Yun immediately asked, completely believing Yun Che’s words.

Yun Che briefly touched his chin. “The more important reason is that from the start of the luncheon till now, the Little Demon Empress has not even glanced over at me once.”

“Huh?” Xiao Yun was momentarily stunned. “Just… Just for that reason?”

“Right!” Yun Che nodded with incomparable seriousness. “I’m not joking here. With my understanding of women… She definitely has something planned for me.”

“But the Little Demon Empress isn’t even an ordinary woman. Besides… she doesn’t seem to have looked at me either,” Xiao Yun weakly replied.

Yun Che looked at him in silence, then said, “Even if she isn’t ordinary, she’s still a woman. Her not looking at you is completely different from her not looking at me. It’s like… your Seventh Sister not looking at me from the start is merely a common thing. But if she hasn’t looked at you during the entire feast… then ‘something big’ is about to happen.”

“Ha?” Xiao Yun’s jaw fell, puzzled… clearly not understanding what Yun Che was talking about at all.

Unwittingly, more than half of the lunch feast had passed, yet the Little Demon Empress still sat upright on the emperor’s seat the entire time without barely saying anything. There was also no one who dared to ask about the announcement’s “great matter.” Yun Qinghong put down his wine cup, got up, and saluted. “Little Demon Empress, Duke Huai’s disturbance has now been settled, and even though Duke Ming has escaped, under our continued efforts in searching for him, it won’t be long before he is deemed guilty for execution. As your subject, I have actually done little to help and completely relied on the Little Demon Empress’ power to be saved. I am deeply ashamed. It must be a great matter that caused the Little Demon Empress to summon all of us here today… No matter the command, nothing will stop us from executing it!”

Within the great hall, there really was no better person suited than Yun Qinghong to come out and speak. The moment he spoke, everyone else promptly curbed their voices and expressions. Putting down their wine cups, they all saluted together, “Nothing will stop us from executing the Little Demon Empress’ order!”

The Little Demon Empress’ gaze swept through the entire crowd and finally shot a glance in Yun Che’s direction… Everyone was bowing, yet only Yun Che was still sitting in place, sipping his tea. No ripples showed on her face as she slowly got up and dully replied, “This empress does indeed have a great matter to announce today. This matter is related to the future of our Illusory Demon Realm! It also is related to the continuation of our Demon Emperor bloodline!”

Continuation of the Demon Emperor bloodline? These words stunned everyone. Yun Che also furrowed his brows… Eh?

“Under the ambition and evil scheming of Duke Huai’s forces, this empress’ royal father and brother were killed one after the other. Even though this empress is a woman, this empress is still the Demon Emperor bloodline’s last successor. If the Demon Emperor bloodline were to be severed after this empress, chaos will definitely ensue in Illusory Demon Realm. Now that Duke Huai’s forces have all been eradicated, this empress has no other choice but to consider the great matter of how to continue the Demon Emperor bloodline.”

The Little Demon Empress’ words caused the crowd to look at each other in dismay. Since only the Little Demon Empress was left of the Demon Emperor bloodline, a true continuation of the bloodline was fundamentally impossible. If one were to speak about continuing the bloodline… then it would only be the children born from the Little Demon Empress. An old duke couldn’t help it any longer and carefully asked, “Little Demon Empress, are you meaning… to perhaps be intending… to accept a consort?”

The Little Demon Empress’ eyes flashed with a cold radiance before returning to their tranquil state. She said coldly, “The Little Demon Emperor was unable to leave behind an heir to continue on our Demon Emperor bloodline, so this naturally can only be done by this empress! This empress wearing gray for a hundred years is to mourn for my royal father and brother. It is now time for this empress to choose another husband.”

Once the words “choose another husband” came out, they immediately left all those Guardian Families and Duke Palaces dumbstruck. Never in their lives would they expect that what the Little Demon Empress would announce today was this kind of matter. Even in their subconscious, they had never thought that this would happen. This wasn’t because the Little Demon Empress was the Little Demon Emperor’s empress, but that with her temperament… in this world, how could there possibly exist a man that she would find pleasing?! With her looks, identity, profound strength, and bloodline… In the entire Illusory Demon Realm, who could possibly be qualified to be her husband?

Everyone was incredibly clear that she said “husband” and not “consort”... There was a huge difference between the two; the two concepts were as different as the heavens and earth.

“Little Demon Empress, could… you already have chosen a candidate?” Even though Yun Qinghong was equally surprised, upon weighing the words, he faintly guessed something. “I wonder which god-like person has the fortune to receive the Little Demon Empress’ favor.”

The Little Demon Empress didn’t respond and instead suddenly uttered, “Duke Lang Xun, attend!”

A duke dressed in blue suddenly stepped forward and lowly bowed. “This humble duke is here.”

“Before dusk, announce to the entire Demon Imperial City, send a sound transmission to every great city lord and regional lord that in seven days, Yun Family’s Young Patriarch Yun shall join with my Demon Emperor bloodline and marry this empress in this Demon Imperial Hall…”

Pfft… The half mouthful of tea in Yun Che’s mouth was ferociously spat out, directly spurting onto Xiao Yun’s face… The latter was originally stunned, completely stupefied, but after being sprayed by Yun Che, he immediately fell off his chair onto the floor. Even Yun Qinghong next to him quaked with his entire body… If not for his formidable willpower, he might have also been stunned to the point where his bottom would have fallen onto Xiao Yun’s head.

The Demon Imperial Hall was deathly silent for a long time. After that, it was followed by a bubbling field of commotion. That excessiveness, that sound, and the expressions on everyone’s faces was as though they had seen ghosts in broad daylight… No one had expected that this would be what the Little Demon Empress was going to announce today, but never in their dreams would they think that the person the Little Demon Empress would pick was...

“Silence!” In front of the sudden explosive clamor, the Little Demon Empress slanted her brows. The sound of her cold reprimand instantly chilled everyone’s bodies as all sound immediately ceased. The Little Demon Empress’ gaze became cold. “What? Does anyone have any objections?”

Everyone’s faces twitched as their gazes all flickered. However, facing the Little Demon Empress’ sudden burst of power, no one dared to speak as they pleased. At this time, an old duke walked forth and spoke with a voice full of emotion, “Little Demon Empress, this… this… this is not unreasonable according to logic. After all, with the passing of the Little Demon Emperor, the only way to continue the Demon Emperor bloodline is this method, but Yun Family’s Young Patriarch… this… this kind of match is absolutely unsuitable!”

“What’s unsuitable about it?!” As soon as the old duke’s voice fell, Jiufang Kui was the first to jump out and scold him while pointing at his nose. “What the Little Demon Empress says, goes! Don’t tell me that you, a person with half a foot in their grave, have the right to question the Little Demon Empress’ decision?!”

Compared to how he had originally acted during the Demon Empress’ Reign Ceremony, Jiufang Kui’s behavior was as different as night and day. After being subjected as the Little Demon Empress’ loyal dog. If anyone dared to offend the Little Demon Empress, he definitely wouldn’t hesitate to openly use his life to bite the other party to death.

Another duke came forth and spoke, “Little Demon Empress, you must reconsider this! Even though Yun Che’s talent is shocking in every aspect, without equal in all of Illusory Demon Realm and most likely would have boundless accomplishments in the future, he… he’s only twenty-two of age, is the Yun Family’s Young Patriarch, Yun Qinghong’s son, and Yun Canghai’s grandson! Back then, the Demon Emperor and Demon King Yun Canghai were even like brothers… Yun Che and you… this difference in seniority… we mustn’t! Or else, wouldn’t it confuse…”


The Little Demon Empress angrily rebuked, immediately scaring the duke who spoke which caused him to shake all over. As the Little Demon Empress’ gaze darkened, the entire Demon Imperial Hall had also suddenly become overcast. “Good… how wonderful. Back then, when Duke Huai’s ambitions were clear as day, each and every one of you were scared witless, and none of you risked your life for this empress! All of you even went as far as to not hesitate to abandon and betray me in order to save yourselves! It was this empress herself who calmed Duke Huai’s chaos! It was this empress who had personally avenged the late Demon Emperor and Little Demon Emperor! The peace you all have in Demon Imperial City was also bestowed upon you by this empress! This empress could be considered to not have let down the heavens and Illusory Demon, to have not have let down all of you! But now, when this empress has already sat on the throne for a hundred years, now, when this empress has finally decided to do something for herself, each and every one of you jump out to criticize me!

“Why did this empress even bother with you filthy trash?!”

“This insignificant duke… this insignificant duke doesn’t dare… this insignificant duke doesn’t dare!” The two dukes who had previously came forth to object immediately trembled all over as they pounded their heads on the ground, because that bone-piercing coldness was not merely the Little Demon Empress’ fury, it also carried a distinctly cold killing intent. “It’s this insignificant duke’s stupidity and ignorance, I beg the Little Demon Empress for forgiveness… The Little Demon Empress and Young Patriarch Yun are… are… a golden couple, a… a match made in heaven… I beg the Little Demon Empress for forgiveness… I beg the Little Demon Empress for forgiveness…”

“Please calm your anger, Little Demon Empress.” Everyone also quickly bowed, and no one dared to speak in dissent.

“Hmph!” The Little Demon Empress’ killing intent had not lessened, as she uttered with a bone-piercing coldness, “What this empress had told Duke Lang Xun to do earlier was an order to immediately inform the world, not a proposal for you to discuss! Yet there just has to be people who jump out in front of this empress’ eyes like houseflies. It seems like the amount of people this empress has killed is not enough. There are still plenty who do not listen at all!”

“Have mercy, Little Demon Empress… this insignificant duke… is slow-witted, and accidentally blurted it out… Have mercy, Little Demon Empress…” The two dukes kneeling on the floor shook all over like sieves. Everyone else within the great all also stood in place, not daring to move. Many were drenched in sweat, secretly glad that they did not come forth to speak out earlier.

Yun Qinghong quickly stepped in front of the two dukes and urgently said, “Please calm your anger, Little Demon Empress. Duke Shan Shan and Duke Zi Ying were only worried that the reputation of the Little Demon Empress and the Demon Emperor bloodline would be defiled, which is why they spoke such counsel. They definitely did not have any disrespectful intentions. I hope the Little Demon Empress would pardon their indiscretion.”

Duke Shan Shan and Duke Zi Ying slightly raised their heads with faces full of gratitude. Within the group of dukes and patriarchs, Yun Family’s Patriarch, Yun Qinghong’s words undoubtedly possessed the greatest weight. Since he had personally stepped forth to defend them, it should be enough to preserve their lives.

“Hmph!” The Little Demon Empress turned around. With her back facing the crowd, she said lowly, “Are there any other objections?”

The Demon Imperial Hall was absolutely silent. Currently, forget about “objections,” no one even dared to release a fart. They all clearly saw that the Little Demon Empress regarded this matter with distinctively heavy importance. It was not simply “accepting a consort.” Based on the word “husband” that she mentioned instead of “accepting a consort,” they all should have noticed it… The two who didn’t think much beneath their emotions had been placed at gunpoint.

After a long period of silence, the Little Demon Empress continued, “This empress knows what you all are thinking. You must think that this empress marrying Yun Che would break order, disturb ethics? Hmph, have you all forgotten what kind of bloodline my Demon Emperor bloodline is?! Currently aside from this empress, isn’t there another with this bloodline?!”

The Little Demon Empress’ words immediately caused many to regain their senses. Su Xiangnan blurted, “That’s right! On the day Yun Che injured Duke Huai, he used the Golden Crow flames… he possesses the Golden Crow bloodline that the Golden Crow Divine Spirit personally bestowed!”

“Ah… this duke actually forgot such an important matter. Young Patriarch Yun also possesses the Golden Crow bloodline, huh.”

“If Young Patriarch Yun and the Little Demon Empress came together… the later generation would also be one who possesses a pure Golden Crow bloodline… which is also the Demon Emperor’s bloodline!

“This is the reason why the Little Demon Empress wants Young Patriarch Yun to join the Demon Emperor Clan?”

As everyone started discussing, under this “justification,” the matter that was previously extremely shocking seemed to have become somewhat reasonable.

Xiao Yun had been stunned since the start, and now, Yun Che’s voice suddenly traveled tohis ears, “Xiao Yun, quick, do as I say. Remember this!”

“Ah… Ah?”

“What are you ahing for?! Don’t worry about anything else, just listening to my instructions and do as I say! Remember this properly…”

“AHH!!” A huge exclamation of surprise suddenly rang out, forcefully attracting the gazes of everyone present. Xiao Yun’s expression was extremely exaggerated… but it wasn’t faked. He was indeed completely at a loss. He said with a stutter, “So, this is all true… Uh, Big Brother had told me a few days ago that the reason why the Golden Crow Divine Spirit granted him the Golden Crow bloodline was because it couldn’t bear to see the Demon Emperor bloodline be severed. It was so the Little Demon Empress could continue the Demon Emperor bloodline with Big Brother… At that time, I still didn’t believe it… so this is all true… Ah! This is… this is… the Golden Crow Divine Spirit’s will!”

Little Demon Empress: “...”

“The Golden Crow Divine Spirit’s will”... That was no doubt the god’s wishes, and also the god’s gift! What worldly conventions of seniority? In front of a god’s will, even common ethics aren’t worth a fart. In front of this halo, no one in the entire Illusory Demon Realm would be against it. If there really was someone who opposed it, they would instead receive criticism and hostility… because that was going against a god!

“So it’s actually the Golden Crow Divine God’s will!”

“No wonder the Golden Crow Divine God bestowed the Golden Crow bloodline to Yun Che… so that’s how it is, so that’s how it is!”

“Seems like the Golden Crow Divine God had never abandoned the Demon Emperor Clan or had never abandoned the Illusory Demon Realm! Even though the Demon Emperor Clan has dwindled, a new bloodline has appeared on another person’s body… The Little Demon Empress and Young Patriarch Yun, this is a god’s will, a true match made in heaven.”

“Since it’s like this, the Demon Emperor bloodline would thus be able to continue on without issue. There would be no need to worry about it being severed again. The Demon Emperor Clan will once more be intact, and Illusory Demon Realm will thrive forever…”

The atmosphere in the Demon Imperial Hall completely changed. The previous shock and unspoken conflicting questions had all become exclamations of admiration and endless excitement. Under the radiance of the words “god’s will,” if there were anymore people who came out to oppose it, the Little Demon Empress didn’t even need to personally step forth. The others would strive to outdo the others and indignantly scold that person with pointed fingers.

Only the Little Demon Empress was left of the Demon Emperor Clan… Yun Che… Golden Crow bloodline… Golden Crow Divine Spirit’s personal bestowal… This combination had now completely swept away all the previous surprise. Everything had become reasonable, so much that it sounded perfect.

Yun Che still stayed in his own seat; his bottom hadn’t shifted an inch since the very beginning. The clamor beside his ears was incredible, yet the roaring in his heart had long surpassed that by several fold:

Even if you are to say that women are fickle creatures… isn’t this woman’s change too exaggerated?!

And the most important thing...

For such a huge matter, why didn’t she talk to me about this beforehand?!

I’m obviously here… why hasn’t anyone asked about what I think! I’m one of the involved parties, you know!”

Are you all pretending that I’m see-through?!

At least someone ask me if I agree… ask me how I am, or at least how I feel!

“Since no one has any objections, then it is decided. Duke Lang Xun, you must remember to do what this empress had commanded.” The Little Demon Empress turned to Duke Lang Xun… and still had yet to look at Yun Che.

“This humble duke has remembered everything, but…” Duke Lang Xun gulped down a mouthful of saliva, mustered up his courage, and said, “But deciding the wedding to be in seven days, this is simply too sudden. The honorable Little Demon Empress is Illusory Demon’s monarch, and it’s even the Golden Crow Divine Spirit’s will… This kind of marriage should be universally celebrated, it should shake the world! Even if we were to use seven days to prepare it wouldn’t be eno…”

“This empress said seven days, so seven days!”

“Yes!” Duke Lang Xun quickly assented, his head drenched in cold sweat, no longer daring to say anymore. After taking two steps backwards, he hurriedly left. As he ran, he groaned in his mind: My god… only seven days… If the entire city were to use all their efforts to prepare, seven days might barely be enough. But those big shots in the Southern Border and Northern Domains… after receiving the sound transmission, they’ll probably be scared shitless and rush over with swallowed tears… they might not even make it in time.

The Little Demon Empress faced her subjects. “You may all put aside whatever you plan to do in the next seven days to prepare for this empress and Yun Che’s great wedding ceremony! Even if you only have seven days, you are not allowed to be careless or make any mistakes! It does not have to be world shaking, but it must be grand enough. You must not work half-heartedly… It must be no less grand than the one from a hundred years ago!”

“Begin preparations immediately! You may all withdraw!”

This event was no doubt greater than the heavens, so the various guardian families and duke palaces working together to prepare for it was not the least bit exaggerated. The seven day time frame was just too rushed. Their retreating footsteps were all hurried, and once they exited the Demon Imperial Hall, they had all swiftly flown away, fearing that their own preparations would be lesser than someone else’s… This was not just the Little Demon Empress’ great wedding, it was the “Golden Crow Divine God’s will”!

The only person who had not left the great hall… was one of the involved parties who had no parallel in all of Illusory Demon Realm’s history, yet was somehow completely forgotten, Yun Che.

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