Chapter 513 - Rising Turbulence

Chapter 513 - Rising Turbulence

The battle between the two on the stage also came to an end. With an ear-piercing ripping sound, the orange colored profound handle shattered. Along with a wretched scream, a silhouette was thrown from the Sacred Cloud Arena, smashing heavily onto the ground.

On the stage, Yun Xiao held the Galloping Lightning Sword and slowly walked to the edge of the Sacred Cloud Arena. Though he was panting a little, his expression still seemed calm, and his brows still contained some imposingness: “Brother Yun Han, you let me win.”

The Yun family disciple who had lost, clenched his teeth in an unreconciled manner, stood up, and left silently.

Now, beneath the stage was not just the younger disciples; the Elder Council and people from three families were beneath the stage too. These younger disciples, before taking part in the Family Competition, naturally had the intentions of exhibiting their skills in front of the elder generation, they did not think that the first to be in the limelight was actually Yun Xiao.

They even more did not expect that the Yun Xiao who never retaliated after getting bullied would actually be hiding such strength.

"Hmph! This fellow…” Beneath the stage, Yun Hao had an unsatisfied expression as he looked at the Yun Xiao, who always got mocked by himself, be in the limelight. His gaze swept across the area that the Elders were seated, then, he laughed coldly and pushed off the ground with both feet. His body rose into flight and landed on the Sacred Cloud Arena, where he crossed his arms and said calmly amidst the chaos: “Yun Xiao, your performance today isn’t bad. Come, let the two of us spar for a bit.”

Yun Xiao scrunched his eyebrows, his expression becoming heavy.

Yun Hao and Yun Xiao were both half-step Overlords, moreover, Yun Hao had stopped at the stage of a half-step Tyrant for four years whilst Yun Xiao had in only one. On top of that, Yun Hao possessed a profound handle, Yun Xiao had fought in two consecutive battles, and expended a large portion of his profound strength. If the two of them sparred, it would be a situation where one side had an obvious advantage… Yun Xiao simply had no chance of winning.

“Hehe, your third son, isn’t he simply bullying others.” At the elders’ seats, an elder sitting at the back row said to the person to his side.

Yun Hao’s father was one of the thirty-six core elders of the Yun family, his ranking was slightly towards the end. Yun Hao was a genuine heir of an Elder. After hearing those words, Yun Hao’s father sighed weakly and said: “They are all young. While mutually sparring, there is only the matter of being strong or weak, what is there to bully about. If their strength is not sufficient, no one can be blamed for being bullied. What’s more... “ He said in a soft voice: “Today is the day Yun Qinghong steps down, it’s better if this bastard of his goes down early too.”

Yun Xiao had never sparred with Yun Hao before. His heart too, was especially nervous, as a gentle voice arrived in his ears: “Yun Hao is frivolously using his strength to seek some glory. He is definitely seeking to defeat you in the shortest amount of time, that’s why he will probably use one of the strongest killing moves of the Purple Cloud Arts immediately. Use the Wrapping Lightning Arts which I have made you practice diligently… whether you will be able to come out victorious from behind, will depend on how well you can operate the Wrapping Lightning Arts!”

Yun Xiao’s gaze shifted and he look towards Yun Qinghong. His expression was calm, with a slight smile. From the start, no one had realized that this family head who was supposedly crippled for tens of years, had just employed an incomparably advanced profound energy sound transmission.

Yun Xiao’s nervousness disappeared as his gaze became cold and determined. His arms moved slowly, and the Galloping Lightning Sword tilted horizontally in front of his body.

Yun Hao took out his own weapon and said beamingly: “Yun Xiao, you have just fought two matches, I will also not be willing to take advantage of you. If I do not manage to defeat you within five moves, then just take it as my loss… if you are not even able to receive five moves of mine, hehe, then you can’t really blame me.”

Even a fool could clearly hear the disdain in Yun Hao’s words… and this was in a situation where Yun Qinghong was present. The surroundings of the Sacred Cloud Arena went into a fit of sniggers, as various gazes of amusement and pity landed on Yun Xiao.

Yet in contrast, Yun Xiao had a face full of calm. He stared straight at the sword in Yun Hao’s hand, as if he had not heard the words he just said.

Not achieving the results he had expected, Yun Hao was not satisfied. He clenched his teeth and sneered secretly: This good-for-nothing, he can sure act well. Let’s see how you can withstand my one move!

Yun Hao moved his arm. His body abruptly sprinted forward, instantly rushed up to Yun Xiao, as he released a lump of lightning profound energy he had secretly amassed on his body. It violently exploded, causing five terrifying and malevolent lightning and thunder pythons to appear.

“Wah! He used the Purple Fiend Lightning Handle immediately!!”

“Seems like Yun Hao wants to smack that fellow down with just one move.”

“If Yun Xiao deflects the blow, he will definitely be smacked off the stage. If he receives it head on… Heh, it’s possible that he’ll lose half his life.”

Facing Yun Hao’s sudden release of the Purple Fiend Lightning Handle, Yun Xiao did not dodge or run. Only his eyes opened wide for a moment, exploding with lightning profound energy that clearly shone within his pupils. He raised the Galloping Lightning Sword, bringing along with it a magnificent purple sword silhouette... After the five lightning profound powers which contained terrifying might touched his sword silhouette, they did not explode, and instead, drew away gently like the flow of water, following Yun Xiao’s body, scattering, as he flew backwards. Even Yun Hao’s sword was tugged on strongly by an indescribable force. The profound strength on the sword which was about to be released, was also scattered.

Yun Hao, who originally wanted to smash Yun Xiao away with a single move, momentarily turned pale with fright, but without even giving him enough time to fully react, the tip of Yun Xiao’s blade abruptly pierced forward, right at his chest.

“Sudden Lightning Sword!”

Yun Hao had immediately employed one of the Purple Cloud Arts’ strongest killing moves, and it was precisely then, when his profound defense was at its weakest, that his protective profound defense was immediately torn apart under the Sudden Lightning Sword move. Yun Hao let out a muffled groan and flew away, his head landing on the ground, smashing disastrously beneath the stage with a “crack” sound, smashing a wooden seat into pieces.

Yun Hao sprawled on the floor like a dead dog, stared blankly and did not stand up for a long time… This was in the presence of everyone; all the Elders were present, along with three other Guardian Families. It could even be said that he had disgraced himself to the extreme.

The surroundings immediately became silent. All of the Yun family disciples were thoroughly dumbfounded. Yun Hao’s profound strength was thicker than Yun Xiao’s, and he also had a profound handle. The opposing Yun Xiao had also wasted a big portion of his profound strength, and they had all thought that it was very possible that Yun Xiao would be defeated in one move by Yun Hao. They never thought that the one to be defeated in a single move would actually be Yun Hao!!

And after the shock had passed, the Elders who were seated, revealed unusual expressions one after another. Yun Xiao had just employed the Purple Cloud Art’s toughest skill, Wrapping Lightning Art. Comprehending and cultivating it was extremely difficult, and even if he succeeded, it was tough to use in the battlefield. As such, many Yun family disciples chose to totally give up on the Wrapping Lightning Art, and even some Elders did not recommend their children to practice it. However, they had just witnessed Yun Xiao use that move, and it was actually used so beautifully, giving him a miraculous victory over Yun Hao. They were totally caught unprepared.

Yun Qinghong nodded towards Yun Xiao, his face revealing a slight smile.

Yun Hao finally crawled up from the ground. His lips trembled and his face was already the color of a pig’s liver. Feeling all the strange looks from his surroundings, he clenched both his fists and suddenly roared explosively: “Yun Xiao, I was just testing the waters just now… Let us spar again from the start!!”

After his roar faded, just as he wanted to rush up onto the Sacred Cloud Arena again, his father snorted coldly: “Back down! You’ve already lost, moreover, it was a huge defeat!”

With his own father having just berated him, Yun Hao’s body immediately stopped. With a completely red face, he clenched his teeth and said: “Father, that was just a big mistake just now. I did not even use half of my strength, Yun Xiao doesn’t even have a profound handle, how could he be my opponent. He…”

“Shut up!” Yun Hao’s father was extremely angry. He said with a heavy face: “You yourself are aware that Yun Xiao does not have a profound handle. He is younger than you, and had already fought two matches, yet he smashed you down with a single move! Have you not lost enough face?! Hurry up and get off from there!”

Yun Hao quivered from head to toe. He slid his eyeballs over and stared hatefully at Yun Xiao. Then, he clenched his teeth and retreated. However, he had clearly felt Yun Xiao’s transformation. When he was glaring at Yun Xiao, he noticed that Yun Xiao was unexpectedly undisturbed. There was even some pressure from his eyes, he was absolutely not like before.

It was as if… he suddenly had absolutely no apprehension.

“What a beautiful Wrapping Lightning Art.” A praise could be heard, and the one to speak up was impressively Unparalleled Under Heaven. He nodded his head unhurriedly and said: “I have heard that the Yun family’s Wrapping Lightning Art is extremely difficult to cultivate. I did not think that a Yun family junior could use it so proficiently, he certainly lives up to the name of the Yun family’s Young Patriarch.”

“Of course, why don’t you see whose nephew he is, how could he possibly be bad?” Mu Yubai continued unrestrainedly.

“Ah…” Helian Peng’s triangular eyes slanted. He put on a false smile and said: “There is a junior disciple from the Yun family at such a level. Hehe, that’s still not too bad, a pity that it can’t be compared to our Helian family. It seems to be a little more inferior.”

The moment the words were spoken, the Elders present all revealed expressions of fury. For ten thousand years, the Yun family was the head of the twelve Guardian Families, Helian being second. The Helian family had been pressed down by the Yun family for ten thousand years and now that they could finally fight back, they would definitely be unusually proud. They did not lack in ridiculing and despising the Yun family in the past few years. Yun Waitian smiled faintly and said: “Brother Helian’s words are somewhat wrong. Although Yun Xiao’s strength is still considered not too bad, it is far from representative of our Yun family junior disciples’ strength. Even if he could wield the power of the profound handle, it is still impossible for him!”

“Xinyue, let everyone have a look at the strength of Yun family’s younger generation!”

“Yes, father.”

Yun Xinyue stood up from his seat, then flew up into the air. He did not land on the Sacred Cloud Arena; instead. he extended his arm while floating, and said in a gentle voice: “Young Patriarch, you have already fought multiple battles, so it will not be fair for us to battle. Let me use the profound handle to spar.”

Yun Xinyue pushed out his left arm, and cyan colored profound handle shot out like a meteor. As it neared Yun Xiao, it transformed into a ring with a diameter of one meter, at the same time, a ball of dazzling purple lightning brilliance radiated, causing the original cyan colour to be completely swallowed.

Unparalleled Under Heaven, Helian Peng and the rest all noticed the cyan profound handle originating from Yun Xinyue… Cyan. This was the gifted profound handle which only the top geniuses in the Yun family would possess. Back then, both Demon King Yun Canghai and Yun Qinghong, who shook the Demon Imperial City, had also possessed cyan profound handles.

Yun Xiao had always respected Yun Xinyue, he was even more aware that the difference in strength between himself and Yun Xinyue was extremely huge. Facing the attack from Yun Xinyue’s profound handle, he did not dare to be careless in the slightest, as he waved his sword and charged.

The profound handle which took the form of a purple electrical ring revolved rapidly, releasing circles of sinister and devastating electrical arcs Wherever one went, the ear-splitting sound of thunder could be heard, space was distorted, and even space was being ripped by concentrated, frightening lightning profound energy. Under such an oppressive profound strength, Yun Xiao could not even near it, and was swept away by the boundless and oppressive aura. Even the Galloping Lightning Sword was trembling from the attack, he almost could not hold it still.

After the brief rotation of the profound handle, it suddenly flew towards Yun Xiao, as tens of electric arcs were released from the profound handle… Only a “clang” sound could be heard as the Galloping Lightning Sword within Yun Xiao’s hand was easily disarmed. Yun Xiao’s arm was completely numb from shaking and the electric shock. His body also flew back from the attack, stumbling, as he landed on the edge of the Sacred Cloud Arena.

Yun Xinyue waved his arm, and the profound handle immediately flew back.

Without making a move himself, he simply used the profound handle to easily defeat Yun Xiao. Yun Xinyue did not reveal any hint of arrogance, and simply nodded towards Yun Xiao’s direction: “Young Patriarch, please excuse me.”

Yun Xiao immediately waved his hand and said sincerely: “As expected of Brother Xinyue, you’re truly too impressive.”

The Yun family disciples all started cheering and the name “Yun Xinyue” resonated within the Yun family compound. The glory which Yun Xiao had acquired from winning three matches in a row, was completely drowned by Yun Xinyue’s magnificence. All of the thirty-six Yun family core elders nodded their heads, their faces revealed expressions of approval and hope. Yet facing such cheers and praise, Yun Xinyue remained completely calm. Absolutely not proud or arrogant, as he calmly returned to his seat.

His talent, strength and personality was seriously perfect! It was no wonder that he was named the Yun family’s hope for re-emergence

Yun Che narrowed his eyes. Only until Yun Xinyue reached his seat, did he move his gaze away. Then, as if he had some thoughts, he looked towards Yun Qinghong, and coincidentally made eye contact with Yun Qinghong. From the look in each other's eyes, it was like they knew something. After the short visual contact, they looked away at the same time… Without exchanging any words, they were extremely clear on what one another meant.

Or perhaps, this was some sort of chemistry between father and son.

alyschu: When Yun Xiao says "You let me win", that's just something polite someone says to the loser of a match.