Chapter 628 - The Heartless Little Demon Empress

Chapter 628 - The Heartless Little Demon Empress

“What are you doing?” The Little Demon Empress ignored his question and coldly asked… The icy coldness in her voice was heart wrenching; however, she had not done it on purpose and had been like this all along.

Yun Che stood up and replied, “I’m refining pellets, why are you…”

“Refining pellets? Without a cauldron, a furnace, or an artifact, how are you refining the pellets?” The Little Demon Empress asked expressionlessly.

“Even though others are unable to, that does not mean that I’m unable to.” Other than the rather abrupt shock initially, Yun Che’s expression had already returned to normal. Currently, within the entire Illusory Demon Realm, the only person that was not afraid of the Little Demon Empress was probably Yun Che alone. He stretched his hand out, and between his fingers was the pale red pellet that he had been looking at for some time. “Little Demon Empress, you arrived at just the right time. This pellet is something I refined for you.”

“For this empress?” The Little Demon Empress frowned slightly. “Why would this empress require any pellet!”

“...This pellet contains all the elixirs and profound jade that I could find in this Medicine Pavilion that can increase longevity.” Before a dejected expression flashed across his face, Yun Che slowly said,, “I’m uncertain whether it can actually increase your lifespan, but at the very least… its medicinal powers are gentle, and consuming it would not bring you any harm.”

The Little Demon Empress’ eyes were ice cold. She was unmoved, and her expression did not change in the slightest. With the swing of her long sleeve, the pellet in Yun Che’s hands had already fallen into her hands. Without looking at it, she just threw it into her space. “Seeing your hard work, this empress shall accept it this time. However, you don’t have to do such meaningless things for this empress anymore. This empress’ fate is something that the Golden Crow Divine God has proclaimed. Since even the Golden Crow Divine God has said so, what existence in this world can possibly change it! The condition of this body is something this empress knows much better than you. Even if you were to use up all the spiritual herbs the Yun Family had accumulated for the past ten thousand years and even all the Purple Veined Divine Crystal within this Illusory Demon Realm, you cannot possibly extend this empress’ lifespan by even one breath… It will just be a waste!”

“All that you have to do is to just help this empress guard this secret and not tell anyone! As for the other matters that you don’t need to concern yourself with, you don’t have to be nosy!”

“No.” Yun Che looked straight into the Little Demon Empress’ eyes and shook his head with considerable determination. “If you were only the Little Demon Empress, as long as you don’t interfere with my Yun Family’s interests, I wouldn’t even bother whether you were dead or alive. However… this matter is something I cannot disregard. I also won’t allow your life to end three years later… Because, you are still my, Yun Che's, woman!”

“...” The Little Demon Empress’ look changed, and it suddenly turned cold. “Despicable! Yun Che, do you know that from what you’ve just said to this Empress, this Empress can put you to death!”

The Little Demon Empress’ frightening pressure was enough to make a high level Monarch tremble, but Yun Che was not afraid one bit and instead raised the corners of his lips, casually saying, “Even if I believe ghosts exist in this world, I would not believe that you’d kill me. You are the Little Demon Empress… and I, Yun Che, am your, the Little Demon Empress’ man! And strictly speaking, you’re the one that forced me into it…”


A sharp gust of wind violently tore apart the space, and a grey figure flashed past Yun Che before a small pair of petite hands grabbed hold of his neck… Her grip was tight, and it nearly suffocated him and crushed his hyoid bone. If it were not for the Little Demon Empress’ Petite stature, he would have already been lifted off the ground by her.

“Do you really think this Empress does not dare to kill you!” The Little Demon Empress’ face was within close proximity; her eyes were boundless like the starry sky. Closing her heart off like an icy prison, she exclaimed, “These last three years of this Empress’ life shall be used to cleanse the Illusory Demon Realm with blood. As long as this Empress wishes for it, there’s no one that cannot be killed! As for you, you know too much of this Empress’ secret and are no doubt someone that needs to die! You still dare to act with such insolence in front of this empress!”

A tinge of the stench of blood floated into the Little Demon Empress’ senses, and she suddenly saw that on the sleeve of Yun Che’s right arm, there was a five centimeter long wound. Judging from the stench of blood in the air, it was easy to tell that the wound had not been inflicted for long. Her eyes sunk, and she instantly shifted her gaze away.

Yun Che could not breathe; his entire body seemed as though it was being pressured by a mountain, unable to struggle one bit. His face soon turned pale, and yet, his eyes did not show any signs of fear. With much difficulty, he said in a clear voice, “I… don’t believe… you will… kill me….”

The Little Demon Empress’ gaze turned even icier, and her voice became more frigid. “Then, do you want to try!”

“Sure…” The petite hand that surrounded his neck tightened, causing him great pain, but instead, he laughed. “Let me see… what method you’re going to use… to kill me…”

As he spoke, Yun Che, who had gathered all the profound energy he could muster into his right hand, stretched it forward at lightning speed and grabbed onto the Little Demon Empress’ slightly protruding right chest.

In an instant, a lump of soft jade was in the grasp of Yun Che’s right hand. The Little Demon Empress’ grey robe and inner garment was very thin which meant that Yun Che could clearly feel the shape and softness of the snowy bosom...


A thunderous bang resounded, and Yun Che’s body flew out like a missile. After a “boom,” he smashed into the Medicine Pavilion’s walls, directly smashing a ten meter large hole in the ten thousand year old profound jade. The fragmented jade clattered as they fell.

Yun Che laid on the ground for a good while before barely managing to stand by relying on the shattered jade. As he covered his throat with his hand, he coughed with a pleased smile. “Cough cough… what are you showing off for… you obviously can’t kill me.”

The Little Empress’ chest heaved as she shook with cold bloodlust. She turned around, then said icily, “This empress won’t kill you because you had previously saved this empress’ life, and this empress is not willing to let down the Yun Family! As for what happened in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, this empress merely used your Phoenix and Dragon God constitution to obtain power for revenge. You think that this empress has feelings for you? Too absurd!”

Yun Che, “...”

“This empress not killing you today can be considered to repay this empress’ life that you saved back them! But after today, if you dare offend this empress or dare to mention even half of what happened in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, this empress will definitely…”

The Little Demon Empress’ words suddenly cut off. Then, with a cold snort, the space around her distorted, and her entire person completely disappeared before Yun Che’s eyes.

“Phew…” Yun Che slowly slipped down, then heavily sat on the ground. Even though the Little Demon Empress didn’t use a killing blow on him earlier, it was absolutely not light, causing the energy and blood in his body to go into turmoil. If she was perhaps a little bit heavy-handed, blood would’ve gushed out from the seven orifices of his face.

“This woman’s… pretty fierce.” Yun Che massaged his throat with one hand and pressed on his chest with the other. He raised his head to the place where the Little Demon Empress had left and absentmindedly questioned, “Jasmine, tell me, do I have to concoct some ‘Heavenly Jade Dew’ for the Little Demon Empress?”

“Heavenly Jade Dew? What’s that? Is it something that can be used to prolong life?”

“Can’t prolong life. But if a woman has a dose every day, their bosom would become more developed. The effects are superb, and there wouldn’t be any side effects. Everywhere on the Little Demon Empress is good, it’s just that her chest is a bit flat… It’s as flat as yours. Tch…” Yun Che exhaled painfully.

“...” A burst of ice-cold killing intent covered Yun Che’s entire body as Jasmine quietly laughed. “I originally had a bit sympathy for you… but now I wished the Little Demon Empress had broken all of your bones!!”

The Little Demon Empress didn’t leave too far and appeared three hundred meters above Yun Family’s Medicine Hall.

Her petite little jade hands extended, and Yun Che’s faint red pellet appeared in the hollow of her palm. She picked up the pellet and slowly put it near her lips, then, she suddenly stopped… From the pellet before her eyes, she smelled an extremely slight trace of… blood energy.

The bloody scar on Yun Che’s sleeves suddenly flashed before her… This blood energy, reeked of the energy on his sleeve; they were exactly the same.

Stunned, the Little Demon Empress’ hands drooped. Following the sway of her figure, she disappeared in place.

Yun Che finally calmed his energy and blood and then stood up. Seeing the wall he had been smashed into, his face became gloomy. These ten thousand year old profound jade were all priceless treasures! At this moment, a heavy aura came from behind. He turned and saw that the Little Demon Empress had returned. On her face, was a distinct shaking… wrath.

“You used your own blood to refine this pellet?” The Little Demon Empress took out the faint red pellet and asked with an incomparably downcast tone of voice.

Without waiting for Yun Che’s reply, the Little Demon Empress’ voice radiated fury, “You think your Dragon God blood is omnipotent?! You think that you have a way to alter a life that even the Golden Crow Divine God cannot save?!”

“...I don’t know. It might only have a small effect…”

“You’re willing to constantly use your own blood to refine pellets for this empress?!” The Little Demon Empress’ ice-cold eyes radiated with a faint sneer. “Do you think that if you were to do this, this empress would be grateful and be moved to tears?

“Hmph! There are times when you are smart, but sometimes you are impossibly stupid! You think that this can help you win this empress’ favor…” The Little Demon Empress lifted her hand and the faint red pellet sat between her fingers. “But to this empress, if I ingested this without being cautious, I would’ve just been contaminated by your blood!”

As her voice fell, a scarlet gold blaze burned within the palm of her hand, instantly burning the pellet Yun Che had used his blood to refine into ashes.

Yun Che, “...”

“Hmph!” With a wave of her hand, the Little Demon Empress turned around and once more disappeared before his eyes like mist.

“Sigh…” Yun Che shook his head and sighed, muttering to himself, “Why do you need to be like that… I understand women… more than you…”

Above Yun Family’s Medicine Hall, the Little Demon Empress extended her hand and slowly brought the faint red pellet between her lips and lightly swallowed… A soft aura immediately spread, filling her entire body. Whilst flying in the air, she handed toward the center of Demon Imperial City. She was a solitary figure in the vast space up above. In these hundred years, she had always been alone, so perhaps she had long since gotten used to it.

But today, a feeling of a faint mix of loneliness and bitterness she had never felt before was mixed in with her solitude...

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