Chapter 618 - Flames of Vengeance (2)

Chapter 618 - Flames of Vengeance (2)

“In this Illusory Demon Realm, those who know about Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley will know that apart from Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley lifting or closing the seal itself, there is absolutely no other way that one could enter or leave… that has been what Duke Huai has been trying so hard to cunningly count on.” Yun Che looked at the chaotic spectacle, along with the unsightly look on Duke Huai’s face and said unhurriedly, “However four months ago after the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’s seal was forcefully lifted, everyone must have wondered why that was so… the reason is very simple! There has always existed a method to forcefully enter and exit Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley… and that is with the help of the Demon Emperor Clan’s Demon Emperor Seal!”

“Four months ago, the Little Demon Empress used the returned Demon Emperor Seal to forcefully enter Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, wanting to enter the Golden Crow’s Ancestral Land at the first moment to awaken the Golden Crow bloodline! However this secret which originally belonged to the Demon Emperor Clan was made known to those in Duke Huai Palace! Duke Huai along with the supposedly hundred year long gone Duke Ming who has actually been hiding in Demon Imperial City, hurriedly entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley and attempted to murder the Little Demon Empress. They had thought that the Little Demon Empress and I had been buried within the Sea of Death, they then made use of the Demon Emperor’s Seal stolen from the Little Demon Empress to leave Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley… That would be why, the Demon Emperor’s Seal is on his body!”

“Duke Huai, this time. You have to explain clearly… oh, no, what kind of excuses do you have?” Yun Che sneered lightly, “Your next few excuses should be more entertaining, please do not be so vulgar as to insult our intelligence!”

Yun Che’s words caused the entire hall to fall into a tumult, the subsequent clamor was like a pot of boiling water. Everybody looked toward Duke Huai, the look in their eyes changing quickly. The Demon Emperor’s Seal which flew from within Duke Huai’s personal space was seen clearly by everyone; absolutely no excuses could be given to deny it.

Everyone was aware of Duke Huai Palace’s ambitions. However this kind of ambition, to plot evil schemes against the Illusory Demon Emperor and the Demon Emperor Clan’s last inheritor were two totally different ideas! The former was to have the power of influence and support then appending oneself, and the former… that was simply regicide, something simply too outrageous!! Based on the prestige of the Demon Emperor Clan in the Illusory Demon Realm, it was enough to trigger the anger and wrath of all the citizens of Illusory Demon Realm, something the entire Illusory Demon Realm cannot tolerate!

“Could it be, that Duke Huai really…”

“Th-th-this… this is… a plot as big as the heavens!”

“No matter how bad Duke Huai is, he would not do such a thing… Duke Ming too… this should not have happened!”

“The Demon Emperor’s Seal was with Duke Huai… how could that be fake!”

“Your highness, could it be that you really…” the one who asked, was a middle aged Monarch who had defected to Duke Huai Palace, while speaking, both his hands were shivering. The situation was absolutely not normal because it was a situation being witnessed by all the heroes of the realm; it could have been the huge crime of regicide! Although the Demon Emperor bloodline would end soon, in the Illusory Demon Realm, the prestige the Demon Emperor’s clan that possessed the Golden Crow bloodline held was incomparable!

Most of the forces who had defected to Duke Huai Palace had done so because the Little Demon Empress had gradually weakened, and Duke Huai Palace was becoming stronger and stronger. After the Little Demon Empress, the Demon Emperor bloodline would be severed, and it would be Duke Huai who ruled the lands. In order for their own family’s or forces’ future, although defecting to Duke Huai Palace was an act of disloyalty to the Demon Emperor Clan, based on the situation at that point, they could accept it and make a conscious decision.

The assassination of the Little Demon Empress was an act which would not be tolerated in the lands of the Illusory Demon Realm. If it had been a perfect assassination without anyone’s knowledge, it would have be fine. However, if it was leaked… then spread throughout the entire Illusory Demon Realm, Duke Huai would definitely lose his standing; even if he had ten times his power, he still could not take on the anger and hostility of the entire Illusory Demon Realm. And the forces who followed Duke Huai would also become targets of ridicule...

“Duke Huai!!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven had a face full of anger, “You actually dared to do such unscrupulous deed, something which would be looked down upon by man and gods! As part of the Illusory Demon Royal Family, the blood of the Demon Emperor Clan still flows within your body. You actually…”

“Silence!! This is a bunch of nonsense!!” Duke Zhong used all his might to roar, “Even though the Demon Emperor’s Seal was on the new Emperor’s body, what does that prove! Based on what? Just based on a Demon Emperor’s Seal, you guys accuse the new Emperor of assassinating the Little Demon Empress!! Even though the new Emperor has always had great ambition, he has always thought for the world, thinking for the peace and future of Illusory Demon! Even more, he has always revered the Demon Emperor Clan. He could not have done such a thing, and does not have a reason to assassinate the Little Demon Empress! There is something strange in this… who knows if this could have been a meticulously planned scheme!!”

Even though Duke Zhong was using all his effort to justify it, his voice was evidently trembling.

“That's right!!” Duke Hui Ran roared in a low voice, “In this short amount of time the Demon Emperor’s Seal was indeed with royal father. However it was not from the Little Demon Empress, but four months ago, this duke had picked it up from the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley! In order to not cause panic, royal father did not announce it to the public. For fear that it would be coveted, only then did he carry it with him… Today, it unfathomably has become evidence for the assassination of the Little Demon Empress!! There has to be a conspiracy… and it is not simply just to set up royal father, it even brought up this duke’s hundred year long gone grandfather! This is just… simply aiming against our entire Duke Huai Palace! This could just have been some meticulously plotted evil scheme!!”

This speech shook the minds of those in Duke Huai’s faction, and the expressions of the Patriarchs of the Seven Guardian Families rapidly eased. Yun Che faintly glanced at Hui Ran, sneering secretly. Based on Hui Ran’s abilities, it was impossible for him to say words of such caliber. They were evidently words which Duke Huai had sound transmitted to him.

Indeed, just based on the Demon Emperor’s Seal being on Duke Huai’s body was not enough to assert that Duke Huai was behind the Little Demon Empress’ assassination. The forces on Duke Huai’s side just had to harp on this point. On top of that, with their overwhelming strength, the Little Demon Empress could not do anything with them. They could even counter by just harping on “shifting the blame.”

If it had been the Little Demon Empress from four months before, it would indeed have been like that.

However, how could the current Little Demon Empress be compared to before!

The Little Demon Empress looked down; no matter how bad the ruckus in the palace was, no matter how the situation changed, her expression did not change a single bit. At this point, she suddenly said, her voice was incomparably cold, “Yun Jiang, Yun He, Yun Xi!”

The Little Demon Empress’ voice carried an oppressive strength which could practically freeze one’s blood, causing the hall which was a ruckus to quieten down. The three Grand Elders of the Yun Family walked forward, then said respectfully, “What instructions does the Little Demon Empress have?”

“Take down Duke Huai, conduct a Profound Handle Soul Search!”

Duke Huai’s expression changed slightly, but consequently, he did not panic. His lips moved slightly, a vicious look flashed in his eyes.

Under the Profound Handle Soul Search, everything Duke Huai knew would be spilled; all of his secrets, all of his crimes would be completely dug out. It would be presented in front of everybody. Yun Jiang, Yun He and Yun Xi all stared blankly… That was because they were incomparably clear that Duke Huai would absolutely not allow the Profound Handle Soul Search. With the enormous amount of strength behind Duke Huai, they would not allow anyone near Duke Huai. However as Grand Elders of the Yun Family, they naturally would not go against the orders of the Little Demon Empress. Together, they complied, “Yes!”

Yun He shouted, “Duke Huai, if you wish to prove your innocence, then sincerely accept our Yun Family’s Profound Handle Soul Search! If not, you are harboring evil intentions! The crime of regicide will be witnessed by everyone here!”

The three Grand Elders pounced onto Duke Huai together. Before they could approach, a wave of incomparably tyrannical profound strength flooded, stopping them, as ten whole auras coming from different directions locked onto them, causing the three incomparably strong Yun Family Grand Elders to stiffen up. For a moment they did not dare to move recklessly.

The Little Demon Empress squinted, her voice was bone-piercingly cold, “You dare to disobey this empress’ orders!”

Duke Zhong clenched his teeth and said in a low voice, “Little Demon Empress, you’ve gotten something wrong! Today, the Illusory Demon Emperor is Emperor Huai! And it is not you, the Little Demon Empress…”

Before Duke Zhong had even finished his sentence, the Little Demon Empress who was midair suddenly attacked, and a pure gold flame abruptly shot down… the flame was extremely quick. There were countless of experts present yet they could only see a flash of flames. Not a single person could do anything to react as that flame hit Duke Zhong squarely in his chest.


The world’s most tyrannical flames exploded. In an instant, Duke Zhong’s body split into pieces like a ragdoll, splitting into countless of flaming pieces. When these pieces landed on the ground, they had burned into nothingness… Forget about a charred corpse, not even a piece of ash was left.

The unextinguished Golden Crow flames landed on the ground, causing the incomparably durable profound jade flooring to burn with sores and holes which looked like bubbles.

Everyone in the hall went silent collectively. All of them stared rigidly, as shock and astonishment abruptly exploded in their eyes.

The Little Demon Empress’ temper was cold and cruel. This was not her first time suddenly killing someone; that was something that she had done too many times. However this time, there was a huge difference as compared to the other times. That was because Duke Zhong… no matter his identity, he was not an ordinary person. He possessed a world shocking strength, a mighty Monarch standing at the peak of the profound world!

Yet the Little Demon Empress lifted her hand… and killed him in an instant!

A Monarch’s body which was ten thousand times more durable than a boulder, could not even resist a single bit. He didn’t even have the chance to scream… in an instant, forget about a corpse, not even a scar was left!

The Golden Crow’s flames exhausted silently, but everyone shuddered inwardly, not able to say anything for a long time. To kill a Tyrant in an instant was indeed shocking, however, a high leveled Monarch did indeed have the power to do that.

However, to kill one who was truly in the Sovereign Profound Realm, a Monarch possessing the power to look down upon the whole world...

That was something even these experts standing at the peak of the Illusory Demon Realm had not ever seen or heard before… It was simply a kind of power which exceeded their comprehension and imagination!

The change in color of the imprint between the Little Demon Empress’ eyebrows signified that she had awakened the Golden Crow bloodline! Her strength had naturally leaped by an enormous amount… However, the ability to kill a level three Monarch in an instant, was something that even the former Demon Emperor who had similarly awakened the Golden Crow bloodline could not do at all!

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