Chapter 616 - Return of the Little Demon Empress

Chapter 616 - Return of the Little Demon Empress

Facing Mu Yurou’s attack, Duke Huai still did not move as a cold gloom which would make people palpitate flashed in his eyes. In front of him, two pitch-black figures suddenly shot down, and a raging profound energy storm bringing about an ear-splitting tearing sound attacked Mu Yurou from two sides.

The aura of the two people clothed in black was strong, it was impressively another two mid-stage Monarchs! And simply based on the suppressive power, they were even faintly stronger than Yun Qinghong!

Mu Yurou’s profound strength was at second level of the Sovereign Profound Realm. Any one of the two men in black could easily defeat her; moreover, both of them combined their strength! With four consecutive banging and rupturing sounds, her ice chain was broken into countless of pieces.

Mu Yurou was stopped dead in her tracks. Then, with a groan, she heavily flew backwards. The two men in black chased swiftly, six streaks of scarlet profound energy bringing along its hell-like cold aura, shot towards Mu Yurou with the intent to harm.

The two men in black showed no mercy, if the six scarlet streaks of profound energy hit their target, though Mu Yurou had the body of a Monarch, if she did not die, she would at least be severely injured.


The Yun Qinghong who was in the midst of a fierce battle with Bai Guiming and Bai Guihun was alarmed, he forcefully pulled himself free, and for a moment he was ruthlessly hit in the back by Bai Guihun. Yun Qinghong spit out a mouthful of blood, but still forcefully used all his strength to fly towards Mu Yurou, safely receiving her into his chest.


The six scarlet streaks of profound energy hit Yun Qinghong squarely in his back, causing six shocking bloody holes, blood flying in all directions.

“Hahahaha!” Duke Huai laughed recklessly, his voice dark: “Yun Qinghong, you too will have such a day! If you had been a little smarter and helped this emperor rule the lands, this emperor guarantees you and your Yun Family an even higher position! However you just had to choose to be this emperor’s enemy, you’re simply digging your own grave!”

“Since you want to die that much, this emperor will grant you…”

Duke Huai’s voice suddenly stopped at this point, even his wanton laughing was completely rigid on his face. Because what he saw was that the purple profound energy on Yun Qinghong was actually rapidly transforming to be… blood red!

The Yun Family’s purple cloud profound art was the strongest lightning profound art, and the color of lightning profound energy was purple; the deeper the purple, the stronger it would be. But no matter what, the colour of lightning profound energy would never be blood red.

The abnormal profound energy on Yun Qinghong made Duke Huai to be startled for a moment, after that, what he revealed was actually fear! He was fearful as though he suddenly saw a death god from hell… That was because he instinctively thought of the Yun Family’s incomparably scary… taboo domain that would even change the expression of Duke Ming, his father’s face when talking about it!

The two men in black who were originally attacking, along with the Bai Guiming and Bai Guihun who were chasing from behind, all stopped in their tracks. The pupils of all four people shrunk, they even involuntarily retreated.

In the tens of thousands of years of the Yun Family, they had always been the head of the twelve Guardian Families, their status was only second to that of the Demon Emperor in the Illusory Demon Realm! How could the experts of the Illusory Demon Realm not know about the myths of the Yun family’s purple cloud arts.

“Yun Qinghong, you…”

Yun Qinghong slowly turned around, the wound on his back was gushing blood, yet the expression on his face was eerily calm as the red profound energy on his body was getting deeper and deeper. He then raged in a crazed manner: “Duke Huai! For the past few months I have been in seclusion, in order for… this very moment!”

Duke Huai pulled back and said with a downcast look: “Could it be that for the past few months… you have been comprehending… the taboo domain of legends?”

The profound energy around Yun Qinghong’s body started to hiss, streaks of red colored lightning danced wildly around his body. He threw the purple sword in his hand, then slowly reached out with his palm: “Even though I am disobeying father’s orders, I will still have you die without a proper burial!”

Following the ebullition of the scarlet lightning on Yun Qinghong’s body, the entire Demon Imperial Hall… no, the aura of the entire Demon Imperial City rapidly changed. It was obviously above the hall, yet every one felt as if there was a clump of dark clouds pressed horizontally against the blue skies that could collapse anytime. Everyone turned their attention to Yun Qinghong’s body. Everyone from the Yun Family stared at the scarlet lightning, none of their expressions did not change, all of them roared in despair: “Patriarch… Patriarch!!”

Mu Feiyan exploded with profound energy, shaking off the experts who were surrounding him, he looked at Yun Qinghong and revealed his alarm: “This is…”

“Netherprison Lightning Emperor Formation!!” Mu Yubai cried out in alarm.

“He actually… could use the Yun Family’s taboo domain!” Mu Yuqing’s voice was also full of shock.

“Netherprison Lightning Emperor Formation… the Yun Family’s taboo domain, it requires all of the body’s vital energy to activate, moreover, it harms the user before harming others… The moment it is activated, it will destroy the heavens and exterminate the earth! However the user… will undoubtedly die!” Mu Yukong’s pupils shrunk: “Little sister said before, when the Demon King was alive, he sternly ordered brother-in-law to never comprehend the Netherprison Lightning Emperor Formation in his lifetime. Brother-in-law is loyal and filial and would never defy the Demon King’s will… he must have had forcefully comprehended it in the past four months, just to take Duke Huai down with himself!”

“Quick, retreat!!” Mu Feiyan waved both his arms, releasing a wave of tyrannical profound energy, expelling the people from the Mu Family far away. He did not try to stop Yun Qinghong; he already knew that there was nobody who could stop him already.

“Yun Qinghong… You think that just based on your Yun Family’s taboo domain, you are able to kill this emperor?! This emperor has countless of experts behind him, and even has the mandate of heaven, protection from the heavens! Just with you, how could you kill this emperor?!”

Duke Huai’s words were arrogant and full of disdain, yet he continuously retreated, because the myths regarding the Yun Family’s taboo domain was simply too frightening, frightening to the point that even though he had over ten powerful Monarchs defending him, he was still afraid.

“Newly-crowned Emperor, quickly retreat!!”

Behind him, tens of Sovereign Profound Realm level experts released their profound energy, conjuring an extremely strong protective wall.

The lightning on Yun Qinghong’s body had become as deep as blood from purgatory; his entire body was wrapped within, his four limbs and face could not be seen already. Mu Yurou quietly leaned on his body, her eyes were hazy like mist. Being bathed in the blood red lightning with him, she was the closest to him, yet amongst everyone gathered, she was the only one without fear on her face. She was instead completely calm, her lips carrying an indistinct, mournful, yet satisfied smile.

Around Duke Huai, sixteen Monarchs showed themselves, covering Duke Huai, releasing all of their strength; none of them attacked the current Yun Qinghong. Yet the speed at which they escaped was incomparably slow, that was because Yun Qinghong’s aura had locked firmly onto them. As if their bodies were twisted in a formless net, every movement consumed their entire bodies’ strength...

The strength of seventeen Monarchs could not escape from this pressure!

One could only imagine how oppressive the taboo power which came from Yun Qinghong was.

However in order the use such a power, the price needed to be paid was incomparably huge… because it was the life of a mid-stage Monarch! The reason why the deep purple lightning would turn scarlet was because each lightning was imbued with Yun Qinghong’s blood essence!

A doomsday aura enveloped half of Demon Imperial City, and even the highest level monarchs standing at the peak of this world felt their souls trembling. The blood colored lightning around Yun Qinghong’s body inflated again, on the verge of exploding. And once the lump of lightning exploded, the surrounding hundred kilometers would turn into a blood colored lightning purgatory.

Just when the Demon Imperial Hall sunk into chaos, a cold voice rang from above. The voice was not loud, an incomprehensible penetrating power was carried within, easily cutting across the sky-shaking clamors, distinctly transmitting to every single person’s ears.

“Patriarch Yun, you do not need to do this.”

Following the arrival of the voice was a ball of light gold flames, this ball of flames descended from the skies, landing in front of Yun Qinghong’s body, in an instant, screening off the incomparably terrifying aura. Following that, the flaring blood colored lightning was rapidly suppressed by the light gold flames, being engulfed, and after three breaths, all of the blood colored lightning had completely disappeared.

The flames extinguished. The Yun Qinghong who had consumed his blood essence looked deathly pale, like paper, and fell paralyzed on the ground. But immediately afterwards, he overturned his body without any consideration, and looked up into the air, his mouth revealed his excitement, shouting with shock: “Little… Little Demon Empress? It is the voice of the Little Demon Empress!!”

The entire hall was deathly still, and the same astonishment covered every single person’s face. Everybody had clearly heard the voice from before… it was definitely the voice of the Little Demon Empress!!

Following Yun Qinghong’s shout, everybody’s gazes all turned upwards… it was not known when, but on the roof of the hall, an enormous gap had appeared. Every brick and tile of the Demon Imperial Hall was constructed with incomparably tough profound jade; to even destroy a small piece would cause an immense sound. But the appearance of the gap above which was at least ten feet wide was not noticed by a single person, it was as if… it had disappeared without a trace.

Beyond the gap in the hall not too high above floated two figures. The figure on the right was small and petite, a body dressed in grey with a drilling gaze with absolutely no ripple; perfect like exquisite gems, yet cold without any expression… above her eyebrows, a pure gold imprint in the shape of flames flicked. When their gazes came into contact with the fire imprint, the souls were suddenly pressured by an irresistible force.

“Little… Little… Little Demon Empress!!”

“It’s the Little Demon Empress!!”

“Ah, ah… Little… Little Demon Empress!!”

“Th-th-this… what is this?”

“Old man… look… quick, look!” Mu Yubai was excited to the point of incoherence: “It’s the Little Demon Empress… She’s not dead!!”

“The mark between the Little Demon Empress’ eyebrows…” Mu Feiyan’s voice too was extremely excited: “That is the Golden Crow Flame imprint! It is the imprint awakened by the Golden Crow’s blood!”

The Little Demon Empress who had originally died months ago, who even had a funeral procession, actually appeared alive in front of them on the day of the new emperor’s ascension. A wave of voices exploded, practically causing the hall to explode, they were either astonished, or terrified, or at a loss, or pleasantly surprised, or even in disbelief… The significance of the blazing imprint between the eyebrows of the Little Demon Empress was known by every citizen of the Illusory Demon Realm.

“This is impossible… impossible!!” Duke Huai glared, his eyeballs almost exploding. Four months before, he had personally witnessed the Little Demon Empress and Yun Che get forced into dire situations, then fall into the Sea of Death. Once in the Sea of Death, within a few breaths, one would die without doubts. He and his father, Duke Ming, in order to confirm the death of the Little Demon Empress, had even specially stayed there for a whole hour.

An hour in the Sea of Death… even if there were a thousand Little Demon Empresses, her death was confirmed! Not a single piece of ash would be left behind.

How could she still be alive!!

Moreover the person behind the Little Demon Empress… was shockingly Yun Che!!

Both of them actually did not die!!

The imprint between the Little Demon Empress’ eyebrows… what was going on? Royal father had clearly said, females basically could not awaken the Golden Crow bloodline! To forcefully awaken it would only bring a single outcome, which was death!

What on earth was going on?!!

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