Chapter 611 - The Trembling Divine Phoenix General

Chapter 611 - The Trembling Divine Phoenix General

Feng Huwei was not only a supreme practitioner in the Tyrant Profound Realm, he was also a seasoned general; the fresh blood in which he had bathed in was enough to form a boundless ocean of blood. He was unaware of when he had started to forget what "fear" felt like.

However, this voice coming from who knew where… simply a voice, made all the hairs on his entire body suddenly erect, causing a chill to run up his spine....


An extremely ear-piercing sound resounded, and Feng Huwei’s eyes vaguely caught a glimpse of the space being roughly ripped by a pitch black scar… amongst everyone present, he was the only one who could see that moment where the space was ripped. A young man clothed entirely in black, whose face was cold and hard like a corpse, appeared in front of the girl like a demon. His lifeless eyes gazed indifferently at Feng Huwei who was mounted on the Fire Mastiff.

It was as if the whole world had completely congealed at this moment.

Under the gaze of this young man, the emotion of fear which had not surfaced for the past hundred years suddenly awoke like a devil breeding within General Huwei’s soul. It inflated till he could feel his chest being pressured by an extremely tall mountain. His heart completely stopped beating, even his blood stopped flowing; it was as though his entire body was in an ice cold hell, every cell violently trembled… That kind of fear even affected his five senses. He was clearly looking at the young man in front of him but what he saw was instead just a misty blur; he could not take a good look at his face.

Beneath his body, a wave of intense shuddering could be felt… it was the Fire Mastiff shuddering! His Fire Mastiff mount was an incomparably huge and powerful Emperor Profound Beast which had followed him for for a full hundred years, it had charged into wars countless of times, treaded upon countless of corpse-ridden fields. More than hundreds of thousands of men and beasts died under its claws; it had never known fear. Even encountering Tyrant Profound Beasts which it had no way to beat, it charged in without hesitation, it had never retreated a single bit.

However at this point, it was actually shuddering violently!

As an Overlord, and also the Divine Phoenix Empire’s famous General Huwei, Feng Huwei was obviously not a fool. Even though this area was the lowliest of places which could not have anyone who had the qualifications to rebel against him… to the point where there was no one who had the qualifications for him to even look at, he clearly knew that to cause fear in his Fire Mastiff with simply aura and the look in one’s eyes was quite the concept.

Even the pressure of the Divine Phoenix Empire’s Emperor Feng Hengkong had never made him tremble before.

“Aiyoh! This little Floating Cloud City unexpectedly has a Blue Wind scum who doesn’t know what’s good for him. To dare stop our general, it seems like you don’t want to live anymore!!”

While Feng Huwei’s mind was trembling, a voice full of contempt sounded out… the one who said that was not some other person, but instead was the first Vice General under him, Feng Qianjun, who also belonged to the Divine Phoenix Sect. Feng Huwei was greatly alarmed. Just when he wanted to say something to stop him, he instead saw the black clothed young man’s silhouette flash past, abruptly moving forward. The palm which was unnaturally deathly pale and seemingly shrouded in a black mist, clawed towards Feng Qianjun’s neck.

No matter what kind of movement, including his hand movement, to an ordinary person, it would be extremely quick. However to a strong practitioner, especially to Feng Qianjun, who was at the eighth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, it was particularly slow, slow to the point that he was too lazy to dodge, and allowed his palm to grab his own neck… When the black-clothed young man’s hand grabbed his neck, apart from traces of iciness, not to mention suffocation or pain, not even a bit of uncomfort could be felt. Soon after, even that icy feeling could not be felt anymore. And to him, this was extremely normal, because amongst the lowly profound cultivators within Floating Cloud City, even if they used hundred percent of their strength to strangle him, it would not cause a single bit of unease to a level eight Throne of the Divine Phoenix Sect.

“Hahahaha!” Feng Qianjun laughed wildly, his laughter was full of contempt and despise. He looked at the expression in Fen Juechen’s eyes and felt pity, as if he were looking at an ant overestimating itself: “There sure enough isn’t a lack of ignorant and laughable wretches in this world. This general was originally feeling merciful and did not plan to kill anybody today, but an insignificant Blue Wind scum would actually dare to make a move against this general, hahahaha! Come, come, come, show me all of your strength. Quick, strangle this general to death, this general will simply stand here. You can use your hands, a blade, a spear, if you can kill this general, this general will call you granddaddy in hell. Come, come, come, you have to use a little more strength, hahahaha….”

While Feng Qianjun was laughing wildly with disdain… nobody around him was laughing at all. No matter if it was the Divine Phoenix Army or citizens of Floating Cloud City, all of their eyes were wide till they almost burst, as endless terror filled their faces.

Feng Qianjun’s neck, which was locked onto by Fen Juechen’s hand, started to emit a faint black mist. Under the black mist, the flesh on Feng Qianjun’s neck started to rapidly rot and wither. In the blink of an eye, the white and dense larynx bone could be seen, and in the next moment, the white larynx bone had already turned black… it became as black as coal.

Yet Feng Qianjun was completely unaware and continued to laugh wildly in disdain… the rotting of flesh was rapidly spreading downwards, and within three short breaths, most of his upper body did not a single bit of flesh; from his sternum to his ribs, all of it was fully presented to everybody present.

Such a terrifying scene contrasted with his wild and wanton laugh… it was terrifying to the point that not a single person even dared to breathe a word.

A gust of wind blew past, and Qianjun’s Throne body caved in like a pyramid made of sand, dispersing powerlessly. The Feng Qianjun who was in the midst of laughing suddenly realized that his vision was suddenly moving downwards without control. He stopped laughing, then… he saw himself entirely rotted, only his pitch-black bones were left, and the pitch-black bones were currently dispersing… scattering into bits and pieces of powder.


Feng Qianjun let out a heart-tearing, lung-bursting scream of fear. It sounded like a blood-curdling scream from hell; it barely lasted for a moment, then it ended… The instant his brain fell onto the floor, it became pitch-black powder.

The entire world was silent; endless fear pervaded the air within Floating Cloud City, the air had completely stopped moving. Some citizens of Floating Cloud City shuddered and their bodies became limp, losing the ability to stand. The only thing their bodies could do was to shudder intensely and uncontrollably.

The Fire Mastiff beneath Feng Huwei let out a hoarse roar that even Feng Huwei had never heard before. Thereafter, the Fire Mastiff which had never known fear started to retreat. Only after two steps, it immediately went limp and fell as its massive body shuddering like a sieve.

All of the fear that General Huwei experienced in his life added up could not even compare to a thousandth of what he felt today. His mouth went agape, but did not say a word for a long time. He had killed countless of people in his life; even if he killed a hundred thousand people a day, his face would still not show an expression. But in front of him just now, only a single person died, yet his entire soul was shuddering violently.

And the one who died under the hands of the young man clothed in black was not an ordinary Divine Phoenix General; it was a level eight Throne who was supposed to be unrivalled in Blue Wind!

He even absent-mindedly thought that the one standing in front of him… was actually a fiend from hell.

At this moment, Fen Juechen turned to face him. His voice was withered, like a fiend cursing, and iciness flowed through General Huwei’s ears: “All… of… you… need… to… die…”

The moment the voice landed, Fen Juechen slowly walked forward… just this simple step, made General Huwei feel as if his death was approaching.

The voice of a girl sounded out anxiously. Fen Juechen’s footsteps stopped the same moment the girl’s voice was heard.

Xiao Lingxi rushed over in a hurry. Even though her face was still full of fear, she still resolutely obstructed Fen Juechen: “Don’t… don’t kill anyone… if you kill them, they will kill all of Floating Cloud City… kill even more citizens of Blue Wind Nation. You… you have already killed one of them, warned them… It’s enough… don’t kill anymore… Floating Cloud City has already fallen into the hands of the enemy… however, the Divine Phoenix Army has already said they will not kill recklessly… I don’t want to see the fallen Floating Cloud City filled with blood…”

When Xiao Lingxi’s voice fell, Fen Juechen’s hand which was originally raised, slowly fell… At the same time, Feng Huwei felt the shadow of death which he was shrouded in, disappear just like that. He stared blankly at Xiao Lingxi… this girl who made the fiend’s killing intent fill the skies, had also ended his killing intent immediately.

Fen Juechen slowly turned around: “I will not kill you today. But if you dare to kill one person from Floating Cloud City, I will kill ten thousand of you! If you kill ten people of Floating Cloud City, I will kill a hundred thousand of you!” He looked towards Xiao Lingxi: “If you dare to touch a single hair on her head, I will let all of you… die in place!”

Fen Juechen suddenly raised his arm and attacked.


The entire Floating Cloud City trembled, and an extremely oppressive explosion could be heard, causing everyone present to lose their hearing momentarily. Everyone subconsciously looked upwards, and were alarmed to see that in the distance, there was an enormous pitch-black whirlpool… but in the next moment, the pitch-black whirlpool disappeared. Feng Huwei, however, was alarmed to the point that his heart almost shattered. He cried out involuntarily:

“Mo… Monarch!!”

It was just that his voice was warped under his fear, so not a single person could clearly hear what he had shouted.

To use profound strength that could cause a crack in space, the Emperor Profound Realm could do that. Yet to casually cause such an enormous spatial black hole… this was clearly the strength of the Sovereign Profound Realm!!

Within their powerful Divine Phoenix Sect, there were only a few tens of people in the Sovereign Profound Realm. Yet these Monarchs were the cornerstones of the Divine Phoenix Sect; they were people whom even the Divine Phoenix Sect Master Feng Hengkong had to be respectful to. And in the Seven Nations of Profound Sky, only their Divine Phoenix Empire had Monarchs.

He did not even dare to dream that a Monarch actually existed in this rural city of Blue Wind Nation… Moreover, he seemed to be only a little over twenty!

He was indeed a strong Overlord, however, in front of a Monarch, he was no different than an ant which could be killed with just a pinch.

“We… only came to occupy Floating Cloud City… we will absolutely not kill a single innocent… citizen.”

Although Feng Huwei was trying with all his might to calm his voice to protect his reputation as the great General Huwei, even he himself could hear the shuddering in his voice which he could not suppress.

“Get lost!”

Fen Juechen’s reply was simply those two words with absolutely no emotion.

Looking at General Huwei’s entire life, who would dare to say those two words to him? However, today, forget about anger, Feng Huwei didn’t even dare to say another word. He retreated several steps, then directly dragged his Fire Mastiff which was limp on the ground and ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction… and his pace quickened by the second, the Divine Phoenix army which was following, as if receiving a great pardon, ran as fast as they could, until they ran out of the city gates of Floating Cloud City. After they stopped, only then could they feel that they were drenched in cold sweat.

“Who… in the world… is he?!” Feng Huwei violently breathed. Both his hands were balled up, shuddering. Just now, he did not even dare to ask what the opposite party’s name was...

Floating Cloud City’s Mayors Yuwen Tuo and Situ Nan also hurriedly left with their tails between their legs. The surrounding Floating Cloud City citizens also did not dare to stay, as they frantically scrambled to flee. With her hand on her chest, Xiao Lingxi said toward Fen Juechen: “Big Brother Fen, thank you.”

“...You don’t ever need to thank me.” Fen Juechen said. Although his voice was cold, he was trying his best to make his tone warm: “If it wasn’t for you, I would have died three years ago. Anything you want me to do, I will not refuse. If you ever want me to die… wait until I kill everyone from the Four Sacred Grounds, I’ll give you my life then!”

“No,” Xiao Lingxi shook her head. In this half year, Fen Juechen had said such similar words to her many times: “You don’t need to be like that to me. Your life is your own, it does not belong to anyone else. The life of others, are the same too… If, if you really want do something for my sake, then don’t kill innocents wilfully!”

“Once people die, they can never come back to life… When they cannot be seen again… it will make those who care for them hurt for their whole life… I…”

Yun Che’s figure appeared in front of Xiao Lingxi’s eyes, causing tears to well up in her eyes, as she sobbed without sound.

Upon seeing Xiao Lingxi’s tears, Fen Juechen also knew why she had suddenly started to cry. He sighed deeply, then turned around: “In this half a year, I did not kill a single person. That person just now, he was trying to take advantage of you, he died for his crime. When I have enough strength and have killed everyone I need to kill… then I will listen to whatever you say.”

Black mist gathered, and Fen Juechen disappeared without a breath or sound from that place.

The air was still, without a single person in sight. Xiao Lingxi covered her face with her hands, her lips letting out a sound which would cause hearts to shatter: “Little... Che…”

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