Chapter 606 - Golden Crow Legacy

Chapter 606 - Golden Crow Legacy

Profound Sky Continent, Blue Wind Nation.

“Your majesty, the reason why the five nations had been unwilling to send out troops to help us has been ascertained. It was just as rumored; before Divine Phoenix Empire invaded Blue Wind Nation, Navy Tide Nation, Black Fiend Nation, Sunflower Dew Nation, Divine Incense Nation, and Grand Asura Nation all signed the same peace treaty! And this treaty will last three hundred years! The contents of the treaty stated that when the Divine Phoenix Empire invades our Blue Wind Nation, as long as the five nations stay out of it and do not send help, then Divine Phoenix Empire promises that at least within the next three hundred years, they would absolutely not invade these five nations!”

A gracious looking woman in luxurious clothing was looking at a portrait silently for a long time. The portrait illustrated a young man and every hook and line was all drawn with her own hands.

Before receiving her response, the general in golden armor remained kneeling with his head down, unwilling to disturb her.

After a long time, she turned around, and spoke in a slow voice: "The teeth and jaw relies on one another, and the teeth turns cold without the lips; such an intrinsic law of living, they completely abandoned it just for three hundred years of tranquility, huh."

“General Feng, then did you find out the actual reason for why Divine Phoenix Empire is invading our Blue Wind Nation?”

General Feng cupped his hands and said seriously, “Divine Phoenix Nation had signed a treaty with the five nations just so they could invade our Blue Wind Nation; this must mean they are plotting something! But this general hasn’t been able to find out the reason yet. There have been rumors spreading that Divine Phoenix Nation is invading us now because our Blue Wind Nation had embarrassed them at the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, and they want to take revenge out of anger… but this general doesn’t think that it is believable.”

“Revenge?” Empress Cang Yue’s snowy face showed fury, “Our husband, our Blue Wind Nation’s prince consort, saved their Divine Phoenix Nation’s Princess Snow, and perished in the Primordial Profound Ark himself! Not only did their Divine Phoenix Nation not say a word of thanks, they massively invaded us, violated our land, killed our father, and tormented our Blue Wind’s tens of thousands of citizens. What face and qualification does he have to talk about the word ‘revenge!’”

“Your majesty, calm down!” General Feng’s expression was determined, “This general lives as a citizen of Blue Wind, dies as a ghost of Blue Wind, and swears to live and die with Blue Wind! As long as I am still alive, I will kill all Divine Phoenix dogs!

A light wave of profound energy made Empress Cang Yue turn her gaze, “Are there any combat information from the front line? Go check it out immediately.”

“Yes!” General Feng took out the sound transmission jade with haste and listened to the sound imprint that was just received. His expression changed slightly, and he reported to Empress Cang Yue, “Your majesty, the reconnaissance from the front line sent a sound transmission, saying that the Divine Phoenix army is suddenly making abnormal movements.”

“Abnormal? What do they mean by abnormal?”

“The Divine Phoenix army is currently only eight hundred and fifty kilometers from our Imperial City. But just today, the Divine Phoenix main army suddenly sent a third of their forces straight to the east! According to the information acquired, their target is the Floating Cloud City in the east! And their troops are moving with great speed and would arrive at Floating Cloud City in less than twenty days!”

“What? Floating Cloud City? Why are they dispersing their military force to Floating Cloud City?” Empress Cang Yue’s voice immediately became frantic. The three words, Floating Cloud City, shook her heart and soul violently, because that was the hometown of Yun Che… and was also where Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi were currently living to avoid the chaos caused by wars.

Floating Cloud City was the smallest of Blue Wind Nation, the most inconspicuous, and also it was a city on the very bottom; even most of the citizens of Blue Wind Nation did not know the name “Floating Cloud City.” Because of this, the action of sending a part of their main army that had been coming straight for Blue Wind Imperial City to Floating Cloud City was exceptionally bizarre and incomprehensible… also, they even dispersed up to a third of their military force.

“This general is also baffled by this!” General Feng locked his eyebrows and said, “Floating Cloud City is located far away in some remote region, and is also extremely poor. It can be said that there was no worth in attacking Floating Cloud City at all, and it only increases the military’s work… Or, could this be the Divine Phoenix army’s distraction plan?”

Cang Yue Empress smiled in distress, “With the strength of Divine Phoenix Nation, it only took them two short years to conquer a sixth of our Blue Wind Nation’s land. Their main army is even in the momentum of crushing us, pressuring straight at our Blue Wind Imperial City… Why would they need a distraction plan! The sudden advancement of their army towards Floating Cloud City must be for some other reason.”

Empress Cang Yue started breathing rapidly, and she stroke her chest before saying bitterly, “...General Feng, send a sound transmission to Floating Cloud City’s Mayor Yuwen immediately. If Divine Phoenix’s army arrive at the city, do not resist, immediately open up the city door and surrender.”

“Why?” General Feng lifted his head abruptly, and looked puzzled.

Empress Cang Yue closed her eyes and said, “There are no garrisons within Floating Cloud City and its surroundings. Facing Divine Phoenix’s strong army, there are unable to put up any resistance at all. If they forcefully fight against them, it would only serve to increase the enemy's ferociousity, and the citizens of Floating Cloud City would suffer…”

General Feng slowly lifted both of his hands, but then slowly lowered them, and dejectedly said “this general obeys” before slowly stepping away.

Empress Cang Yue’s eyes once again fell on the portrait that she drew with her own hands. She would look at this portrait with infatuation for many hours each day. Each time, she would look at it until it was as if she lost her soul, and each time she would look at it until her tears fell…

“Husband… wait for me a little more… After I finish protecting the last of Blue Wind’s dignity… I will come and accompany you…”

Illusory Demon Realm, Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.


The scarlet-gold barrier that was shrouding Yun Che and the Little Demon Empress suddenly shattered at this moment. At the same time, nine dots of golden light that was so bright that it could not be looked at directly descended from the sky, and landed on the body of the Little Demon Empress. Even before Yun Che could react, the Little Demon Empress’ body had already been wrapped up completely by the golden flames, and disappeared before his eyes.

“Hahahaha…” The loud laughter of the Golden Crow Soul came from the sky, “You are indeed worthy to be someone who owns the Dragon God’s bloodline, it only took you forty-seven days. But this girl of the Demon Emperor really opened this noble one’s eyes. Although she was a virgin, she was extremely wild. This noble one suddenly became somewhat curious whether she was giving it her all to achieve the power for revenge, or if this was her innate nature from the very beginning… Hahahaha!”

“Where did you take her?” Yun Che voice seemed to be somewhat anxious. Before when he cared about the life and death of the Little Demon Empress, and even risked to save her life, it was mainly because of the Yun Family. If the Little Demon Empress had died, the Yun Family would decline and perish. But now, it was already different. To him she was no longer just a Little Demon Empress, but was also his, Yun Che’s, woman… even though the process had been a little bit… strange…

“She has already lost her virgin Yin and her body was also nourished adequately by your vital Yang. Whether it was her body or her life’s vitality, it wouldn’t be burnt or destroyed by the Golden Crow’s flame power. Even her lifeline had been repaired completely, things were even smoother than what this noble one had expected. Just now, this noble one has already endowed nine drops of the most original Golden Crow’s blood into her bloodline. Now she is within the Golden Crow Secret Realm that is formed with my powers, slowly drawing from the power source within, and in the process of understanding the unparalleled profound art of my Golden Crow’s bloodline, 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》!”

“It only takes seven days to draw out all the power source, and by then she will be able to achieve half-step into the Divine Profound Realm! But if she wants to come out from the Secret Realm, then she must at least grasp the first three levels of the 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》. If she is too slow and dim-witted, and couldn’t do it in three years time, then she might as well die within!”

“...” This Golden Crow’s soul’s temperament was completely unlike the Phoenix’s soul and the Dragon God’s souls which commanded respect but was still amiable. Not only was she violent, she frequently sealed of others by force and did not allow them to leave until her objective was achieved..

All according to her own likes, completely ignoring other people’s will… It was so overbearing that it was inhumane.

Yun Che was thinking of this in his heart… but of course, he did not dare to say it out loud.

Yun Che knew clearly of the consequence of the Little Demon Empress accepting the power of the Golden Crow. At this moment even though he felt incredibly strongly that he wanted to stop it, he knew even more clearly that he could not stop the Little Demon Empress at all… forcefully stopping her would in turn cause him to be hated by the Little Demon Empress for his whole life.

"Yun Che, do you know why I helped her?” The scarlet-gold eyes opened above the sky, shrouding Yun Che with infinite overbearing gaze.

“She is a successor of the Golden Crow’s bloodline, you helping her… is only something natural, right?” Yun Che said.

“This noble one helping her is only something natural? Hahahaha, ridiculous! Her ancestors received this noble one’s bloodline legacy, and used it to dominate the Illusory Demon Realm! This noble one’s grace towards them is already boundless and has never owed their clan anything, how could you say that this noble one helping her is something that is only natural? If this noble one wanted to help her, when she was forced into a hopeless situation that day, this noble one would have already helped… The reason that this noble one is helping her now has nothing to do with her bloodline and race, it was only because of you!”

“Because of… me?” Yun Che pointed at himself, and was stunned for a moment.

“You are only an ordinary mortal, and yet you possess the Heretic God’s legacy that can make your profound energy go berserk, thereby releasing a divine might several times and even several dozen times greater than usual! You also received the Heretic God’s Fire Seed and own the one and only Fire Spirit Evil Body in the world! So, in this world, you are the most suitable living being to inherit the Golden Crow’s bloodline and control the Golden Crow’s flame! This noble one bears the Golden Crow’s will, and guarded this place for countless of years, now… I finally found the most perfect successor!”

Golden Crow Soul’s speech relaxed Yun Che’s tense mind, “What you mean is… you want me to… inherit the Golden Crow’s bloodline?”

“That’s right! Your qualification is ten thousand times better than those of the Demon Emperor’s clan! In this world, it’s impossible for anyone more suitable than you to inherit the Golden Crow’s bloodline! In your hands, the Golden Crow Flame released would be of infinite heat! Yun Che, are you willing to accept this noble one endowing you the Golden Crow’s legacy?!”

From Jasmine’s description, the power of the Golden Crow’s flame was the strongest divine flame that was even stronger than the Phoenix’s flame. When he had initially heard Xiao Yun talking about the existence of the Golden Crow’s legacy, he immediately gained the desire of obtaining the power of the Golden Crow’s flame, but was instantly discouraged by Jasmine.

However at this moment, the Golden Crow’s Soul before his eyes was actually offering to endow him with the Golden Crow’s bloodline!

Obviously, there was no reason for Yun Che to reject it, and he immediately said, “Obtaining a divine power’s legacy is naturally every profound practitioner’s dream. I thank the Golden Crow Divine God for fulfilling it.”

Right after Yun Che finished yelling, Jasmine’s sneer came from within his heart and soul, “You’re celebrating too early!”

“Very good!” There was finally a tinge of geniality in the voice of the Golden Crow Soul, “You did not disappoint me indeed. If so, then let me erase the Phoenix bloodline in your body first!”

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