Chapter 510 - Hidden Flowing Lightning, Extreme Mirage Lightning

Chapter 510 - Hidden Flowing Lightning, Extreme Mirage Lightning

Jasmine made a petulant noise, “Aren’t you getting into character rather quickly? Even though they are your parents, at the moment, they are essentially mere passersby who share a blood relationship with you! Before today, you did not even have any interaction with these people before, but now you want to risk your life for them?”

Yun Che calmly stated, “This family relationship thing turned out to be a lot greater than I had previously thought. Yesterday, I had never even seen their faces before and we were perfect strangers. But today, a desire to protect them at all costs has uncontrollably birthed within me… This should be how humans instinctively react to their own family... An instinct which is engraved within our very blood.”

“Hmph!” Jasmine’s voice was filled with disdain, “That is merely because you have good luck and you have parents who are worth protecting. In this world, not all familial relations are so perfect, and there are some which will cause you to hate them to the core.”

Jasmine’s voice was clearly mixed with threads of dark hatred. This caused Yun Che to be stumped for words. He furrowed his brows as he asked, “Jasmine, I remember you telling me that you dearly loved your big brother, and that you also dearly loved your mother. So the meaning of your words…”

“Hah…” Jasmine laughed coldly, “Big Brother and Mother are the most important people to me in my entire life, but both of them are already dead. And as for that person… The person that I am forced to call “Royal Father’, one day, there will be reckoning… and I will kill him!!”

As Jasmine said these words, a bone-chilling killing intent was released, and it caused Yun Che’s entire body to seize up in an instant. Royal Father… That should be referring to her father. But when she mentioned her father, what was revealed was shockingly deeply-rooted hate and killing intent.

“You hate your father? Why?” Yun Che asked as he tried to probe further.

“That is nothing you need to be concerned about.” Jasmine replied coldly.

However, Yun Che refused to give up and frankly asked, “Your Royal Father… sounds like he is the king of some place, and if you are already so powerful, then this Royal Father of yours must be even more powerful right?”

Jasmine’s voice did not contain the slightest bit of emotion as she replied, “Do you want to know just how powerful he is? I can tell you… It is a power that you cannot even imagine.”

Yun Che rubbed his jaw and asked softly, “Could it be… The Divine Profound Realm of legends?”

“Divine Profound Realm?” Jasmine sneered as she laughed dully, “Have you ever heard of the term… Realm King?”

“Realm King? What sort of title is that?” Yun Che asked.

“Since you don’t know, then stop wasting my time asking these useless questions! Once you truly understand what the two words “Realm King” represents, then you will naturally know just how powerful that person is… However, no matter how strong he is, one day, I will definitely kill him!!”

Yun Che, “...”


So Yun Che stayed with the Yun Family from that time onwards, and he poured all his efforts and energy into helping Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou recover. After just five days of treatment, the cold poison in their body had been completely expelled and no trace of it was left. This caused the couple, along with Yun Xiao, to rejoice in tears. After that, it was time help their meridians, profound veins and body make a complete recovery. Under the miraculous effect of the Great Way of the Buddha coupled with Yun Che’s absolutely perfect medical skills, the two of them, who were previously crippled, recovered at a miraculous pace. Within ten days, Yin Qinghong could walk about freely and on the fifteenth day, his profound veins began to recover, and it enabled him to use the Profound Floating Technique for a short period of time...

Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou’s had been weathering great storms and huge waves their entire lives, and their very existence was filled with valleys and peaks. But for the past few days, they felt as if they were living in a dream.

The matter of letting Yun Che stay with the Yun Family did not incite much disturbance within the Yun Family. The fact that Yun Che and Yun Xiao had become sworn brothers and that Yun Che had been taken in by Yun Qinghong and his wife spread very quickly throughout the Yun Family, but once they found out that his profound level was only at the Sky Profound Realm, nobody could even be bothered to care about what happened after. In order to prepare for the Family Competition and the Little Demon Empress’ One Hundred Year Reign Ceremony which was to take place after, everyone was scurrying about as they anxiously prepared for both events. This was especially true for those young disciples who were eager to make a name for themselves.

So it was like this, that one month passed peacefully as Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou’s meridians, profound veins, and body made a full recovery. As they celebrated with great joy, they also quietly began to recover their profound strength as well. Back in their prime, the couple had a reached a level of profound strength that far exceeded Yun Che, but Yun Che’s Great Way of the Buddha still had a powerful supplementary effect in helping them to recover their power. He also did not need to be spent and weary the entire day like he was during the previous month. He requested for a training room from Yun Xiao, and he began to spend all his free time increasing his own power.

The sky slowly turned dark as night quietly descended.


A ‘Frozen End Illusory Mirror’ that was sixteen and a half meters in diameter expanded in the center of the expansive training room and it isolated all the noise within this room from the outside world. After repeatedly confirming that there was nobody trying to observe him in secret, he retrieved a jade scroll which released a dull luster from the Sky Poison Pearl. Clearly carved on the jade scroll were the three words “Extreme Mirage Lightning”.

This was the Extreme Mirage Lightning that Hua Minghai had delivered to his doorstep on his own initiative. At that time, because of his own scruples, he had not opened the scroll, but now that he was in another world and he did not even know when he was able to return to the Profound Sky Continent, he no longer had any reason to reject this profound movement skill which had an extremely strong ability to preserve one’s life.

Yun Che slowly browsed the jade strips. Following the touch of his fingers, profound energy moved forth and the profound art engraved there slowly entered his mind. Only now did he realize that Extreme Mirage Lightning was not just a pure movement skill, it consisted of two parts:

The first part was named Hidden Flowing Lightning.

Only the second part was called Extreme Mirage Lightning.

Extreme Mirage Lightning. This was Hua Minghai’s movement skill, a skill that even gods and devils could not fathom. And this Hidden Flowing Lightning caused an even greater joy to be birthed in Yun Che’s heart… It was astonishingly an incomparably powerful profound concealment skill!

When Hidden Flowing Lightning was performed, it allowed to user to suppress his profound energy aura within a range determined by the user, and it also allowed the user to display a profound energy that would seem far weaker than it actually was. But the most important thing was that once Hidden Flowing Lightning had been cultivated to its peak, it would allow the user to perfectly conceal his presence, to the point where even individuals who were far stronger than him would have extreme difficulty detecting.

And the power of Hidden Flowing Lightning had been perfectly and eloquently expressed by Hua Minghai himself. His ability to escape from the pursuit of the Divine Phoenix Sect relied completely on Extreme Mirage Lightning. But his ability to quietly infiltrate the Divine Phoenix Sect, which was littered with Overlords and overflowing with Thrones, definitely relied completely on this Hidden Flowing Lightning skill! Hua Minghai’s profound strength was in the later stages of the Emperor Profound Realm, but Divine Phoenix Sect had so many Overlords, yet not a single one was able to detect him. He was even able to enter their treasure room whilst they were unaware, and if not for the fact that Hua Minghai had carelessly activated a profound formation, Divine Phoenix Sect would not even have known that anyone had infiltrated their premises.

Yun Che recalled that the first time he interacted with Hua Minghai, he could not even detect a trace of his presence. It was only relying on those instincts cultivated by many years of constant vigilance that he could feel that someone was watching him.

“To allow you to be able to cause people who surpass you by an entire realm to not be able to detect your presence, this is practically a divine skill for a thief!” Yun Che exclaimed in his heart. After that, he swiftly focused his mind and heart as one as he began to comprehend Hidden Flowing Lightning’s profound formula.

There was a key difference between Hidden Flowing Lightning and Frozen Cloud Wall, Frozen End Illusory Mirror. The difference laid in the fact that the effect of the Frozen Cloud Wall and Frozen End Illusory Mirror was isolation. It could isolate strength, presence and sound. But Hidden Flowing Lightning allowed the user to block off his own presence, or even make it disappear, so its effect was concealment. Yun Che originally possessed the basic foundation that he practiced in the Azure Cloud Continent. Coupled with his strong comprehension ability, it only took him less than four hours to achieve full mastery of this endlessly mysterious profound formula within his heart. Following a rotation of his internal energy, the profound energy aura that his body exuded began to slowly weaken.

In four hours, he had achieved initial mastery of Hidden Flowing Lightning!

Yun Che had confidence that he needed at most half a month to get to Hua Minghai’s level.

As the night grew deeper and deeper, Yun Che continued to practice in silence for slightly more than six hours. The profound strength aura he exuded had dropped to middle stage Earth Profound Realm, and even if others were to sense him, they would not even feel that anything was out of place. At this time, Yun Che opened his eyes and bounced to his feet. He stretched out his hand and shouted in a low voice, “Hong’er, come out!”

Following a flash emitted by the scarlet sword mark on his arm, a beam of blood-red lightning resounded in Yun Che’s hand, after which, it transformed into the huge Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. Under its terrifying weight, Yun Che’s arm dropped with a fierce abruptness, and there was a rumbling sound emitted beneath his feet as both his legs sank deeply into the ground… The initial Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword was already exceptionally taxing for Yun Che to control, but after Hong’er had completely consumed Dragon Fault, its weight had clearly increased by quite a bit.

Yun Che regulated his breathing. After a long period of time, he managed to hold the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword with a steady grip, and his legs could steadily stand on the ground without wobbling. Following his low cry, the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword began to dance in his hands. Suddenly, a storm was released, and it battered the surrounding Frozen End Illusory Mirror to the point where it was on the verge of collapse.

The grand ceremony was approaching fast, he needed to get used to the weight of the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword in the shortest amount of time in order for him to be able to release the greatest amount of power.

“Awuh! Master is so annoying. I was clearly having such a nice nap, but you chose to wake me up! Wuu…” Hong’er said in a voice full of dissatisfaction. Within the round pearl in the middle of the sword, a mini Hong’er could be seen rubbing her drowsy eyes and patting her cheeks; she seemed to be very moody.

“I’ll go find something delicious for you to eat tomorrow. That should make up for this right?” Yun Che said as he gasped for breath.

Once these words came out of Yun Che’s mouth, Hong’er’s weary and drowsy eyes instantly lit up and became shiny. She exclaimed, “Really? Waaah! Master you must mean what you say okay! Master is indeed the best! Master, you definitely mustn’t forget about this tomorrow!!”

Yun Che could clearly hear the sound of Hong’er gulping down her saliva without ceasing. He had found out from Yun Xiao that there was a place in the Demon Imperial City that sold Sky Profound and even Emperor Profound swords. But because both continents used different currencies, he could only use Yun Xiao’s money. And the money that Yun Xiao had stashed away… could probably buy a Sky Profound Sword at best, but this should be enough to temporarily sate the hunger of this mischievous girl who only knew how to eat, sleep and play.


Time passed quickly as Yun Qinghong and his wife made a full recovery while Yun Che also practiced the Extreme Mirage Lightning. In the blink of an eye, yet another month passed by.

Tonight, Yun Che was not practicing. Instead, he chose to have a good night’s rest. By the time he woke up, the sky had already begun to brighten. He leaped off his bed and lifted his arm as light flashed from the Profound Handle on his arm. He mutely gazed at the Profound Handle for a while as the image of Yun Canghai emerged in his mind.

“Grandfather, don’t you worry. I definitely will not allow the Yun Family to fall into decline! And I definitely will not allow your reputation to be tarnished in the slightest bit!” Yun Che declared to himself in a low voice.

Even though Yun Che had gotten up at an early enough time, the Yun Family had long ago started to bustle with action.

Because today was the day of the Yun Family’s Family Competition!