Chapter 297 - Profound Handle Awakens

Chapter 297 - Profound Handle Awakens

In an unexpected turns of events, Yun Che had finally found the first ever blood relative in his life. This undoubtedly was destiny playing a joke on him... However, Yun Che was unable to determine if this was a joke filled with good intentions, or a joke filled with evil intentions.

Although he found a blood relative, that person had suffered a hundred years of misery. If this sort of situation happened on an outsider, Yun Che would only pity that person. However, this was happening on his blood relative, and what he was feeling was a soul-piercing heartache. Originally, killing this demon, was his only way of getting out of here. However, now, this demon had turned out to be his grandfather, so how could he act against his blood relative whom he had finally managed to find, just for the sake of his own freedom?

Yun Che stood up, grabbed and raised Dragon Fault. Activating Burning Heart, he swung a Phoenix Break up above with all his strength.

The phoenix flames whizzed as they soared upwards, striking ruthlessly up above… After that, with a gentle “ding” sound, the Phoenix Break dispersed in the air, while up above, forget about any damage appearing, not even a speck of sand or dirt fell.

“It’s no use.” Yun Canghai shook his head. “The suppression of the Heaven’s Punishment Sword, is much stronger than you imagine it to be. Even if you grow ten times stronger, it will still be impossible to deal a single inch of damage to it.” He revealed a kind smile, and waved towards Yun Che. “Come, come to my side. Let us grandfather and grandson have a good chat. I have many things that I wish to tell you.”

After recognizing each other as kin, the atmosphere they had built between them had naturally turned upside down as well. Along with the passage of time and the calmness in his heart, Yun Che became even more clear of his grandfather’s identity within his consciousness. He stood in front of Yun Canghai, and listened to his every word.

The Illusory Demon Realm’s terrain, structure, customs… The rise of the Yun Family and its present state, and the origin of the Demon Emperor’s family… The friendship between him and the Demon Emperor back then… The Little Demon Empress who might be the current ruler of the Illusory Demon Realm… The rivalries between the twelve guardian families… the grudges between the Illusory Demon Realm and the Four Great Sacred Grounds… The basic situation of the current Four Great Sacred Grounds and their strength...

Yun Canghai constantly explained to Yun Che, and similarly, he wanted to know what Yun Che experienced in these few years, and his well-being. Yun Che told him his childhood, explained the years of ridicule, scorn and low self-esteem he experienced. He told him that he had already gotten married… He told him that when he was sixteen, he met a very strong master, and his destiny began to change then… Yun Canghai listened very attentively, fearing that he might miss even a single word. His expression occasionally revealed ecstasy, occasionally, it was sadness. At times, it was fury, and sometimes, it was filled with smiles… Within Yun Che’s voice, he seemed to have exhausted every single one of his emotions.

Yun Canghai took him, and chatted for three whole days and nights, wishing that he could tell Yun Che everything he knew of.

“Grandfather, don’t worry. There’s no definite path of demise in this world, we will definitely find a way to flee from here.” Yun Che looked at the black hole up above, and said with a tight frown.

“Hoho, that’s of course.” Yun Canghai calmly laughed. In these few days, under extreme joy, his expression had reddened quite a bit, and his spirits were several times much better than before. His eyes especially, were no longer as cold as stagnant water, rather, it had turned especially gentle. He placed his hands on his chest, and slowly said. “Che’er, I have something that I wish to hand to you.”

As he said that, he applied a strong force with his hand. His profound energy surged, and immediately after, he let out a suppressed groan, and pain flashed past his face. A white mass of light, which was the size of a fist, spat out from his mouth, and landed in Yun Canghai’s hands.

This mass of white light was a layer of protective profound energy, and it securely enveloped the thing inside it. Yun Che took a few steps closer, this mass of protective light was extremely dense, and was emitting an extremely high level aura which Yun Che was unable to comprehend. Clearly, this was something Yun Canghai had set up before he was suppressed. He asked. “Could it be that this is… the thing you wish for me to hand to the Illusory Demon Realm earlier?”

Earlier, he was still wondering just where the thing Yun Canghai wanted to entrust to him was placed at… So it was actually swallowed into his belly after he protected it with his profound energy!

“Correct!” Yun Canghai took a deep breath. “Take this, do not try to inspect what is inside. If there’s one day that you get the ability to head to Illusory Demon Realm, then hand it over to the current ruler of Illusory Demon Realm… into the Little Demon Empress’ hands. You must definitely hand it over to her personally, do not allow others to touch it.”

Yun Che took the thing that was enveloped by mass of white light, instantly stored it into his Sky Poison Pearl, and then, nodded cautiously. “Grandfather, don’t worry. Before meeting the Little Demon Empress, even if I die, it will not land in anyone’s hands.”

“Good, naturally, I believe in your words.” Yun Canghai gave a comforting smile, and then once again, raised his right arm. “Come, give me your left hand.”

Yun Che obediently stretched out his left hand. “Grandfather, you’re?”

“Your current strength is still too weak. It’s a pity that profound energy cannot be passed on, otherwise, I would not hesitate to pass down all of my energy to you… My current strength is being suppressed by a large degree, the only thing I can help you with, is to awaken… your Profound Handle prematurely.”

When Yun Canghai’s words fell, a wave of profound energy, like a raging sea, suddenly entered the left arm, and brought along severe pain that felt as though his entire hand would explode. At the same time, that white sword-shaped mark resurfaced on the back of his hand.

“Grandfather…” Just when Yun Che was about to ask, Yun Canghai’s eyes suddenly closed tightly. His expression was heavy and firm. He instantly closed his mouth, and did not say another word. At the same time, he suppressed his energy as far as possible, allowing his entire body to be in a completely defenseless state.

Yun Canghai had said this. The Profound Handle in their Yun Family, would naturally awaken when one’s profound energy reached the Sky Profound Realm.

Currently, Yun Che was only at the sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm… From Yun Canghai’s words, he planned on directly awaken Yun Che’s Profound Handle while he was still at the Earth Profound Realm!

Yun Canghai’s profound handle was released, turning into a long ray of cyan flowing light, which circled and danced around Yun Che’s arm. The sense of pain on his arm became even heavier, as though it might burst apart at any moment. Yun Che slightly clenched his teeth, and did not let out a single groan. Looking at Yun Canghai, his teeth was even clenched tighter than Yun Che’s, his forehead was already filled with warm sweat, and his entire body was slightly trembling, as though he was exhausting his profound energy unreservedly, and was enduring pain that was even much greater than Yun Che’s.

What Yun Che did not know was that awakening one’s Profound Handle prematurely was a very difficult task. With Yun Canghai’s current strength, he could only barely do it… And almost all of his strength in his body would be used up as a consequence.

The circling of the cyan profound handle became even faster, and the sense of expansion in Yun Che’s left hand began to become even more severe, as though it could explode in the very next second. At this moment, accompanying Yun Canghai’s growl, the sleeves on Yun Che’s left hand suddenly burst out, revealing his entire left arm… On his arm, a crimson red light that was about fifteen centimeters long clearly shone.

The moment this crimson red light appeared, Yun Che’s mind and profound veins shook severely, as though he sensed that there seemed to be something had been added within his arm. Something that, even though it was unfamiliar, was tightly connected to his blood vessels and profound veins.

The bloodline of the Yun Family he carried, the Profound Handle which belonged to him, was prematurely awakened at this instant!


Yun Canghai groaned out of relief, and released his grip from Yun Che’s arm, his entire body was quivering from extreme exhaustion. While at this moment, the sense of unfamiliarity in Yun Che’s arm completely disappeared, and he hurriedly stepped forward to support Yun Canghai. “Grandfather, are you alright?”

“I’m fine… I’m fine.” Yun Canghai waved his hand, and gasped heavily for air. He raised his head, and looked towards Yun Che’s arm. When he saw that crimson red profound handle mark, he was stunned. “How could it be… red…”

Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple… Among the seven colors of the Profound Handle, red was the weakest! Within the Yun family, nine out of ten of the Profound Handles were in the range of red, orange, and yellow, these three colors. And, within them, another nine out of ten were orange and yellow, red profound handles only made a very small ten percent of them, and the probability of it appearing was about the same as the green profound handle. Because red profound handles were the shame of Yun disciples, practitioners who awakened red profound handles, were instantly regarded as downright trash. They could only end up as servants or handymen for the Yun family. Forget about within the Yun family, even if they were to head outside, they would still be looked down by others.

Yun Canghai, as the master of the Yun family, he and his son Yun Qinghong both awakened the overwhelming cyan profound handle… And in Yun Canghai’s eyes, with Yun Che’s talent, he who had inherited their blood, Yun Canghai had firmly believed that his Profound Handle would at least be cyan as well, or it might even be blue. And no matter how bad it would be, it should still be green, yet, he definitely did not expect that, what he awakened was actually the trashiest red profound handle which was seen as a humiliation by the Yun family!

The surprise and disappointment on Yun Canghai’s face was clearly caught by Yun Che. He glanced at the red mark on his left arm, and gently said. “The red profound handle, should be the weakest Profound Handle, right… I’m sorry, grandfather, I disappointed you.”

Not growing up within the Yun family, he was not entirely sure what Profound Handles meant to the Yun disciples, so, even it was the weakest red profound handle, he was not really too disappointed. After all, with an additional red profound handle, to him, it would simply increase his strength, and was not really a loss. He could more or less understand Yun Canghai’s feelings… He had once said that, the Profound Handle was the greatest glory of the Yun family, and when he struggled with all his strength to prematurely awaken Yun Che’s Profound Handle, naturally, he was carrying great expectations. That red-colored mark, had undoubtedly turned all of high expectations completely into disappointment.

“It’s… It’s fine…” Yet, Yun Canghai shook his head, and then, gave a casual smile. “It’s good enough to have successfully awakened your Profound Handle, so what if it’s a red profound handle? My grandson has such a formidable talent, and had even inherited the divine beast Phoenix’s blood. Forget about it being just the red profound handle, even if you did not have the Profound Handle at all, you will definitely still not be worse than anyone else!”

Yun Canghai’s disappointment had only last for that short moment before it completely disappeared. His words was resounding, and came from deep in his heart. It was definitely not forceful in the slightest, rather, he became the one consoling Yun Che. Yun Che felt his heart warmed, and strongly nodded. “Grandfather, don’t you worry. I will definitely not be weaker than anyone else, and if I were to return to the family in the future, I will definitely excel over everyone that came from the same generation as well. I will definitely not put grandfather’s reputation to shame!”

“Good… good! I believe my good grandson!” Yun Canghai patted on Yun Che’s shoulder, his face revealed a pleased smile. “But, the reason why you have the red profound handle, is definitely not because of your lack of talent. The power of the Profound Handle, half it comes from one’s blood vessels, while the other half, comes from one’s profound veins. Earlier, you had said that, not long after you were born, your profound veins had been crippled, and your mysterious master had only reforged your profound veins when you were sixteen years old… Newly born profound veins, they are after all, not your innate profound veins, which means, it’s basically unable to spawn a strong Profound Handle, and there might be a possibility that your Profound Handle could not even spawn. Otherwise, with your talent, Yun’er, how could it just be a red profound handle!”

“But, it doesn’t matter. While I’m still alive, to have reunited with my grandson, and even lived together for so long, I’m already deeply grateful to the heavens. What is there to be unsatisfied about… Hahahaha!”

Yun Canghai laughed out loud. His laughter was filled with fatigue, yet, it was filled with incomparable satisfaction as well.