Chapter 290 - Golden Buddha

Chapter 290 - Golden Buddha

Yun Che felt as though his body had traveled into outer space. He lightly floated like a feather, as everything around him had practically disappeared. The only thing his five senses could feel was his own existence. Strands of powerful aura rushed into his pores from out of nowhere and rapidly healed all of his injuries and refined his body… These, were the purest of nature’s essence.

Even the strongest of creatures had an instinctive reverence toward nature. Since even if those creatures were at the peak of strength, they were only a tiny existence in the face of nature. However, the nature’s essence rushing within Yun Che’s body had a slight reverence… a reverence towards Yun Che!

The difference between nature’s strength and profound strength was that profound strength were the power of living being, but nature’s strength was power that belonged to nature; on the surface, it would naturally crush profound strength. However, when a living being’s profound strength is powerful to a sufficient realm, it could utilize the force of nature to a certain degree; naturally, the consumption of profound strength necessary to utilize the force of nature is enormous.

With Yun Che’s current profound strength, utilizing the force of nature was undoubtedly a crazy dream. His strength was completely unable to reach the realm where he could connect with nature, and only sense the existence of natural strength to a certain point. However, as long as he was channeling the Great Way of the Buddha, the pure essence of between heaven and earth would spontaneously and competitively charge into Yun Che’s body without him understanding any natural strength at all or even consume the slightest bit or strength.

This was a heaven opposing power that no one would be able to comprehend within the Profound Sky Continent!

But regretfully, this natural strength could only be used to heal and refine the body; it was impossible to use it to attack.

Following the the sudden change of silver to gold from the pagoda above Yun Che’s head, the natural essence that charged into Yun Che’s body suddenly became several times more dense. Yun Che extended his five senses and his body felt that wonderful refined sensation again as he clearly felt that his body’s injuries healing at an inconceivable pace that far surpassed his previous recovery rate.

Although the Great Way of the Buddha was a profound art, it did not rely on the existence of profound strength, and relied on the strength of the soul and nature instead. Its cultivation was absolutely not from battle, but from comprehension. During the past half year, because he forcefully consumed dragon flesh and blood, Yun Che had put himself in a condition of serious injury hundreds of times and faced death’s doors over a hundred times. Every time, he relied on his indestructible profound veins to absorb the Flame Dragon’s strength and the Great Way of the Buddha to restore his body… It could be said that during this period of over half a year, the Great Way of the Buddha, that was at the state where it was being activated at its limits, had also deepened his comprehension of the Great Way of the Buddha bit by bit. When breaking through into the Earth Profound Realm, his soul went under the excitement of evolving, and his comprehension of the Great Way of the Buddha finally reached an entirely new level.

The Great Way of the Buddha had successfully broken through to the third realm!

The third stage of the Great Way of the Buddha bestowed a strength of ten thousand kilograms, a body that was as strong as pure steel, and a healing capability that no ordinary person could possibly understand. Right now, even though Yun Che had completely exhausted all of his profound strength right now, he could still rival a profound practitioner at the Spirit Profound Realm while relying only on the strength of his body!

“Very good! Your oppressive kind of self-cultivation during this short amount of time had indeed allowed the Great Way of the Buddha to breakthrough into the third stage in such a short amount of time. Your strength right now should be evenly matched with normal people at the Sky Profound Realm!”

Jasmine said within his head using a wise elderly voice: “Within the borders of the Blue Wind Empire, you are already considered an expert! In the Profond Sky Continent, you could barely be considered to be middle-upper level. Except, the next breakthrough in the Great Way of the Buddha will not be as simple as before. Because the third stage of the Great Way of the Buddha is a divide! The first three realms could be considered the initial stage, but from the fourth realm onwards, it becomes the intermediate stage. With a normal human body, wanting to attain the fourth stage could be said to be as difficult as stepping onto heaven! If there comes a day when you can truly breakthrough into the fourth level… it will bestow you a bodily strength of fifty thousand kilograms!”

Yun Che: “...”

The golden colored Buddha Arts channeled for over four hours until it disappeared into Yun Che’s head. He also opened his eyes at that moment as a light gold ray of light flashed past his pupils.

He stood up, extended his hands, and the Dragon Fault which he dropped within the barrier gravitated towards his hands. With his newly added ten thousand kilograms of arm strength, the four thousand or so kilogram Dragon Fault was simply as light as nothing in his hands. His body did not look like it had changed in the slightest and his skin appeared even more white and tender after being refined by nature’s powers for the third time.

The demon’s gaze was always fixed on Yun Che’s body. When Yun Che stood up, he faintly sense that Yun Che had somewhat changed, but he was not able to pinpoint what had exactly changed. At least, his outer appearance and the aura of his profound strength were still the same as before.

“Try receiving my sword again!”

His familiar body was strengthened by an unbelievable power which made Yun Che so excited that he wished to quickly release it. He shouted loudly while leaping with his sword and heavily chopped down towards the demon from the air.

The power of the sword which came at him made the demon’s eyebrows wrinkle… Yun Che’s profound strength did not change at all, but the pressure that this sword brought was practically doubled that of before!

And at this moment of change had only been separated by four hours!

With the sword chopping downwards, phoenix flames began to dance and stormy winds began to spring up from everywhere. This was a might that only belonged to the heavy sword! The demon’s eyes widened as he suddenly reached out with his hands to grab the tip of Dragon Fault firmly within hands. But the sword force had completely vanished during that moment. However, the phoenix flames seized this opportunity and advanced to completely wrap around the demon’s entire arm and burnt half of the messy clothes he wore on his body.

“...So it’s actually phoenix flames!”

The demon finally understood why Yun Che’s profound flames were so tyrannical. He shook his arms and expelled all the phoenix flames, but Yun Che’s second strike had already swept over. The demon arbitrarily waved his hand and grabbed towards Dragon Fault again; simultaneously, another large cyan hand appeared out of thin air and grabbed towards Yun Che’s back. There were “two hands”. One was constantly grabbing at Dragon Fault while the other struck towards Yun Che’s back… but they all passed through an empty image.

“Ssss… it’s that strange movement skill again!” The demon lightly roared.

The demon had no ways of moving and had absolutely no way of restraining Yun Che’s Star God’s Broken Shadow. After his palm struck nothing, Yun Che’s heavy sword directly swept across his neck and made a slight dent appear on his neck. The demon’s eyes widened and a cyan light suddenly flashed above his left arm that had been sealed by the Meteorite Chains. Suddenly, a cyan hand as tall as a man spread open by the demon’s sides and ruthless grabbed towards Yun Che.


Dragon Fault and the large cyan hand collided, and the result was as one could imagine. Yun Che felt as if his chest had been smashed by a large sledgehammer as he tumbled in midair and flew outwards. Afterwards, battered and exhausted, he landed outside the barrier. His heavy sword struck into the ground and stopped his fall. An insolent smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Hehe… at first, I could not stand a single blow from you, but in half a year, I can already endure three of your moves! At the start, an arbitrary wave of your hand would take a large chunk of my life away, but now, you can only make me feel an injury that isn’t heavy nor weak… give me a maximum of two more years, and I’ll kill you for sure!”

“Hahahaha!” The demon began to laugh loudly as well: “You brat, you’re truly a strange one! However, being able to drag a little strange monster down to accompany me is still incredibly interesting! Right now, I truly want to see what stage you can mature to in the two years that you speak of.”

“I absolutely… won’t... let you... be disappointed!” Yun Che said in an extremely determined tone.

He sat down, and in less than two hours later, the injury he received from the demon’s strange hand had completely healed. As another day passed by without having eaten anything, his stomach began to transmit a hungry feeling. The Yun Che now did not need to worry about food anymore; the enormous body of the Flame Dragon was enough for him to eat for several years. He flipped his left hand, and a five kilogram chunk of dragon flesh appeared within his hands. He took out a large bowl, filtered out the dragon blood, then ignited a flame and patiently waited for it to roast.

After the phoenix flames had awakened, his efficiency in roasting dragon flesh had increased by a lot. After a short while, the fragrance of the meat that only dragon flesh could have assailed his nostrils and gradually spread throughout the entire underground area. Yun Che withdrew the phoenix flames and licked the corner of his mouth. He grabbed the dragon meat and happily took large bites of it.

Until he had stomached a quarter of the dragon flesh, a strange sensation transmitted from his interior, but this sensation was quickly subdued once again… Following his increase in profound strength, the breakthrough of the Great Way of the Buddha and the awakening of the phoenix flames, in addition to the hundreds of times that he had to adapt, Yun Che’s body already reached a point where it could endure the Flame Dragon’s battering after consumption. Although he could not completely suppress it, and his insides was still battered by countless powerful auras which sharply pained him constantly. Compared to what it was originally, this was a practically ignorable little drizzle.

Perhaps in the near future, following the continual increase of Yun Che’s strength, these uncomfortable sensations would completely disappear.

He enjoyed the delectable taste of dragon meat with all his profound entrances open. His profound strength was shifting all over his body to completely refine all the power the dragon meat contained. At this moment, an extremely faint gulping sound suddenly echoed beside Yun Che’s ears.

That was the sound of saliva being swallowed.

The hand which Yun Che used to hold the dragon meat became stagnant for a split second, but then he immediately began to devour it again, and acted as if he simply did not hear anything.

And at the moment, the demon almost had the will to die.

A person who had been starving for a whole hundred years, yet had to face one of the best delicacies in the world, dragon meat… Every time Yun Che madly devoured the dragon meat was the most difficult moment for the demon. However, he had a respectable position as the dignified Demon King, so he was absolutely not going to beg for food from a junior, and he should expose even less of his gluttonous desires in front of him. Therefore, every time Yun Che ate dragon meat, he would either turn his head around or remain motionless. He had the attitude that he did not feel like watching, but in reality, every moment was painfully hard to endure. He did not show a trace of desire for an entire half a year.

But no matter how powerful he was and no matter how well he hid it, it was impossible for him to never make a mistake. Under an inattentive moment, he actually produced the sound of gulping down saliva. Although the sound was extremely light, he was certain that it was enough for Yun Che to hear.

At the same time, he saw that at the moment when that sound was transmitted outwards, Yun Che’s movements also stagnated for a brief moment… However, he did not mock him, and did not even shift his gaze towards him, as he continued to bite down on the dragon meat as if he had heard nothing at all.

The demon calmed down as he exposed a gratified expression. Facing against the demon who was notorious within the Profound Sky Continent, who brought him into this abyss, Yun Che did not mock him when he was down and chose to let him retain his dignity without the slightest hesitation.