Chapter 287 - Extreme Training

Chapter 287 - Extreme Training

Yun Che succeeded, but the pain and danger included in the process was something only Yun Che himself knew. Even though Yun Che had the Heretic God’s profound veins and the Great Way of the Buddha, drinking so much fresh Emperor Profound dragon blood with the body of a Spirit Profound Realm, and live through that while even refining a great majority of the energy within the dragon blood, it could still be considered to be a miracle. And if not for this miracle, the only ending for Yun Che was a thorough death.

But as if he had gone mad, once he escaped the abyss of pain and death, he placed himself in this kind of abyss once more.

There were only a few minutes of time between the intervals before Yun Che’s bones and body bursted once again. In the blink of an eye, the surface of his body had changed into an dreadful charred black. His life force had also been diminished to its last wisp, but like before, it was exactly this wispy flame of life that was unwilling to die no matter what.

That strange little silver colored pagoda appeared again… This entire process, was almost exactly the same as before.

The different was that this time, Yun Che only took six hours to stand up again. He shed the black from his whole body, and his entire body rebirthed for the second time!

His profound strength, had also rapidly risen to the early stages of the third level of the Spirit Profound Realm!

The Demon stared fixedly at Yun Che, and spoke with a shocked tone: “How… did you do that!?”

The mighty Demon King of the Illusory Demon World had unexpectedly used such a shocked tone to ask a mere seventeen year old youth “how did you do that!?”

Before today, forget about others, even he himself would never believe that there would come a day in which he would ask a junior this kind of question.

But what Yun Che had shown him at this very moment, flooded his heart with raging waves that were incapable of settling down.

A high ranked profound beast’s flesh and blood were definitely not something that could be consumed carelessly on a whim. Even if it was a Throne who wished to consume a Emperor Profound Beast’s flesh and blood, they would have be cautious. And to a Throne, the flesh and blood of a Emperor Profound Beast was undoubtedly a kind of extremely good supplement, enough to let their profound strength progress noticeably. Even though this kind of progress wasn’t too exaggerated, it came without a need to go through bitter cultivation. At the same time, if a Throne wanted to single-handedly slay a Emperor Profound Beast of the same level, it would be basically impossible. Even if it was a peak level Throne facing the lowest level Emperor Profound Beast, defeating the beast would be easy, but slaying it would also be extremely difficult.

Therefore, even in a Throne’s entire lifetime, they would have few chances to get to enjoy a treasure from an Emperor Profound Beast.

But Yun Che, who was merely at the Spirit Profound Realm, who drank a dragon type Emperor Profound Beast’s blood, who ate a dragon type Emperor Profound Beast’s flesh… had actually miraculously lived! This kind of freakish, unimaginable situation’s outcome was obviously incredibly ridiculous. Within this short period of time that had not even taken a day, Yun Che’s profound strength had directly shot up by two levels!

As he looked at the standing Yun Che and the incredibly enormous giant Flame Dragon, the demon’s heart could not help to have a crazy thought… He could not possibly want to slowly eat this entire Flame Dragon and turn it into his own power, right?

Two major crises, two rebirths after being on the edge of death. Yun Che felt that not only did his flesh not become weak because of rebirth, it was instead filled with even more strength. And his bones had also become more resilient after the impact and refinement of the Dragon’s flesh and blood. His own blood slightly became viscous, and even his heart had an odd feeling of strength.

The nightmarish starving feeling he experienced earlier had completely disappeared. While looking at this rebirthed body, feeling the explosively increased strength, Yun Che grinned and started to laugh. It seemed as if the heavens were looking after him at every moment; every single time he gambled with his life as wager, they all concluded with his victory. And this kind of victory, under the heavens, could only happen to him… If it were some other person with similar profound strength as him, at this moment, they would have become a pile of charcoal long ago.

He looked at the demon and said in a low voice: “I have no obligation to answer your question. Let me say it again, in order for me to leave this place, I will definitely… kill you!”

Seeing Yun Che’s cold and resolute expression, the demon was silent for a while. Then, he started to chuckle: “Good! I am suddenly beginning to look forward to that day! Currently, my profound strength has been suppressed down to the Emperor Profound Realm. Do you really think that the gap between the Spirit Profound and Emperor Profound can be so easily made up for!?”

Yun Che did not speak again. He withdrew the Flame Dragon’s carcass, and picked up Dragon Fault while his entire body exploded with profound energy. His vigorous swings gave conjured many winds as every strike contained an ear-splitting howl and an peerless might.

The incomparably heavy Dragon Fault conjured a sandstorm in Yun Che’s hands, and a long, unceasingly storm began to fill this underground suppression space. The best way to solidify a dramatic increase in profound strength was to continuously release it. It was also at this instant that Yun Che set a goal for himself —— Leveling his profound strength was the only thing he could do, and was also the only thing he had to do.

After two hours, Yun Che was already huffing and puffing. He put Dragon Fault back on his back and sat down. Very quickly, he entered a meditative state. All of his fifty four profound entrances in his profound veins completely opened as the powerful current of his profound energy rapidly moved within his body.

While in his meditative state, time went by really quickly. Unwittingly, sixteen hours had passed when Yun Che opened his eyes. His body was now abundant in profound energy, but the rumblings of hunger could be heard from his stomach.

“I’m hungry again.” Yun Che said as he rubbed his belly. Under the demon’s watchful gaze, he summoned the Flame Dragon again, and sliced another huge chunk of flesh from its enormous tail. It dripped with dragon blood as he held it in his grasp, and then began to cook it with profound fire. However, this time’s hunger obviously could not compare to yesterday’s. His roasting unhurried, not quick nor slow; it didn’t take a while for the sweet aroma of cooked meat to permeate the area and make Yun Che gulp.

The deliciousness of dragon flesh was world-famous, and other profound beasts could not possibly compare with it. But in the entire Profound Sky Continent, those who were fortunate to sample dragon flesh could only amount to a few. The cooked dragon meat’s indescribable aroma lightly floated towards the demon, making the tip of his nose tremble and all ten of his fingers twitch… To this demon who had not eaten in a hundred years, the fragrance from the most extravagant meat in this world was undoubtedly a huge attraction, enough to make him go out of control.

But as the majestic Demon King, how could he possibly beg a junior for food? He bit the tip of his tongue, turned his face the other way, and sealed his sense of smell. But immediately afterwards, he heard the sounds of Yun Che’s teeth tearing and chewing the dragon meat. All of his fingers shook so much that they had nearly flown away from his joints.

The side effect had subsequently neared. Yun Che was once again, immediately confronted a baptism filled with endless pain and danger. But this time, not only was Yun Che incomparable resolute like before, he seemed to appear even more calm… Under the dragon flesh’s explosive power, he had even smoothly drank the bowl of dragon blood that had bled out...

The Flame Dragon that had been instantly killed by Jasmine existed within the Sky Poison Pearl for over a year, and was almost forgotten by Yun Che. Yet not only did it pull Yun Che back from the danger of starving to death, it also let him find a way, although incomparably painful, to rapidly increase his profound strength. Like the demon expected, after the first and second times of success, the third time his body burst apart from the energy’s impact, Yun Che only used eleven hours to finish absorbing the dragon’s power and repair his body. Then, he started to crazily train with his sword, meditate, train with sword, meditate… Eat the dragon meat when hungry, and drink the dragon blood when thirsty; repeating it again and again in a unthinkable fashion.

During this process, Yun Che’s profound strength was increasing at such a rapid pace that it might even anger the heavens.

Just in terms of raising his strength, this was an excellent place for Yun Che. In the outside world, it was simple impossible for him to achieve complete concentration. There would always be various people and matters distracting and tying him down. But in here, it was gloomy and silent. It was severed from the world, and no one would come to distract and obstruct him. The only person with him here, was also deprived of freedom. And everyone related to him in the outside world, all became his motivation to increase his strength as fast as possible in order to walk out from this place!

Thus, he spent all of his time training… crazily training! Killing the demon in the shortest time possible and then leaving this place, was currently his sole objective. In addition to this, he suppressed any worries and longing he had, and didn’t bother to think about anything else.


Azure Cloud Continent, Grandwake Clan’s rear mountain.

The little bamboo house they built together in the emerald green bamboo forest was Su Ling’er’s most favorite place. Even though Su Hengshan had always told her that she could not run here by herself, she could not help but always secretly come here to sit in front of the little bamboo house all afternoon… She only sat there, bathing in the bamboo forest’s wind, and always thought back to the time when she was with him that night with a face full of happiness.

This afternoon, was the same as all the previous afternoons. She secretly came here by herself. Leaning on the bamboo house with both hands on her cheeks, her watery eyes stared at the swaying green bamboo as she giggled from time to time. It was not known what she was thinking about.

Time passed by slowly, and night was gradually approaching. It was around the time that she should start leaving. Su Ling’er stood up and lowered her head to look at her… little hands, little legs, delicate body, and her chest that had yet to begin blossoming… She flattened her lips and grieved: “Wuu… when am I going to grow up… I really wish I could grow up tomorrow so Big Brother Yun Che would come marry me.”

Carrying a little girl’s dreams, Su Ling’er was mixed with worry and happiness. At this time, an ear-piercing voice suddenly sounded:

“Oh? Isn’t this my dear beloved little sister? Why did you come here all alone? Oh, I know why, you probably came here to think about your, uh… Big Brother Yun Che again?” Su Haoran came out of nowhere and walked over to Su Ling’er at a leisure pace with a face full of smiles.

“Big brother…” Su Ling’er wasn’t that close with Su Haoran, to the point of rejection, but she still gave the proper polite courtesy and even obediently answered: “Mn! I come here everyday to think about Big Brother Yun Che, hoping that he’ll return sooner.”

“Hahahahahaha!” Seeing Su Ling’er’s appearance, Su Haoran started to laugh out loud as though he had heard a funny joke: “Oh boy, my foolish little sister, your appearance really makes me unable to hold back my laughter… Sigh! Fine, even though there are some things that other people understand, but nobody was willing to tell you this. But I am of course, your older brother, so I ought to think about your own good. Therefore, I might as well be that villain… I’d advise you to let go of those unnecessary delusions. That big brother Yun Che of yours will never come back to find you. The only reason why he told Father that he wanted to marry you was because that was how he went against Second Uncle Su Hengyue. It was a temporary excuse he made up at that time, and nothing more.

Su Ling’er immediately raised her head as her little face flushed red in anger: “You’re lying! Big Brother Yun Che told me that when I grow up, he’ll come marry me… You’re lying! You’re lying!”

“Heh, only a stupid little girl like you would believe that kind of lie.” Su Haoran curled his lips in disdain: “That Yun Che’s background is even more prestigious than our Grandwake Clan by several times. That wife of his… Hmph!” Su Haoran clenched his teeth in envy: “No only does she look like a goddess, she’s even more powerful than our great-grandfather! Which part of you could possibly compare to her? He has such an extremely perfect partner by his side, so why would he even like a ten year old little girl like you! Forget about him, even if you replace him with another person, they would never, in only one day, want to marry a little girl like you. What he said at that time, was only made up to help Father settle Second Uncle’s matter, and only you would believe that.”

“As for why he did that, hrm, it’s probably because Father offered them shelter to recuperate from their wounds when that beautiful girl was in her coma. And this kind of person born from such a great family, would obviously not want to owe anything to us, who are from an inferior clan in their eyes. Thus, they took action to help us out, and regard it as returning the favor. But you actually deluded yourself to think that he would truly come back to marry you. I’m assuming that he has already forgotten the two words “Grandwake Clan” by now, let alone remember you.”